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12-24, 11:10am- Garland, Tom Fitzmorris

Dec 24, 2013|

More and more people dine out for Christmas. Is that a good idea? Will the main chefs be cooking? Tom Fitzmorris will let us know. And, you tell us—do you prefer Christmas dinner at home, at a relatives or a restaurant? Also, what's your favorite Christmas dinner leftover? And, if you're thinking of eating out over the holidays, what are the best new restaurants in and around New Orleans?

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Welcome back. On that side. -- serious stuff right now we have these men and this source close to the proved true re. In Saturday -- in the we're joined over a BO. I'm welcomed -- Shula atom chip in there were seven million Dubai that you of that march I'm I've really got the jitters -- you've you've only been on your show for. A -- that showed 25 year old to -- reports probably not work yeah we did you always on and -- years we we never know Nadal only listen when I get in the car and then all the way home and -- -- view again. You know one you know if this has gotten round I know -- talked to a lot of people who were not aware of it. But they've come up with a new kind of radio. You can put them in nightstand war in your kitchen colander. Or in your office or your bedroom with something and even actually listened to radio. At home. On this new these new gadgets that they have it's really something must be part of this electronic beats yeah I tell ya had to get my son to figure it out for me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can help you get 60. Boy or girl fortunately that girl boy or girl oh that's the easiest part. He's got all you have to do is leave them alone. I can't do that all can. -- -- I could leave or are you about. And and she just figured it -- some kind of phone at that so I got really either either lucky like a present myself as some genius and write a book about -- is probably your -- -- -- Well my -- had my wife had a lot to do. No question about it. That looks a book before -- get into all of my brilliant questions about food. He did in this into what is skewed to the 25 years of food show and produce. Other cities the show would never -- That's true. I I was inspired by a mentor. And that was Richard -- the underground -- may remember him long long time ago. He was a professor at UN though and I'd taken a few courses -- -- they want that taken four different courses with the music great teacher. But he wrote that book came out in the summer of 1970. And I've got a copy of a nice start flipping through it -- and you've got to be kitten I mean this whole world of eating is here united know it and I I had already by that time decided I'd love going to restaurants. So. I was writing for the newspaper at the university and while inspect and it was LSU you know back. And I I was really bore the cartoonist. On the newspaper. Yeah. And the new editor came in and said why have a friend who's a cartoonist feel like fired. How well -- I don't wanna be thrown out the staff because the the newspaper staff was about 70%. Women so when I mean he would want only -- and go sit in the snack bar instead I would hang out in the office. Well he said the -- you wanna do and I said well how about I write some articles thesis about one. While there was this restaurant on the campus at that time. That was run by Peter's school funny junior who's he remembers -- findings on on because it his son. Managed at the chef had come from the Kona blue and -- in a few other places he was doing Brennan's food. But for a dollar and a quarter for a complete three course dinner awful and I it there every day so I wrote about that. And this editor in the only good decision he ever made in my opinion he said one -- write an article about that. Kind of thing you know other places to eat around New Orleans. Every week and I said okay and I've been doing it ever since I've never quit they would say it's a weekly column that goes back acted 1972. And I just stumbled on governor via. Oh well you. I always wanted to be on radio. And it it was it was something I I had a passion for when I was about eight years all I always wanted to be on the radio. And I kept trying and trying and trying and I kept getting some pretty good breaks along the way but I could never get in the radio I was. I was the editor of New Orleans magazine for awhile if you remember the Figaro newspaper is the editor of that for. Yeah and and then finally I got a radio gig and it just sort of took off from there once you're in it you can't get out it's it's inescapable they won't let you leave. I ask you won't get away from -- Al. -- you address approved for today is that each club dinner. No no. It's really nothing I just lightweight jacket and die every day. You do yeah sure like I knew if if all those sports guys on the sports channels where jacket and I'll keep trying to beat up when he's gone it's gonna give -- a peer to put on -- shirt for God's sake at least a short. You know. The American. Ever taken a break come and -- this is your chance. If you're preparing -- under. From problems are skewed that a public would be consumed slate so as questions we got the man to open more. Witness stay with the Gibbs called -- to 0187. Told anywhere in the country. 