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12-24-13 2:10pm Angela with Santa Claus, hour 1

Dec 24, 2013|

Angela talks with Santa Claus and takes calls from kids.

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Well it's the heaviest day of my life let me tell you I have waited the entire three months I've had this down. Waited for this moment to sit with Santa Claus for two full hours. I am so honored from the North Pole on the busiest day of his life. He shows up at the dubbed a -- studios whine because there's so many boys and girls wanna talk to him. Oh yes and I understand there already lined up to do that then I finally wonderful but I do want to say. I don't have much of an opportunity to do this. But WWL. Is one of the very few radio stations we can hear all the way at the North Pole you know I've heard that it's true. And that's how -- became a big fan of the New Orleans Saints I go all the way back Archie Manning for heaven's sake and occasionally I would slip something a little extra under the tree for them and a few other people. And especially when he tried so hard and things just didn't work out too well. Let me tell you you are welcomed with open arms to its previously temple. And into the hearts of all the kids with a line dot and they are calling. And I want to encourage all little boys and girls to give us a call at 260187. -- or 866. 889087. -- And please be very patient because he's a popular guy today and it's never too late to talk to Santa -- all right. One and we take our first call and we have a whole party it's Elizabeth. Rolling -- and and met Elisabeth. And Elizabeth at 10 -- on. -- I think somebody is is trying to round them up right now we probably sell because they're all excited about being able to talk to all. No matter what we'll have to do is go to some other callers and go back to that big party. We have Chesney and Cheney. You know something Santa Claus and they are both. A students. Is that right we especially like boys and girls that do well in school work harder yes they do to be in a student. You have to work on the right. And obviously they have moms and dads that make sure they do too and and that's an important part of it high is this chest and your Cheney. Oh and Cheney and and I'm hearing them and their they're just both of them all together sounds likes stereo. Little holes and you're both of these students and what is it Cheney likes to dance so much is that right. You'd do how old are you now. Four years old and how about you Chesney older you know all. Each year the big girl in the family. Have you -- -- this year. You have both of -- -- list to commit to -- Is that it did going to find out who's -- -- and. 00 well wolf what they're both on the nice list right now on the central so I think we're going to be able to help them what are you ladies want for Christmas this year. How about you. -- -- -- -- Barbie dream holes. Anything else. Let me and eating and. -- would you bake me some cookies if you get one. Daschle of yeses. And then. Or need iconic. And learn. Hole. You do who do you. Well I'll sure look around for those things okay. Now I can't promise to bring everything everybody asks for but I do promise to crime my best okay. Oh OK and just need to see you like gymnastics what kind of gymnastics do you like to do. -- Is that right or -- good. If you'll are what. One of these days I'm going to sneak up and have won my bill's comment and maybe video at nine and -- and send it to me at the north poles like conceal okay. -- -- Absolutely adorable and I know they're gonna have a beautiful Christmas just the idea to talk to Santa Claus on the radio it is fun to talk to people. I wish -- do it more will we thank you Chesney Cheney so much and you just have a beautiful Christmas. -- -- Merry Christmas to Yahoo! I certainly hope that our. Little party a formal call us that we were having some technical problems but no longer so give us a call back. You know sent to you have to have the best job in the world. Or it's absolutely the best job in the world at my old job as making people happy. And you can't beat that really know you can't but you know what the old kind known. You worked very hard. You work hard. For this day this night and tomorrow all year round that -- I was wondering to Santa Claus ever get maybe a week breaker two weeks. That's actually right after Christmas sometimes will take a little time all that. Will either go south for the winter maybe sometimes lose bored down south loses you know warm places like Ontario. And -- of times I'll go back to Santa Claus university for a little refresher course. Because you know things are always changing. And you have to keep up with the times so -- you well and mrs. Claus goes with me you know she's a reindeer veterinarian. Well I did not know that that's how we -- we met back and in FC use it right and she helps take care of the reindeer as well as everything else that we do out there. And sometimes again. Things change in medicine changes and so does rapid transit. And does so I have to keep up with that too and the reindeer are already for tonight they all are ready to go that you they have the special training program. Yes actually a lot of people think we legal out one night out of the year but that's true. We are frequently out two and three times a week and maybe will just go around the world very quickly or or maybe will fly to South America and just to be able to make sure everybody stays in shape it's important it is very important to be and should they analogue of ground to cover and a beat him easily people. That is tribal we have another caller Korean. -- is ten years old Korean. It although current power you. Have you been good this year. What greater UN. -- that's a good grade are you doing well in school. I hope so what do you like to study in the fifth grade. -- science. That's a good thing. Several girls this year and -- has asked me for microscopes. This is a wonderful thing. We need more girls -- -- absolutely we do and it just delight to me because I haven't heard that many requests from microscopes before but let's find out what Koran wants what what are you looking for correct. -- I was reading sixty. While I will -- like I was saying before I can't promise to bring everything but I promise I'll sure try if I can't bring an Xbox. Covering a -- box. -- awards he box. Or on ABC box. We'll do our best -- not promise OK. Okay sweetheart. Merry Christmas to you. -- Korean very much and you have a wonderful Christmas. Oh yeah and Merry Christmas to YouTube we want to remind. Everybody that Santa is going to be here for two hours. This is your chance to talk to the man. And number to call is 2601870. Or 89. 