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12-26 7:10am Scoot, Christmas gifts

Dec 26, 2013|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about the best Christmas gifts

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And Lorena welcome back -- on this a chilly Thursday morning before Tommy Tucker -- -- -- -- Drew -- you -- is. A dealing with an injury to his needy apparently this is not this serious of mark -- -- in going to be a real sports this morning talking and coming up. In just a few minutes about that also was there anything yesterday or Chris disease that it really made you feel. Like you experienced the real spirit of Christmas. Enemy above and beyond the the changing of gets I give you -- gift you give me a gift. Above and beyond the commercial tangible things that you might have received was there anything that made you feel inside. The spirit of Christmas. And I mentioned earlier that that for a couple of things that this happened to me. Chris disease and and Christmas -- that did that touch me and really made me feel like I had experienced a Christmas. If you've just joined us we had a call earlier from a -- and Okaloosa. And he was dumpster diving. For copper wire because he's unemployed. Anime and saw him do this. And he said do you do you need a couple of blocks. And he said yes I do. And the guy reaches while he thought it was gonna give him a dollar to he gave him twenty. And he was really touched by -- -- was excited to call and talk about how he experienced that. And he said that if if he's ever in a position to where he can give to somebody else he's gonna give to somebody else. Sometimes that they were the most generous people in the world of those people who have gone without those people who didn't always have. Everything that those those people who know what it feels like to need something and for somebody to give it to you. And I have a difficult time receive it's it's easier for me to give. Than it is for me to proceed. And what the thinks it made me really feel like it was Christmas over the weekend. Was -- it was a really weekend but over the Christmas holiday was -- That was really touch that they were people that didn't really know only that well they knew it was coming they did know me that well. And I didn't expect anything from him I didn't have anything for them I had guess for a couple of other people that I I knew better. They actually gave me gifts. And I didn't have anything to give them and my first instinct was to feel guilty about that. And I got a text earlier from surmise that we should feel guilty -- -- number Texas had no you shouldn't feel guilty about that at all. But in in in feeling guilty about I thought we you know I'm I'm I'm taking away. This person experiencing. The the the big gift of giving it's and it's and it's a gift by I would hope that you would always see it as a gift to give if you if you can give that is it as a gift. And sometimes in my life I can look back and to think that the things that meant the most to me with the times that I gave. And didn't get anything in return. And that was a gift that was a gift for me so if if anything really made you feel like it was Christmas I'd I'd love to hear that story are numbers 260. 187. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. In a text number is 87870%. WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll this morning was Christmas better or worse than you expected. Give us your opinion by going to WW -- dot com also today is the first day of -- it goes on until January 1. We had a color system before the news. Reminding us that actually Christmas is such -- one day Christmas is the first day of the Christmas season which goes on until January the sixth. The day of epiphany. And -- January 6 is actually the official beginning of the Mardi Gras season. But you know when you say -- there are so many people who will just. Instinctively. Shouted out and think that it's a superficial politically correct gesture to black Americans. Clinton was started in in 1966 and and by the way most of the people who just instinctively be critical of Kwanzaa. Don't know anything about it. And if you're critical of something and you don't know anything about it isn't that the perfect definition. Of ignorance. And I I would hope that nobody would relish. In the idea of being ignorant. Acosta starts today and runs for seven days. Through January 1 it was established in 1966 as a celebration to bring back the black heritage. It was stripped away during the slave trade. And and so what would be wrong with that. I mean let's at least acknowledge that that that Africans who were brought to this country where were stripped of of their heritage. In in addition to stripped of a lot of other things. There's a candle holder were seven candles are lit the colors are red black and green candles lit each day -- of points -- and -- promotes. Unity. Self determination. Work and responsibility. Cooperation. Purpose. Creativity. And faith. Now knowing which you know about Kwanzaa. In any reason to be critical of that I think not happy Kwanzaa and I've I've. I hope that there and in fact that -- a closet is culturally starter only just holidays so regardless of your religion you could actually celebrate. -- Here's a text that read tastes good tell everybody to go easy on the UPS FedEx people today. It's not our fault your packages were late working twelve to fourteen hour days for weeks we have families to. Yet it's it's not their fault and -- Way -- I saw somebody Christmas Eve I was walking I was talking to -- part of go to the -- disease party. And I saw it is like probably -- 630 at night. And I just saw this UPS and then it is truck and I just today Merry Christmas and I realized how hard. These men and women are working -- excluded for Tommy