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12-24 6:10PM Sports Talk: ULL Football

Dec 24, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to University of Louisiana at Lafayette Football Head Coach Mark Hudspeth.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports saw the final -- on their Christmas to you when you -- us from Bobby and myself and all of us here at WW coming up at the first break. But this and recruiting analysts of tied abate that com Mike Scott -- What Jonas as the Tigers take a few days off and gets it to go down to Tampa to get ready for the Outback Bowl appearance. Iowa on a new year is very well three straight bowl games three straight bowl victories -- the wheezing and arranging cages of Lafayette. With a 2421. Victory over Tulane in a very entertaining ball game in the this bowl -- older -- wants according to odds makers and it played out that way you said at night in the dome from a record crowd of it was the -- is coming out on top. Agents coach mark cut the Dodgers now coach -- three straight boast three straight victories and you've got to be awfully proud of your program. Well I'm off with parties of the players enough from all work they put in. Also you'll probably sister coaches that have really done a great job league. Be good teachers and mentor to the Jameer just -- university and our community as we continued trying to -- you know another step forward. Court judge did and we had talked about it early in the week game time decision. Cornerback Terrance Broadway and you look when he's covered a broken right Norman in their fourth quarter that you Wellman role game at that one that long ago. Subway had to be proud of him. You know fighting through that in and wanting to be a leader in and help the team a win. Well again he's a warrior and we didn't really know until about wins the patient to get into. Practicing well enough wind speed which civil -- can not be one more time he does well first -- rule will -- and not. We felt that here -- be on the field even though he would be limited but it leadership enough. The -- he brought to routine would outweighs the other and it was just an copy you know Cuba competent football to block. Finally go to win the game Alter restored shall root root root -- And coach job -- about the impact MVP of the game relies jaguar and and what he was able to do and and really. I mean he's had an impact from the get go and he kind of ease him in the plane and given him opportunities and boy look in going far in the bright future for him. You know it does an exceptional player these -- into very humble. He'll get all the credit to his teammates and not so loved his attitude. Which students. Get a get a big year -- -- -- you know like an all American team. -- big impact in our season and then you know he's got three more years let up so excited about the future for him and due to a proper program. Louisiana raging cases for about coach mark Clinton is a Spanish against coach. You look toward a four to 21 I thought a key -- the ball game when you take over the 720 mark. And you go -- place for a two yard you don't eighty points which he takes 545. All day clock and I'm looking back and that's when you went back would -- and and a man on a second down and TN. You get a seventy yard rush from Alonzo Harris. The -- has a couple of big runs and another big play. In that drive when you come up was though when Damon Nixon. Had another -- and in would you think about the entire drive may be at that point and coached at 545. You to -- out the clock. Club might have been as important as points because I think you got a ballclub that really didn't pass the ball well throughout the contest. I backed up deep in their own territory it would not much time and not much way of a timeout. Apologies to mix and probably was a player of the game for a set drop the and he directed what was key drugs we need to work three and out. It had upon a -- handled a ball six and a half minutes without the that he. So that was huge drug. Great execution on his sport especially bar scene and just pour out their -- -- terminally your -- lucky beard and now. Awfully awfully of their effort by him and get back. Also stated. Toppled two and a little record. -- jobs and do a phenomenal job of those technologist. Really -- -- the chick don't Europeans are beginning they root all back into the game got to give goat got a lot of credit to -- go out. A coach I'm sure years you probably that's one -- when you talk about you know you'll club gone to his match up. When you look at what you -- years' time I mean when you first two goals for the head job in -- agency and what you've done it in a short amount of time so. What you do one year compared to the next year is completely different and the team that you dominated KG feel 41 to thirteen. That was a different team is so the other night in a different a different ballclub -- -- -- and I'm sure. You have a great respect to that because when you first got them at the end that was a completely different program and won your ball to -- all of -- three years ago. No no question in Indonesia to denigrate other short period of time charting. Turn that program. And they're only voted battery cheered for him to get him to a bowl game in -- in years as a lot. You know understand. And there are players to work and also ordered they've got outstanding team play like plant. -- Represent their universe you're also really really good program. Now coach does do well what -- tell you players in Europe answer is that in this all the all of a sudden looks like. Yelled to blow Tulane on an adult. And in them on the whole. The thing to Gainesville and and well when it's basically -- wanted to zero. And then they're able to come back how do you stop the momentum and now a global would you tell your team have done. Well like you just mentioned boy and the momentum. And though he had a two turnovers in the last six minutes the first -- Virtual open the Gordon won the momentum we -- to that are halftime. -- they've got to weather this storm we're still pop or not so that stalled coming here. Panic and and and you know freak him out a writer reporter he would. Much of weather this storm Scola continued playing and will we get for about 9% of the first chance. And the player award in particular happen in the future figure be it steal played exceptional there in certain -- or special teams was big. -- had some trouble moving the ball -- they started you know what's in the Al but they're -- boxed out signal. Mean we really couldn't throw it very well chances on so that made it difficult for our kids down the way. Makes a plate and her two. A -- a bit though three straight knew all the both 39 win seasons in a row. Your program made it it was over you where -- ears and now where -- CD's that program -- Well you know there's Portland facilities here about six weeks and know -- order to completed and there are in one year from now Australia. Think -- post -- program to another level. Port recruiting will have a team that's won three straight bowls and Bobby and -- a program that got a a brand -- state of the -- facility. So Utley does everything we do try to take our stand up. Particular program you know another step in the right direction. And you see where we ball and our -- was getting topped point. This year we received 77. Vote for the top twenty club after we picked up to 82. And I actually felt like -- we could have low one out finished -- -- and that ultimate eleven into a bowl game not until we would have been a top twenty top team in the central bowl. Well coach -- I know one thing the last two prisoners is in this round had to be very good and when you go to go see -- -- Lance. Game who sees you we and is a bowl game. Christmas has been very good do you indicates -- program and I'm sure a lot of folks are excited about the job you have done. And I know the new all the bowl three straight years coach straight victories and an activist nominee has gotten higher and higher. And that it has been an exciting time I had to be closer to -- issue that I have did the Devils beat him before a -- it was a the matchup was good game was good leading up to within that well what a tremendous game it was it I think ESP always excited about their match of the Waco. -- -- so if you watched notables route to victory. Not that it was pretty evident that this was all of a different level with the -- now with the environment. Played in the Super Bowl. It was inaudible played on TV that I shall sit around -- waiting up arguing that even resemble. Resembled you know the the annual the atmosphere and the crowd that we had. Coach mark covered -- of the Louisiana arranging -- just three times New Orleans Bowl champ coach -- thank you so much. A -- Christmas the union thing American's coach. I got Merry Christmas thank Travis all the -- you got so. OK coach we appreciate that is -- mark Cutler and a raging cages have been the three stray bullet they have won. Three straight bowl games here in -- will allow by the bad Deke Bellavia will come back a couple of LA -- tackle football right here on WW.