866. It'd 07 your text it's it's all right here you all outward trumpets Morris. A host of -- sure and three WL record player game. A goal is to students cannot win. Can you win yeah I think that's against the rules as well. He can't win he -- you you know they're unaudited interest none of the okay what can there's this Christmas song that I think is wonderful. No one hardly knows the name up. If any I'm I'm. I wonder if anybody knows the name of this song and if you do I would give -- -- copy of my book hungry town using it to an idea yeah. Frosted window panes candles gleaming inside. Painted candy canes on. Country. Santa is on his way a pianist you know it goes on and on and on I'm sure you've heard it before. But I bet you don't know the name of it you know OK without looking it up in Google or something like that. Call me and tell me what the name of that song all right -- 60 workers probably won't get the book and and battered -- and -- you yesterday. You had your book your cookbook and said the best thing in Everett and and he was looking for months whose oysters. A hundred different. It was under different name because the the name oysters Moscow and -- Moscow a bowl. It copyrighted videos beyond copyrighted they're registered trademarks of of I think nick mosque is family although I'm not sure who really that is well with the people that they have a book that that's got to be one of the most interesting it's what's on our. Switzerland it I think it's -- Italian oysters Italian -- it was his its its you know not unique to Moscow -- -- -- you see it in just about every telling harassment counts on to a better than others and nobody -- mosque -- there there terrific hey this is a new dimension on that all right let's go to some of the -- -- -- people talked Louis -- governor of the appreciated at all. -- -- -- -- -- Police Coleman are all right and reached. The payments that. The -- the great -- and reading and restaurant designer too many restaurant is the on the red fish grill he -- that totally a couple of the private rooms over at Dicky Brennan's steak house. There is this a great. Couple arrest warrants on the North Shore called chameleon cafe he did that -- may be even more reason to be envious of -- one of these multi talented people. I don't know about that your daughter's quite elderly you know she came at the other end later able to -- -- from -- -- you -- you know. My daughter into welding if you can -- and doing our work with welded. You Barnes. -- later able. He's the you know. But let's. Four grossed an ounce cup and what -- jobs or threatening. Can do why it went right take them for -- like admiral in -- world all out. Picture right worry it'll sort of be caught on the inside that -- upbeat as does look. The stuffing is completely cooked OK good that's good. Yeah what you need to do. Is. I think he won about 325. A little lower than you -- and -- No no 325 is the temperature or the other and you put this in -- archer. Yeah yeah at 325 -- if you stick your meat thermometer into the middle of it I would do be looking for something in the neighborhood of 160. -- get -- school. Our agency to salute your opinion well you're in raw -- drop I don't know about that. If it gets up to 160 year are already well past any kind of safety -- Doing what are you -- to -- to come help you with the new design than an hour. Yeah I would love you all would be you know it now. On the cartoonists. You know record book or. Are you just -- -- -- -- another job. -- gay guy it was earlier. Marriage that caller. What are we talking and we pulled another win in the thinking there were a lot of callers equipment and they're well all right Louise and I shared a -- Actually I think we get somebody you can get a free book. Yeah -- islets in Kenner Euro would tell him -- No dirty -- -- done to radio corn ones employees when three times. Well look like diabetes. May -- in the book how to you're under covered -- Hi good morning. I was just wondering that the name that equipment all that's. Very good book the book. One of my favorite song by the carpenters my. While I never heard the carpenters do it I think Frank Sinatra has the definitive version of that song. I have inherited by. It's on a CD of his called a jolly Christmas. The -- had taken a break. This is it you're playing me and him that our good. This is. He does it better than -- so don't actually this is -- of this unique early this jewel case. Knows who he. Any hands. I mean -- man. Is that what we. The I thought it did agree to them