0870. And ready to take a quick break will be back Santa is here. Santa Claus is here yes the moment we've all been waiting for the kids are lining up -- one itself Cameron and Jaycee and -- stay with us. The jury in line. But let's talk now to Emma and Jack. League girls our you'd today. -- good is this MO or -- I am and what -- five years old this year is that right. -- that's excellent that's wonderful. Have you been good this year. So hopeful we'll kick it it's it's good idea to have moment there is she -- sometimes she's as important as my bills and making sure. -- everybody's doing like the food. Make in the list. And connect ones. Of and -- feeling it's. Have you been what you used -- that has -- been good. Oh OK we'll tell you what you'd like to have this year. All worse I'm sorry. Oh and iPad. Well I will sure try my best okay. A lot of boys and girls are asking for iPad and applauds and things like that iphones. I don't know affecting animal on earlier and warned fraud okay. Oh yes OK a guide to earning power you'd Tuesday. -- Oh yes hi Jacqui nice to talk to you when you're what three years old right. Yeah. All aliases and Dave that's kind of what Eiffel. Have you been good this year. I am glad to hear that too what do you like to dude yet he went when you're doing things one do you like to do. -- Her home. All a telephone we're getting right down to the nitty gritty okay. A telephone. Well I will do my best if you get a telephone Jackie who would you call. That she'd called -- He your. Well we'll do our best sweetheart let me tell you both am and Jack had the great pleasure of meeting. Song really -- their dad -- -- And I was at the station working and -- to precious girls came. I am so thrilled girls and two calls and on March 000 yes indeed. -- -- You're welcome ladies and thank you for calling Merry Christmas. Now let's see Cameron is next is that right. Use their camera. A bloody power you. All -- Casey's on first OK and -- Cameron's brother or sister rather use your Brothers right. -- -- yes -- his sister. One of these days and or use this year. Nine years -- and what do you want senator robbery. -- -- -- Well I'd like to talk that over with mom and dad first vote will see have you been good enough to have a motorbike. Do you plan. Well I'll do my best OK but first -- -- with your mama. And make sure it is sometimes little guys are a little young for things like that will -- wheels. Is it. Handling crisis -- over -- you do OK what's that. Aren't you need. That's an excellent question. And most of them got their name the same way you do it how did you get -- and -- Year momma and daddy got for you right. Well that's what happens with the reindeer to there mama and daddy's name. And so that's how they got there. Okay. Is Cameron there. Yeah maybe week and talked to him and force. Okay thank -- And Cameron I think is the real card carrying teenager now he's thirteen years old years old is that right Cameron. I think she's camera not their. Well. OK let's go to j.'s. Yeah. Chases with us how are you my friend. -- -- don't -- -- and what do you want most of all for Christmas this year case. I think that's what I'm saying. And that long ago. At a basketball -- yeah I know you like basketball. And you know what I like about you. You know only our interest in basketball you like math is that right. That is cool. Out what do you like to do it -- -- -- and some tracked him all -- stuff. Well excellent I'm very pleased to hear that like -- girls that study well in school and learn new things. And anybody that can shoot a basketball what I've tried them once or twice and I'm just not real good so. Really admire anybody news. What do you want most of all for Christmas besides that. Lot spot there Leo are we're gonna have to keep track I will do my best case okay. All okay my friend have a Merry Christmas and thanks for hanging on let's visit with Levy is that right. Yeah I'm for an hour you -- In year ten year little. What greater UN this year are. For. Fourth grade cool enough. OK but I want to ask you only see what happened to your -- My -- have told me you broke your arm what happened. -- -- lot of people involved he bars that can do it that can do when your monkey around you've got to hang on tighter by golly it. Now on the ground. That's why a uses seat -- in the slave because I sure don't want a full. That Alan nobody wants it to falling that's. People that would be little it would. What do you want for for Christmas. Yeah. A new telephone excellent. Well I will do my best at do you have a special phones you know like court just any old -- Oh. You have won already. At odds are now misunderstood okay. Will certainly try OK and you hear that broken arm and you have a wonderful Christmas. I mean. Use it Merry Christmas do you. Oh well I think we have time for one more call before we have to take a quick break so one we go to Matalin. He -- -- you're there. Or use today. What would you like sent it to bring to your house this year. And always writes while I haven't had many requests for that I think that's good but I think I will cry too if you promise me you going to be good. OK if you've