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12-24 5:10PM Sports Talk: Saints & Christmas

Dec 24, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk football and the holidays this Christmas Eve.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening welcome Allen Miller to close for the -- easy -- -- -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia worry with his descendants in this evening and that's what turnover. Two of our holiday. Programming boy I've got a lot coming up for you it's Debbie did Yamaichi together around a the radio Christmas -- youth in about two out walks and also tomorrow for terrific holiday special -- a New Orleans. Christmas tonight at 7 PM and and tomorrow from a ten to midnight and all day on Christmas is special brand of your favorite holiday music. With a -- Crescent City flame from artist like Louie Armstrong. Harry Connick junior Fats Domino and nimble and so much more into New Orleans Christian. Our New Orleans Christmas from the station you call home for the holidays. WW LA MFM. And -- dot com operated jaguar opinion poll also had our website WW dot com. How disappointed are you that this Saints may have to play on the road this post season. He can can civil online at WW no doubt comment. You know he had -- look forward because there is a lot on the line because you don't wanna be a week from now saying how disappointed you're not in the post season. Because if you don't win in Arizona goes that's what happens. So hockey can be a scenario like that you know -- -- haven't. But that's why did you just never know what's gonna happen and you know we lost to see down -- -- know what it's all locked up there's no collapse and but. The point at that time was what we need Sam and sisco to win their division because at that time -- again. Are still available on time even Arizona which is a little more farfetched but -- Arizona Arizona and they went as we go to one Maddux can't. They're extremely high and Pineiro they can win Sunday and feel like in the blouse and be an eleven win team. That's amazing we think about how took the AFC is virtually any NFC west. But who would have thought coming down here a handful of weeks -- the beginning of the month. That's -- -- Monday night in Seattle that. Carolina. Could be in the hole unseat. They could be if if salmon sisco comes away with the NFC west title. The end by the head to head tiebreaker. Carolina as the number one seed. In the post season and it puts -- sisco went -- at the two spot. So it's a lot has to have him but all you can control what you can control Sunday from the -- standpoint. They know at this point in time they can control. Getting into the play -- as a five or 86 seat. Now. Depending on what happens at noon in the Georgia Dome. They make -- control. More than that a first round bye and the number two seed. So a lot is on the line in as you said a few a few years ago when the commissioner in the NFL look at ways -- bring in the fans. More competitiveness they like teams. Are taken off. Because it -- worked up and ran out -- had everything locked up like a one seed or two seed. He -- everybody planes. Basically a meaningful games that's and they went to the divisional games. Do you look always -- at this week comedian and NFC east there's online Philadelphia. And Dallas. The NFC north is on the line. The older driver any NFL. The green bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. A lot -- -- line AFC south with teams. And -- and Carolina and you only did Tampa Bay I don't know west. Rams and Seattle. The Cardinals and the forty announced any AFC it's the same thing so mean that big -- really gotten. What they won't it now also right now if he did he kitchen earlier on Angela show -- -- It's a final time to get the kids that Christmas wish we had Santana on line right now. -- -- -- And three did you -- thirteen 50 AM he's on now until 6 PM. And we just bumped into -- -- over the two kids and getting his meaning. Last second allegations Seau on Christmas wishes in list Bobby. Before he gets Tony -- makes those deliveries later tonight or tomorrow. The number to call over to -- on his final 42606368. All you -- called total free. 8553956368. And Santa Claus a -- we will -- Come into -- he got to be reined in all three of these golf fans don't. From the beginning because the are you helping -- animated puts them together tonight -- you have a late night I do I do I do get into Christmas. I -- and give Hayward said as far as biggie either you know would of our way now Obama Garnett who would you say you know -- you have to stay up late tonight and put something together me Venus and a delivered. You know -- you know -- I don't I don't know but I I I do know that I got to be in touch Santana. Because they know they they do your -- her -- Dickie -- know -- it. Only a wall always saying don't Angela show blown and you kind of -- -- -- I got to make sure -- -- -- in this following Sosa so -- -- -- wish -- right -- Manny -- Siberian -- no no that is easily able to check out lands and who. They are tough and do you go ahead bro better in my putting things together. I almost got there a point where one time they get around playing