so. All right our last slice. Have to be a bill. Aaron assurances from -- -- She threw them that he surprise party video. And there had to be hundred people there and who was unbelievable. End Susan Spicer came out and turned it all over to a notion saying this this is the person responsible. She's -- she always does that yet she has always put herself in the background. Even though it's -- case that makes that restaurant happen. And whoever it is who -- -- for her executive. Culinary. -- cuisine. He she's always putting them in the limelight so they can get the most action and when they decide it's ready to go and open their own place or whatever. She gives -- a blessing you know it's that she's -- -- incredibly great person how many would you. Do restaurant is the -- -- -- agree that it -- well I don't think she's doing any of that directly anymore like Hyman is I'm pretty sure I know they used to. All are doing all those -- under her. Oh wild flowers and answer her trademark. -- and I think -- Imus actually does that for her and if you get some kind of I don't know what the arrangement is but it it's hard to be a chef. I don't know why anybody can run to rest I don't know how anybody can do one restaurant that is real work. That's why I've never gotten into it -- Good finishes and he. -- that tight ship LeBron six and seven world they hope they stop being shaft is basically the answer it's a cruel answer and they don't want that to it to be well known for public relations reasons but they stop being shipped and they start becoming an administrator. And John bash is pretty good at -- he also is surrounded by some very very good operations people. And that you can get away with it but you lose that that personal touch which is I think important but. You can't say anything against John passion what he's done. Here today text column heading to. -- it's strobe for dinner tonight creation choice reservation who took -- to get anywhere in the city in recommendations. Porous that too much thanks in -- absolutely they have a a roasted -- there was no raspberry sauce that is. Really remarkable. And that's the seafood that they've done I've always liked and they usually have venison on the menu which that this is venison time a year you know cold weather. And it is in in fact a lot of their menu is in that direction. I love that place yet been there it's a must as boats on the diagonally across to the intersection for mammals. Right on the corner what -- is going to be close to that too yeah that's on magazine and I Julia. I've heard the composition about approach at the same exact experience. With a group of about eight people in the food was fabulous. But we we couldn't -- cells they and other Jews say. Restaurants do this because they want to. They absolutely do they don't want you hanging around drinking coffee and shoot the breeze went on here so they can put somebody else at that it would not what I thought probably heard you say that. Does that mean that younger people provide more of their business because I think older people go. While the play a lot of them go well hybrid. Young people seem to like -- is the wild -- you would think so but in actual fact. The baby boom generation. Is still the biggest. Overall spender in restaurants nationwide so we go back so when it's so they ought to be doing a little -- for us and that ain't one of them I mean it is it is really terrible and day as you know -- you get older you. You lose a little bit of that facility and maybe offer applies to why yeah ha would you say. While wife and stumbling players -- wrote love to butcher -- happened a few good and admitted retreat it's more recent. Out of the restaurant ball broke -- -- and what do you think. Well it's. Very quirky very interest in the younger dining crowd really love that it is there you go let you go out there and it's. And it has is peculiar menu of really mostly small -- they they have very few on trees at all I think it's only like three but everything they put out is good that guy is a hell of a good -- Ian should enable him. He his main restaurant is iris in the -- we yes. That's that's terrific but. Whip or for that neighborhood where he put that restaurant he hit a bullseye and as you know it's always busy. Now to cool. All right come right back we have accomplished more -- they -- you whip. Any problems you're having for Christmas dinner or recommendations. Of places that might be open during Christmas and so. Or -- aren't -- going to a Christmas welcoming ship's going to be there we got demand for you gives cultures had 0170. Told for its exit say it'd nuns you -- settlement and Texas 177. Welcome back we're -- on the horse and we're helping you -- one problem you via. Christmas dinner and recommendations for restaurants through Christmas and tumbled forward rubio callers. Bruton bought and the troops this month. We have an issue on restaurants recommended -- -- Los