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12-26 5-6pm Deke, Who Dats pull for Dirty Birds.

Dec 26, 2013|

The Saints need Atlanta to win on Sunday for a chance at getting the number 2 seed. Will your heart let you pull for the Falcons? Deke gets your take.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- heating up and out of a 20 the sports talk. Coming up later it is now about it -- you UP QB Drew Brees and -- -- -- bad. Also who take a look at this weeks opponent and then beat the Tampa Bay. The company they are fourth through their last seven games the Saints played their way back in week two with 6014 victory. Over the books. Run nearly Duca with a book is the six point if you TAT. Temple it was the updated the -- -- -- -- And found themselves a new quarterback they all have some. Pretty good late on the defense out of -- Vontae Davis and of course so we. The quality -- you know about the Revis island the Rio rivas this the ballclub that involves four games four games by a total of nine point. He sees a lot of little early in this season that one right before we losses thing about it -- make that call for personal foul on it -- quarterback. Eagles man they got an extra late to the field -- -- there. You know this league is go back and look at all 32 teams schedule. You could probably point 45 games in which a team B it's they would -- up to that we have a few feet -- to the plate -- It to the play by play the part time even that'll all be happy that you won. He's appointment with the pants a couple of them all since that loss to Seattle into the we have this moment -- -- -- -- on line they lose twelve to seven. It also one of the -- -- Who was a call for a whole point you'll receive what he does a lot of it get away with it there and all -- the Buffalo Bills. The point that -- the Saints. Every team obviously. Wins some close games -- majority when you see teams -- -- -- for the playoffs now. They have won and all of the door open a close game. Those not have lost half of the joy of their close game camp is hosting this loss. The majority of the close game so we'll see. What happened different -- available to season ago I think about it in those early September on in the bits of him -- we lasts all. The book and needs. And operated dad -- -- pupil. The Falcons beat camera the Saints beat Tampa -- of the season that has to happen. All you -- can you point all you put for the Falcons. This week and he's as the only it's with Chicago -- simple fact. -- -- it helps the things. 260187861690. -- Uptown for column on line to Colin thank you for calling it -- at Buick. -- -- -- -- The pieces. I I can definitely pulled the Falcons and I think you're gonna see. Then put a lot of effort in this game for reasons I don't openly mentioned yet. Is to try to get Tony Gonzales one more win we came out of retirement for this you know. This class seats at DuPont com ethnicity opponents. Both of these big championship seasons to return to you. And -- -- -- every where every culpable but he's good he's a great players I think the I would try to go out one -- round. I I think that's an excellent point and it's happened that at a career wrapped up a hall of fame career. Yep -- little more motivated he's got the world but they it up Neifi thing but. Everything kind of what I said earlier comment if if Atlanta if that happens effort that they gave all the room. At San Francisco I might go to be a bit I'd be surprised they would win it and that was all the crew. I think San Francisco's. Is a more complete team. They count on is just my personal opinion and I mean we all know what San Cisco -- Atlanta. Monday night -- mean they had -- playoff hopes on the line they had that that to be allowed the stupid double one seat on the line. And it was a may be the last game ever -- one of the most historically you've had a history of sport so. But he -- all -- to the mix media and navigate their best shot -- -- in it it played in. -- just made a hell of a play a lot of football if -- I don't think Ryan just chalked it -- at outlets thought it was a great play. Made about a barrel Bogut told me that they could have been going at for the for the winning score you know that's sort. But that sort of thought that there's a lot I think the point -- to be optimistic about including what he does it. Okay thank you so much talent talents as a after the at that particular -- think about. On Tony Gonzales and what could be his phone sprout up McCann on line priest Ralph thank Colin maybe if you have. City -- to -- to America to the -- -- their Christmas value Vietnam and -- equipped with family and I'll look at it could be a lot -- good these. The but I gamble me more than cheer for Atlanta a couple of against Carolina people the in my -- -- -- -- himself that -- for the chance to. To be -- -- play well plain old so. Would stay optimistic you know and another thing looking at it it -- -- that the -- will on the -- get blown a little portion. If you look at even -- single this year they averaged 35 points at home in nineteen on the road this is not something I usually just trying. The reason at home field advantage would be odds makers a lot more difficult to win all -- -- you can bet if you gain would stick firm over. And the ball like that bounced our way it is big -- -- -- -- fix those -- you know it's like us that are and it's just him but you probably this will hold. You know you look at a lot of these teams that it all you know to -- teams on the coast make the playoffs. Certainly they've made some -- all looked at me the balls the ball kind of bounced their way. But it is you know a lot of that but they don't do -- some -- -- is coming to -- as you know by play -- -- -- I go back and look at it this year because look at Auburn. Having yet to play at -- Alabama was huge but Maine to play against Georgia. Dad is loved coming to -- just flat out look. Eight. QB he beat you got to have some luck when it's all sat down a though the team does -- don't an appointment. You have to have a little bit look you in that you know 00 record is the happy. -- -- It's not a team with an oval won a championship. They can't hit some type Romo all ought to play over the course of the season they -- -- -- -- probably should it would it would. It's seed in the 2009. You you can just trying to see how it. -- the sport but it's difficult when. Achievable but the Patriots -- -- -- every okay every single year twelve wins at all and you know being knocked -- they lose just the opposite. I'm of the mindset especially. Because Drew Brees and -- a little bit -- triangular watching him you know the thing for the next few years because wanting to I think we're really -- the Saints fans not think. -- attack and realize we may not ever get another quarterback like probably you probably won't. That trying to enjoy him think too much you can and you know all of properly by Atlanta we don't want to throw the -- -- it was. You know -- all -- -- considerable talk the enemy with every year only to professionals. Your old man in nickel back to typical do. I've got to scrap was brought up yet you defended -- level and I appreciate the call and have a good new year. It. All right -- we appreciate all right operated dad walked me -- some poll results of -- that you pull for the Falcons. This week. Because of what's on the line ball that you lament how little loud dome would be something he even called but. If that number two was on the line a lot that -- will be in the that the more Tampa. I think we all would be. -- -- -- the say the right things whereas -- say the right things but. Somewhere around man -- this equipment got. Some -- or say something. -- taught me you quoted at no. He's taught not to see who's winning. Now you you're here at the PA -- He sees a schools on the screen. Mean you almost have to not be looking more value -- that -- but that's. If not final is going. To -- a point if all he went on new sites on Sundays on them wanting to flip on all the way to lose -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They have it. And Deuce McAllister. We'll get used his thoughts next now he's off course like -- All Saints player of the week on top players show focusing great who -- -- On the Saints. And the books. And also what it takes the wiggle room. In the National Football League so that at this thing senate and the team is that have to deal with a lot he sees how good they all all the rule. And if they can win a postseason game courtroom as Sunday evening at the Mercedes-Benz superdome it's to New Orleans Saints -- detained at Tampa Bay Buccaneers seemed like almost sees that -- these two teams played with the Saints won narrowly against Tampa at Raymond James Stadium -- -- -- -- talk about. The Buccaneers running lane to cope with the Buccaneers the sixth when he did he eat eat eat in Tampa running. Thank you so much for the time man at Tampa ballclub that is a bit of some close games this season four losses decided by a total. Of nine point sit on the back half if -- three. In their last seven games since we've seen a change at quarterback because of defense to -- as it really started playing a lot better -- The Vontae Davis come off band has been on among others. I'll tell us where this team is going into the final regular season game well will they be some changes made at the top at this game. Well after this game and certainly going to be some changes made obviously. For. And whatever seed in New York five and one of these not a successful these. Thought the changes will be made about cheers through what -- isn't being human keepers -- equals two. That's sort of speak. So Molineaux exactly what changes are going to be maybe you just read in the -- Our production that -- you have to win and the books have not won in quite some time and a you know most you know hopefully in your years. -- -- expected more progress from him. This board but -- issue has been -- presently the opposite is not about that at all. On the books or -- them that you know -- 45 -- so while. -- since -- sounding board the league with 47 -- so protecting it and can be problem and Scotland but haven't done last week. No this is the confidence of the struggling. Mightily scoring points and don't -- short of the -- personally. Points. Over the last four games I don't know how condolences the superdome -- score enough points to compete with the play. And run -- big event on the flip side defensively when you think about some of the things lead in the league in interceptions. I think we if you point toward dose of things to be optimistic about for the future. To -- thoughts all on the defense that ball last year I think a lot of people excited about. What you guys got out of running back position to have been the same this year it's a -- -- alcohol -- -- lap by. Yes some good young young players on the defense this side of the ball but for Tampa Bay. There's no doubt about that Gerald McCoy certainly -- -- Pro Bowl caliber season. Utley gets one more -- you'll be in double digit sacks or defensive tackle for the books not only the third time in franchise history that -- Kirk Soviet certainly plan -- a high level you can also point your finger at what -- leads -- interceptions from his linebacker position he's got byes there are we got. Leads to -- apples. Are just an incredible player he is certain Pro Bowl eligible and maybe maybe Darrelle Revis you look at I'll -- grated on. Pro football focus secret -- -- About scores in the National Football League and we know what sort of reputation and history he brings. So he could possibly be angry bird -- Pro Bowl. All the beepers you have the people it is just a couple players away from and it really solid championship caliber defense and market. Ronnie is making any scenario. Sunday. They would have been. That on Monday Tampa is on that there's a black Monday firing since the eighties and there may may may take place. That would I mean prompted blazes or Tampa Bay make a change at the top. Yeah I think so I think that the books go to New Orleans and not competitive all out what you -- and not likely be -- On December and the New Orleans maybe to victory. If they go there are compared the most you'll be older going to be changes -- -- -- speak for the board their -- competitive and against playing on Sunday. They will finish. -- -- well. Not not my idea success and I'm sure and not be Blazers idea of success and so. Season ticket holders beginning it up with that here in Tampa. Ronnie lane -- was the Tampa Bay book in the news for. If -- TAT. And it is it debuted the eight -- in Tampa Bay 620. Ronnie how can folks -- on Twitter. Are you -- him. At night train lane to that tonight CHC train lane and the number two. Pretty pretty -- room or Ryan thank you so much for the time we appreciate it game talk the game Watson. The arbiter. I have to do you -- to the -- is coming to town is that rice is 411 they have won four of their last seven. They are twelve point on the though and that was as high as fourteen -- twelve. Sunday in the New Orleans so the Mercedes-Benz superdome to gain moved 83 point five kickoff that was on the Angels who -- Of the flex schedule in the final week of the regular season NFL went to this a few years ago the commission -- like teams ahead thinks so up risking their players. So they moved to divisional games and well that have a lot to do with it but so far if they leak you strive for everybody be. 500 which they wanted to by the people close -- record and won it by B fourteen who likely would be hitting 68897. That means there's parity there -- thirteen of the sixteen games in the final week of the regular season have some type of playoff implications on him. QB to QB always a conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Bobby being brought to by the great employees of Crosby tugs downing -- and know. And Joseph set got to go. Call Joseph drew a thank you so much for the time our league extremely difficult loss but. I guess the best thing drew from at least some from when -- look at this is that. Many you can do you think the move forward now because the the entire season on the line this week against Tampa Bay. Yeah recruits a typical regular mantra chart our game you know -- But you go back watch the belt but obviously. But I think about the week preparation every Saturday that we -- a lot here it is pretty quick -- practice I really cute picture or Eric applaud as so many ways you played extremely well. And fought and battled in some up an adverse circumstances -- times. Statistically when you look at the game he ordered every category that we wanted to win -- start outs are so much better. Rushing yardage all the yardage at a time of possession we held off