in different states or cities in -- unless -- Paulus well. Had put together is like to swing set. Now trying to put the other Swede said only had a pair apply -- -- -- I -- have no -- tools. And it ends and no -- -- -- of -- like 4 in the morning unlikely I don't know what the swing set because you were Sambora. Out of paid ten battle. There's room -- yes it's definitely dead they already put together and unlucky -- I got the the point where. Nine had to do and a few years because my young is willing you know Bulls -- -- to march right. But I -- I'd say the one being now I was proud of my accomplishments. You know what goes well lol wish that I had the time I'll have custom in the -- brand because -- -- Santa can I can live input I don't know what I'm going to bring it. Pit boxes are big and how they feel like man. That we got to pay this you know I got gotten there are 23 fights a lot -- alive because I was like man can one available available what I wanna tell you -- do not wanna put -- of Joyce again though whatever. Pride that this has to be you know all -- in place of Dallas. And I'll just think you know why you do young guy yeah but some together. There and I -- and I looked at old miss unless Brazil is a wish at the end there I don't I don't think so. But you know as you get on I think we -- you get older you -- -- and if it is I'm in my early authorities. I try to be more conscious -- -- cozy don't holidays are there and they are heavy time but he -- individually -- it's a minute sometimes it's it's difficult with some people because. It may bring and you know someone may not be here in May be something happened during the holidays. Music go this year that the you know mostly -- wanna sound like that so just because we you know you -- on TV you see a lot of it'll smile and it. I think there's a lot and gone home but it also I think well us as did the humbling part of is that it's it's. It's a difficult time a -- for a lot of people like him because some. -- a close call this guy who is difficult for me and I I don't I don't think about it limits you have in the me. That is his -- three years going into -- three years went on to spend -- -- For five days for a Christmas. My mom's mom passed away who could force every Sunday. And then my Dallas have an immediate of colon cancer surgery. Homeland and in my sister passed away. Tunnel is really hard on my -- and and that's on -- right now -- she is only ten and a half months younger than -- and and big in the top put all just so and a and a in the work place. -- 01 play football 1990. There were difficult so I was like go maybe and divine intervention is all when it happened then I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everyday -- just like they do good afternoon no so that's why. I had times of you know that's a prime example yeah well aware exists an and I try and in my -- accusing me of do in this that I attend their compartmentalized his. If I don't then I just get saddening and right if you don't wanna be sad and so that's why. Now you know you ought to talk to suddenly trivial like oh will the Saints beat Cleveland Tampa Bay it's not like -- and trying to get my mind focused on something else. Yeah and I think that's what it is it thirty everyday -- reflect and think you know Indian home would you sum but that's that's that's why I say for some. For some people this time a year it is it's a very difficult time. 260 Lang 7866889087. He is the number -- give him bonus go to ms. Carol ms. Carol thank you for calling WW well. Well hello man -- maybe hello they had -- He would play in chi badminton EM and then tell him want to. I'm okay and I guess. Inning Olympian and at the net related for exactly caddie of that and now we had no we allowed the Padres could have made it. It I'll blow -- -- will be graduate them -- loud -- I compliment Brian Randle didn't want them multiple looks at you matters. Yeah it did enact them panned out -- And -- in my. It and enjoy the number -- -- Lendl McEnroe they meant good things. Ms. Carol always have been presumably start out five and only based that we -- gonna win one lose one kind of a 500 team as of late. And you don't do you still come a -- owners who bull. Yeah yeah you're betting he'll what I got to -- -- what I got can't -- negative being you know ask me. Is it you know on the -- and then -- -- bad that they knew that I get excited about they do well. Wish I need to do this position I need to do that mission. It's a mental thing why I gave they've led their team they've they've come absurd -- in new in -- induced two game. It is the game. It -- you know it's almost shrugged and you get all the concentrate. And then. You get get hits and didn't you you. Just give them a much -- a signal. He wouldn't lose focus and that's what happened and but but but but but but what they got to regroup and imagine they have OK this didn't. We know well discount -- I think I'm being objective. Were -- say in this I look at our games that we played this year. And and that's not for our offense we easily. Could be twelve and three right now going into the last game. And I bet that that's why I mean Doug I mean. On the -- we will Carolina in the