Angeles gets to San Francisco get three Chicago gets three. That's the -- natural gets one Seattle gets one. And New Orleans gets seventeen. Is that true it is really their main. Seventeen goes. All the way from Augusta is so -- what's so -- so bullies the Brennan's of commander's palace they opened up a place where bako used to be. And it is a it's it's a a bar centered restaurant. -- in infect their whole menu looks like a bar menu and most of what they serve -- small portions that go with cocktails and one. To recommend. And he's seen that fingered him as -- in the -- And that its credit card he's acuity and she's very good to. And and she'd cook from -- for a coach rose yet she's the ship and coach rose and she's also running. A new little rest and on magazine street call ITV that the coach was guy's got involved with Andy North that he also opening Marty Marty says it's open it's been open -- a few wins. I haven't not yet I don't go to brand new restaurants and -- him out urges Syria. -- Here's a year Tom. Recommendations or Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day what of what is not well known. All the -- although people who know it know it very well is that most Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas night and they do huge business. The five happiness for example. If five if they don't to a thousand people. Now off for dinner on on on Christmas. Then they are doing 2000 people admit it it's an unbelievable crowd that shows up that keeps them up real late. Now not all of them are open I can tell you -- and is not definite. Definitely it's not but just -- all the rest of more justice just have to work ethic. Hot or too much of the work at them or -- currency. Yeah that's if he kept -- fell for that I can't believe my hundred yards away put up in the middle of the night's wedding and losing my grip where you thought that history should. Went there I go. My assumptions were all so it's the hold the restaurant. Openings that soon there and what do you think. I haven't been the sets Soviet either although home over duty you know there. If there were a lot of people who were eating that way nowadays their eyes is a huge growth in the number of vegetarian dishes and and menus in fact. Just to give you an example. Muriel son Jackson square which is not the bottom mainstream New Orleans style restaurant they have every single day and vegetarian. On -- any peek in on -- to. On there and because there's demand for that does that surprise you within you means no I think it's mostly but it's mostly visitors. Because when people call me up and they asked me by a vegetarian eating nine times out of ten it starts up this way I've got a friend who's coming into or whatever and she's a vegetarian ever okay well you know that's. Here it's. A bit more and more all the time but this isn't exactly we don't think too much -- -- hell -- -- Let's go to to lend your Olmert told him I appreciated the call. I. And I am thinking of making good and check. Yeah I do you have any good. That the people aren't. Yes. -- -- my favorite version of this is to make barbecue shrimp. Basically first but not the complained that is mostly water in the sauce. -- has a great came up with a great idea when he first opened up his restaurant along time ago. He would heal these really nice big trip and it's one of the laws of of barbecue shrimp is that you you have to use head on trip to really haven't come out right but he would heal completely. And we take all the shells and heads and everything make -- -- stock then reduce it down so much that it was almost like a like a Demi gloss of shrimp. And then he would cook the shrimp and then add the butter in the herbs in the pepper and everything and then work in some of this very intense shrimp. Essence. And it would come out almost like a gravy is fairly thick and a little on the browns' side brownish reddish side. That idea that I just gave you and if you know anything about cooking you can probably pick that up the runway that if he can't go to my website and I have fight of the rest -- on my website no menu dot com. Ever. And I know menu dot com and then the -- she just make it you -- grits I would recommend. Looking around. In more specialty stores for some good stone ground grits. There are a couple of brilliance. One of his called. It starts within -- and and then he ends something right. But if you look at it you finished. The usually come around in -- in four pound bags and it's just a much better quality -- and what we usually takes a little longer to prepare but it's a lot better. I can get the bombs. You Barbeque then and with butter and. You just -- you start. All you can do it in the -- -- you could do it on top of the stove but most I would say if you making a lot of it I would do it in the up. Yeah but and then have that and stock that you work in in there. -- Pena and iPod -- green onions and I got. Whatever works