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12-24 6:20PM Sports Talk: LSU Football

Dec 24, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to Publisher of tigerbait.com Mike Scarborough about LSU Football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the missed field. And again you know it's. And welcome back he is the case you can't -- -- there. Deke Bellavia. And coming up holiday program Angel has some great music -- and then later tonight. It is a family tradition -- taken out coming up with a related my holiday programming in about 35 minutes. But the LSU fighting Tigers get a couple days break and back to work and -- work it down in South Florida for the Outback Bowl. On New Year's Day against the Iowa Hawkeyes who bought off for -- three wood down the stretch. It extremely well and one then mastery over Purdue Michigan and Nebraska to get bowl eligible or negate in the Outback Bowl. And these teams met once before Mike and a lot of drama around their game Nick Saban would announce on Christmas Day. In Florida that he would be going to the Miami Dolphins so we all know what haven't intraday gain when. The -- mayor -- I'd take -- deal a quarterback. A quarterback to receiver touchdown that was the end of the Saban and less miles was a ushered in -- That's the only time L issue and Iowa met in fifth opponent time or -- programmers. How big consistent. Even up with -- time well Iowa. A lot of people thought and the current France and he was one of the pack somebody's in college football got immediate thought could make the jump to pro football. But -- programs kind of band and mediocre at best. Yeah I mean he was hot and an impact that would lead and and that was even loaded. Is a candidate. Could say that that that the Dolphins job at LSU and like you -- -- hot commodity but in the last several years. It's almost been like you know that the question going and he even with a humorous. On the hot seat or not and younger than others what they finished us stronger of their season and they're they're excited -- You just hope -- -- she doesn't go to the -- like it is that you play last year. Whether they underestimated my opponent the coast. You know a loss commitment could be a third straight bowl loss and that's that's not on the left my outlook going into the spring. And -- -- -- LS smiles and you look when he has opportunity of for the himself when the team to achieve. He's on the verge of winning ten or more games but what the seventh time in. His first nine seasons at LSU and then look at the Tigers beat the Iowa Hawkeyes in Al by Bo Ellis who finished ten and three and then. Miles we -- the first LSU coach with four straight. Ten win seasons and you know you throw in there would also put him. Winning about 80% of his games and you look at the elite company that's associated with that in their first nine seasons at a school. Of Florida's these Mario. In Alabama's Bear Bryant was party won 85% Bryant 83% of their games so that's a pretty he league company -- -- coach miles has done relishing. We did it and particularly you know doing it in the SEC and but it's also too that the competition and in it a Little League now it is just player for a national championship every year. You know it gets to -- you know we know is that you know you get to the right way. Particularly at LSU -- schedule nonconference. The right way. I mean it you can get and I can win every year it is that your you know doing the right things. Right you mean like a lot of Guillen not playing a game outside a -- since 1991 mind you mean that kind of into the pot but that. Brian Urlacher I. You know inevitably goes to nine league games which that we can read it looked like they're going to. He's certainly are not be playing that TCU and in Wisconsin and like. Open season anymore it's going to be. You know. Akron at southeast Louisiana and and that's that's that -- you're gonna get on the schedule for all the the three nonconference games. You know particularly with that the fourteen playoff it's gonna happen and in the seating so. I'm going to be very very interesting but it it's you know it's also. You know what is it acceptable and now abruptly Uga before it to not be if you look at SEC championship game over five year period. Is it is an acceptable to everyone work Alabama plays for three and Auburn Alabama he's do you want me Auburn LSU player toward. Right now Mike I haven't talked to Evan wanting to bring this up to you you know you look at recruiting what's coming about that this time a year especially. But the commitment of Clifton Garrett the linebacker body Illinois Plainfield Illinois. I was reading what that he had made official his commitment over Ole miss and Tennessee chose the Tigers. And the economy that announcement ahead of schedule -- -- standing. Buddy resilience that it what to make it darned US army all American bowl in San Antonio in January. But what is your take on. And a player like lifting Garrett. Because I know linebacker position that's gonna come to the forefront. And is this opportunity of him to come in right away and play maybe that's why committed to LSU. Yeah I think that's what it was a big selling point for him he would comfort official visit whispering. And you know from that point forward -- she just led the entire way. At one point tennis he looked to be. Like they were the number two came in helmets overtook them -- -- never relinquished the lead for and the and that campus and the coaching staff and coaches. Especially made -- Vega impression on him. When he visited spring helmet hit in July June. It's the rivals spot start challenger in Chicago. And had -- interview in there and seeing him work for us several days. I just and in practice football player it was originally thought that you -- be in mid term graduate. Embodies is he -- he was able to get back on which have been a huge advantage for him to be either determine. Compete for the starting Mike linebacker spot. But he's special he's arguably that the top. Middle linebacker prospect in the country -- as -- number three overall some of our competitors. I haven't applied are number one overall so. That -- tell you how special. A linebacker years and that's that's certainly. You know he'll evaluate coaches recruiting class on signing -- that they -- knees and they'll be no doubt that they -- needed at the linebacker spot. Now I might go when you look at when Cam Cameron. -- -- often this year in in how they can pass and run the football. And and I guess LSU fans to maybe can expect to be getting consistent that it's consistent play cornerback. That