superdome and end and had a great opportunity in and then that that was an -- environment. That will let you throw the ball around considering that the rain in and an all night in. And we we had and we had a chance to win so. I'm on the lied to a would you. That that I and they do you think all we have to go on the road we don't have a chance are you tell you right now I don't think I've ever seen this. It let's say the 49ers. And the Saints would be wild card teams that's about the two best wildcard teams unseen in NFL history and nobody nobody wanna play. You know you wanted division. I like the Eagles or whatever and nobody wants to play the Saints in a forty -- -- the other wildcard opponent. I'm Janet. Do you any -- we have the planned based Seattle. Do you have we have the pace Seattle. Let me tell you that day Bobby. It would be nice if this Seattle than we did okay and how much did you know they blame them if you give it would be nice. If we get. I'll play piano bit I'm bad guy and and to the lack -- -- Jake and I am and I know I'm serious -- Think this bring about real bad the thing about is winning it really Brandon game lead group with close -- -- Well that well lately look -- cal looked that the Arizona Cardinals humbled the Seattle Seahawks well we beat Arizona we took him to the woodshed. So I mean they know every Sunday is that a news Sunday. -- -- to say right now of who's peaking as a -- all it would Peyton Manning did break it all kind of -- semis on the Broncos van Wagner they've they've blossomed. Do they lost at the charges look at that event Thursday night game well. I mean I did give -- an -- a little more to be excited about. It has been seven years since Carolina has beat Atlanta in Georgia Dome. The list and they beat LA and in the Georgia Dome on September 23 2007. They beat Atlanta 27 to twenty. That's the last victory Carolina has head. In the eight. He didn't and is -- -- the found his players they got humbled this year it is because they thought this is their Super Bowl a -- share a lot like the Houston Texans. Saw that they would like like nothing more than the humble. Me and make Carolina -- can you need some humble pie the whole camp noon two and a Superman and well let out a doubt on the I'll let out a doubt as much as much as the Falcons. Haven't disdain. For the Saints I think they would much rather. Place all -- to Carolina's point in time and then just say -- when will we win Hussein's good to see how they -- look at him like that I don't. I think by that it Falcons. Big don't they graced our 2000 begins comes to played amateur. As the T think anybody that Deke Bellavia this is what's on their Christmas out there for me about being here -- -- yeah. My mom and I wrote them off -- -- us. Seven. The reds in the background. -- -- Lang coming of the news about. Traditional and. Christmas song. Season -- so much back. I think there's still close. Please you know all the wars and this is an -- last. There's really long. I know. -- cook chicken and Collard greens because like please see -- I was pleased we are basically the office. Physical enough on Al all -- not even though they knew my colleague who we really didn't. -- -- -- and yet that's not a guy that I can't read and go into your -- -- -- degree yeah maybe if not the New York. But not not around under seeded new York and listen to the song that was don't know I think it was -- dvd -- to raise money -- wanted to. Almeida so its every bad thing anyway with reminiscing and talking about Christmas bonus Christmas Eve edition of sports talk operated dad. Our opinion poll online at WW dot com how -- opponent a youth. This -- to -- at the plate on the road in the playoffs -- vote online at WWL. Dot com and don't forget Santa -- you can still get some Lance many wishes and to ol' saint nick channel over to the splits show on three WL. Thirteen 50 AM got about thirty minutes left the less than 5042606368. All call toll free 855. 3956368. Think I think the fans are when you -- -- opponent is that the -- on the role because. You know how well we've played at home in. And it was a usual to look like a different team in this particular season you know you've heard is bring up in and that's the past with. You know on the Sean Payton and drew reason they had the thing you miss road record. Behind the New England Patriots and Tom Brady this -- 2009 the Saints -- number one. Will you look at this season. And especially. I think the most disappointing in. A game obviously in laying an egg on the -- was that the Rams game considering what you playing -- in Saint Louis smell. But -- that being said the mindset of a fan I think a lot of times is you know obviously whatever he dubbed foreign lately. So let's say they would have gotten off. A 5050 start like you know instead of five and -- You know we have been two and three or some more after six games were three and three. Then and -- to say wooed and won the last five games in a -- And you had to do that to get in the playoffs then they'd be more optimistic they'd be excited. Because we are a playoff team. But I think it's because we got -- this a great start and before I mean to go to Seattle. And considering. And the