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Dec 26, 2013|

Dave talks about Christmas and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this 26. Of December 2013. Happy day after Christmas there you go that day after Christmas thank you Chris Miller how was your Christmas in the family had a wonderful very merry. Mary Mary that's the way it should be although the saints giving -- late. Well. It's a lump of coal and are stocking perhaps. Absolutely Christmas Day telling us that Drew Brees was limited. In practice yesterday. As a result of a knee injury now with the saints did not divulge this information. During the day when reporters were -- The training facility they didn't mention it when Drew Brees talked to the media and Norway and Sean Payton topped the media but after all the reporters had gone home. For the day in practice is over that released the practice report. Which -- Drew Brees limited in practice. And having to have medical attention to a knee injury and they Whitney. Didn't say how severe didn't give us much information so I guess my question for you is. How much does that concern. I'm not concerned at all. -- -- owns. We play the majority of 2010 on the -- me. So there's the fact that Drew Brees could not fully practice before the last game of the regular season that this thing it must win. To guarantee themselves -- playoff spot. You're not at all concerned that it may affect his mobility his ability to avoid the pass rush which if he Drew Brees himself is said to be a big factor in. Either stepping up in the pocket you avoid oncoming ruptures that have gotten to line. Or rule out one way or another. You know at all concerned about him not being able to practiced fully because of a knee that has required medical attention not one bit. Can you explain. As I've told a lot of people. Drew Brees is an incredibly tough athlete. And even if he's on the injury report -- he's been on the injury report for the guy I mean he's. He's as tough as they come. I'm I'm not worried about drew breeze being limited by injury you know it takes something like his are buried nearly being polled out of it's socket to keep him. One yet now we should note he was able to practice he was able to take snaps he was able to participate in some former fashion. Again things like giving it any specific details about how much he could or could not practice. But if he were forced him out of practice. Then with that have made -- isn't this. Practice I might have been a little more concerned I mean. You know it is one thing if you're gonna. -- -- want to play these games but if you're gonna you don't do this -- your quarterback to the injury report. You know at the very deadline the NFL gives you put that information out there you know you're trying to. Not give your opponent too much information. But he was he did participate in practice if you -- on that do not practice did not practice with that might be a little more concerning. -- Fair enough if that if if you know for any reason they had put him in the training room to look at his knee I think they're probably required to put him on the injury report so. -- -- Yet even having the bag of ice Britney even if he needed the trainer to fit him with sleepers need even if he -- and the guys come out and you know. See how it felt if he would take. Tylenol for need. That's it that's how they work if you need any medical attention to any part of your body from the training staff or from the medical staff you're required reported on the injury report. So again we hope to find out more information today obviously coach Sean Payton. Will be asked some questions about it today at his media availability beginning in Telesis. Yesterday before the media was able to talk to the coach or talked to Drew Brees himself so. A lot of questions about that's Chris -- not too concerned folks how concerned are used text me. At 87870. -- Meena thank you crystal talking about point five minutes markers news here on WWL. I'm Dave got I'm actually coming due from the piney woods of tying bill Louisiana smack dab in the center. Of the great state of Louisiana today where I was here to spend Christmas with my in laws. And still here this morning so. Come India from up here in -- bill Louisiana where it is below freezing the good news is. Southeast Louisiana mostly above freezing now 34 degrees. In Slidell and in the forties on the South Shore 45 right now at the airport in -- text message to date 7870 gives us more information about this. Crash on the -- ten between causeway in clear view. Involves an overturned vehicle in the middle and at the left lane. That are blocked so pure heading from Metairie. Out toward Kenner between causeway and clear view. Do you expect delays in that area as a result and probably some keepers -- as you head into the city on this day after Christmas. Many people not working but a lot of people -- appear in retail hospitality. Out radio you gotta go to work today is thank you for joining us to start today on the early edition of WWL first news sports. With mark Menard and your full three day forecast coming up next. One person -- -- -- -- 787 -- drew is it tough SOB not worried and others as Drew Brees is a marvel superhero. He's one tough cookie com on demand our rights. So far no one texting me at -- 7870. -- concerned. They Drew Brees is on the injury report with an injured knee. No specific given by the things