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12-24-13 12:10pm Garland: on movies

Dec 24, 2013|

Garland talks with Huffington Post movie critic Jackie Cooper about what to see at the movies this holiday season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I guess at what they think we're treating. It's our a lot of he's going to be heading with the movie. After Christmas. A lot of people. Heading to a lot of youth movement so we thought we talked to Jackie Cooper of wouldn't impose entertainment critic. Get a better idea -- what's good and bad in in between John Q welcomed the show or appreciated the time. It. Level and we started the top reducing the wolf of Wall Street. I'm not that -- the view that didn't set out this spring exile. Thought they were almost down -- the wild card get you ready to be released Christmas Day. -- -- crude critiques on that and -- Selling like edited a little bit on the even but it sounds like a really good -- Well I have read it and and -- talk to people that absolutely net and the date. One it's. Three hours long. The convertible on -- would be. It's hard are. No mortal. High intensity. You know seventeen. So that put people -- and some people off. And it's raining and LA. That Morton's or safety director attended and he got some really harsh criticism. I'm not saying lower sort of the wasted -- from what we're you know they got it's inspiration of the -- And pains that -- perfectly and that DiCaprio in the top of the game. John immediately given him out connection is support. So it you know it. -- We're Bernard -- you'll come program. When we -- when I look at him I just go. You know with -- all the people trying to break into Hollywood and looks that are needed to and a leading man and type character in and a personnel would do there need to. -- -- -- Well -- start out on the -- comedic -- may yeah have them -- age comedies. You know kind of did you know that -- that type. And then came at all familiar with -- and QVC. And done -- again you know it's hot it's taken seriously. He surprised everybody with his performance -- that movie and it just opens door to door to door org advertising. But I -- It is a one of the movie is I was really looking forward to seeing -- from the trailers. And and I was watching something on the Internet you tonight. It showed the complex is the the action scenes in the movie just sound like -- really great idea the secret life football committee. But. From what I'm breathing the critics are savaging it but the people. That are being -- when they come out of the -- really like what. I think that happening in that have been Stiller is it is one of Hollywood's most contractors. And aid the general public lot had been used to. And -- of this is that remake of an old indicate -- the way he acted it short story that came there. They've modern. You know each continent in the interest in McLean. -- -- we. It seems to be an area in the Hollywood these days and I don't think it's you know -- -- pretty imprecise and you know. You know. Monument depicting Obama did you know gonna have a big. You know borrow less. You know tell the history of somebody -- this is just. Well into. And it detail about one man and it's. And it's -- that's been moderately that you need a lot into it are you done. The bat and I think when is that many players that people that the. And -- what are your thoughts. I thought that the that is you know one of those movies that. If you if you let you stepped before the thing -- and just relax and take for the bat it down in the pressure going to be attacking. Tentative for anything more than that often our first break we'll come right back with the Jackie Cooper. Huffington Post entertainment -- look at him -- for the holidays and a premature you don't -- human Leo and bill wouldn't and the good. -- provident which would call it the think tank -- walking back we're looking at moments. Try and -- a little money during holidays to buy into movies where were seeking those that are. Averaging warned you about the Batman. We have Jackie Cooper -- Huffington Post entertainment critic. -- I'm a movie fanatic and we were at a movie a couple of days ago. And we told -- the previews for grudge match. And when -- -- Them when -- all the previews that said. And these two guys in boxing match and it it it looked like it was a little comedy to a broad not very much and and goes on. There's going to be one worst -- ever. -- -- elected rotten tomatoes the critics just savage. When he percent of them. At UCL a but the audience over 90%. Liked more of. Again these patients but count you know it is what do you know you've got to psychotic people you know. Stallone. You know from his you know -- -- such as. Didn't hear from raging bull -- they've -- to you know in the boxing and these. This is about to get -- had you know what -- match. That they did back in their you to. And -- that we know that this series about inevitably. Exactly who was the champion here so I'm forty years of 3040 years later. They