national perspective they had has some. At that time possibly represent the NFC consumable hand that we were as good as anyone so I think is because we got off to such a hot start. And then we kind of petered out -- kind of been up and downs since then. Then maybe that's why fans are not as excited. Venue going to the playoffs and and nobody should always be excited as a family team makes the the playoffs mean you get to double digit win -- tell you that that's a great achievement. In the NFL that's a great measuring stick in a number of players trying coaches' teams they do that you know came. We get to ten Wednesday Chara Tammy you know and and have those double digit winning seasons -- they have a fighting chance and you're hearing -- you know. Regardless of what happens. If you're -- in and you win rule on a play Al game they don't matter. I mean so -- the Canadian you come okay. Did you the second round in on me what do you home where you -- right -- is to say you want to do you get. -- a number two -- that's like win a playoff game because you advanced to the debate is our our our plane and and if you if you had -- played a first round you win -- and at as a five or six seeded either three or four. I don't matter I mean it did the rest of how you finish what do you want -- legacy started five and know when you finished. No 55 -- -- just finished finals sixty YouTube you're losing but did Arizona loses Sunday but if you win and play our game. It don't matter I mean you're you're in the tournament and determine its about -- was warned off everybody -- it's -- -- out of fourteen just thought a week later and everybody yeah. And this is only scenario -- reason why do you ever look for the past. You could you look at expectation is that why you team was it. And we all know this we talked about this in the OTA's and mini camp in -- the draft and follow Sean Payton bag golfing at the ten wins. Right it was maybe eleven that would be in unbelievable great season because well -- won seven games. And you look around the country they say to the Saints might beat a team. That can get. On the positive side as far as wins right you know you look at teams -- 588. Are 79 they had Saints. The most probable team to turnaround and to get the cameras to get the double digit wins where on the flip side. We're told by being extremely there's a point in. The Houston Texans fans and Atlanta Falcons fans big when you winning 1213 games. Buick cub by following you -- and it's a bust or did they were like Super Bowl or bust bright and big then and they're not even -- and then -- to be close to five. -- Basel to me that's. Were exhibited -- that they don't really disappointed is hard as they are under but they beat San Francisco he had been to two straight conference championship games right a Super Bowl. There right now I don't if -- the one seed with a two to six Domanick. Sam ciscos -- one odds are reset the -- -- -- meet and they can't say I would say mixes the Arabic and second best. Eyes yeah like that that that's why how they're structured. How they win in the trenches I think a lot of is gonna be how consistent -- cavern explain him. You know come playoff time and yeah that the 49ers fan base I'm sure. Right now they're kind of maybe take in the pros when the playoffs anything can happen there he'd be going in the yard consumable but I know right now that's the worst feelings. As well as saying that you you know you high and Ohio in the hall didn't fall I and -- -- evening they gonna assume ovals anyway Houston Texans and you get into and you have a isn't the Texas coach got fired your body image for all said and done my job Mike Gorman the pin out that I know how that NC have allowed us. Things that you -- -- far -- only thing to me the main. And -- -- he's a cajun cannon Bobby bending them this big indicating the raids into eight into the third straight New Orleans Bowl title. Go tomorrow it's the -- next here on Debbie did you have. Jerome brown. Certainly like the cub blue yeah. Christmas. Diminishing speed along with the -- it is his from his album is okay this is -- baby channels. No I don't. I don't know like if you have a paneled ball that I was assault. Right you you viewed as they'll come up from here I am we don't have the elusive Christmas here. Yeah act and they will be very very welcome. Back this. It's a Christmas seemed. And a lot of holiday programming coming up at 7 o'clock tonight you're on WW -- don't hustle -- Family tradition home we will have for you a Christmas Carol. And it's coming up both from eight to -- not ms. Carol with a Christmas after Christmas okay oh we already talked in this vacant I don't know about doing my. Dan admitted to me to go secrets -- -- to singer. When he was here a long time ago and all the -- Manning was in middle school we went. -- used to play used to playing like our local weeks before Christmas -- at -- Christmas. And once saw like one of the days after Christmas but that's if it's good to here don't know. It's kind of scary -- only owner radio in space when you hit it big ghost which -- -- -- cruises fans I was going to -- -- -- -- up. He. Is kind of spooky and I guess Halloween album right but