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12-24-13 3:10pm Angela with Santa Claus, Hour 2

Dec 24, 2013|

Angela talks with Santa Claus and takes calls from kids. (Hour 2).

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Happy Christmas Eve and it's been happy just one weekend because we have Santa Claus here apple or apple or love that sound. For a second hour and I want to thank all of the children who have already called. And I wanna think these delightful children who have been on the line and encourage. Other children to call if you want to talk to Santa. Called 2601878. Or 866. 8890870. -- is -- but thank you so much for holding on the line let's talk to Elijah. Well there is a lot show on there with me. Halo my friend -- or you. Europe basketball player are you are you any good. You really very good what position you play. Tree -- Oh excellent that's very good idea I've never been any good basketball IO is monitor people -- Put that big ball through that little basket that's that's always impressed me. Eleven years old and what do you want senator to bring this year. Basketball what makes sense -- yes. While on old do my very best I like those red white and blue basketballs that the actually -- started with the yeah. With the Harlem Globetrotters. And it looks cool. But I'll find out what color will be able -- if -- can -- you -- basketball okay. All right men and thank you so much for caller just -- a curiosity. What would you like me to bring your basketball coach Chris. Oh he knees in new jacket. Very thoughtful will look and see you in fund OK but don't tell him -- confined while warming could surprise right. Okay thank you -- so much for calling in Santa we have -- here. Little miss -- or you. -- though and tell me about Brando where do you live. -- on action to not just the road there from the from the only in the it's beautiful country there really is. I like to fly over it to drive through to sometimes sneak around. And drive around in there and it's just beautiful. Here ten years old so. Wonderful what you'd like to do. -- -- -- -- I didn't -- it. -- good for you and playing outside I'm afraid kids are forgetting how to do that these guys. Between air conditioning and video games counterpart do that doors. Although she could. To what do you want senator bring this year. -- is at rice speaking of video games and what games do you electable. -- Are old. News room well will concede and OK I hope I -- -- -- one. Okay. All right -- thank you for calling -- great to talk to. Thank you so. And we have Sarah. And century is eight years old. And where you live. And then. -- -- -- -- In Livingston. Well it's good deal it is so nice to hear from you and your one in third grade second grade I forget. Second grade eight what are you elect to study in secondary. -- -- Like. They hear about boys and girls like to -- that's very did you did you hear Angela talking to only use written some cool books about babies Santa Claus. There and they look like cool books I'm sitting here looking at one right now it's called babies. And they said you can get them at that online net animus and then and other place Barnes & Noble and they did mention that so few like to read you might like -- What would you like me to bring you for Christmas. I'm agreeing to improve patient for a -- PS four. Well I will dig in and see if I can fund once about a PlayStation 3 and a half would that be aren't. -- -- -- Who do you OK day at school while on will do my best -- assume you've been good years right. -- where. -- like that enthusiasm not just good but buried. Well I will do my best thing Q so much for talk and okay. No -- Cute thing -- Sarah. And we have Jana. And on -- knows something about them she likes monster line duels right. It. Hi -- power you. What would you like you want another monster on idol for Christmas or would what are you looking forward -- He can't let -- can learn. All. -- in Iraq aren't there. Is that right dooming your favor on an Escude talk up just a little bit. Because -- getting kind of old now I'll be 734. -- little old birthday and so I don't hear as well as I used to. So can you speak little louder and tell me again okay. All what -- what did you say you'd like. I won't hold the. -- how cool hat. And stronger half motorcycle. Well I'll look around currency and on your nine years old I'll have to check with your mom. Who we can fund okay. -- rights leader thank you for talking to me in Merry Christmas to use. We each had -- chastity. Hello it. -- Will all look forward to Cassidy is five years old is that right. -- we speak real out now so and everybody can hear. What. What you want for Christmas -- I. -- okay well will look see you can find a nice Florio can. Call -- you've been good this year. -- Wow. Today and let's find out what Chad wants for Christmas yeah. Ten years old hey -- how -- you. So where do you folks. Mean OK. And what do you want for Christmas real crowds that we can hear him. Here -- at. All tablet to OK your ears are better than mine and the -- for use. You -- I will do my best all right. If you've been good this year. Haven't been bad even ones. Everybody's. Cause disease in and then more than once. I think maybe -- got. Pulled out mrs. Claus and even even Rudolph a little upset with. But that's another pitched well this happens but you are wonderful chat and chastity to all we have a Merry Christmas. They keep you alive. OK and one that we take real quick Connor and Evans. OK and let's see 16 years old and one missed three who are we talking to -- this honor or haven't. A -- how're you my friend. What would you like -- debris there. Legos some -- elves like to play with Legos too and they built from pretty cool stuff with those things what are you bill. -- -- -- Yeah you can build a lot of thing while the look and see if I can find some. Now let us talk to Evan for just a minute okay. Oh. Are you there -- Well. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well thank you dad I appreciate you -- it sent out bullet Lou ailment and Lou boots with the with the bike to. I will try my best Nokia and thank you guys for calling -- love you very much. Good. Mary Christmas. -- they love to talk to Santa Claus. You know what we're going to do I want Chris to hold on now because we're gonna take a very quick break we're gonna come back and we're gonna continue talking to Santa Claus and I want to encourage you. Don't misses opportunity -- to call 2601870. We are so excited to have Santa Claus here I'm wondering if we got a text and -- and somebody asked. Consent to make the saints win on Sunday. No I have tried that before. And deal unfortunately I don't have I can fly through the year with the greatest of these yes. But guaranteeing a saints win is is beyond center's ability unfortunate will you have many abilities and you have what many many fans. We are so thrilled these children have called let's talk to Chris. Are you with this their Chris tower you move. I hope so speak up nice and loud so weakened here how old are you. Ten years old and where do you live. -- Very good -- nowhere Marrero is. And I'll be seeing you on Christmas Eve I as senior in the sports. What kinda sports deal like most of all. Tennis. Preview. That's good of mrs. Claus plays tennis and she enjoys she's. She's much better -- -- I could ever be but then again I carry around a little bit more around month middle -- so maybe that is something to do. Well what would you like -- debris. -- -- And wrong exit and that's my favorite game I have to say that is that it is like -- right. Well okay I will mark that down it if I can get it honestly I'll do my very best Angela please ping pong. I really like I'm so happy to hear that a young person's interest -- it's a wonderful sport. What a lot of people have forgotten you know we talk about China and all this kind of thing but back years ago when Richard Nixon was president. He had a man named Henry Kissinger work and for them. And doctor Kissinger made secret trip to China because we -- get along with China back. And he made secret trip there to range for ping pong players to come to the United States. And after fifty years of not really even talking to each other. The ping pong players came to the US the US sent ping pong players over there. And next thing you know by god it worked well into each other things have moved along pretty well they called Santa Claus. Ping pong diplomacy that exactly run very well close and I hope you get that I'm really do. Will work on we sure -- well -- -- Merry Christmas Chris. And aren't we have Bryce and Brody okay. Is this Bryce and Brody. Right hey Bryce and you'd like exports to. Oh cool what sports do you like most. Footballer you a football player. He's gonna play for the saint someday eightieth. Well. We'll wait and see Euro -- -- so you have a little time to decide that astound you. What would you like senator debris. Drama sent while that's one -- absolutely talked a moment at about first and doctor your mom goes. You know one funny thing about drums say it's -- they make a lot of employees. So I'll see you play drums now. And a page. All on crises on XB AC your radio rock and roll there. Well let me see what I can do will sure try to see if -- and -- okay. Right my friend is Brody there can we talked and all. Right that your elected do that thing Q. -- -- Hi Brody -- you. Oh yeah I hope so and you like the Power Rangers. Hoosier favorite power ranger. OK I understand. You know some of my bills and even a couple of the rain -- like the Power Rangers I think the -- Rangers their favorite. -- think -- use. What would you like senator -- -- -- -- Real council like it here -- I'm getting kind. That will do it red and blue. Well on -- -- and find them both and will act in the sack and I'll do my best okay. Okay my friend Mary Christmas to use. Yankees we by. Precious price and for not -- in his on the line -- deepens an old man he's seven years old. Is that right Ethan. And good for you by the way we were just talking with Bryce and Brody and wasted yes sir no boxer. And that's -- very polite thing to do those could be magic words so congratulations. To you. You liked sports and video games what do you like best. -- sport's best good free and what kinda sports do you like best. Ball. Are you going to play for the saints season. I hope you do -- And will be sent there on the sidelines or at least watching by satellite from the North Pole so we look forward to seeing you when you grow up that be cool. What are you want senator bring. -- Mean you know football. Football set you mean like whole uniform. With the with the pads in the -- mobile thing. And I will sure for a month for an honorable fight can bring everything but I'll give -- try. Demi okay. Okay my friend how you doing in school. Hope you who are -- -- -- that's important to. While it's been wonderful talking to you and thank you very much for call. At Christmas do you. Make use to love polite kid oh absolutely -- Well yes it is and we have some more on the line I want everybody to hold on Santa's going to be here another thirty minutes. Now we have to go to the newsroom and Chris Miller -- we are so very grateful to Santa Claus the busiest day and night in his life. He spends two hours with us to talk to very special kids can't think the kids enough for calling as well and I wanna encourage others to news. 260187. -- he's going to be here until 4 o'clock but I also wanna mention that after 4 o'clock. Santa Claus is going to go over to -- show at three WL from four to six. And so his number is 2606368. But were gonna talk to our kids right now and sent to again from my heart it means so much to all of us. Well I am so happy to be here Angela first double because I've been a big Angela hill that employers. And like I said at the start of the show. WWL. Is about the only radio station that we could get all the way up -- the North Pole and so I've listened to WWL. For a long time. That's how we became such big fans of the New Orleans Saints and we saw all the downtime. Isn't -- have listened to the good time isn't. People like Drew Brees it's. Just such a wonderful thing for us to do up there aren't those nights are pretty long -- up there are so I think we negotiate WW well let me take. Anybody who doubts that -- everything we just reached 38 states that's incorrect because we do the streaming and so Santa can watch in the North -- we listened to us Cuba. Well we do have some wonderful kids who have been holding on Christopher. And Christopher. Likes skate boarding is that right Crist. -- -- -- So aren't aren't being -- and let -- -- Cycle. You've now wants aren't. As spotlight -- you wanna girl up obvious line. In the interest -- Hire you for the CIA by the time you're in second grade -- -- now. While I'll look round NC if like in on one magnifying. Absent all kinds of cool stuff okay. -- You're welcome and your very public for being five years old makes happy to I'll do my best for you okay Christopher. Oh thank you. That's very nice to it's nice to talk to you Merry Christmas to -- Cuba for a it. Also robbery. Yeah it's who -- gallery new. So have you been good this year. Have my bills out keeping -- -- on things that you've seen in the my sales this year. Where did you season. -- -- he says is there an elf on the shelf and your classroom. Are you know or maybe at home. Are you OK well good for you what your -- snake. -- are. Mr. jingles I remember mr. jingles and he's been saying good things about you know so I guess you have been good and that's excellent. What would you like for slated to bring. I eat there in your pocket banking charters. -- are carrying. Out. Our campaign campaign against any. And a partridge in the pear tree you've got a whole list there I will try my best I'm marking the mall down here and I see what I can do okay. -- OK my friend and thank you for calling it's been nice to talk to you to. I don't know. Yeah. Christmas everyone. I want. All the kids out there who might be listening her parents to give us call at 260. 187 they sent -- doesn't have any money on the line right now we would love to hear from you. This is a golden opportunity to talk to these sent. And we are happy to talk to the big kids too I wanted to say as little kids but I keep an eye on big kids too. And I know some big -- to have some very big lists -- a couple things. That they -- life. I would imagine I've had big kids fest this year several events for new houses. Wow new cars are popular. Let me think everybody likes money. That's funny thing with the big kids especially. And not tellem that's easy to do but I've gotta nickel. And some of mom wanted deposited nickel and their and their Rostock. And let me tell you something a nickel is important it is Nichols build -- to dollars and people who want money can use that money to share with others. That's an excellent -- one and we take a quick break Santa Claus and we will be right back gives us a call -- 601870. We welcome you back Santa is here were very excited. And we have all kinds of wonderful children on the line let's start with -- and Arianna. -- me