talked in the lower back into the ring yeah. You know. This is not going to be the outrage and birdies. You know. -- but. That -- -- who based in. And you know and to re inevitably there are those characters so bought yen breaking ball that. Again not not -- trained -- -- -- again but playing characters like those characters. And I can do that brings them at least have initial. The left to move your eyes saw a couple of days ago is one. I thought was pretty extraordinary little loan. But they're acting and I thought I was younger and and and the writing. You really couldn't tell what the ending was Columbia thought the ending was a pretty big surprise American cultural what are your thoughts. Well I like Americans have full web -- on the acting especially Jennifer -- You know it was just fantastic to. She didn't do anything and everything. And he's saying she was in that basically decreasing -- -- She adult. Amy Adams is a Christian -- -- -- because it was. Jeremy Renner was. -- -- -- -- -- I'm not let me. You know David directed he directed the spider you know a couple of years ago it. I'm Mark Wahlberg Christian Deo an Oscar winner for a lot of people that we hit -- -- played that he did so he's become. -- go to director. And his cast members. Loyal agreement is that it will be in the next month. And he brings about police and you know great gap actors. He would -- that certainly you know got the deal of the when Abscam. That's going on the top speed wired is that were prepping the soundtrack. I don't know what you. Make. Mama white -- was her entire youth and one moved. Yeah just ride and -- when the and it but -- that the plot just didn't do it. You know I've always wondered plan on seeing classic moments in the in the movies in the moments last forever. Christian -- ranging news here in the opening scene and that. That's got to be removed six. And -- that think he'd put on this -- to -- Micah. We are up but to cover everything. I've never seen anything like Cuba. And I'd just seen him out of the permit. When I -- American -- you know just a 180 degree eighty degrees. You know and other direction and you throw in the baton and then these in his role player. And my god she's had an actor is yeah apparently they had no. How'd you but I can remember Christian -- all the that his debut the Steven Spielberg them and. And I can really remember silent movies. The -- Or he could give him something about that game and then Wednesday twelve that would result. And you just knew watching you know that he was going to be great and he has maintained his career. He has done a variety of roles he's never been pigeonholed and anyone anyone grow. And you know he's just he's just one of our our our best actors today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My brain is kind of saying you know what it's going to be it's going to be the same is all realtors is this different is that worth going. That that the great thing about this transitional loans act that we had the first segment. Since the middle of the Abbott went into the crowd support in December. So this is -- at the first one of the hot story. And it kind of in -- in place. I don't know if you saw the first one but it did that it had a place -- naturally to you and you know that you know you're going to be proceeding with short. This second one -- salute -- further. Part two and a half hours. And then just abruptly. -- about it. You know it's just like. Like -- on the -- of the credits directed by Peter Jack and whatever. And I know its bit to -- I have now needed some kind of better pay off the -- to track. -- It was the top movies in The Lord of the Rings again and let that out. If you look at those characters you know Orlando Bloom is that you know it's a little lead out of state -- Ian McKellen. Is there. The debt mark Freeman who played -- And but here it is and the Internet are the that you -- -- she's not a new character played -- And she adds that the romantic element of the story and she's here and -- but it's not a -- of Britain and the but she's -- So -- that. You know I exported 6 out of PM that -- But one -- -- the first Latin. The top of this transitional elements. I think people who does it again you know you quantified the dragons this that the other day and that would just stopped. -- -- this is this question of what you just between you and he's also renewed and yeah and so bit you give me the answer that I and no one of but I have to verify it. I spent twenty years as the TV anchorman. And the ball and the station. Was on -- Gundy streaked. My hair was bigger than we'll terrorists. My reputation kind of matched he -- it's in my delivery was saying and command to -- about me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was not and -- stand -- -- it's like man I enjoyed it and it's important moments. Back in 2004. I think it would -- -- regional anchorman. As a after at least some dvds in whatever and it began to step. And it sold as the cult status group of people thought about it and it got its