if you look for the first time in school history. LSU had a 25 yard passer. Thousand yard rusher to 1000 yard receivers in the same season that. Then maybe with a time off Benson and at Talladega and again that. -- that even notice is the first time that we might as CNN maybe over the next few years the same thing being accomplished. Yeah. You know but he. To me that's -- going to be something to watch you know. I think Jennings. And was told that the coaches weren't sure what they are gonna get as far as. Passer and certainly we saw what -- that they had been chosen Sporkin. The Jennings you know -- should be. Arkansas but can he do it consistently over and our football game. You've got a slew of top notch wide receivers that can be a part of this recruiting class style -- the passing game is going to be anything near what was. This season -- met burger. And Beckham and Landry. I think. Jennings is more water if he had in indeed. You know ticket to Portland -- -- an Arkansas game and in and plays you know even average. Against Iowa then you know he's certainly goes in the spring in the odds on favorite to be there. To win the starting spot job and I think -- Greg is one -- honestly about it. And I know the coaches that but -- -- -- and they're the true freshman who will be their mid term is going to be a highly competitive so. You know -- opener been in in that -- Competition play out in. But you that they like about Jennings -- he's a dual threat. We have to duplicate couldn't get a run in. The -- -- -- struggled under are still looking define -- late -- Uga quarterback you can you can make things happen. And in this -- -- -- met our -- But he also have. You know -- traditional guy in -- there was a little bit sort of mobile. But no nothing like Jennings. Now Mike. Whatever you feel your feedback you've gotten from -- -- Angela and play in Iowa Hawkeyes on though there I'm ranked. And had four losses then I'll look at the four losses came against teams that are currently eleven to one or better you look at northern Illinois. I mean that it's a directional school but he is. Edmonton -- get a -- be a big kids -- the way to go play like Illinois that Michigan State Ohio State. And and you look at the Hawkeyes beat three bowl bound teams in. And you throw in their head coach in the success. -- current apparent that. He's had against SEC you know he's led. I was reading where a team to four bowl games against SEC he's won three -- gassed out defense that is obviously an outlet that would did think the ranks seventh deep into a nationally. And so. I mean LSU Bennett on the played and that the point I'm trying to make is that believe I was -- rank -- date caromed they can be -- -- game. I needed and it got in my I think that they're at their power running game it's something that could be a concern would -- be that -- line has. You know I mean what would be maybe given six quarters here all year long when they look like a typical -- defense. You know. I think you're gonna want to play similar two that would Arkansas look like against LSU. Except -- with a little bit better count at Arkansas and so. You know told you you know come out and in. Played uninspired like they did get confident I can be along a long day and you know it's. You know it was funny -- -- -- -- a lot of talk or message board -- all different types of but what you -- sports topics and still don't have a whole lot of people want a breakdown -- power given them much respect I think the line on my game might be a little odd. I I agree with you. Mike the next big thing is coming up is the day at the new year is a what do you expect to go down with these all American both coming up. Yeah January 2 the end or camera repeated kick off. I mean that's that's going to be in Ellis you party that -- so Belichick got two straight days where. You know they've they've got. The PP they've been in the Outback Bowl and you know in the under armour the next day with -- Tony Brown -- Willis. You know Jamaal Adams at safety protections we had a great visit -- inflated. Elegy direction. And he got over LSU Tigers prospect -- Dupree who won't -- plan that one Brandon Harris is committed in. It will be their mid terms of client. So that was going to be a lot of belch and interest in Allen cannot. You know these guys announcing an -- to split them up over commercial breaks. I mean it can be a solid two and a half hours of a kid that committing Belichick lob on national television. In all those guys that I mentioned for that brown those are 25 stars. Gerald Wilson -- on call our provoked wobbles 160. You know have a real opportunity. What with practices during that week to get his ranking moved up the possibly a five star on the keys that got exceptional. So. Don't have the big sign in the US army game -- on January 4. Cooking -- that we talked about her owners' plan that would. And as well -- McDowell would be president. From Michigan analyses. I'm gonna get a visit from next market they would love to finish with. It pair that he put them back from tech is in the -- she's frequent a bar. Committed LSU. In keeping young from John Carter also playing the US army games guys eligible for. Mike I don't know I get the latest on all this recruiting information and the break down other -- -- well. Yet check it out tiger -- dot com we've only got a few days let that nine and -- special buy me a subscription thing you know I don't delegate guard. And but we've got all that coverage for your recruiting Upton. -- story that would put up last night -- Bellotti actually Islam. Mike scar Borough tiger bait dot com -- Merry Christmas happy new UT -- thank you so month so but it it is in a couple of days in. We are in order are all right -- thank you very -- Mike -- -- a -- -- common course of wall to wall twelve hours of coverage coming up. On New Year's Day starting at 6 in the morning to 8 o'clock that night we will have four beginning at Oceana restaurant Christian -- Bob and Bob and myself. Will be out there at the breakfast brunch handed out to the LSU sports network AT and you take off and after the purple and gold on -- in a Sugar Bowl preview. It but you burger in the world famous French Quarter he -- to gain and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia about fifteen minutes. Will pull out our Christmas Eve edition. -- -- The -- thanks to all the takes his body as it takes me a Christmas guys to the big chief and McCain team came -- thank you very much. And all the takes command and be safe out there may Christmas to you you'll Somalis here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --