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Dec 26, 2013|

SportsTalk live from Hooters on Vets in Metairie with special guest for the SAINTS PLAYERS SHOW former Saints great Deuce McCallister.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening welcome to a special addition to the course by Crown Royal saint players show it. You can never ever go wrong -- you break on fumes McNabb -- Thank you so much -- -- power. You know looks like we have pretty -- festive crowd there's a lot of you know pretty he would. Yea you know what with how the days now it work -- was football you don't know it's not those guys out there practicing it was so. Want to be we can't use on that day. Everybody was all smiles they gave these accounts this is couple to programs that use of equipment and what what do you want to be. I've got the most is this is why you know still involved organization obviously. You know -- always be close tomorrow hard the looks and stuff Cox sports so definitely enjoy that that keeps you involved with sports in. X -- You know it's it's the prime season as far as sports are concerned you've got a little bit of a football and college football you've got basketball really start -- even have a little hockey so you know appears sports. And it didn't really get better that than this right now who you you -- think it's -- it is. Yeah the fight part of best final putt you've hit a couple games his presence. Minor league have been in my -- -- you know you get the facts in the Gaza even bigger you know. But when you know my colleagues particularly any sport you know they say anything goes and goes in there trying to get to the -- gets it and no doubt about what they do it the deuce play post if you have a question for -- it's 50426018786689. The race at the you could take this into a 78 since he you know wasn't the key thing that -- little. That Tampa would you see the 2013. Saints who comes to mind but he's. Pretty good team obviously. When when you look at their overall body of work. Start off really really well you know long. Canada inconsistent at times and I think that would probably attribute to you know how they played on the road from a talented bunch you know probably. Going into the season. The unit that we had the biggest question marks was about was the defensive unit and they probably been the biggest surprise you know you'll probably have maybe two guys. Possibly for guys that'll get a shot at playing in the Pro Bowl but obviously that's not a -- -- we want to be in the Super Bowl and not a Pro Bowl so. You know you've been at risk but the biggest thing I think that people have to understand it's. Bomb it's not get hot at the right time. Would it be pretty neat if these guys could pull off or five games in a row. And that would be a Christmas season if they -- It's how hard is it all making -- an elite players coaches you know a lot thank you coaches that you could see a coach's problem -- TV now and he could be coached any coach to be. And over the course of time. You can't expect would pick coats is gonna say it was obviously it can happen he gets into that it is if you think a certain way you practices -- great at -- and that's yet if I said yeah here you hear so much again Theres -- be being -- -- -- the sixteenth multiples of what he thinks that -- game. We look forward but. No I think you have to close calls to quit this team. It 2013. Several close calls. City he had had a situation where they can -- will definitely give it to the post season. But they had control zone if we needed them but to see. You know had they want last week they would Stevens had to be up with a couple once seen this point that with all they've seen it is it difficult for -- not to look back. I definitely do it before not to look back. I mean at the end of today they can't control you know right to control wanting. That -- game you know. They could be frustrating to think well I have at it it's different you know if we had to make this cap room we have made this -- You know if he had called his ball you know those that think that they can play back in -- mine. But at this point another that would change you know the only thing that they can't do there's a lot of weeds -- you know you he would take back your Seattle game you can't take back. You Saint Louis game now that you can bet that that they can't do anything that you can't do anything with -- you know you can go and correct some of the things that he -- -- But it is that they you controlled the Knicks played the Knicks game. News accounts is just basic instinct and do so prior to your arrival here depicting without the Saint Louis. -- -- -- -- -- You know it -- if we win and you keep he would take a step further. We get to the AFC championship. Now what -- think is it is for them it's a franchise that's won at all but it beats -- it was too little time. But one of the things -- -- people every post season when they look at us and without water topsy don't they don't last long road. Its -- big book it these team as him on the in the post season on the road road they want to big games but did not want to the post season first this break is down but. How typical is it to win in the infield you. It's