other than he was limited in practice yesterday coming up on a game at the -- absolutely must win to guarantee. That they get. Into the playoffs 2601870. -- -- Louisiana. Where. I came to visit the in laws and spend the holiday period with my wife's family and but I. I I am not gonna miss an opportunity to join you on the radio this morning and let's get the forecast from the Eyewitness News forecasts that air force southeast Louisiana. For your birthday few clouds around and cool temp around 58 this afternoon and tonight. The crowd it's still going to be chilly 35 north of equipment -- -- brought. South -- around 41. -- -- Friday mainly cloudy -- cool high near me at a high near sixty. And for Saturday it will be few clouds and then -- hours moving at a 50% chance -- -- -- -- -- side. On the I would eat -- -- that I'm meteorologist block knocked out. 45 degrees at the airport in -- right now 34. In Slidell so. Could see some frost across the North Shore if you're having that experience let me know this morning if you're getting up. Also takes me -- 878 avenue and let me know why you're up this morning. Are you out to grab those after Christmas sales many people are heading out to do that. Or the big day for retail big day for returns and a big data start using those. Gift cards so many of -- likely received for Christmas also a big day for the saints is they get back to practice. And now let's go to sports you're stuffed up. We welcome him art and art and mark. The -- like giving us much details other than telling us Drew Brees has something wrong with one of his knees and wasn't able to fully participate in practice yesterday. That's what they tell us but you know he was that practiced and and no one in the media noticed him limping or looking any different than he normally does -- talk to the media you know. The injury report kind of irrelevant the media is allowed to go in for the first ten minutes of practice I've watched this thing stretch. To watch some kind of get ready to play and nobody noticed anything wrong -- you agree. He had seen anything when he talked to the media nor did the -- anything about it when he tucked in the media so I guess it won't be till later today that we abandoning the -- -- we you know it. He had some sort of attention for something wrong with one of his knees and he wasn't able to fully participate in practice. That's right let's let's let's let's skip to the full report here. The saints had -- on wanna Christmas surprise for The Who dat nation yesterday when they quietly place Drew Brees on the injury report for the first time all season. Threes was listed as limited with a knee injury -- is on the field for the -- to the media got to watch and also showed up for his regular interview session with no signs of distress. Marcus Colston Jahri Evans and Toronto Armstead with the other three starters listed on the report as limited. As of now all are expected to play in the regular season finale this Sunday for moralistic rematch for the Buccaneers here's Steve -- Offensive tackle Zach -- says that every player in the saints locker room goes they've worked and fought too hard this season not to make it to the playoffs. Put a lot of -- seasons for a lot of these weeks and as the season goes and takes more and more energy and more more effort. You know -- -- five you can't help but let it become emotional. Because that's what it takes otherwise -- not good enough to stick around. -- him to the post season by beating him in this -- -- -- the WW wells hours. Kick up between the saints and Tampa set for 345 our coverage under the WL starts at 11 AM. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett still has not ruled out quarterback Tony Romo for Sunday night's contest against the Eagles. Romo received an epidural on Monday to treat -- herniated disk in his back. And did not practice on Wednesday. The cowboys signed Jon Kitna out of retirement to backup Kyle Orton in case Romo can't go. LSU is prepared to take on Iowa in the Outback Bowl on New Year's Day for more on that game here's Deke Bellavia. Although he won't be able to play in the -- final game of the season quarterback is that men Burma says. He's having as much as he came in with young quarterback Anthony -- Just so far. There'd be stressful for guys. They just don't have fun and do it does best. Go out there -- play. -- America's great LSU career came to money into the tigers' victory over Arkansas. Back on the day after Thanksgiving Deke Bellavia WW real sport. And an NBA action last night the Golden State Warriors won a thriller to cap off the Christmas Day slate of basketball slipping past the clippers 1052103. In other action yesterday it was the thunder knocking off the -- the bulls' best in the net. The -- smothering the lakers in the rockets upsetting the spurs. I'm mark Menard that your early morning look at sports and David you can see there is an epidemic come quarterbacks right now exact met burger and Aaron Rodgers Tony Romo. And now you know may be may be Drew Brees but. Like I said you know yesterday he didn't showing signs of distress when he talked the media he wasn't visibly limping and haven't ice pack or anything so who knows what's going on. Yeah and I you know sometimes teams and that the rule is that if he required any sort of medical attention to that need whatsoever even if you know he. He'd. You know fell down and practice and they had become