forty minutes they had for forty minutes for many -- In every category with the exception of turnovers obviously. You know they were plus all of much. But -- -- -- matter -- we fought back -- -- we had a chance we let it slip away. And that's typical or -- you go staked everything else -- They're -- -- -- we after your field without Artest drew all of repeat trip they were in the playoffs sure -- what else happens around the league and maybe we lucked out there and -- -- a couple spots. Well I'll still chips to the division it's juicy but. All we can control right now it's our ability prepare this week good at it we're used to have. Now drew you brought up you know they interception in you know defense actually -- -- drew and I kind of know where he's gonna come from. To me when I look at their first in his session I have to look at also I think there are two of the best linebackers Thomas Davis. And -- key play there's skill set and what they do. And as far as being all around -- linebackers that. On the first and a session right for have the two minute warning. I was telling the fans -- kind of -- zone dog blitzer looks like to me he's in a three point stand. -- once stab like he's gonna rush. They kind of draws -- courage and Andrew probably never saw them. Now was that the case and and we keep -- It looks like he shows a -- that outside it's a unit toward right behind them in the and he lunges back and able to make degree and a session. So you know are trying to help people. That this in the on the other side above their brawls to. And those -- two great -- so you have. A great wonderment in yourself going against -- great defenders. And sometimes you'll lose those battles -- -- to -- -- on those two picks. -- the first certainly got Thomas Davis -- literature sports stats like you are about turning dropped out there assault to last minute you know meter winner shall all and they each out of a -- about -- the ball well and to try to cure up over but he jumped -- they -- reported to have. I think just to try to get that doctors -- third doubted. If you thought about joy I think it's a record out -- during your fortress where and so. You know the very next play -- don't score so I was stop you know just -- momentum standpoint -- at halftime and short you'd outplayed him. And it. You know second half the -- which secret that didn't end up hurting -- -- any pork chops that. Then and we are eventually in a former nice seven yard drive but jumps you know he made a nice plate Jimmy was kind of getting in behind him let. Again -- that was kind of during the stretch about 440 per game and you know if you strike it -- -- you're around them and try to try to step up and slide in. And he reaction. You know perfectly kind of feels Jimmy turned it around them and you know I left the ball a little bit behind Jimmie a few feet and it obviously gave him a chance to get it but so. Replaced by both of those guys are. You know there are other Pro Bowl type players. Now drew. Moya it was almost kind of deja -- you know we were controlling the -- getting off to a great start and and you think you guys should at least he can zero's that is 6260 kind of like when they came -- -- dome and they're only up. Six -- and we took the lead seven to six with. And that was why bring that I mean. I don't know it -- the -- Jordan did the -- of players our coverage units around the NFL blown but that third and seven Luke Heatley. He has Jimmy Graham around the -- You know new -- in the kicking a field goal but and the reason I bring that -- it seems like more and more now just we'll watch around the league. The likes of Patriots Seahawks even Panthers. That they don't live on the edge in -- and see digging get away would if you think that if they don't call -- -- name is not a penalty I don't know if you noticed that but it seems like being objective that I have seen that a number of times. Yeah you know it's -- -- it's always real consistent you know I'd say it's. Seemed to be you know sometimes where you know it is there's a big emphasis on on on making those calls and other times there's not a mean I don't know -- you know right. Turn on Monday Night Football for a little bit a few couple that's referred to there were called an umbrella medals that's RPI he felt. That's just you know they're here. But the center -- at this property and Eric. You know but. I think there's there's obviously. Guys to try to have a -- church you know being able. Got to pull -- target and endure some moments where you know they're gonna get away with it and then. Other guys though that's just the matter whether you know maybe the official under but I think you know still for us I think we just. We certainly can't worry about other -- Just think about getting separation especially can't get open -- didn't eventually to that we can't off the ball kind of building that would in the scheme and also just you know work