difficult to win and it felt here in a lot so becomes how much time that have to be invested you know a lot has to do it will entail. You know who's a 100% to close to a 100% below -- elements going to be you know with the game be affected about about it elements you know with the rain we in or. Whatever it may be you know it is going to be a perfect condition. Those things have got to play a part in it but at the end of the day it's going to be who was sixteen at the -- you know who's going out an excuse -- aptly at. -- probably going to be anywhere between seven and twelve plays there are truly affect the outcome of the game you know. Lot of times we may look all of the kicker he missed extra point he missed the field well. Well over there at six crew who played before the end that put him in that situation you know with the extra turnover wasn't. That's execute on third down so you look there's probably seven that will. Critical plays that you know. Determine our home of the game. But it's extremely hard to win in this league because coaches do a great job of just prepared players or. Normally every situation that they may see in a game and it's about gas went out and excuse me that. All right now we've got these take on how to -- needs to win a game. I've been putting the winning groove. Normally on a -- that that home team. Depending on how good they -- at this point you know you plan particularly playoffs most teams are gonna get reports that there at home you know just thinking about this because that you have to travel. You have the crowd noise you know they're used to being in that element that in vomit so we're gonna give -- home team three points and you know that that that comes. Just because on the road. Now you have to go and you have to fight the elements of their background. So normally if it's gonna be allowed situation now you have to deal with the crowd noise you know that's in the team you know whether they are. First time of the playoffs aware that there -- -- playoff contender every year or you know they've been in the playoff repeatedly you know you gonna have some type crowd noise that you have to deal with so now which would normally do at home. Had to go on the quarter -- silent count has to be something that. You you Mikell a quick count because you -- -- sure -- left tackle you're right tackle you know moving false start and different things of that nature. And then the next thing is. We've got to deal with the elements -- guys may have to give up a little early. You know -- sleep and holds the other day and unfamiliar. And unfamiliar place because that's an athlete at the football player basketball player. You know YouTube everything routine everything is -- routine and I put my socks on the same way right you know I'll want to be tied tight the same trainer and and so you know you have to make sure that there and at that same routine in. You know if it's thrown off. And whether it's true or not it misses with them a little meddle but when you're on the road. Normally have to do everything probably twice as hard justice would you -- Home was there one thing use it's not obvious not. The elements. -- you know my outfit you like Seattle please you when they were allowed. -- you or a player looks at it just it is what we've always got a cool room was there one thing that you didn't like about the road that there wasn't like with the obvious pain but then -- look at. Like little like crap on something like that. Probably the travel. You know getting on airplanes you hate going with. A lot of it is because now your body has the speed up its plot you know you have to adjust your body between normal and at 12 o'clock game here. And it's 2 o'clock game there you know handled Payton's staff administration they've done a great job of you know taking those guys out there early to try to acclimate their bodies to it. You know goal at least there's no problem but going with you got -- speed up -- clock a little bit because now everything has happened a little earlier normal. Did it normally -- If Spain evident that it ain't the fans that the SEC opener triple fans of course will hurt me and the practical and they'll but it won't sink with the thing with special is this week -- with like my -- take -- -- Deuce McAllister -- question if you describe what it's so. 187038688. The rates if you can help them so well first the speculation. Is an opponent what you say about William dock them beyond seeing a bit of both formidable north who's one of the best but that there's it is now. It's been antsy about can do is you've beaten other duties to the fans. You have my youngest. Emery. We don't we go now. I'm I'm still looking for that thing that we calls -- because he. Either either a puck either. He he had figured out the days and nights so he's working on got to have been happening to breed bullets three are both very -- how to hold it and seven. 