look at it -- gonna -- that -- guy that's but embraced on this -- sore from playing all season. Even if we needed tonight back after practice discuss the had a little swelling in his neat. The NFL requires that any attention from the training staff or medical staff. Any part of a player's body they must put on the injury report so that at least there competition in the upcoming week is aware of it and of course the media and the fans are aware of it. Why I have my show I have my own theory I think Britney. Given the deep tissue massage for Christmas and you want to be able to write that gift to forget office workman's comp so he listed on the injury report that's that's my theory. That's pretty -- and I would say out in the weeds theory but we'll take it for what it's where. For what it's worth most people are not Q concerned about it their texting us anyway 87870. Are you at all concerned about Drew Brees being listed on the injury report. With needing some sort of attention to his -- and being limited in practice before game with that -- must win in order to guarantee they make it into the post season. I am not concerned I think even if it was a more serious injury Drew Brees would be on the field and I think. This is probably like you said it's probably just some store formality where they have the listed in. I don't think it's anything to worry about it he's not really show any signs of of looking like he's in the -- I think he's going to be fine and so. All right thank you we know you'll be fine you'll be back in 25 minutes with more sports. You're on WWL am FM and dot com I'm Dave -- committee from -- -- Louisiana this morning. Where I spent the holidays. And that talking -- about all things. War ones particularly the New Orleans Saints Ametek and it that we need to make him the saints they'll make the second team yet if the saints win on Sunday. Am. If the falcons beat the Panthers in Atlanta on Sunday the saints to win the division and get the number QC. You really think drew -- gonna miss that game or anything short of missing a limb. Having lived actually removed from his body no doubt it deliveries will be playing on Sunday I am extremely little doubt about that we'll take another look at your forecast. And mortgage text messages and 87870. Government that does it. Let's get your forecast from this meteorologist Laura -- well. Forty years. Say a few clouds around at school today hi this afternoon 58 cents that I. Look people in Chile at around 35 on the North Shore and 41 south of the lake then Friday mainly cloudy and cool the high up. -- and by Saturday in the rain and then at 50% chance during the day with -- that -- side. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Mark Bell. All right coming up we'll get the latest and CBS news Christa Miller will average WWL first news the latest on this traffic problem we have near. Causeway boulevard and overturned vehicle on the night and heading west bound to that heading from Metairie toward New Orleans. Well -- mortgage text messages and 87870. About Drew Brees being at least a little injured. He was going on the -- and what off with people's. 38 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL prisoners -- like them -- live from the piney woods of centralized central Louisiana and actually sitting in -- -- right now Thomas are the party woods appalling bill. Yes rather appropriately. -- lots of pine trees. Right in laws live up in this neck of vote woods 34 degrees years and how much colder way -- appear. That is -- -- also 34 degrees but I got a text someone and -- Omar. On the North Shore says that he is 31 degrees -- frost is covering every things. But -- frosty start on the North Shore temperatures. Will likely drop the temperature temperature a degree or Q before we get it done this -- got that to look forward to. Note this problem out there were temperatures there in the board if you know one of 300000. Dollars and in a poker game in make it. What you think you do you wouldn't. Immediately after winning it. During the lit table put all black now okay. I've been let that you let easy coming years ago. -- a less than 50% chance -- doubling your money -- per year 50% and doing that in that the closest you getting into it deep it the opportunity to view we. But that in -- -- that you left they -- you know with 300000 dollars. That you would do it. -- from the first thing -- dues. Through. I'm going to do what it how would you do it well this guy I'm the reason I ask is because. A cab driver in laws make it. Said that after he took a fair and drop a guy out later in the evening notice the paper bag sitting in the backseat of his taxi. He thought it may be contain the roads and chocolate whatever he was very surprised when he opened it and found that it had 300. Thousand dollars in -- In the back. The guy put it on paper bag walk out of a casino and then leave it in the cab. When he gets 300000. Dollars in cash. I don't think that would aid put that in the paper bag and B I don't think I would leave it anyway. I think I'd be so concerned about all of that thing that. It would get out of my site -- on my grip. Yeah I've probably what do we would have gone to the men's room gone into a stall and taped it to my body. -- sort of asked casinos or anywhere he can cut me a check for those two and one walk around them much cash on a little casinos are willing to cut checks if you. Wings like that