Tucker will be right back -- WL. College and further news that Drew Brees who was limited in practice yesterday yet they practiced on Christmas Day and I'm limited in practice because of the knee injury but it you know I was looking around this is -- got to the station this morning and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it seems like this is not a significant injury and may disputed results of you know somebody's discuss. Doubled beaten apple for the season yes I I don't think it's going to be a big deal you basically if but the team does any work at all on somebody's atlas on the injury reports that could be you know -- He'd he took a tumble practice they had a companion chip amount hurting the game a little. Little little rub down on the knee or something pistol soaring they had put it down on the you know on the injury report. But he talked to the media yesterday no one noticed any noticeable limp he wasn't more an ice pack in -- watched him. The the portion of the practice that the media could watch they saw him participate in drills and he looked like you with the -- you know it was a big surprise yesterday because all -- -- happened first get all the media availability and everything. And then they put the danger pap report out and oh by the way Drew -- -- it -- -- -- -- to read anything into that that they they. Obviously waited until after the deposed media conversations. Before they mentioned it but the post practice conversation with the media before the -- and injured -- Well Sean Payton is notorious for playing any injury close to the best in terms -- you know. It doesn't matter what it is somebody -- you know. Cut their thumb on on any kitchen accidents on -- he's not gonna. He's not gonna give you too much information so even if they put it up before in doubt you have gotten anything team in terms of the nature of the injury he's. He's telling Bill Belichick and that he's only gonna tell you absolutely what you have to tell you by league rules and everything else is going to be. Very hot shots I don't have a problem with that at all not at all you know -- of -- -- why give the other team a bulls I'd go and -- but. You know I ethical find out more today you know if there if he's still listed on the report today are -- -- take him off you know its its. Very vague at best and like I said yesterday it seemed like he looked -- to everybody that was in attendance and in no one had any reason to suspect anything was wrong. A south come a surprise when the injury report came out a -- Drew Brees on the injury I know I -- -- -- sailors are into -- get ready for the showed today I've -- after which a couple places yesterday and I'm going on but he Drew -- -- injury today we've when you first hear that you first read it it -- oh my god. But -- you -- fight at a little more power and apparently it's not significant. Now and and like you said at the -- at the top of the final game of the season everybody's got something going on at this point of the season owns a 100% healthy so you know. It's probably just one of those things late in the season and he's -- you know maybe a little -- soul -- and had to get had to get a little work done. In -- practice or something like that and I don't see -- being a major issue as far as we can tell right now he's going to play on Sunday. I think it would take a lot more than being limited in practice Keydrick he's out of out of the game anyway he'd have to be in just about -- -- offer something for him and be under center so. I if if I'm out there and who dat nation on Akinori about the us. You know if if if if it becomes a bigger issue of course will let you know about it you're going to be WL but as of right now -- I don't see this has been a big deal. -- -- aren't going to be a real sports bring us up to date on the the information out about Drew Brees having knee injury but apparently this is not significant and not -- excellent mark no problem here is another WWL traffic update with. Robinson. It's seven point five on this at -- -- morning. December the 26 it's the day after Christmas and very chilly when I say the day after Christmas I mean I've continued to get a few text about. How the Christmas season does continue until January the sixth. But you know unlike Chanukah or Kwanzaa which begins today which we tended to celebrate Christmas and it's it's done after after Crist is David technically. Spiritually the Christmas season does. Go along until January the six effective I'm not mistaken if it seems like we still hear of a Christmas Carol or too in church. After Christmas. I help you if you -- to church I hope you enjoyed it a beautiful midnight mass in downtown it is to church that I go to him right after that there was this exodus of people that. I just walked across the street to the Roosevelt. And I just went through the lobby in the -- Iraq bar very very festive place during the holidays really just have -- the lobby of of the Roosevelt to. Many of the hotels downtown really funding in in very -- this time viewers it's nice to see so many people leaving midnight mass and it's tradition for a lot of people to go like Christmas Eve and I guess in the heat and their families in -- to midnight Manson. You know I think everybody was was very very well behaved not only adults but also with the few kids that were were where there -- you know sometimes it by midnight. You know the kids are little wound up and they're not always behaving as they perhaps it should put. It was a really really -- service yeah I found myself. Fighting being tired. In in church at midnight mass and applicable. And so tired. And then it occurred to me that I I got a Christmas Eve morning. At 3 o'clock. To do the show. And I hadn't taken a nap for anything and it was like after midnight so it's like I'm two hours three