legendary. Sight and the drumbeat again but the sequel probably again for the simple. And at this Indian movies that has been hyped but this Christmas season. You can't turn on the TV show out here and any show without seeing little they're appalled others in Korea. Christina Applegate whoever. But the problem with it is at the Detroit that -- predicted that -- attract other. The and then lose the. It is. Does. More little. Yeah I don't. I'm not reviewed. And did not get mindless you know -- take advantage if not then. I think the -- weren't there -- I didn't and number one night you know the number one this week yet. Just. Couldn't -- couldn't. But pocket date however it was the number one that is. So distraught that my life story and we get support -- -- the human you know something I get to component. Sadly. Again the tiniest movement and funniest moments of the movie are in the trailer. And it didn't release it's always and -- Of the -- did they -- not an -- -- as they think they. Yeah actually I didn't find -- -- for us that the previews don't seem that funny a couple of whom did -- Even the prisoners in them. No it didn't go out there him completely -- the weatherman and. You know he's. He's. You know screaming why do you take -- wide -- taken an angry about the Internet. Many little snippets and let you know when you get -- context of the go into the funeral and -- stupid and I think it. Yet it gets -- any quick. Even have a scene in the movie where. Ron Burgundy. Is. Raising -- You know an actual pollution sure he's there to get back. And it yet determined television job and sure. What about what they do in the race -- sure in the movie. It's like desperation setting in their -- anything that he had to to recover. I probably should gross viewed in the way because to me. Will Ferrell could could -- area and telephone book to main problem. He taught them not that. The chance that you know interviewed him a couple of is that what you achieve that then he hit the quick witted person you want the I mean you interview him and ride on it he can take it out we can rip on any. Indeed your question you ask him that it's on the but he's just he's the genius to -- -- But in the past few years it's like. The people around him in the -- the material but he did it in his humanity just. Bit about. You know. What was sort of race -- And -- -- out that Google Bobby beat. Them but it was just amazing. We're gonna take our first break for our news. And thank goodness shootings they would make. -- Jackie Cooper -- open to post entertainment critic. Bureau. Excuse -- one planned out. What good move resort for the holidays would once who board. We've got the man. Questions -- comments to who's sick and 0170. Your taxes it suddenly heats up. We're with thing good about the movers and thank goodness we -- who are hoping to impose entertainment critic Stewart. I'd just cut through asking a general Q about anchorman to -- and continues. Again about a four out of ten and and that -- I don't know. And that the strike and we were talking about the breeze movie and our listeners tell me it was Ricky Bobby in Talladega nights. We -- one or two prizes but we won the it. And and the reason I think that -- alive just wanna see him of course Saturday and I've been moves like Talladega nights. But I have been incredible opportunity is suited Carnegie Hall one one night. Middlesbrough. Front row right now exit the stage and listing was raising with a group of reports and South America and Bruce Springsteen Yzerman dollars I mean you name virtually every big name entertainment there were there. And during the break after Robin Williams who don't be a bit. He came out. In what I can best describe this. Team outfit that looked like it had dozens read along. But nothing to the imagination. And he walked up all these world play as singers. And he's saying. MacArthur Park which I think takes about two hours descending. And did about walking up and down every world. And I don't think liberal have soared while I've sued and it's kind of a reflex. Are probably see him human and bad movie in its. So it's a lot about you know accidents -- they get an eight total -- ability. But I just wish they would give him the material. No that would would bring him back -- that way he was. Why do you think they've had there's just cascade. Publicity round was that because I knew wasn't -- good movement. I don't know that maybe you know the media just got lucky and had people who believed in the project so much -- they are willing to go out and you know beat the mission is to try to drag every person in America in the theater. -- yup because they currently. Out there -- -- -- yet -- won just little girl -- yes -- -- tickner. Steve Corel they've been popping up. And widowed star does a movie do this under contract and if they do is they're not in implicit agreement that says you must. Promote the movement. That's yeah. That's in the contract if you must do X amount of publicity for the put him. But then you've got those -- do