you. It may be cash or nothing but captured -- maybe it can Wear it at that. Maybe different yeah but I -- bringing total bank and say here's -- here's a budget chips from you know the barrage in. Out front that even in Vegas that. I'm surprised it -- academy did the right thing. If you can it is the right thing he did report the findings to the police. -- cab company game a thousand dollars and dinner for two at a local restaurant and a result of being so honest no word yet if the person who did get his money back the gambler. If he gave the cab driver and reward for the drivers that he went a -- can reward it is one do the right thing. Appreciate that his company recognized on the and gave him thousand dollars and the year and -- That much cash probably not that unusual I just came across sabbatical 300 grand you bet I'd call the authorities as a I think goes to set up for No Country for Old Men is just not gonna. And well that's a they keep there election he's not keep in the -- most is he's afraid -- -- app and we do keep the -- -- -- -- -- cab -- And if you add 300 that would be carrying around at a paper bag even in the back of the taxi. Next -- that in the eighth avenue and now we got to get up over to the Eyewitness News sports as. And -- a god. -- -- good morning commitment neurologist Laura -- that no any now why you're Dallas -- I'm doing well come up and -- bill. You know where it. Also only about 34 degree yeah it is and flied out slightly older he had are you up with family. Yeah yeah like -- not their fault then on they -- yet -- That's where I'm joining you from this morning and folks in metro New Orleans not even having to worry at all about that in the in the forties there but it's -- -- them and. -- this some frost sagging you know reports coming and we need a -- raised 35 home at 36 Okaloosa at thirty forcing yet there's likely some -- they -- or short even. A few spots away from New Orleans the Eddie -- that about 45 this morning a little bit warmer than we were yesterday morning. I've heard so for the that's apps like you and myself -- have to go to work and the other people who choose to get out there to start spending your cart returning Iraq making it. Advantage and they actually Christmas sales. What's the weather going to be elected -- Mecca where you have one bad day at all today there will be some cloud cover some mistakes some filtered sunshine. And that people can keep us a little on the cool side highs around 58 later today. But no rain expected today and no rain expected tomorrow Friday actually looking very similar to today highs topping out about sixty. -- and -- take a sneak peek at the weekend yes I got the split in the forecast right -- out -- -- will be tracking close to our area Saturday so it is gonna bring some rain around Saturday may be beginning as early as Saturday morning. Can continue off and on through Saturday nights -- not the prettiest of days on Saturday kinda chilly rain. But Sunday for saint -- Canadian ahead of the game we are going to see some sunshine and some cool Temps back into the fifties. Now right now. -- like -- analog but I want to more of it and it feels like the holidays has begun to ring in the new and still leave until like. Get for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day any right now it looks like near received tens eventually. Falling down into the thirties a kind of forty's upper thirties for it you know fireworks in parties and that sort of thing in the New Year's Day right now hi it's sixty. OK so the weather is what it is pretty much which ran on Saturday at a we like that pretty much what we've gotten not much of a warm up this week to stay with highs in the fifties for the next seven days. I'm gonna put the guy who left the 300000 dollars in cash and cat yeah -- I'm with the. He can't he must have had a little something -- -- or some I mean how Galloway maybe but he won't be playing poker so he must have been somewhat lose it -- yeah attention and we -- I would be so attached to that that cash you can imagine just. Leaving it like it you know. Kleenex or something you know alleged that behind in the -- advocates that the deal. It at that I liked that it now likely that. Of -- all right and it's. Rebecca goes in the what is -- OK -- I'm not sure of this guy does -- now. A metro Atlanta home owner put up his Christmas light display okay that included a mannequin. That was. Appeared to be falling off of his -- it. Entangled Christmas lights around his arm right the -- look like it was holding on to the daughter Annie even put it toppled over latter. Below are around him. So people called 911 when they passed vices are likely -- -- -- fallen off the Rogen was told under the gutter right and the Christmas lights. He meant it at the Tokyo that he didn't mean to offenders that anybody that he wasn't ticketed or charged with anything -- -- -- -- -- maybe be best to beat it again. -- and we did eat it eat you -- like ballots by property I can do whatever I want I think. He did at least temporarily to get that act the way we know that he's what is Ron I think it was just a joke on that you know he probably just thought. It would be kind of funny the whole like nationally -- Christmas vacation fall off theory of kind of saying maybe maybe subtly you know and -- We think about it like OK not that that's the best idea -- you know maybe in record we thought -- Halloween remember