been good so far. However you do it and screw ball Paul right. We're going to do our best to bring new ideas do you want something for your little dog. What would you like me to bring here to. Toys that's fair enough that's very thoughtful it sure is wolf thank you Matalin and I will do my best OK. Okay sweeter. Merry Christmas man was sent to is going to remain right here so I want all of our callers that includes -- Patent and Riley stay with this because we're gonna have to go to the newsroom for a few minutes and I promise she will be back let's go to Chris Miller. We are back with Santa Claus. And we're going to have a very special guest in a few minutes a wonderful woman who was a doctor. Who has written some very special Christmas books but before we get to her I think we need to talk to Auburn. Yes Auburn's been waiting while along with lea and they went on the phone are you there now Auburn -- Well case sweetheart. Have you been good this year. You have all -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In my arteries that's Corey and what EU wants -- delivering this year. Is that right. -- all it will do best okay. Okay sweetie is -- there. He -- how're you. -- I hope you are have you been good well okay sweetie and where do you live. Oh -- in Kenner all right well it's not very far away is it. What do you want senator bring this year and all. OK I will try a lot of people like those dream houses and their varied night. -- Are you sure do know Marcus. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well yes and you you'd tell Marcus I remember seeing him and and you tell him I said -- okay. All right Sweden all have a wonderful wonderful Christmas. An America that the American. Merry Christmas to you absolutely adorable we are going to now for when all the children to stay on the line and we are going to get to use and is waiting. But we are very happy to have a surprise guest. We have invited special author to join us by phone. Doctor mainland to land. Is a doctor in Lafayette who has written a series of absolutely stunning children's books. About centers -- Doctor on the land thank you so much for joining us our. Your books are beautiful and they tell wonderful stories. That really have taken up people around the world. -- yet. You know. I can't think. Any time it's better to introduce children. To the world. Panic at this time because. Really the whole. Whole wide world loves Christmas just eating it children everywhere it is they may have. I can Merrill Alice the little watching miracle on 34 street. And seeing -- -- in that little girl. -- -- Edgy content and content. And -- back. Every -- -- It's all of last week we love Christmas. We love Christmas and we love Santa. I want is that you are a radiation. Oncologist. And you treated women and children -- -- for thirty years but what inspired you to write these books. And I don't. I only. I do have a theory is simple content for children with cancer. And other chronic diseases and -- then I think it's such a special time. That -- ticket back to my children that I tree and give them something happy. And and teach a little thing and Miami Heat then. How can I eat my little chance of patient. Only on how somebody and that's really. But Christmas is Christmas is all about -- and had one little girl I had only made her what she would definitely am. She took her awake and chants from Adelaide and how to put a lid on it seems she is helping them -- -- I could children. Actually think they brain actually light and and and they want to be helpful. Immediately -- wanna be helpful so that's why did they -- His baby and helped to contact. They'd be sent it does help his father and. Our center right here will agree that's a very special little bull that it looks as though that's true I was a -- -- -- -- these books and and I have to say. The illustrations. Are gorgeous on it really are very nice it's as good as I've seen. Well you know to build wealth and his I'm Alice so. Honored to be. Introduced -- him and that he actually is that this illustrator. And he tried his own pictures of me he doesn't use the computer. He pre canned. Everything. And you can see that reindeer and animals they have these expressions that is so. If he had -- I have to say that he -- I don't think package deal without felt. Well you have done a beautiful job they are called baby Santa. It is a series of four books you can get that Amazon.com. Or Barnes & Noble. And I want to thank doctor -- so much for joining us and continue continued success to you when you bring joy in many different ways. Oh thank you and I want to thank and it's so much for taking time mapped it. Could be on the radio a nice Little Rock his children and colonized and you still can't see that and -- -- baby Hannah and Althea. -- yes I'm very glad of that I know we don't have much time but I do want to say. I am so happy that you have written these books that are designed to be read it to and the buys small kids. Because central learned long long ago. That if parents will sit down with their children when their babies. And start reading to them and then continue to do it all the way through up till they go -- to school it makes a huge difference in how they do in school so thank yes it does again thank you doctor Sylvia are much. Allan thank you for having me on it felt kind. Of -- and in fact -- policy. Thanks very very much and I want to say to all of you holding on Hayden and Reilly in the can -- Francesca made. Stay with this because Santa is going to talk to very soon. Let's take another break. All of you good boys and girls don't want you to hang on the phone we know you're there. I'm Santa Claus this year one and we start with Peyton and his brother hold. Yeah and it's who's on first -- Hayden on are you want their Hayden right now excellent you've been very patient you've been waiting for a while. And -- what eight years old this year is that right. Cool