about it beyond the basics and I think that would attest to that commences. Will there -- -- that it is to go out even about -- -- require a couple. The -- seeing her. I -- To watch -- -- -- -- in in my area here and it out -- such a ton of movies to watch. You know I'm I'm fascinated by the concept. -- you know this is a movie about a man involved in love with. -- -- I should say is that ultimately theory. You know the woman is on your problem is this and I hope you can I help you if is that kind of you know boy that he thought about wit. Just becomes fascinated with you know. The mechanical person becomes better than the real -- person so I think you know Joaquin Phoenix is getting rave reviews -- the man and the thing element. Gotta just happened there even talking about nominating. You know power -- award. Though she's never -- you know. Clinton's use those boards and yet they let you know who went and acting award just Q. Never ever been -- our lives that -- and never amend or. So I want to ask you about him and them not hot movie of the year. We haven't mentioned anti government has planned Norman -- not but it's -- and Nebraska the Nazis are incidents. I loved loved loved it's started -- This is the worst. Movies at the world audiences through this thing together. And as you get into the characters in -- and his story is jets get better and better and better about it you know and. You -- completely won over. For the story and you'd think that what have you done it again that's too much independent for the first time. So it's not about an old -- -- Lawson of cornfields. And that you know it's got traces of that but it about his relationship with distance his relationship with his -- Yeah I was if it's human -- everybody that would be. And get back flat but a lot of that he did just -- you'd think it's just really ridiculed and then. Think he's one billion dollars so you had been some kind of sweepstakes. And you know he walked down the effort that it is now and he -- together in the -- in the Montana. And you lost in the back of the plane that million dollars he still this why don't -- -- one that he -- did you have one and you know you have over a million dollars then. Every time they turn -- back he's off trying to -- to Nebraska. And -- differences and look at that means amnesty I'll take you to know Brett. And it's a road trip and the -- it's just not the human element in it and you know a hope everybody we act that the friendly it because it can do is it's just an amazing -- the experience. And Bruce -- who has been around you know. Forever and -- Just at the top of his game just brilliant in this community. Are we're talking about the movie Nebraska. I don't think kids -- here yup but negative if that happens and usually news. It was called to six or. Well. And me to. Port Texas City it's W it's W them take another quick break we'll come right back. Look it up Jackie Cooper -- imposed in there and it proved critical we're talking about movies. Save money during the holidays. Put it towards good and chosen ones average in the ones to avoid. -- -- Garland you know we call that thing. Welcome back to Jim Gerlach that movies with Jackie Cooper -- these folks entertainment critic. You -- there at the movies. I've been very interest and in. In floods -- in Davis. Our -- be interviewed John Goodman. And Wall Street Journal and then Benedict -- about the last -- it's that are bright -- -- mid table never had the courage to ask tomorrow and Tuesday. What did you think about that movies have you seen. I think and followed them -- -- thing. Compromised but I -- it. Value and beat the wrong movies. Just didn't like inside who dated at all. I just. Yeah -- Brothers. Well a lot of the Cohen Brothers. Apart and now -- favorite movies you know -- their work he'd. You're not yet -- -- -- Kalimba does unity and certainly don't run an element and sadly there. But it's a bad thing where he's been part of it. Do you think Adam Paramount's success and his partner mental abilities that so he's on the down side you know. Make it as a as a singer. He keeps adding one congregation after another. And it just. It plays -- and David -- he's got a great job he's he's got voice does just saying the amount. Definitely it's just never goes anywhere. And an admittedly he -- making a road trip with John Goodman's character is -- I. Is just comes no and it's -- John Goodman is -- makes note and -- and it's over -- he's out the picture. You don't even. Care. I just don't think that that this is is that the great movie and opt out written great reviews on it. That my opinion it has no no. To it. All that. -- -- -- A key battle permit. You know since I'm gonna -- -- I appreciate artistry that doesn't look you know. Back in and validated appreciate it activity goes into that flooding but did not too -- Not. And then then just real quickly can you can't board that you'll salute. Earlier the better bet that the just just had to get the list. At number 10 PM with number one in the top of the number