he Iggy you know you can think about listen to -- -- a -- about his -- road you listen to that. It's in -- radio on my radio used to be -- have all. On the TV shows go on radio. Let me go on and sometimes you do get scared you know -- scary -- no I can't what you did it do when and all of a sudden it MI Jack is hanging on your leg he he had a should be -- I can't does -- -- Dokic I cannot let him seat again -- Gasquet is exactly I can't let him be scared of seemingly -- defined by Friday Obama had to -- on -- I -- -- -- -- right. And now hold him to go to -- is getting on a plane ride so that but that's like one thing about like one last HL house I'm not scared. The -- -- like a lot of a lot of harm movies they were like sound like in the contrast thought. You live and you live in lake view yeah there's an -- decent and pretty -- on Monday when Malcolm in lake -- yeah. They call him our -- speed completely different than they have doctors on -- But I opinion -- WW dot com how disappointed. -- you -- the Saints may have to play on the road this post season do you look at it that to have a glass half full then -- goes out and we will win. To be in -- playoff seed in the tournament. Ought to be safe and you know just a -- -- -- if we just. Pretty straight and pick up a couple times and that and extra -- Then we're sitting here is not and his his conversations have to see but the number one seed that's not that's. How close can you talk about the NFL is so close and talk about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay has one full of their last seven -- a -- three. You don't need to be fought for LA it's 8053. At the Sunday. But I think in the land between winning and lose a -- event that a guy who's got in BP that type numbers but the Vontae David maybe you remember a the Paris of I don't geno Smith -- -- -- yes in the first game of the season to keep the field goal and they want. They beat Tampa 1817. The next week ten big -- in all but two points sixteen to fourteen. They could be two window then lost another game but three Arizona and in the game he went out to Seattle. It really dominated three quarter thereof what 221 and -- they lost in overtime. Fought. I'll -- eleven losses. Have come Bobby. Now most of for the eleven losses have come at this at at Bartolo -- points as listed 2.3. Points per game UN knows full. In them you come by Tampa Bay being in the in the conversation of a maybe 97 -- was at a game better than. But we can go -- everybody's schedule you can point out it's the -- didn't win the close games Nasional won all the close games they were the number one seed this year. They've not won -- close -- case in point last night he got a chance to go around and win may have. And I thought man -- put the ball you know it was a Bowman has made a group play on a ball. While big and you look at another I guess that is ANC doctor -- mr. Hyde teams are sending a charges. I mean. You know that they can go on the road and beat anyone -- mean that they amongst the leaders in time of possession. Third down conversions. But then you Philip Rivers said that when they have sent at them wrong there is and -- pro ball. So blog has the public -- -- previously that. The disks. They should've won -- in a while we can have those games back and I know their fight for their playoff fly I've been. That would be a scary team had never gotten the playoffs has done to be expected of them and and now I mean that'd be expected this thing is to win on the road solo would you have to illusion to be hell bent for leather. Footloose fancy free Lucy Lucy. -- because he won expect the Saints you know to win on the road but all I know is that you should look at the glass half full because. What during the playoffs. Anything can happen and like Darren Sharper said though one thing we have we now we're one big -- going to start to game against Carolina. I -- them Malcolm Jenkins red zone interception. But -- charm of this thing sometimes those turnovers come in bunches. Long starting Sunday ending going to -- also bought a rule when the idea Sunday we can look back on evolves and those turnovers to come in bunches. Because that's one thing even though rob Ryan's defense has been unbelievable outstanding. Album we don't have the takeaways. When you look back the season like we did. The takeaways and also -- was a scoring touchdowns. That was really. A special season when you look as far as 39 takeaways seventy visit touchdowns. A ball we get to start getting on a roll and maybe get one or two deep into -- our zones in and get more takeaways you know to a three game. Million dollars in the ball's bouncing away come playoff time whether you're on the road -- are you away. And now I'm. Think you mean people around the nation there and I given us a chance if you remember we got off to unbelievable start. And wall more than a star with thirteen you know. And then we lost the last three games to finish thirteen and three in. Around the nation -- no one has ever won a suitable. You know losing their last three games than you have to look at the games and really not the last and it. The Cowboys came in here and -- it took it to us on the and in the superdome. Would