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12-24-13 4:15pm Bobby & Deke with Drew Brees

Dec 24, 2013|

Bobby Hebert goes "QB To QB" with Drew Brees.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

QB to QB always a conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees and by the -- has brought you by the great employees of Crosby tugs downing -- and -- And Joseph set got to -- -- -- -- thank you so much for the time our league extremely difficult loss but I guess the best thing drew from at least some from. When I look at this is that many of you can't do you think the move forward now because the the entire season on the line this week against Tampa Bay. All first lawmakers are Manny -- is -- yeah. Do you read your rant I'm not man enough about our -- just happy that -- dollars. Yet -- a typical regular. Mantra chart Arctic you know where you. -- -- -- A week preparation. That we are locked there pretty quick -- practiced really pictured it I thought they were played extremely well. And fought and battled in some talk about -- circle at times. Statistically what you can be ordered every category that we wanted to -- Start out so much better. Rushing yardage all the yardage. Time of possession oak forty and it's their order. What artery. In reach accord with the exception of turnover on. You know they were plus much. But Chara -- matters fought back and we had a chance outlets report. And -- the go or go staked everything else -- they're all. And how we after you -- -- artist on. We because they were in the playoffs sure you go out around the league debut lucked out and -- -- Spot well so chair toward the Richard your seat but all we can control right now -- -- -- going to prepare this week to Wear their. Now drew you brought up you know the interception in you know defense actually -- I -- when I kind of know where he's gonna come from. To me when I look at their first and a session you have to look at also I think there are two of the best linebackers Thomas Davis. And -- key -- their skill set when they do. As far as being all around a linebackers that on their first senate session right for have the two minute warning. Tell on the fans is kind of a zone dog blitzer looks like to me he's in -- three point stand pigs once -- like he's gonna rush. And kind of draws -- courage in Andrew probably never saw them. Now was that the case and and we can equally. The -- shows a leaning that outside so you gonna throw it right behind them in the and he lunges back and able to make degree interception. So you know I tried to help people. That isn't on the other side above their paroles to. And those are two great went so you have a great wonderment in yourself going against a great defenders. And sometimes you lose those battles I think that it happened on those two picks. There are certain opt out Davis you do start like you are without turning dropped out there assault last minute. You know mean to win a football and about -- ball well and the -- you -- program but he jumped to replace a -- have. I think the timing that doctors are expert doubted he'd keep on account -- -- -- -- -- out -- Which and so. You know the very next clinic or score so stop you know dispose momentum standpoint -- at halftime and -- -- -- played. And it you know second half that we want to keep created in -- hurting or something to any points out that then and we eventually and former nicer trot. But -- You know he made a nice plate Jimmy was kind of getting in behind him. Again -- that was kind of during the stretch about 440 per game and you know you try to it is floating around -- I'm trying to kind of step up and slide in. And he reacts. You know perfectly kind of feel Jimmy turned it around him and you know I left the ball behind -- A few feet and obviously gave him a chance to get it but don't. Replaced by both those guys are you know there are other Pro Bowl type players. Now drew. -- it was almost kind of deja -- you know we were controlling the temple game and all the great start and and you think you should at least be -- funeral is that is 660 -- like when they came David -- there were only up. Six the -- and we took the lead seven the six -- And the reason I bring that I mean. I don't know it and it trying to throw wood in the midst of players our coverage units around NFL blown but that third and seven -- equally. He has Jimmy Graham around the -- You know anywhere in the kicking a field goal but and the reason I bring that obviously slightly more and more now just we'll watch around the league. The likes that Patriots Seahawks even Panthers. That they can live on the edge and down and see digging get away it would if you think that they don't call it what then is not a penalty I don't know if you notice that but it's things. Like being objective that I have seen that a number of times. Yeah you know it's. It's -- real consistent you know I'd say it's. Seemed to be you know sometimes where. You know it is -- big emphasis on on on making -- call another time there's not a mean. I don't know you know -- turn on Monday Night Football throw that last game. Actually a couple that your -- to the call that number on mental that's a PRO. That you you know they're here. Under the open and Eric. You know but. I think there's there's obviously. Guys to try to have a -- -- you'll be able. Got to pull -- in and there were moments where you know they're gonna get away with it and then. Other guys though that should matter whether you know maybe the official under but. I think you know still for us. I think we just. We certainly can't worry about them and just think about getting separation that you can't get open -- it and eventually to that we cannot ball. Some kind of building -- in the scheme and also just work on that. It's understandable we get one on one matchup sure they'll like we've got a guy that can win those match you know no matter who were facing so. We're never gonna make excuse well. It is QB QB in this -- and QB to QB is a brought you by nick raffle -- old and the reason why we say that because we've likely to go to net -- dot -- it's a big raffle coming up. Fourteen the Gleason would take -- to just two dollars he's a minimum purchase of five in some of the goodies. Involved you wind is around for its a football experience of a lifetime -- on the call on to also this weekend a Little League honorary -- -- -- -- at the thirty yard line. Plus fourth Salam passes game tickets and so much more Andrew Bobby and I had a chance to look. We've now from the radio broadcast Sunday to the television broadcasts and one of the commercial they came on hate you and Atlanta had Steve Gleason and Ray Lewis something can. You know. There there's a lot of different things haven't gone on to make people aware of but. I don't know if anyone has put together a team and brought more awareness to AL lead us in making people more educated about it and helping. -- Steve Gleason his entire team and that that's it that's a phenomenal commercial. You know that the the platform Steve Gleason have and influence he has been able to have -- since being diagnosed alleged remarkable. I'm not just nationally but globally. And as you know -- sports