774. And week goes in green with those two Caleb and Curtis appearance came in here you -- all right we'll activate -- It's accounts of the -- -- to the accounts the fans that use. As far as being worked UT beat you with Wilcox did I get my aunt and analysis work. I enjoy it I mean keep involved in the game. You know you can you can see certain things that it's obviously a lot easier this season being. You know quote quote unquote 20/20 hindsight when you look at you know -- But I've definitely enjoyed you know what I think it would be something. As I get away quote unquote from football. It's in my blood to stay around the game so yeah I've definitely enjoyed it and -- fugitive. You know it's a feel example today he -- of applauded -- I was still in Jabari -- probably about a they -- to go we were just talking in. You know he obviously he's going through his ACL injuries and we I was that's what state he was that because. Been down that -- myself and I was just trying to give them a little encouragement and I just told -- -- -- look you know you get 1%. More today than you did yesterday that's -- win for. You know so you have to find the small games and things of that nature and that's what we were just talking about but one of the biggest things. I told him was you know -- play through those guys you know the bats that go out there whether it's mark whether it's here of course being an hour. You know any of those guys even written up in Detroit prison in New York. Those -- my guys and -- I was right there around when they were playing and so I want those guys who actually will just because we feel like. A little knowledge that they got from myself or you know whether it was. Watching field or you know need help them out on the play I feel like. The success they have -- -- Be -- -- that here. -- -- you means well but. I don't miss hits -- I thought I don't miss hits you know a lot of a lot of guys and a lot of times. Players for local we have. The transition you know the transition of being on the schedule having to to give up every morning at 630 you know being somewhere. Every morning and it 815 you know having a team meeting at 8 o'clock you know having. Position meeting at not 45. A lot of guys struggle with that and now you know once that skill once the -- -- the lights are off OK what what do you know because a lot of times a I was blessed enough to play right there until I was. Right up until thirty in. Hopefully you know hopefully you know I'll let let -- live another. 5060 years you know little. That the the question is what do you do mix you know and a lot of times. All we've been trying to do is to be athletes all we've been trained to do is to be one of the quarter and pull. It's in the world and I struggled with OK I'm not in the spotlight and with myself. That's okay you know I it's somebody else's time to go and do that the you know if I could help them out to be more successful. Cannot do so but you know it's not like you're going out insane and they execute this -- you know you need to do it this way that may not worth it now you know so. That's that's the toughest part of noted -- -- in the PA are working together trying to help guys transition but I mean it's it's tons of things. For us to do out here and you know you talk about the outs in order to -- have a lot of great for -- is that. -- -- put me in a long way to be a transition but you know what I think it. You beat Goosen closed. -- about as a small World Cup would think -- has done. Even if you -- this of people that do the same thing here. The don't want think you always say he's not as good a football they were -- mean the guy and I think that that expecting any field we we compete we could be if you go to. Our whole football too what do you feel good that I think that's what a lot of people you always have bills open the way you always treated the one thing I want. -- -- yet leave that whatever sport to play you know what you know even in businesses dwellers always remember there is another guy that's kind. You know there is another player that would take his spot take your place and he's either gonna do it. Just good news media he made it would -- you know but eventually somebody's gonna do with just this year or you know. Better you know it rarely will they do what words so it is today you know it's how you treat. You know and if -- treated -- one fairly you know how you would want in the treats you and I think. Likewise longevity wise I think things worked out really well for you so I mean that's that's the biggest thing you know. Somebody else that makes great -- -- it's it's always come and you know -- -- him -- an opportunity so the least you can do is just from people who respected you know. How you would want to be be treated yourself one of the all time greats back though he's -- -- -- with -- -- -- -- we have -- -- with. The great news out lets get to us some phone call let's go to our running game meant to build on last -- Ronnie on with. Paul was saying great news accounts don't get because Hewitt. It is definitely happy -- -- -- I would assume he's had you ever thought about coaching at any level high school collegiate. All pro and does it -- it he made offers to. -- gave up I'll hang up but he's their big civil. All right Ryan thank you very well. Yes sir I have thought about coach in pretty much at all levels of high school college as well as in the pros. I have had an offer you know but it has veto rights situation for myself and you know until that that