that god had like. Like -- body parts plant but -- -- question now the door of the garage one it looked like run over by far right and that -- -- we think about it well that's kind of disturbing for young kids that are passing by -- you know in -- -- gap but also I think it was maybe -- some decorations gone wrong now. -- is double what it probably people violent I think he's in the medal I I don't think that I don't applicant filed wages. And panel like dramatic thing about the rebellion all right it's as if -- have a good morning. But our but now live and direct Eyewitness News sports athletic -- made it that indeed that indeed that gag on the what is wrong with people while. Burning in a manic and -- the -- in Buckley was fallen off while hanging Christmas lights. But -- stay out of the problem with people while and is -- funny funny or not can also add to that question on FaceBook I'm Dave Cohen back with. -- WL as we know Drew -- at least a little bit heart felt about that and more we take good morning to mark Menard. Good morning days. -- yeah. I'm great I'm -- kind bill Louisiana and joining the piney woods sent line you're there or in New Orleans doing the studio so you know it away. It's it's a it's a brisk 68 degrees here I think in the studio. It was a shock when the -- released their Christmas Day injury reporting good included Drew Brees listed as limited with a knee issue. -- participated in practice and in media sessions ahead of the revelatory listing. Marcus Colston Jahri Evans in Toronto Armstead were also listed as limited. All are expected to play on Sunday with more on this Sunday's saints but showdown here Steve Geller. This saves are reeling currently having lost three of the last four games but just need to -- Tampa to make it to the post season offensive tackle Zach -- was asked if the black and gold still have confidence that they can win a championship. Shoot you think that question was again NASA and 09 when we lost last three games I'm sure once you start saying hey are we did we lose it. I think you take that he had this team can get up and play a game and play with emotion and heart and effort. Against the Buccaneers is 325. On Sunday the W wells ports. Kickoff is set between. Tick up between the saints in Tampa is set for 325 our coverage and -- to be all starts at 11 AM. The Green Bay Packers have ruled out linebacker Clay Matthews for Sunday's season finale against the Chicago Bears the game will be winner take all showdown for the NFC north title. The -- will make a decision about the status of Aaron Rodgers later today. LSU tigers will be looking for their tenth win of the season on New Year's Day against Iowa for more on the Outback Bowl here is Deke Bellavia. And I issues segment in America would not play in a tigers game against the hawk eyes on New Year's Day. But sex if I have now being a leader is even more important of a role for him to be it. Yet but until it's time to -- Terrorism like this. You know leader that. It's not a battle Iowa on New Year's Day here on WW -- he ability to -- you -- -- sports. And the Houston Rockets pulled the upset yesterday with a 111 to 98 victory over the San Antonio Spurs. In other Christmas Day NBA action that was the bulls over the -- under beating the knicks heat over the lakers and in the nightcap. The warriors squeaking by the clippers. -- -- and -- that your early morning look at sports and they all want you to know we heard from Zacks referred from -- met burger. I put a -- -- does that more to talk about Bayside wrestling but eating get back to me I'm still on this story. Then Zach attack in morning sports here on the earlier this that's trying to read WL. First there's one person -- to mediate 7870. And there are supposing that Drew Brees was injured playing with the kids on Christmas morning. And that if that's the case no more Christmas for drew we don't know how he got. His knee hurt we don't know how badly hurt his knee is we do you know he participated at least a limited fashion and practice. He was the only one though limited in practice several saints players including. Marcus Colston we're limited in practice it's that time of year are you at all concerned about seven players being limited in practice as they have and this. A crucial game at the end of the season. No generally limited in practice means they're gonna play it's not like they're listed as questionable doubtful or anything they probably just sat out of a few drills it's gonna. Keep them fresh let him rest up a little bit because -- is late in the season or vice kind of nicked up then. And at that time of the year when you know you wanna try to limit guys a little bit just kind of keep them fresh. There you go mark my -- will talk in fifteen minutes of more sports by the way folks before word of Drew Brees being limited came out the saints were twelve and a half. Point favorite going into this game so. Will find out if they get to justice we learn more about drew -- knee injury that limited in practice but again the thing to twelve and a half point favorite. Heading into the game Sunday in the superdome against the Buccaneers I'm Dave Cohen back with your forecast for the day after Christmas after this. Maybe 7870 as the guy who had the mannequin hanging off the -- does not belong and -- people file. But does belong in the I wish I thought of that file.

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