team police and it's foundation Utley it's that. Great awareness and to find that -- trailer but also to. I create these light Accenture stroke patient with dale to continue to give them purpose in life and give them an experience at the extreme details that would would otherwise not the -- -- going on that trip to watch repeat too much you're and we've all seen. You know. Of football like -- -- -- -- -- -- and other it's helped the production they've done in around that he was it will take another illustration with him. He has and other equipment Tsotsi and to go to Africa all the safari with with illustrations. And so a big part of this funding -- ago -- Toward that trip. And I like you say that it's I mean what's -- like that opportunity to people one out they're doing them that chance right after the court costs at the thirty yard line. The defense right -- ready to go to the stigma against Tampa. It is that it's four tickets -- -- -- passers here in Mallorca cleats -- autograph. Stops them from got from seeing them. I'm looking least -- -- everything else that is. -- a lifetime opportunity we wanna provide Albers what can we -- Yeah and the entry deadline is at 130 this Friday December 27 so -- go to net rappel down or can you see drew pitcher. Down in the corner click on that into the give you the Drew Brees ultimate football experience raffle. Helping team and Gleason -- Now drew American League game. What was Carolina's doing compared to other teams as far stopping the screenplay. -- things like I mean forever means going back to suitable year in Pierre Thomas revocation he -- even -- Sproles about we've been unbelievable. Oh with a screenplay. Blemish shooters they like Carolina's defense of the element of that where we had a number a screenplay is that with a minus yours. Yeah you know what a couple of those were jurists. Just a little bit off you know I mean just. I think they'll look at screens and you look at them over there you know of course -- years. You say you know there was that one block it just brought him you know at some point during you know during the screen and rookie kicker one out just got in an art in -- ticket appear outlawed. -- others wonder. Sproles on -- down and -- late there I -- late third quarter. That they actually -- And they just lined -- correctly. You know they are illegal it would work you can kind of run guys off and then. You know Pro Bowl ball in the he would have been cut. One on one out there with a lead blocker. By. So it was just. What every day they they -- position on water and they were actually -- position on the other report at all into it but. They were probably there -- and and trying to game plan for a little bit -- just because we've been hurt them with the screen -- past. So when you look at their hidden yardage infield position it's -- like it was in our favor in their first -- blog looking at this second half you know more stead as an outstanding job for us but. You know at their partner I mean I thought obviously he was outstanding but. Yet to be -- to team when you know went on that -- played 97 yard drive. Considering the adversity to take a thirteen to ten lead on that drive you a four point four. A 75 yards remember that seem like a confidence builder. And now I know a lot of fans so we took the lead right there and -- -- -- in the well of the that is plain and you know we were gonna win that game. There's no question America that you are virtual world ranking them that we are that we are -- -- not -- shortly and try to get you first out. You know your your at that point in the game though where it's okay. Our defense is playing lights out -- let's not taking unnecessary chances. You know with. You know potentially tropical also stopping the clock you know you get an incompletion or what have you and bill. You know we. We can't make that determination that -- -- -- on the ball here on the clock out. You know to get a first down or through and then you know. Hopefully in that -- if not then you know he's census is. You know continued your great job and let's make great plays and again you know that sometimes that's Legos. But there. It was pork -- down here that's for sure. You know drew deserves to be encouraging. And how surprised were able to do this. Considering their rushing defense on though the Jets the weekend before. Had success rushing against them. But we and then of 126 yards thirty it's his four point two average of that has to being courage in. And probably one remarking has been as gains in the Saints uniform. Where he played he'd play great I mean really our our guys play at all. -- -- that -- line and out number eighty placed their -- from a plate so. -- It's the story of the game elect we we we did a quicker and a you know reports -- -- Now drew up at the end kind of like in the Patriots gain in this game is coming down blogging while more first down. You know would have to put on defense back out there in the you know the woods is playing outstanding. And you know so while my next ruling. Because people say well we never -- -- -- why the and we put an andrews' hands. And I'm thinking well trying to logically think well. He's been sacked six times they've had a lot of pressure you don't -- sack fumble that kind of deal. And then make him and you know utilize their timeouts and in like you said yet to -- body completion. That's like extra time out and so explain that -- fans that the mindset because we've always been aggressive. And never conservative but it's things like they reflect on the those two games on new England and Carolina simply because. One more first down the game's over they don't get a chance that agree come. Again you know that call it determination and we're. You know how quality games out I'll I'll be split out all the way it looked perpetuate and then and you know like today I say in England game site. You know offensively we should and much more aggressive and -- last year in order to get a couple first downs and cheaper. Are you going out sports and that Patriots all that can be Albert. I think in this game we absolute right thing we're. You know what it OK. Keep the ball all the brown Crocker and just understanding that. You know the defense and that would shut you got better -- and why why would we think it. You know that I think there's more pick in order chance. To put the ball near. Well now you know why not give them more time more opportunities and momentum. So I or that there's a circular. Drew Brees ultimate football experience -- folks go to net wrap all -- that all this is a great thing you got to purchase a minimum of five tickets but the only two dollars apiece. Now the big prize you get to be the they -- -- -- thirty yard line and Sunday's game against the bucks for asylum and game tickets. So much more awesome nine brain gear -- team policing here just go to net wrap put that all can purchase this it is all great for. The team Gleason and -- there awareness for a young -- drew. Thank you so much -- -- time -- Christmas to you and your family we certainly appreciate. Regular all right and QB to QB has brought you by the great impose a Crosby took the gallery and though Angel set got to go. -- --