then lose in week fifteen to sixteen and didn't really matter what we're all pulling for as far as -- -- But no and you wanna have a good outing obviously come Sunday. And if you have to go on the road you have to go on the road and I think I need to see this. In a file defense plays -- they played against Carolina on the road. You know I always say this could -- says this the number of coaches. Great defenses travel well. Could that if your defense. Is kick and kick him but. Know you got a chance -- matter you -- -- away but I Davis has to play like you did against Carolina and now like how they've played against the Rams in Saint Louis. You know Bobby thirteen of the sixteen games in the final week of the regular season have playoff implications all four division titles are up. On the line in the NFC so the NFL I was guy would they want in the AFC put it succeed. It is nuts on the it is come down Bobby to -- a lot it was a little Dolphins the charges to Steelers and arrangements. Now. These situations here from a stamp on Miami. If you don't look -- did the Dolphins can take care of business Sunday against the Jets they are into number six seed. If the Ravens Chargers and steelers'. They can they really control around us and now Miami could also be the end. If they win and even the Ravens lose our San Diego win its. The Ravens will need a two team tiebreaker with the Dolphins because of Baltimore's regular season win. All Miami so they need to be handled when there. X is here the Dolphins or Ravens both -- head to head tiebreaker with the charges -- a San Diego beats the Chiefs and the Dolphins or Ravens lose. The -- Kansas City media and San Diego good team. It's berg basically assembled put him they got to beat Cleveland and they need Baltimore. Miami and the Chargers all lose in and they would be the sixth seed -- some guys don't get any money. Right is a lot of different scenarios and -- when you -- and compete and seven Pittsburgh could get in any NATO if that haven't we just told they went about wrestling team -- yeah I know when you're looking at Pittsburgh look just goes to show you based on in order form and then the parity in the league gave the Aggies have -- deep deep a hole I mean we all -- -- and even. When the Saints have gone off to slow slow -- basically. Find bank and in their being a 500 ballclub that does is playing the percentages. But he just go to -- record of Eagles are right. I'm gonna win the NFC north I -- home tomorrow and am well below that good two weeks ago the Steelers. -- -- -- -- and also to bag the bag gays don't know it's they could have been so -- they would be an on form top two seeds yeah oh yeah very endeavor in New England don't Dillon New England because they had the tiebreaker with the -- and they beat him -- easier -- -- in New England. Seven Tom Brady goes I don't know Austria and brought in and of course there week they. We you know we we can't Covert team Bobby have to embarrass some of almost as they bounced back against us and AFC in AFC east. The Conley had to embarrass the policy and it would be a scored three points against the Bengals yeah Tom Brady into a touchdown pass. They come back and they beat us and basically no -- you don't drive and same thing with the -- -- this game before a full points the week before the Cincinnati. And then they come back against. If and then point six plow wanna say you know who is a previews the Rams had embarrassed and -- that at times -- the look. -- owners say the Rams had an embarrassing game. I'm -- before our game -- -- look -- up that -- right quick because one I think it was a tight DS. Then they -- embarrassed. It just goes to show you NFL we -- we call me tell -- I'll embarrass them a better be ready to play every Sunday is the pros everybody is getting paid. And these guys I was saying. That looks at that is playing foul line and the Steelers crushed them that would like a month ago or you know just like two weeks ago and. I'm into everything because if you I don't know at the end it's already sewed up and you -- you should have an extra week. Then that's what happens and they deal when they lost to Arizona a week before a third of the team in that facet of Aaron and then that got hot Arizona -- been Peoria if they. They won what eight and then yeah and Chicago like Carolina did they can win Sunday we went Sunday they would be eleven -- 519. Of TN. And not go to the -- feeling you look at the car a little daily here in a dome I'd say this is even as outstanding as their defense was so we could run on them the ball -- we -- in the past in memory Jimmy Graham the medalist governing elite Vernon and and and relishes only member tyrant Matthew -- -- and Peterson was slam round tell zone. 708 right now -- Cardinals have won but they only lost for the 2421 setback. And analysts to Philadelphia well and that they would have 18 straight now they are relief and the Eagles -- big I'll be shocked Tony Romo on those Tony Romo. When they -- Dallas than the way they play the Bears and crush them and the Eagles have the best road record and national -- and 8002. -- Bonnie -- Bellamy a Merry Christmas. This is for itself on that because you know it.