hours away from being up 44 hours so I guess it was like -- to -- Should admit that I was tired and -- the incense in the music in his. It was just one of well. The message filly could vote -- admit I was a little tired. You know it's it's colder -- -- a few minutes ago it was 35 on the North Shore 45 in the city. Eleven actually dated date but from the Great Lakes to New England there. Very very cold frigid temperatures and not only that. Because of of ice on power lines power lines are down. You know you you and I have the experience of of dealing with no electricity and no air conditioning. In the heat of the summer. Usually it's during hurricane season -- extort and that is miserable. But is only miserable it's even more dangerous. If you were in frigid cold temperatures and you don't have any any electricity and and no heat. So what's you know keep those keep those people in mind. That was a big shooting very early this morning at a bar old Towne Slidell. And here's a text please if you could ask your listeners to pray for my nephew he's one of the ones shot in Slidell this morning he's fighting for his life and he's in critical condition please last year. Listeners to pray for him. It I don't know exactly what happened but I was really surprised that they were. There were so many shootings around the country I think -- over to a New Jersey. There's shootings outside of bars either Christmas Day or Christmas C. And it's I. Guess it's. Really sad that even people who are prone to violence couldn't stop during the Christmas season and and take a break from from being violent but. You know fight breaks out in nine people were shot again this is have been a big story. Locally and and old Towne Slidell and on -- he will will bring you up to date on that defector Christmas and eleven an update on that coming up here. In just a few minutes -- I I got a few text earlier for people who it's a shame on me for showing up at a party Christmas Eve and I didn't have anything -- enhance. You know what to have a party Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day. I brought something to each of the did the people that it had a Christmas Day you know and disasters to come Chris disease to this party and and not bring anything and so like I did I mean I brought presence for a few of the people who like you were they are. But as -- say it was I was really touch it really felt the Christmas spirit. Because I received a few gifts from people that I didn't expect to receive anything from and I also didn't have anything. -- to give them. And it was kind of hard to you know to be in a position to -- -- do you have if you you which would give to somebody if somebody gives -- but. Sometimes you you don't always have that trade off and some reasonably just make sure your vitamin thank you know which I'd buy it will go out of my way to do but I am getting busted from a couple of people say you -- they showed up at a party without anything in your hand. That it's it's etiquette to always show up with something in -- something for the people giving the party. And I guess that I sometimes I just -- that this would be a good reason not to invite me to your party because I don't know we -- up with something. Here's a quick update on our -- -- party general opinion poll. Which Christmas better or worse than you expected 71% say it was better and two point 9% say it was worse. Give your opinion by going to our web site to VW open accounts and a still -- -- website under our opinions on the front page is says the blogger wrote the other day. Have you lost the true meaning of Christmas. And it's not too late to. Two to try to think about the times that maybe you really did experience. What Christmas is really supposed to mean to us and maybe that's something that we can carry with us throughout the year. It's 731 might scoot in -- Tommy Tucker and we're coming right back -- more let's get another WWL news updates. -- -- it's the day after Christmas and you know that it's not every Christmas gift was right sometimes it's not the right size sometimes it's just got the right gift. So a lot of people are gonna rush to the stores today to return items. Also the stores will be crowded with people who got gift cards and got cash and they wanted to convert that into a Christmas gift. So the stores are going to be crowded. You know we often talk about two rude to. Retail in in the employees of people who are working in retail outlets -- don't really do their job and they. They're not smiling they're not happy and it seems to be an inconvenience to to wait on people when we talk about that a lot. But I think today it's it's also important to talk about how rude customers can be and I can't help but think how difficult it would be if you waking up this morning. And if it was your job to go work in customer service today. Think about what you're anticipating. Long lines. People who are impatient. Did this a lot of is a lot of technical stuff that you have to go through in in in returning gift in and not everybody's going to be cooperative. So Obama gonna talk about it and in a little while is. Advice that those in retail -- the year in retail now -- you've worked in retail. What advice do you have for customer what would you like to tell customers. Because the truth is the customers not always right. Sometimes you have to pretend the customer's always right but in reality the customers not always right. Seoul what is it that you would like to tell. Customers today we're gonna be standing in those long lines waiting to return items and if if you make the decision to go out there and do this. As a customer. You you know what you're in -- and you're doing it voluntarily so just I would think the first thing you need to do is be patient will will give those in retail. And those who have