happens you know that's really when I'll do it. Just had some business opportunities one obviously I think we all. Had heard about just concerned deal and Jackson enough you know not going as successful as a -- to and so. Being able to hopefully get all that stuff behind me and you know I had some of the projects that I was working on and you know. Hoping -- to get off the ground helping those golf to ground before it kind of got myself. In today coaching world and me because what she crossed that line as far as a coat. Really. The among boys you know. Don't get to see that anymore you feel bad that that's a full time gig and it's so that you don't need to yet you know there there at a young age but at the same time you know Lotta Lotta people don't realize what those coaches. You know my hat goes off to them because they've they've put in anywhere between. 1414. Hours on average you know -- And I just wasn't ready to commit. Today you know that's fours you know twelve -- 141000 a don't coach is going to be because you'd you'd have to be able to break down. Which is in on field you know and able to implement a plane at Indian being able to have a gas to teach that to element -- -- go out and executed. You know that's that's. It's not really a six month deal you know even though football is from two ladder of February. -- -- in -- you know pre advanced planning that goes all year you know so you really talking about. -- you know two weeks a year I think yeah probably looked a little more than that yeah but but it's not a lot. Don't know it's not a lot and you know mutt myself I just was not really -- That's something that at that of that nature at this point. -- don't Boesak had as we look at you know. Now with these things that he the only different bowl -- that wants answered that the debut some you know he would rather than the typical me. Losing you know definitely no quality that you think of any it made me this guy probably. But he he's worked so hard to keep it point that you onus on my hand people know you you know well right now and have you thought about it because of me now you think about this. They attack you got to sit ACC. I hear it who wanted to succeed Canadian pro football means your out of the game while ago we did and you kind of breakdown. You know be -- for being an owner wrote so fought back it's the use skyrocketed it via. Brought here. Well. I enjoy it you know I do enjoy it you know it in its commitment if -- -- do it you know -- into the broadcast and I do now. But you know just even you have to tap tap that will lock -- and you have to really go after it and now. You know you want to be able to have that fan is just like I mean usage here you know played the ability known -- the that. There in the fourth three you know looks like its safeties rotate their removed from a a call reports also cope with three about wanna be a -- -- -- and what's really going on you know you might have some situations where it's a loss you know I. See that that's great movement over at linebacker he -- Dakota street -- and sometimes because I think so that mr. Michael brought and it's. Now he's fit now like the public to apply map. You can't be with the idea. I -- it might -- picked their level of football great if you break it down at all and it's just the language you know build understanding that different coverages what it means and you know you you -- you call over to him maybe a cover. -- who may looked little -- -- -- before it really depends on how the safety in the corner of playing you know how to cover the receivers. And I think that's what makes the NF bills so unique is. And it in college those coaches have. Quote unquote twenty hours a week with that player. And you know that Saturdays and we're real -- -- Sunday. In NFL that's two and a half days you know so that game plan that we have the so much what he killed you know. Lot of people were talking about the read option how does not change the game in. You know how was just so it is innovative well that's that's who up -- point. Yeah if you don't want to quarterback the main element I hit but they were you going to hit -- you don't want to quarterback he did yet that's what you run and you'll see some teams preclude being. -- -- But your quarterback and that he would hit like that over twenty games and being guys they know what their -- comedies you know that keep it to me and knows. That he asked them to read it in that it. That that they're better athletes in the NFL is that what you have in college. And that's where a lot of that stuff it's -- that's why it's so much more easier when you have a packet. Pocket quarterback that can sit there. And be precise in which is in the right place and you know I think that's what you know you talk about what makes them really special. That's what makes suspension you know I'll tell you play with some different quarterbacks. Eight he has played with Jake DelHomme in you know. No not yet to -- those guys because I think that they were all great quarterbacks you know in their own special way it. What drew it is you know he's probably one -- guys in in in their weight room and locker room in this -- room you know dissident facility. You know he's there