for you yeah the the green onions -- always come at the end. -- my friend. Alex -- two calls that the blessing. As Mary at the very and you put a little thing of chopped up green onions on it says the blessing and it always adds a little -- -- All right I don't know any way you. Lucy DN Barbie we're coming right back and we're told that tomorrow. Who's seen. My mother's favorite artist and that can call V. I don't know how to do German victory. -- -- Grocery Googlers and in every Euro would tell. Yeah and paid. I -- -- standing yard guy. He's the first guy who gave me the idea the smoke -- Turkey but twenty some years ago he said the best way to smoke -- -- Coca turkeys to smoke. Right and -- got breast side down yes. It's correct but. -- side or -- information about smoke or eat -- -- Internet -- as opposed to make it. All what I'm always looking for is 180 in the in the thigh and -- 65 in the breast and -- I -- I know it seems funny that you could have two different temperatures in the same bird but when you do it breast side down that's what happens. Because all of the all of the juices. By gravity go down into the breast area and it gets -- then just -- evaporation keeps temperature lower. And also the -- is in the backbone and all that is now higher ups so the temperature inside the it is high. So W get these two different temperatures but that's perfect that's exactly what you want from a Turkey. Number. So juicy it just doesn't look good because it's got the grill marks on it and some people say oh my god this is an icon Norman Rockwell's painting -- Well you might not turn it over about may be the last twenty minutes it's called the dislocated brown well that helps. That well have a good remarks on the. Simulator. And my what what people ought to do it wouldn't convince me to do years ago Green Day. Creating all unbelievable and I took two recipe for Turkey. -- ended overnight. And you'll religious -- in there and monitor the temperature about it. Yeah yeah the only wrinkle like they have that's a little funny is that I use I -- -- with. -- Sugar -- I heard that I I'd go to -- recess the week before Thanksgiving most years. And you know it's completely surrounded by sugar cane in these trucks as they leave to go deliver it. You know a lot of it just drops on the road and I just stopped my car picked it up throw it in the back until I have for a five you know holes box. And that's and I cut and in the chunks and thrown on top of the charcoal and I smoke my Turkey's future and what does -- do American sweep it I you know -- One of these days I'll have to do a taste test side by side one with than what one without. This couldn't really tell you all I know is that it comes on goods so could they ain't broke don't fix it -- -- All right coach good or VE RB. How good line on there it. Listen to Marshal -- between values you know. Well that he does not like chain restaurant I. Yeah I do -- and both ways we live in New Orleans for a reason. Can increase food chain restaurants and boom phase yeah restaurant. You know the difference between a buffet in a blue thing. Up yet there is a blue state as opposed to a buffet. Is a bad before. Okay that's where budget vote. Yet. But -- archaic. Yet. He goes on and on about the yeah. Is saying it is wasting my way I'm in the -- one. Now. Not what I've been talking about them for long since before they were one of my advertisers. Odd day and if you read the things are right about you'll see that I gave away some criticism -- for example. They're not using catfish. Using some kind of strange thing they're and they getting out of economic -- that's a bad idea and -- old Hansel and upsets and I'm -- and again right now. It it's it is a chain. But there is such a thing as a good chain I think we're Chris steak house a good change good. Entry especially if -- a homegrown chain. But there are some others. -- I I think this a -- rob is grill is it is so well run operations net than Woolen -- is a very good operation we don't have those here it it is possible to do. A good chain it's not likely. But it's -- You plug it just mentioned at stake what we're doing via. Best -- Love mister Jones would have been here about the as Doris -- chores had just opened I have been there yet because it's just opened that started in Israel that's when I heard. The Rico and -- a year I've I've had people tell me that it's pretty good already. The best news about it is that they took over the space that used to be the Alpine. And that is no great loss I would say. -- And what are location you know this is this past year for restaurants in the French Quarter. And I've I've never seen a year like this think about all major restaurants that opened up the king fish. The new Gallup -- steak house is Doris -- you're talking but tableau. Marty's. All of the brand new major restaurants this year reservists that. I think mr. jones'. All trying to have. Sizzling and butter