on that -- it's understandable we get one on one matchup should tell you -- we've got to -- guys that can win those match such you know no matter who we're we're facing so we're never gonna make excuses well. It is QB QB in this -- and QB to QB is so brought you by -- raffle -- or and the reason why we say that because we've likely to go to net -- put that -- -- a big raffle coming up. Fourteen the Gleason would take -- to just two dollars he's a minimum purchase of five in some of the -- he's. Involved you wind is a raffle -- it's a football experience of a lifetime fall on the corner to also this weekend -- -- honorary -- -- -- -- at the thirty yard line. Plus -- Salam passes game tickets and so much more Andrew Bob and I had a chance to look. We've now from the radio broadcast Sunday to the television broadcasts and one of the commercial they came on hey you had had plane ticket Steve Gleason and Ray Lewis on thickened. You know. There there's a lot of different things haven't gone on to make people aware of but. I don't know if anyone has put together a team in brought more awareness to AL lists and making people more educated about it and helping. -- Steve Gleason his entire team and that that's it that's a phenomenal commercial. You don't go to the platform as Steve Gleason have and imports and he has been able to have some since being diagnosed they'll actually remarkable I'm not just nationally but globally. And as you know it sports team police and his foundation Utley it's that operates awareness and -- nature trail that's but also to. Got to create these life Accenture or stroke patient to bail us to continue to give -- purpose. In life and to give them an experience that experience together with what otherwise would not feel perhaps. Like -- going on that trip to watch you Picchu last year which I know we've all seen. You know of football life for which would Steve release him and other. In itself felt production they've done in around that he was able to take another illustration with their yet another play in the offseason to go to Africa. On safari with with -- stations and so a big part of this funding is to go towards toward that trip. And I like you said it's. I mean sports -- like that opportunity to be the one who's out there are doing. -- -- -- right after recording talks at the thirty yard line to get the fans hyped up and ready to go to district winningest airports it is that he gets four tickets foresight and passes. -- get my autograph cleats -- autographed. So -- from got containment. Our team -- merchandise and everything else -- it. Got to -- a lifetime opportunity we wanted to provide helpers what can we took. Yeah in the entry deadline is at 130 this Friday December 27 so can't go to net rappel down or can you see drew pitcher. Down in the corner click on that into the give you the Drew Brees ultimate football experience raffle. Helping team and Gleason. Now drew American League game. What was Carolina doing compared to other teams as far stopping the screenplay. As things like I mean forever means going back to Super Bowl year in Pierre Thomas reputation. Through even -- Sproles about we've been unbelievable. Oh with a screenplay. Blyleven issues they like Carolina's defense -- -- into that where we had. A number a screenplay is a little minus short. Yeah you know -- a couple of those were just. Just a little bit off you know I mean just. I think so are good screens when you looked at them over the you know of course the years. You say you know there was that one -- they just brought him you know at some point during you know during the screen and rookie kicker has missed four out just got -- -- and the guard in order to get appear -- The you know there was wandered through its Sproles on third down -- it late there I guess late third quarter. That they actually got specialized. And that they just lined up correctly. You know they are clearly it would have worked you know could we gotta run guys off and then. You know approach rolled the ball in -- would've been got a long one out there with a lead blocker. But. -- it was just. For whatever reason you know they they they got the positioning of water and they were actually out of position on the other record -- -- into it but I think they were probably. Any interest stating that in and trying to game played -- a little bit too just because you're we've been able to hurt them with those screens in the past. Joseph when you look at their hidden yardage and -- this year it seems like it was in our favor in their first sample of looking at this second half you know more -- does an outstanding job for us but. You know at their partner I mean I thought obviously he was outstanding but. Yet to be -- to team when you went on that -- played 97 yard drive. Considering the adversity to take a thirteen to ten lead on that drive you before for for a 75 yards remember that same light. A