worked in retail an opportunity to. I talked to consumers about what they might do to make everything a better experience to date through the returning gift process. A today's the first day of Kwanzaa and I mentioned that their -- is a celebration that promotes. Unity. Self determination. Cooperative economics. Work and responsibility. Purpose creativity. And faith. It was -- established in 1966 is a celebration to bring back black heritage that was stripped to wade during the slave trade. And I get a text that says now that you've explained -- And the timeframe. It began. It does sound like a black political statement. Thanks for explaining that Merry Christmas. I don't understand how this is a black political statement. It seems like it's something it was designed to return heritage. It was. Were taken away from an entire culture. When that culture was was was brought to America. And -- Most people who are very critical instinctively of five -- are really don't know anything about it so it's it's it's it's a cultural. Holiday it's not a religious celebration so I would hope that everybody. Recognizes that that's it's too good thing and I would hope that everybody who are celebrating Kwanzaa. Would would really reinforced in the same way that we talk about the true meaning of Christmas I hope that you would reinforce. Those those seven things that are promoted during Kwanzaa and make sure that. Everybody in your households. If you're celebrating -- to make sure that they understand. The true meaning of -- 741 it's a chilly Thursday morning -- team for Tommy Tucker were coming right back -- more. At a VW well. I hope there was a time Christmas -- or yesterday Christmas Day win. Something happened that -- caused you to feel the real spirit of Christmas again and text earlier from. A woman who said that they were driving somewhere yesterday Christmas Day and their -- saw a homeless lady on the side of the street asking for money. And they explained. To their -- at some people. Have less than others. And he said will we need to get her some food. So they went someplace nearby and god got to some food to a drink and some chips. And they had him handed to her out of the window. And as he -- tour he said Merry Christmas and she apparently was very appreciative. And the person who wrote the -- that they have never been more proud of their son. That is a moment of experiencing the true. And meaning of Christmas if you wanna join Russia with a comment this morning to stay after Christmas our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 877. Here's AW WL pretty -- my opinion poll this morning was Christmas better or worse than you expected. 72%. Say it was better than expected. And at 28% say it was. Worse than expected if your opinion by going to WWL dot com various. A bit of a controversy. In a suburb not far from Atlanta and metropolitan Atlanta homeowners says that he really wasn't trying to offend anybody or cause any trouble with his Christmas decoration. The Christmas decoration was a mannequin. With outstretched arms. Dangling. With that with a string of Christmas lights a dangling as if he's like clinging to the edge of of of a window. And house. So realistic that bubble lake said that somebody passing the house in Berkeley late. Called 911. The kids -- they were so upset that this this I was like hanging but semantic game. Then they they called 911. And so fire officials say they showed up and they told him to take it down at least temper rarely. A display also -- toppled latter a down the front lawn in fact if you wanna see a picture of -- we've got the photo. On our FaceBook page WWL radio and the question is funny. Or not. Now apparently this neighborhood of the Berkeley lake Georgia which is about -- two miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. Apparently this is a neighborhood that really goes all out with their Christmas displaced. And and you know we we we heard a couple stories during Halloween of Halloween decorations they were were so realistic it involved. On in fall for -- in sort of things that looked like a real human beings were were being injured that -- -- one was cold and in a couple of cases. And I you know I can understand that you you can't do stuff that it causes people to. To call 911. However. You know some people like I think or maybe a little too sensitive. But I I look at this and I you know I I understand both sides of his -- I think it's really created -- somebody goes all out and as a manic and I guess it looks like the guy was trying to break into the house. And the latter -- -- and he's just dangling they're from from the window again the pictures on our FaceBook page which is Debbie WL radio on FaceBook. And I also understand that you know you you you can't do things that. Did today it would inspire people to to call -- when when you you can't you shouldn't you shouldn't mock. I've disaster to the point where people calling 911. I if you wanna join Russia with a comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. In a text number is 877. Here's the text. Is that. This is a rather long when I get to this when -- -- -- some of these -- really go on Ferraro I'll have to. Ought to read through this and and they get to it you're just a moment if you -- send us a -- it's a 7870. And so the saints and I really feel like the stage is set for the saints to prove a lot of people wrong. I was upset. I'm sure you were upset with the loss this past Sunday in Carolina because it was a game that they were -- they they could've won and they they should've won that game. And I guess you can say that about about a lot of games but we've really felt counts of sort of different mind yesterday she said she was literally sick to worst comic. When the saints lost that game but the saints are twelve and a half point