at 6 o'clock 615. With the Eagles in -- gets a little treatment from Scotty you know maintenance wise or whether he's in there watching -- human being you know. I'll leave it at 43440. Well whose cars fielder. You know only on certain days just in there to set you know his life is wearing him bringing them then then it's on -- I didn't see you as much is that with the other guys that I played and you know that's what makes. The debris is the Manning's you know the old guys the Brady's so so you'd have to lose. Back to via phone to go hand that's the film. -- it on line for eight thank you for calling you all Deuce McAllister on that because you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Trying to look down on any approaches and that was the question I had. Do you think the problem that you don't -- mine in the receivers have to do with anything against Boris Diaw. You know bust loose and -- quote unquote see it and I'll hang up in this. All right thank you I don't think the overall play. Thumb had anything to do it at some point you know players have to go out and make plays you know on and those coaches. Obviously there that they they did well for themselves when you talk about CJ didn't hit it two lane I think he's turned that program around. You know some good things that he does maybe coach period -- do. In that way but you know maybe he teaches those guys in in the in a certain way you know maybe development of those young receivers. You know has helped those guys in a certain way you don't talk about -- Promos now -- Offensive coordinator so I think he's done well for himself you know. He's looking for an opportunity to be hit coach so I think. As far as advancement of their careers they had to make the movement that right for themselves and when you talk about offensive lineman. And receivers you know I think it's up to the players to make plays -- The coaches have done a pretty good job of changing scheme wise when you lose. When you lose -- push rod or you lose the call Nixon you know. You have to play to the streets of your broad subject jobs you know we bought in some of some good pieces in you know we expect the guys to step up and make plays and that's where players have to make plays you know is there's only so much scheme. Is gonna do -- But the DePaul and Iowa and we've been at its Internet let's go to Atlanta long way definitely passing the pick followed him. Because one of his favorite team -- Deuce McAllister Scott how are you out there -- Room but we're going to beat. -- Boone -- it. It was really looked up. We can hear you how would you trip. They were -- practically a wonderful -- -- very cool. He but they've -- where you were up about those very cold you know you got he say definitely on that howling and look -- seen a couple of days. 00 opponent congratulate you when you you weren't. That was fantastic Eric -- appreciated. So everybody's going well. Yes they're both are doing well mom mom mom and son are both doing well. That you've got a quick question we're not we think. -- -- -- Wheeler who gave you -- hard. Your career with all. Probably the hardest hit I ever taken and a lot of people probably you'd be surprised by this was probably from off. Lou was from Brian Urlacher. And it was up in Chicago and we were playing that was when they were renovating. It we were in Champaign it was when we're gonna you know there's always annoyed yet we -- -- -- Illinois and that was my its first year starting second you're playing in. You know lot they'll remember the exact play but I know that they had those really big -- it tackles at the time and Urlacher was in the middle and yeah he hit it clean he had knee and sat out I've never saw him never saw common. I had at most is to give up. And I topped off to the -- lot and did you know right behind a lot of players. Opted to overnight hit my -- without -- you know because he had -- -- the wind out of that he would hit me it was it -- it was one of the hardest licks. I've taken I knew I could not let him see me hurt like that if if so then I knew that they would have won the battle. Names that that they've had to be what do you read that ball real well yeah I remembered I remembered -- very well. News the Saints at the book could be used on Sunday Tampa hand -- success -- when you look you see that ought to be here. Of all it's -- the only defense this the quality they've got that they've got to put him to. Broke pull into making you know that beautiful boy he could go pro this year -- fans thought they gave it among others. We know about how good -- Revis is. They play well defense and offensively had it it means that -- with a big favorite. This type of matchup with which we don't know what -- alive we know what's Overland right now -- -- have to be who will be a lot more. How do you I don't. How do you not focused on what goes on between Atlanta and Carolina earlier date because you can't throw. You know you can't control it. It makes it a little fuel to the five notre plans for the two -- but I mean if you don't win at all then you know that that that hurts. -- -- but the biggest thing that this team has to do is. They have to get on a roll you know they have to get some confidence