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12-24-13 4:35pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints-Buccaneers

Dec 24, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk with Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune about this weekend's Saints-Buccaneers rematch.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a different ball club when we first saw -- were first song they won't of those teams came out of the gate did you say and and off for their first Sosa having gained since they lost by a total of nine point -- of the season with a disappointing bizarre loss to the Jets 1817. Go to New Orleans at home sixteen to fourteen loss to Arizona thirteen to eighteen and in a game with they made by three touchdowns. They go to Seattle 27 to 24 in overtime at. But now they have a new quarterbacks if we seem to Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a promising young quarterbacks don't over 2.3 hundred yards seventy touchdowns and eight interceptions. Is quarterback Mike minute here to help but talk about the Buccaneers wont wanna talk Tampa we -- -- Roy Cummings. Who go with the bucks for the Tampa Tribune Roy this ball club is -- played much better on second half for a three. In their last seven in this game he's generally do wins and also decide about touchdown or less cent for Tampa. They've been on the losing side of those close games we talked about. Statement really struggle on the opposite side of the ball comes stretch here Neal that line really struggled to beat that the player. Real good football right now they're who -- the quarterback pretty well there there's certainly stopping the run very well. Illegally -- and so they they don't job and that's the ball and -- and that's you know. Because the -- On the opposite side of all well aware that that most injury that down that. You know really won by a wide receiver Vincent Jackson got rookie quarterback. But the line but it disappointment because that's where the veterans are still -- still there Carl Nicks says come back but. But they they still got veteran presence there -- just that shot up that way so that's been a big disappointment that expect more out of line they just haven't gotten that. And right you talk about you know -- leading the league in interceptions and you know us that whenever you can win the turn -- about don't love you always can have a fighting chance in right now. You know the Saints have been heading in the wrong direction I want time we're plus eight and now they're minus wanted to have a base plus eleven so yeah I mean you can hang in the game in. Also maybe pull off an upset if you could be a plus 22 -- that turnover ratio even though you playing in the -- L Europe league right you know it it's it's really want the most critical factors I think everybody knows you know -- that got you internal battle in which it would -- gains in the books and the thought that. -- they take advantage that they that'll least taken the best advantage -- like -- that he ought to struggle and it's it has only taken. You know turn those turnovers those takeaways and in the points certainly not touched down the and that the other issue too but. You're right he can you take away a possession they all he would be a good position to win games. And that's about them second it's been good job of that first they were right there kind of on the on the board they were like might -- overall. But now there the other and reports. Well it's it's been a good change them that and that's wrong. Now Roy oh what does the fan base and -- think in was -- Glendon. I mean is he heading in the right direction and things like he is in. In May be looks like the right decision against what a cartilage are screaming go. I mean he has had an impact with the Vikings abused in the -- when he has all season. Wherever he's at how he contributes. But what is your take. When Mike Glenn and in that decision to go to him instead of Freeman. You know looking back yet that it has been the right decision I think anybody really he's -- -- question about it so it wasn't the way things worked out Josh Freeman not. It's it's really puzzling situation we're not sure what happened there it's in the story about at some point. You know what they don't know which -- feel that it is -- -- shoot somewhere in the are keeping him playing at at the level that the prediction that he's capable playing at that. Got much better quarterback play more consistent quarterback play. I would say Mike Glenn and yet in the flat yet and yet and have a 300 yard passing game yet for example but. For the most part of a job or non football. The getaway. He's very Smart with the Rose very very yeah. Very precocious like it's the best way to put it because these these 22 despite only playing in what twelve games now you know well. You really plays that are in that in terms of knowing when to throw it away from the -- down malignant the next series that kind of thing. Doesn't take a lot of chances. Reminds me a little branch on the quarterback to flip -- the Super Bowl. That 2002 and will -- -- what he's done is game you know I just. And just knows what to do with the ball and make right decisions good decision with that that that. Whenever you got a quarterback like that he does net slash -- beauty can give you a chance to win it because like one in on that stroke. Lot of touchdown which is split. That's that you want on your quarterback obviously the very accurate passer especially in the short range short intermediate areas that that important a good strong -- All to feel that line not you know not real date. Not real mobile but mobile and can -- trouble for the most part would like the chance. And you know. Like enough of it to make some plays lose yet Stewart or at the opportunity so. He's got a lot of elements to gain the that you look at it well. -- -- with this guy. Now Roy you know you look at every team the only -- that he certain amount of players you know free agency who you -- Dedicate Monday twos fours bring them in our development on the team that. It's days like mine is standing in and tell the fans as a boy that was money well spent when you look at the -- on Gholston. Darrelle Revis -- and parlayed into wins -- you talk about what they've done this thing and -- with the draft picks Johnathan banks Mark Barron out from Alabama. I mean correct me if I'm wrong but I think when you look at as a group. A -- that they might have the best secondary in the conversation. As far as -- what they've done this season ending going forward you have to be encouraged. That of the direction and that was money well spent. I don't agree it was money well spent they've they've local super a couple of games because of you know suspension because the penalties for certain guys at which you got to get better at that. You know -- -- put Darrelle Revis out their guys in and there's no question becomes attendance and football game -- literally -- A player out of the equation in itself or throw his way they do. You know sentinel that there are -- and it'll go very far over the arc -- And and -- that you know the young guys -- they're really improved this year he's really on the comfort zone. Downed inside fox typical new line of scrimmage. Physical player it and I think people start to note that. I'm done at the bank that -- go get the ball to -- to which you expect who but he -- that moment to. Particular attack a little bit better in just you know be -- last year receiver will be better be on I think -- -- -- certainly -- the the deal is doing so they get players there that yet look at stable it is part beat that -- secondary terms now. Boy ain't you talk about those that the youth you just made into road again like. Darrelle Revis I mean Manny you look at second year player a lot of times on our division we know it at camp -- fourth in the league in sacks and twelve and a half but. Lot of players get overlooked by Luke Heatley who you don't decide a tackling machine but look at will Vontae Davis -- done and he's tops in the league season time. I'm back with five interceptions two forced fumbles. And he's he's fifth in tackles -- -- exactly and you know those -- my game VP type of numbers that these guys -- not. -- they definitely are you know were like who is watching every week and you don't see it from that perspective it's it's hard. A look at other players and I could feel the -- leader Robert Quinn era. You know so those kind of guys don't get debacle that player of the year but I -- they watch every week. I'm -- YouTube people that players done as much it is. Well luckily they've done these is that exceptional year. Collier on likable than the other linebacker in the game and that. -- history you know six. Sacked five interceptions. You know he's he -- to all over the field the play maker at every level. All you know it makes tackles behind the line he's huge he's clearly got yet we game planned for. And I would get in your local a couple of matches that that worried -- -- that's -- you know the -- -- some -- on defense and a and their achievement that side of the ball just speak you don't have to have some concern for the other side that sort. Roy -- -- -- how can folks volume on Twitter. I at are coming keep meal at. BO on Twitter and them and they were well so they could certainly find anything there and CBO that job where -- on sort of a regular basis as well. And what that interview. He -- over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the Tampa Tribune -- comment brought me a Christmas happy new year we thank you so much it was he had the dome Sunday. All right thanks to look America you guys.