confidence builder and now I know a lot of fans so we took the lead right there and there was that moment the well of the that is -- that you know we were gonna win that game. There's no question America that you are virtual world -- -- -- that we are that we -- -- to go out there offensively and try to -- you first -- me. You don't -- -- you're at that point game nowhere it's okay. Our defense is playing lights out let's not taking unnecessary chances. You know with. You know potentially -- -- also stopping the clock you know if you get an incompletion or what that -- And -- You know we. We got to make that determination and they were trying to roll on the ball here on the block out you know -- -- to get a first -- -- -- and then you know. Hopefully they were bought in our hands but if not then you know defense this is. You know continued your great job and let's make -- they make some plays because again you know that sometimes that's -- But -- It was pork funnel it down the infrastructure. You know drew deserves to -- courage in and how surprised were able to do is. Considering their rushing defense on though the Jets the weekend before. Had success rushing -- them but we and then -- 126 yards thirty it is four point two average of that has to being courage in. And probably one remarking has been as gains in the Saints uniform. You know he played he played great I mean really all of our power guys plates and novels. All I had to offer blood there from album cover eighty plays to their you know forty somewhat late so. So that's where it's it's the story of the game -- felt like we we we did it we stuck with it and proportionately Detroit acquired last. Now drew up at the end it kind of like in the Patriots game in this game is coming down blogging while more first down. You know would have to put our defense back out there in the you know the woods is playing outstanding. And you know so while my next ruined. Because some people say well we never conservative well why didn't we put an andrews' hands. And I'm thinking well trying to logically think well. He's been sacked six times they've had a lot of pressure you don't want a sack fumble that kind of deal. And then make an -- you know utilize their timeouts and in like you said you have to worry about -- completion. That's like extra time I'll then. So explain that to fans that the mindset because we've always been aggressive. And never conservative but it's things like they reflect on the those two games on New England. And Carolina simply because one more first down the games or they don't get a chance to have a great come. Yeah I think again you know that call it the determination and -- you know our outlook Florida gaggle of you out how how the defense split out we offer player. But what the situation and then I'd say in the -- game hindsight offensively we should have been much more aggressive. And o.'s last series in order to you'll get a couple first downs. And she parties and so she'll just knowing how explosive that Patriots offense can be which -- I think in this game. We absolutely the right thing we're. What is the -- ball. Keep the ball all the ground keep the clock running and just understanding that you know the defense -- -- -- would shut these guys that are -- why why -- we think that you know that I think there's is more vote to take in order chance. Judge -- -- the ball in the air force that. Yeah so well you know there are not to give them more time more opportunities any momentum so -- -- -- -- like we made that decision we have circular. That Drew Brees ultimate football experience travel folks go to net -- about all this is a great thing you got to purchase -- a five tickets but the only two dollars apiece. Now the big prize you get to be the player captain chance -- thirty yard line and Sunday's game against the bucks for asylum and game tickets. So much more awesome nine brain gear -- team -- year just go to net wrap put that all can purchase this it is all great for. The team Gleason and all their awareness the -- -- drew. Thank you so much put -- time mayor Chris mister -- a family we certainly appreciate. You're a regular all right and QB to QB has brought you by the great employs a Crosby took the gallery and know and Joseph set got to go call here. Have a topics we will visit with former Saints great Deuce McAllister -- successive near where out here at hooters on veterans boulevard -- come on out Jonas. -- -- who visit with us we'll talk about his great career. Old news course with the black and go to all the Saints and we would talk is about the issues Saints at how difficult it is to win on the road in the National Football League. Plus the 7 o'clock now in our view from Vegas you to all the big bowl picks as we come up all the big New Year's staples. In about a week. All that's doing it -- this is sports talk feature the -- like Crown Royal saint players through right -- -- WW.