obviously we know that they play well play well at home who have. How how -- would it be to lose you know base your last three games you know. And this is the toll totally different team than when you think about it when they went. Look thirteen in the role and -- lost three. This -- that type of team you know a lot of people will say well. They've got a lot of the same make of -- I've got off a pair they've they've got what they do have a lot of same makeup that you have you know a lot of guys that played on that squad but I mean they have a lot of different guys. And you know you you think about some of the leaders that you lost whether it -- -- that about a we Will Smith. But Jonathan Vilma. You know -- -- None of those guys there you know you you've got a lot of holdover -- and you know that's what guys have to really step up you know hawk has just -- -- Malcolm had a -- well. You know you meet him good to be a little more vocal you know those guys got to follow you know he's -- will. On the field now he's got to have a little local Larkin and you know because those defensive players are gonna follow -- you know I've -- Lofton. Has been that guy -- but both run at the line group cam has to be that leader -- yeah. Use. It's here at -- It became a comment or throw it happen when you look at you say yeah. I see something someone beat him off on some sympathy around -- there the director and in high school. At places they've already you know -- -- -- an unbelievable talent you know it's unbelievable to knuckle would operate. It didn't get hurt rationalize. I pray that he stays home -- you know but I -- in the gets that next level and you know wanna see what he can do that next level. You know and you talk about some of the Gaza in college you know Alabama puts out a tremendous amount of backs every year you know some of them have had early success you know you look at what. -- had an opportunity to meet him this past year and I told -- look ahead Mike McCarthy as my coach he's -- get the ball you know you've got to want. He would say to know what to -- -- you know because if you're not he's not gonna play you know you look at what he's done the last 67 games in here. You know Mike Mike is really got to give the ball you know you talk about kids next -- with Graham's a little blue who we play you know and you think that play for Vanderbilt well. You know Vanderbilt still has pretty decent team you know and one is easy baskets -- NFL and you know they they're able to get coached a little bit -- see what they can go and do what. You know I obviously I think. The premier backs still in this league uses Pedersen. You know he's been probably a little out of personal issues you know little losing what's on earlier this year have been you know obviously we'll do some things with the injuries that he's at the fight it. You know put. You know he's been probably the premiere back in you know. Of this NFL and in you'll probably the most versatile. Is a loose on the court you know you look -- on you know just be -- to what he's done and at Dolphin to be. Quote unquote the bill confident you know that thrown it 21 they give him in space. He's still an unbelievable job just being able period it seemed to where they are. So you proud of the guys that are that are who have World -- Why I think now with one of the greats of black and gold if you Deuce -- this news that we know. Lane -- after the the way you see his team at the makeup of this team that are the 2013 with the defense what they hand. You think this team can't Warner -- -- post season went in. Yet -- I think it's all about the match you know it's all about the matchup you know and who they'll be playing obviously. -- we no local teams in there they played you know we played Seattle they play except this poorly you know they may be matched up with Dallas they played them already you know. Dallas is a different team no doubt Romo knows that Romo can play violent crime if you can't then obviously you know they give Philadelphia -- So we haven't had. Played against Philadelphia you know about that that team you may have to look there you know so you gonna be dealing with the elements selected different matchup for you as far as. Team that you have to play it all goes back to make you make in those seven at twelve plays that you have to make you win a game you know and I went when you're the playoffs. Even when you're on the road. Now. The focus has to be direct to what you don't know. Guys have to hydrate themselves a lovely -- actually you know because you played so many games you play twenty games up until that point you know love. Now we have to go out and execute -- -- you know be precise with it. You know you can't afford a false deputy on defense you know you can't afford not to be -- you've got a blitz at linebacker you know from the running back and I know how -- I ask you get caught. In the wrong place at me because all the things that you can beat. And you know you only have eight -- in resistance in the game and you know one of those positions maybe the one that keeps you from winning that game. He's accounted deuce thank you so much we appreciated the problem thank you are right it's pretty good grip.