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12-26 5:20pm Deke, Saints vs. Bucs

Dec 26, 2013|

Deke talks Saints vs. Bucs with Ronnie Lane who covers the Buccaneers for 620 WDAE in Tampa.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's Sunday evening get a Mercedes-Benz superdome it's to New Orleans Saints and -- -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers seemed like almost sees -- these two teams play with the Saints won narrowly against Tampa at Raymond James Stadium here to help us talk about. The Buccaneers running lane to cope with the Buccaneers the sixth when he did he eat eat eat in Tampa running. Thank you so much for the time and not a -- ballclub that is a bit of some close games this season four losses decided by a total. Of nine point sit on the back after a 43. In their last seven games since we've seen a change at quarterback because of defense to -- as it really started playing a lot better including. The Vontae Davis come -- Barrett has been on among others. I'll tell us where this team is gone into the final regular season game well will they be some changes made at the top after this game. Well operatives -- there certainly going to be changes made obviously. For. And water -- and as you or five and one of these not a successful these. Thought the changes will be made about cheers through what -- goalies -- being human -- equals two. That's sort of speak. So no one knows exactly what changes are going to be maybe you just read in the our production -- -- you have to win. And the -- have not won in quite some time and a you know most you know hopefully in your years I've -- expected more progress from him. At this point but -- issue has been ops probably the opposite is not about that at all. On the books or -- -- that you know so what people expect so while. Or producing facilities being sounding board the league with forty and that so protecting it and can be problem and Scotland that was on last week. No this is competence of the struggling. Mightily scoring points -- -- -- short of the bar every little bit in points. All of Ireland sport game I don't know -- -- condolences the superdome that score enough points to compete with the play. And run he's big event on the flip side defensively. When you think about some of the things lead in the interceptions. I think we if you point toward -- of things to be optimistic about for the future. To -- thoughts all on the defense that ball last year I think a lot of people excited about. What you guys got out of running back position to have been the same this year it's an Internet while the offense that lap -- Yes some good young young players on the defense this side of the ball but for Tampa -- There's no doubt about that Gerald McCoy certainly every Pro Bowl caliber season. Utley gets one more back he'll be a double digit sacks or defensive -- for the books that ball in the third time in franchise history that I'll. Kirk Soviet certainly play at a high level you can also point your finger at what -- -- -- leads -- interceptions from his linebacker position he's got -- there we got. -- -- -- Aren't just an incredible player he -- certain Pro Bowl eligible and maybe maybe Darrelle Revis if you look at how you graded on. Pro football focus secrets Barry. Among corners in the National Football League and we know what sort of reputation and history he'd -- So he could possibly be the bird -- Pro -- On the -- you have people it is just a couple of players away from and it really solid championship caliber defense in my career. Ronnie is making any scenario. Sunday. They would have been. That on Monday he Tampa is on that list of black Monday firing since the eighties -- there may may may take place. That would I've -- prompted blazes or Tampa Bay make a change at the top. I think so I think that the books go to New Orleans and not competitively get called up 41 and not likely be last December and New Orleans maybe to victory. If -- go there are compared the most you'll feel there are going to be changes a couple of paid little or thirteen of their competitive and will -- play on Sunday. They will finish. -- -- well. Not not my idea of success and sure enough the Blazers idea of success and certainly. Season ticket holders beginning it up with that here in Tampa. Ronnie lane -- was the Tampa Bay book in the news for -- the AT and it is that debuted the eight eat in Tampa -- 620. Running how can folks -- you on Twitter. Are you involved you. At night train lane to that tonight CHC train lane and the number two. Pretty pretty easy to root for Ryan thank you so much for the time we appreciate it -- enjoy the game Watson. The editor. I have to do you used to the book is coming to town is that -- -- 411 they have won four of their last seven. They always twelve point on the though and that was as high as fourteen -- twelve. Sunday in the New Orleans so the Mercedes-Benz superdome the game moved 83 point five kickoff that was all the people who -- Of the flex schedule in the final week of the regular season NFL went to this a few years ago the can be so they like teams that had things so up resting their players. So they moved to divisional games and -- that have a lot to do with it but so far off if they -- you striving for everybody be. 500. Which they wanted to by the people close and record and -- it by -- fourteen and who likely would be hitting 68897. That means there's parity there at thirteen of the sixteen games in the final week of the regular season. Have some type of playoff implications on him.