and Arianna. And their cousins -- currently. Hi how're you want to. -- This is -- -- OK day in what you're six years old name is that right. Error while good for you and have you been good this year. -- -- -- and no matter -- Amish even good. So and I'm gonna ask her about U two's so it's to see what she has to say what do you want most for Christmas. -- -- Realty. Well I think we may be able to find something like that will look around for you okay. -- -- all right you're very good and I speak -- Berrian for just a minute. -- Is this. Necessary. The and -- -- today. Do you live view live in New Orleans. Where. Misses at the well let's very nice nice place -- Hope you're enjoying your your vacation schools out right now. Lots. What do you ones that -- debris. -- Is that right are you good at that. Are you good -- you wanna bakers that right. That's what I thought are you good at making things. -- it what you. Iran and a lot of fun it can be well I love cookies you probably know that. So I will do my best to find -- -- okay or find you about something debate with okay. All right has now Arianna and it has Damian and good this year. -- -- Here as well thank you very much for calling all the way from Mississippi it's been great to talk to you. Okay thank you so much what we're gonna go on now to Lawrence. Lawrence is twelve years well he uses -- -- Lawrence. High hopes though and you are you enjoying not being in school. -- -- that used to be fun for me but you know these last two weeks is -- I'm really go to war before Christmas. So it's got a cool to be a kid you don't have anything to do. When you get grown up especially fierce and a this is when your busiest. What would you like senator bring this year. -- They act as. Possible. That would be a good thing to it. I don't know if I have that kind of magic but I'm sure with fuel on that because we like the saints up the North Pole to. And hopefully will both get our wish for Christmas thank. We might where do you live. You do and what would you what would you like me to bring to Lawrence's house this year. -- Xbox won their popular. I hope by confined enough for all the boys and girls and ask for -- I can't promise to bring it but I will promise that -- crime my very best okay. Okay my friend thank you so much for calling it's great to talk to you. And let's go to Hayden Hayden and how old is -- Yes oh are you Hayden. That is cool my friend how old you. And where do you live. Wow well excellent Howard things down on the body you. Yes so I hope so at least. And Europe basketball fan right you like to play or watch. Play basketball what position do you play. Do you you must be a tall guy how tolerant. Our. -- that -- gotten there you were getting there. And I see video games on your list what video games would you like sent debris. That's a good one I know a lot of young guys are asking for that you have video games at home now. What do you like to play most. Yeah -- -- another there's what eight or ten of them and they like to play those. Wolf thank you my friend I will do my best to bring something with -- basketball and some video games to okay. All right man Merry Christmas to you. If you have a very Merry Christmas and I want Isabella and I want -- in Ramsey just staying on the line -- is waiting to talk to you but when you take a very quick break. We are talking with Santa Claus I am so appreciative of this man sending two whole hours on WWL. And we have highly who has been waiting long long time to talk to Santa. And -- at least only four years old and very nice that you waited so long to talk or you -- Oh yeah he are you going to school yet. Do you do -- good for you what are you learning. And do you know your you know your ABC's. All well excellent that's a good start what would you like scented to bring you this year. Need no carrier and. Easy bake governor they are fun a lot of people like those. Would you bake me some cookies for next year five bring you any. Hole well I will sure try to -- yard okay. All blow SATA kiss can you do that. Well no talk back to you went Merry Christmas sweet girl thank you for being -- nights. Everybody -- Christmas. I just wanted to say to Isabella and Ramsey. Santa is gonna take your call but not right the second. Because Santa has to move over to -- show which is at 2606368. For all the other children who want to talk to Santa. And he's going to be talking there for like an hour and a half. I just wanna say this has been probably the greatest thrill of my professional life. To finally sit across from Santa Claus. Well I have got to say I have not enjoyed being on the radio is much like this in the long time. Because I'm a big fan of view in this radio stations and I'd love to come to New Orleans well. Next year you gonna be back here Morgan account on that. We're gonna be thinking about you tonight as you are going around the world. Giving all the presents to the good children of the world and a Merry Christmas fuel football hopeful we'll. Thank you senate and Merry Christmas New Orleans.