what Grady UN. Second grade good for you meant what do you want senator delivering most of well. For -- four Wheeler while I'll try if I can't find one gonna bring a three and a half we were. What do you think. I don't know will. -- I'll do my very best okay what I understand you like to play baseball is that right. At what position do you play. Is that right center field and excellent very current every hit home run. Italy and it's cool I'll be all right. Is that right you must be pretty darn good that's excellent. His Holden mayor. -- we talked with him for a minute I know you've been hanging on for a long time we'd like to add him okay. -- Arab low power you Holden. You you like to play baseball as well as your brother do you ever played together. All you do what position do you like to play. First base that's cool have you ever hit a home run. I'm sorry I didn't hear that you you know run before. It not yet okay you know what neither. It's okay you'll probably be on veterans and it's hard in all wrong when their phones Noble's you know. It is what would you likes -- numbering this year. And then move. No. And I mean. Yeah it. It. You have a whole list there are good for you while I'm -- will try okay. Can't promise to bring everything everybody yes for sure promised -- okay. Okay my friend and thanks so much for calling your wonderful little boys and we appreciate you calling. Now one and we go to Francesca. Is that you Francesca. I sweetie power use today. I know something about union. I know you very much love your mommy and daddy is that right. Well could have they've been good this year. Well that's wonderful. What would you like Santa to bring your mommy and daddy for Christmas. I. Mommy likes jewelry okay. And how about daddy what does he. Well don't worry -- -- Always that right okay I was gonna say I'll find something for and will look in the apartment to what does Francesca wants for Christmas. I don't mind. My little pony they're pretty. What color do you like best. He you have a pink pony. Well I will try okay. Okay sweetheart and thank you so much for calling in letting me talk to you. Merry Christmas we what it's all. All right Reilly. He has been holding on for a long time. And Riley I think she knows she's eight years old right. -- -- rightly and what greater UN this year. It is that right what do you study in school really. Spelling and that's important and you spill. Santa. Are all. Rich -- Kool -- once. What what's the hardest word used well you know. And I -- -- all right that's OK maybe all of them are easy and that's even better against. But I know one thing about you you'd like to dance don't you. What kind of dancing do you do. People are. All you do excellent married. And how long have you been dancing. Our rule she was that while good for you. What would you like senator to bring this year. I think they have on our time. Rained out and. All closed down here and I will do my best okay. I can't promise I'll bring everything to everybody promise. Is that okay roundly. All right sweetheart thank you for talk enemy it's been great to talk view. War on public in the. Can -- in May and Evan and Jordan analyze everybody to stay with discuss Santa Claus is here to talk to you -- take another quick break we'll be right back. We're so thrilled that so many children calling. That means a lot of means a lot to Santa Claus is taking its full two hours to talk to young people like MacKenzie. Yes McKenzie he's been very patient and that's wonderful power you do Dave MacKenzie. Well I hope so. And tell only about law law -- see I understand you really like La La -- see is that right. You do how calm. Why do you love La -- loops. Error well let's okay you can still love something without Nolan why that's not a problem especially when you're six years old. And that's pretty good what do you want most for Christmas. Aren't I -- And couldn't care and all -- is or anything else. What. A doll house -- dog house. -- -- A little kid that was my favorite toy reasonable time was and it's in little girls like him you have bills for the all accounts. Yeah. Former Iowa apparently Obama. All of you you want a real dog. Well -- tried but we don't often bring real puppy dogs and kitty cats and display. We found out over the years that they'll just cut and run around and jump around and play and sometimes. We've even had him jump out of those slate just to go sliding down a rainbow. So we don't want to many of them I'll try okay. All right my sweetie thank you so much for being so patient Merry Christmas to you. Murray. Who -- Are they occupied a wonderful. And we have many on the line today I made. And lo and power you. Are all wonderful where do you live. All horrible. You'd do well how's everything and Arab leave these -- are. It's wonderful. What would you like senator bring -- to Arab League this year. I. -- It. On May upset. Well what would you make up the fire brought -- make upset. That I've figured you would you like lipstick panel kinda stuff. On my kind of girl. What what else would you. All oh they understand. Will do my best okay. Alright sweetie thank you for calling. Thank you and YouTube Merry Christmas -- and we have. Evan and Jordan on you've been holding a long time guys and we really appreciate it yes indeed these guys are on site thank Arctic. Excellent who are you haven't heard Jordan. And I haven't who's the oldest one is that you or your brother. All who are well -- talked of the oldest guy -- first what do you want for Christmas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You would you. Shoot the boots with the baby's. Okay well let's go. Well I'll do my very best for you okay. And -- talked to Jordan real quick Coke. -- Q Merry Christmas to EU. Dave and our Uga no law. There. OK what do you want for Christmas real quick cocaine. All in our. Pocket watch in the football players accommodation. Q so what we after Ron thank you for being.