the New Orleans style and it turned into the new -- scripts. And I'm -- Garcia publicity it yeah. Best front -- Betsy can give you some. -- and enough like Italian number one OK these are the ones that it really -- be yeah club. Order and Luke new place on Metairie road real good for your news for reporters and -- that's the name of it it's we're. Seeks used to be if that means anything. The a few trees in Metairie little tiny place they do and although order. Always been good. Mr. -- to places I think of very good with fried chicken. And then. The the old Austin recipe Austin Leisle recipe for fried chicken they still do that don't read -- -- -- so that's a real commitment. And you know this and Willie Mays is as unique style. If you can certainly it I mean yeah can get a -- In three separate and Euro was close. -- unknown. And. For the for the people that might be loosening not -- a year to come about in which committee. It's built -- of their victories that you're import route -- route now. A recipe for if I ever become famous for a dish that's going to be that at and you're sure. It's. You know I'll tell you what I was afterward my goal when I did that the first time was to do something kinda like with mother's office. No no no one knows what mothers -- that's a secret when Jerry -- bought the place that was one of the things he got the building. And this piece of paper with the AM raspy. I saw I have no idea but to root beer just seem right to me and then a lot of fear a lot of brown sugar in a lot of spices and herbs and stuff. And you cook it until it's black on the outside in what happens at my house is that people sort cotton off the black stuff. Not the throw it away but eat it I mean in Korea the next thing and although all -- got it up a but it's good and makes a whole house smell good too and it's in the other two if you had to pick one or two places for Brighton were would. Are right downstairs here at the at. Cafe Adelaide. That's at eight I know it's a hotel breakfast it's the commander's palace side of the but they have in addition to all the scrambled eggs and pancakes and all that they also do all those fancy -- issues to. And they do agree -- two grits they have that all the time they make their own Pena eighties they have real cafe only with a real chick Greek coffee. That's a hell of a good place to have breakfast. My wife and daughter -- in -- and you actually. When two or knows and they said it was beyond belief for good -- -- -- -- I'd love it always have. I had my fiftieth birthday there and many -- celebrations side it's a great place you'd use immediately restaurants here there's going to be in the classics be in the goat polo Oman. I mean ornaments. You know -- categories future that's a good question because it's my flights this is your back -- is something that -- if you look at -- at some point. Someone other than me is gonna point this out. When you go to restaurants now the major. Big time hot hip restaurants. Look down the menu. And see if there's anything -- that you can credibly believe in the future. Will remain a classic forever like barbecue shrimp oysters Rockefeller. -- here you know things like that. And you just don't see him you'll go to them the same restaurant a two week or two later in the whole menus change which is I guess a good thing. But there are no classics coming and everything is in flocks all the time. And I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing but it's a true thing. I'll say that planned vote question in your recommendations. And Christmas dinners what's open and what's really quickly so Chris and this is a real the -- Tight -- go out and into the main -- show. For not really. Now a little bit but not -- -- meet people like a you know -- -- he's going to be there he all he's always says Geithner believes -- -- -- what the I I have a list to list on my website. No menu dot com click on restaurants in the list are there one of the news all of the restaurants and open. Tonight. And then restaurants and open tomorrow. And that second this is pretty short. I think you might of even trunks and slash. -- -- -- you -- me in audiences -- huge favor I am your biggest input into so much of a great Christmas and well first of gotta do three hours on three WL also you and which I'm going to do -- as soon as I can get out here a war. -- Wednesday and beyond your view electorate like she told me you know lord knows it or anything you know after yet read thank you -- prisoner who choose -- Double -- right back. Our government we're going to be thinking about the movies. If you don't know what to see during the holidays. We're gonna have the entertainment critic from Huffington Post it was just good times that. Wanna give -- skull asked about a movie or make comments to should duel one lead so. Told free execute stated you would sell Texas 878. So governor bill Galarraga that we -- would call of the thing thing.