two that was August Osage county. A -- as good Mayo street junior Robert they have about a dysfunctional family based on the killers rats when can probably play about Tracy let. Acting in this thing is unbelievable. Character driven. Just amazing. Acting in that she's so happy that this game is now that your family but it mr. -- out that yeah. Number now is the even now -- get -- beat them before midnight. Another. Dot through the movie is just talked talked talked talked talked but it is fascinating -- Remember. Is a movie that did not a lot of people went actually came and went without. -- is less than impact appellation that popped route they'll prevail station. Did you by chance you know. Never. It's about that -- really that the -- It's true story about it California. Black guy who has the -- about the a strip assists Demitra. Policeman. And it to hit -- -- that the content dignity. Number seven but -- This in theaters now about it trivial living in a pre world war in Germany. Accidentally done just -- -- progress and a lot. You. Did did. I had a guy that makes them -- them oppose it and this is easing back to its Beauty and the Beast Little Mermaid. Aladdin. Animation and easy combinations. Just perfect but but -- -- There it is a method the G Emily Dreyfuss James Gandolfini movie. A relationship in the. From Europe. And we have Noah and -- salute. And I was not a big pin is so. It was -- And -- that it but is the way. About it coming of age story about young man -- -- mother as a new board for and against them this summer. At the Lakefront you get to work in we get to work in a -- to work. Brad and just about his road to maturity that some excellent -- Steve Corel and talented. -- really didn't out I think. And -- -- -- -- -- them out instructions not included. Which. Just stumbled into. It was a comedy drama is -- -- twisted you know and I did not becoming. From a thousand miles away just. -- -- Number two movie 42. Jackie Robinson. Yet -- forward. Played Branch Rickey in that -- him at the end Oscar nomination there's no justice it touched it -- -- -- -- -- place Robinson. But excellent and of course -- number one of these Nebraska. Number one. Dollars buyers. But the good movie I did that again but. Matthew mechanical engineer that I mean they blocked a huge amount of weight both of -- at -- -- that -- -- you know two characters. A competitive man with aids. -- a bit -- -- As a trans. You know transferred since my at the keys. And -- let them play the transgendered. Person of the -- brand. This story is depressing. The house that does -- when aids was so rampant in this country but it is also optimistic. That -- to remove it from. -- -- -- -- -- McConaughey in the the guy. Literally looked like to have some I don't believe it is. Now my -- you know Israel. And in the end -- Well I thought Makoni which was great -- -- talk about Oscar I thought you -- I was even ever. Yeah yeah I'm sure he's going to be supporting actor you know nominated probably win he's -- some preliminary awards are ready. -- you know just. Really hit. One final question when -- -- moving twelve years a -- Well it isn't it is historically important. Did that acting is this not as bad. I don't know if it didn't give me the an emotional finale. -- wanted it just -- it in did. And it it nice to have been majestic and Watson that replicates the flight -- and the and that was important to -- out -- -- that value -- outcome memories yes. Just the memoir living in the but if you look at a. We're where you -- the -- I'm from Georgia well and what's the name of the book could get memories. Of the picture and I need a new book I'll go -- -- I that the public storage of that -- -- you know ownership concern -- are you can kind of outlets that are personal copy dead you're dead you're dead -- that object CK Cooper. Dot com. Terrific. I look come number opened up reviews vision -- we do nothing. But movie reviews saw aren't. There. Jackie you have great holidays merry crew can't put you on the same -- thank you so much I appreciated power. Don't go away mentally -- -- that she's gonna have Wendell Pierce and then. Somebody called Woodson in Santa Claus. Coming up next all right coming up next and -- During during interest. Yes sign him because it's gonna begin with one of my all time favorite actor Wendell Pierce got to love this man and then two hours with Santa Claus. I love Santa Claus this is these Santa Claus he's made a special arrangement to be here for the two hours were asking all little boys and girls to call. Between 2.4. And talked to these Santa. Yeah it's exciting. Very exciting. The years ago I was on NBC weakened I mean we do a broadcast. And Wendell Pierce was there and he's even smarter than the is great actor so I dislike him intensely. He is so accomplished on so many levels it isn't just. Yeah and never -- tremendous entrepreneurial spirit tremendous spirit that. Great show and Julio Cumberland that you do not -- way appeal. Mirroring. Opium. And all the things. That would rigged it.