favorite they face the year but the blocks. Their books are forward eleven. Six or ten and five. If the saints win. They get to the playoffs and I expect the saints to win now that's not gonna silence any of the critics who say the saints play well in the dole but they don't do well on the road. And they haven't proven that they can consistently do well on the road. We've got the entire playoff scenario. On our web site. I'd W if you will dot com and I think part of it is if this happens in this happens. And if the -- the groundhog comes out and CC channel I think that's that's part of the whole scenario but we've got all of that for your WW real dot com. And also just a reminder if you get a package delivered late today from UPS FedEx. Don't blame it on them it's not their fault. There's bad weather around parts of the country and bad weather has led to. -- delays in package is being delivered. Now these packages are being delivered by human beings and human beings are not infallible. And bad weather can cause delays so don't take it out on the person who's delivering the packaged -- it's not his fault. Or her fault if you wanna join us this morning on numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number is 877. It's 751 on this chilly person. Christmas here's another WL traffic update with Gerald Robinson. So there's this criticism us says that's because Christmas presents are being delivered today after the Christmas. -- -- really fierce flames UPS and FedEx -- about the people who waited until the last minute to send their packages. And so I guess you should really ultimately. Not be mad at the FedEx or UPS guy you need either be man yourself -- you need to be man at the person who sent you the gift because they waited until the last minute. And really what difference this -- what does it have to rivaling Chris and -- -- a five year old kid. It doesn't have to arrive on Christmas and and I mean you can always make the skews. Santa's busy dude. And Eagles all around the world dropping off all these kids so we got here a little late. And really nobody should get too upset at least I don't think anybody should get too upset. If a gift arrives at the next day because it really should not be about the the material. Giving aspect of all this that's having a surrogate talk about what about personal accountability. You know you might get mad if you if you said something at the the last minute. And it doesn't get their -- time that you really only have yourself to blame. -- nine UPS FedEx. And if something is as Saddam uncontrollable. As bad weather this has nothing to do with UPS FedEx incompetence. It has to do with something that nobody can control which is the weather. Then. Nobody should really be that upset. If you wanna join Russia with a comment this morning our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a tax amber is a 7870. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll apparently was a very good Christmas for a lot of people was Christmas better or worse than you expected. 74%. Say it was better. And 26% say it was worse than expected. Give your opinion or to our website WWL dot com. And who dat nation not in our house again this week and I realize we're not gonna silenced the critics if we do beat Tampa Bay this weekend in the Mercedes-Benz superdome and I expect we will. But we're not gonna silenced the critics say the saints don't do well on the road and and so -- the saints have not done as well on the road as they as they could've done. The playoffs on start. A week early so. When the saints battle -- that the Tampa Bay Bucs this is essentially their play -- game. Our coverage begins at 11 o'clock Sunday morning with fans first take which Steve court and Todd and -- life from -- real -- and -- -- in the French Quarter. Great cajun practice streak in order to their lunches they've got Craig drinks -- great discern the food is delicious they're. And that's a great meeting place for those of you were going to be game. Great place to be before the game 11 o'clock Oceanic grill burger and count tonight. In the French Quarter and at 130 join Bobbie -- Deke Bellavia for the bond like countdown to kickoff live outside of -- C in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Game time is at 325. And you've got the best player likely team in football right here and a BWO Jim Henderson -- guy John and Christine -- and after the game. Sound off with a point after its life from Dini seafood in the French Quarter. I've always fun to see Bobby beer talk about so hopefully win but it's also fun to watch him talk about a lost to begin debate -- -- gonna go to the game. That's where we all -- after the game Dini seafood in the French Quarter are ten hours of wall to wall saints coverage begins at 11 o'clock Sunday morning. Here and to be WLI. There's a report out that. The Chinese state news agency. Says that they're estimating that this year's economic growth. Went down seven point 6%. And their warning that there could be even more declines in the future. So. The Chinese economy is down seven point 6%. Now the economy's been down. In this country. And I guess it's based sales so much -- -- of our economy affects the economy of a China that that's how much they they sell to us. Serves him right for. Depending so much on the United States economy our economy's down now there economy is down. -- coming up on the show a little while we'll talk about we'll talk about the things that customers should do today. To. To be prepared for returning he has in the long lines -- that -- -- the crowded stores today because people are gonna be returning things. And think about those people who -- waking up this morning and it's -- job to deal with you. So what should you do to be more courteous to them we'll talk about that coming up on the week.