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Dec 27, 2013|

Dave talks about Saints playoff picture, what NFL team you hate the most, and Christmas bikinis

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the 27 of December 2013. The time when David Blake would say he -- I asked and I would respond well come. I. -- Okay okay okay it's -- -- Where this Friday of all Friday. -- -- -- Things horribly wrong maybe after hearing that injury report. Yesterday knowingly Drew -- fully participated. Rats might help you just help you -- your -- could do to just have a little swelling in the need just a little mean -- -- old are you will see nothing to worry about. The plush -- him and it finished the not even play little ball to -- that he's going to be. Don't worry about -- It as the -- get ready for a win and your mean game. -- Buccaneers at 325. Sunday afternoon in the the superhero. All they can do is win in -- in the post. If now all they had to do last week to and we. If the -- if the falcons. Meet the Panthers and Atlanta. The thing Natalie and if they. But for the number two C and Indiana the the NFC south fountain show little fight in -- at San Francisco for a they get something that at home. And you know you wanna go out with them an Angel right -- a lot of who got to play a -- -- Period. All though. Would be also got a point out. Aziz as we hear Mike Smith the man -- pretty good record site story. I mean -- undefeated bare -- Pretty good percentage the home field advantages here dining. Across. And now and the efforts to get parity in the league and really really -- I mean you have a lot of scenes that it is Sunday. We'll determine if there in the playoffs or -- we have lots of winner take all the bears in the Packers Eagles and the cowboys. Not winner take -- for the saints in the box but it is crucial for the saints. If they wanna get wins again in our hope. The other correct team lose the league's decision to match things up -- division opponent last week we were last seen. There definitely making it. So you -- Carolina. Is a six and a half point favorite at it. According to odds makers. That sent the -- Time. And the saints are twelve and a half point favorites. Was. Just in case you're worried about the saints lose thing. -- the Arizona game with San Francisco. Is you've won a point or pick home. With the 49ers the favorite and that at least like good news because Arizona loses this thing. Let's hope the saints winning you know. And let us keep our fingers from. Carolina. And lose to Atlanta now that game comes first. That's -- noon -- Carolina at Atlanta. It's. The saint claim they're not gonna be scoreboard watching that I can have a game on in the locker room. I don't guess again evident in the superdome during warm. Might have an honest champions who have better the great news to detonate and once again you get to gather around the TV in Q4. I don't have a problem that I really yeah. Under these circumstances because I mean you naturally I understand the circumstances would still -- -- -- -- but it means nothing for the falcons like alien vs. Broader whoever wins we all lose well the way. It is that it just here for the answers to news about that. You maybe don't want about instant win which you can cheer for the Panthers to lose have gotten that make you feel any better does that make. I really not a problem because it put Atlanta no better position whatsoever then that in the plan out no matter one. Would have been like gift during the height of the Cold War Russia and China asserted going to review like -- we root for you really. Really. Night of the Cold War the two most horrible terrible no good very bad Communist nation's nuclear powers yes that's all they're comparing Joseph and I are pandering about instant. There's this situation where we have to root for Atlanta but there. Good luck with the actress collected fifteen minutes corporate news here -- that we don't do well. They have method and that can make you the truth saints fan through and through it seems that. I'm -- -- nearly dissident WWL. Pars is what you get. Down you feel like the saints get -- and the saints get the number two is seen. If they'll get it averages it doesn't matter if they win on the road or will they rise to the occasion despite their road was during the regular season at -- to go on the road to play tough play out game. To a place like Green Bay or Chicago or Philadelphia. Dallas would be better. By 159 gave no happy Friday a Buick Mueller's. Minutes after 5 AM it's early edition of WWL first -- thank you so much for joining us on this. I day morning and yet it feels Good Friday between Christmas. And new years so it's even as slightly more special for. Me. Person text and an 878 -- two things that's not I would never say no falcons and go cowboys. Yet he really probably do you -- the cowboys to win the saints have to go on the road to open the playoffs. Which -- much rather than playing at Dallas then at Chicago order Green Bay you -- Philadelphia. Of all places outside -- -- we yucky. Done some called sports talk last night -- Deke Bellavia. It stressed how much. They're OK with rooting for the falcons to win. At this point Britain that could never root for the cowboy. Who do you hate more at this point in your saints. Lifetime and the cowboys. The falcons which is the more hated rival of this thing interesting question will continue to discuss it. Right now though we gonna give -- forecasts because it's cold and the rain has got. And by early tomorrow morning some showers begin to move in Saturday looking wet with rain off and on throughout the day a couple of heavy downpours possible and 80% chance at going to be chilly rain with highs around 57. Then Sunday skies clear but it stays cool look for highs near sixty. From the eyewitness these forecasts senator I mean urologist Clark tell it. And get as cold overnight is initially anticipated it's still nearly fifteen degrees here in the city 49 Lakefront airport 48 at the airport in -- On the North Shore barely below 4039. In cloudy in Slidell -- coldest start today. As we warm up to sixty today before the rain comes. -- tomorrow thank goodness -- -- be out here it looks like in time for game time on Sunday sent tailgating wat could be a little cool. Not too shabby. Sports are now on WW well. Please naked mourning him -- -- are happy Friday to new York and see you as well thank you so a big weekend of sports industry for. Well all right let's get right to it. After one day on the saints' injury report. Quarterback Drew Brees was back to full go practice yesterday. Sean Payton described breezes injury from Christmas Day has a right knee bruise of course -- was never expected to miss Sunday's season finale against the Buccaneers. From Florida game here's Steve Geller. Wind and the saints are in the playoffs but division rival Tampa Bay would love nothing more than to play spoiler for the black gold. Drew Brees on the bucket here's the event. I feel like they've always been very. Aggressive. Lot of movement guys flying around pressure packages that kind of stuff that's really good players on defense at all positions -- on their front for the linebackers and obviously secondary. It golf in the superdome is at 325. On Sunday Steve Geller WWL's. Sports. Our coverage and have to be -- starts at 11 AM in other NFL news. The Green Bay Packers announced yesterday that Aaron Rodgers will start this Sunday in their loser goes home match up with the Chicago Bears. Rodgers has missed seven games since going down with a broken collarbone in that stretch the pack -- only twice going to four and one. Now -- 77 and one their half game behind the bears in the standings the -- this weekend will take on the NFC north championship the loser gets to start the always exciting NFL offseason earlier than they would like. It'll be the same scenario Sunday night with a Philadelphia Eagles face the Dallas Cowboys. Which is why Tony Romo is desperately trying to get on the field for Dallas Romo received an epidural on Monday to treat the herniated disk in his back. But he did not practice Wednesday or Thursday. The team refuses to rule him out. But Kyle Orton has been practicing as the starting quarterback. And they brought Jon Kitna out of retirement to service -- back up the remote camp play the winner of Eagles cowboys take the NFC east. -- loser gets the satisfaction of being second place in the NFL's worst division. It's less than a week until the final LSU football game of the season here's Deke Bellavia with a look at the Outback Bowl. -- -- McGee is pleased to have the support. These teammates at LSU coach less mouth as he wraps up his junior season in the Outback Bowl. Nobody wants anything gimmicks don't use it because it doesn't prove who you have to work for some and then you finally get go out. And who simply makes a few minutes associate -- mouse and it makes me feel good to know that know my work was done. Is the second leading us on this ballclub is always the last two victory of the season against Howard New Year's Day. Deke Bellavia WW real sports. And the pelicans returned to action tonight they're finally back home after a five game road trip that saw them go one on four. But they won the last one beating Sacramento on Monday. Now twelve and fourteen they'll host the Denver Nuggets at the nest. Tip time is 7 PM -- it for you in the flagship 105 point three WW LF now. I'm mark -- and that's your early look at sports when he form minutes after 5 AM the early edition WW offers is mark. And and create more falcons and cowboys. This -- that currently are all time because this season it's kinda. Hard to really hit -- the falcons do must have been pretty terrible. So I guess this season I would say the cowboys right to you don't revel in their terrible. -- I -- it but I revel in it but it's more like -- he the kind of thing it it's it's hard to hate somebody when their inept yet one of the worst things that you can say about somebody ran here is all. That poor little flying exactly and that's how you feel about the falcons the bless their little hearts -- not a well you know. Last year they had a lot of balls bounced their way and I thought that. You know at thirteen and three they'd -- got they got a lot of breaks and I thought that would even out this season in May be that he'd be morally let me -- I. Close to the Super Bowl last season Tony Gonzales coming back at it that maybe just maybe I can next season will get there and and things horribly horribly yet I thought they'd be like he needs seven and I I didn't see this total collapse coming but when they lost Julio Jones lost the big -- -- offense than. And Stephen Jackson was -- most of the year as wells though. And they don't have much defense speak of when that -- the -- -- -- they they really don't have much to the goal that you hate the cowboys at least right now more than it about I'd say so. Your prediction on the -- twelve and a half points. Favorites according to all of the Vegas casinos that I've looked at as they host the box Sunday at 325 how do you see this one and the saints play really look home this year they put up a lot of points and on this year Tampa does have a strong defense and and the -- got a strong secondary. I would say saints 28 and Tampa. Twelfth Comcast. -- it went by sixteen. Thank you for your prediction home on this Friday morning with -- when I meant more sports here on WWL. Get your forecast up an accident -- of your text messages today 787. Who do you hate the most the saints. Have to play or just of NFL teams who do you hate them. Thought it was not the falcons right now surprisingly. A share some of those incidents -- -- warm -- factory get ready for the rain and cold front. Highs for your Friday at sixty with mostly cloudy skies cool afternoon heading cloudy tonight lows in the forties on both sides of the lake. And we know the rain moves in for Saturday spotty showers begin in the morning. Could be some heavy downpours into the afternoon 80% chance and heights of 57 but the rain wraps up Saturday night so Sunday. Looks a bit better partly cloudy skies and cool with highs of sixty. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- tell. And I it's one person taxman says that. Panthers are there most hated team now somebody else does at Seattle's. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition at WWL prisoners at the 27 it's December it's 2013. PGI. -- welcome to the last Friday a day of 2013. Mr. Miller. Are you ready. Well. And it's OK okay okay I'll hold you. Okay okay okay fine. Feel good. It'll run for the. If you don't. Now. Airline now look let's give a pretty. Nonetheless this is an. The playoffs. If they don't get drunk for this 112 and half point favorites box 325 -- superdome Sunday. I don't know what you can expect that that people are texting me at 87870. Very interesting discussions for a -- about -- hate the most in the NFL. A lot of people say it's not the falcons anymore that they hate the most. -- summer on the fast. One person says I equally just like anyone who gets in the way of us get into the big games what a lot of -- which the Seattle. Yet while hundreds of says that the cowboys and falcons -- sitting at the end of the war and over sharks having a feeding frenzy. I can only push someone and now I -- about it -- consistent and quick now what person. That that we over the falcons in the cowboys so it's not a rivalry anymore now we eight Seattle and -- for. I can still hate that even though we told them there. -- -- -- -- -- -- Then all having been said what is your prediction known for the saints and the -- Sunday -- -- RTZ Hussein's willingness by two touchdowns. And easy running away -- Things -- all right well last year was the worst defense in the league. The score of the saints Bucs gave the superdome was what 42 to nothing -- again rookie quarterback. All right so falcons. And Panthers meetings when -- Oh you're Panthers will win now once I could see the falcons maybe getting a close victory but I think the Panthers win now right now at the box office and now we're starting with movies. That opened on Christmas Day. But nonetheless is nothing new opens this weekend now nothing opens today they'll open on Christmas Day the secret life of Walter meaty. That's Ben Stiller and Kristen -- A daydream or escapees is anonymous like by -- in the world of fantasy filled heroism. Here it was a position that. The wolf of Wall Street this is Leonardo DiCaprio Jonah Hill Matthew McConaughey and others based on the true story of Jordan Belfort. From his rise to wealthy stockbroker living the high life to -- ball. Involving crime corruption and the federal government. Justin Bieber has believe I don't have to explain what that is 47 -- piano Reeves. -- abandoned samurai set out to avenge the death and dishonor of master. And grudge match. That's a pair of aging boxers coaxed out of retirement Robert De -- Sylvester Stallone Kim Basinger Alan Arkin and Kevin Hart those -- the new movie is. Going up against the current top five of -- comment. Anchorman two frozen American households having mr. It's also done what's number one the box office. -- -- have it again. Despite all the competition and everything new opening despite samurai movie despite. Robert De -- on Sylvester Stallone two of the biggest stars in Hollywood history. None of them can beat the hot it you think it does it again at the weekend. Anchor man two might pull ahead of them that are on the -- ride me again nobody wants -- -- you know reasons. And we'll find out and -- don't go that far but I don't think is committed it's certainly not a threat to be even. Leading to about grocery at the box office. It Stallone did Nero boxing movie you cannot explain it looks -- made it. Now it's not like Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? relics in mind that that you please share your current. Justified -- as well liked in less than twenty minutes more -- here and WWL happy Friday. No I'm not plane that right now this is hurt himself. Moon not the -- happy bride -- and despite about all around -- -- on Friday -- They came out and OK okay. Every out. Well. Okay okay okay -- He had seen but I in the end yeah I -- I am glad that you would. The -- with how I'm happy. I could make -- -- on or about -- and I have. My mission for the day let's think that we get straight up propped up on Sunday down yet it must win we -- -- -- -- yeah. Half we but it you know really good idea at that weekend we could get in the playoffs without him. It lets it but other marvel -- why other people have to -- stuff I don't matter cardinals and at the Wii controller at. The court played really well. Yes I'm already out that. And then they get that if this goes right. I think every hour and and if Atlanta can somehow beat the Panthers over the number two seed and have the first week by and get to host the first over the are you are you going to be cheering for Atlanta. I'm hoping that they win that's put out that way I look at I don't know I -- I actually -- -- -- It's the year but I'm hoping to cheer for the Panthers to about it OK -- and I'm also going to cheer that. I don't get. Rained down all day tomorrow because it's going to be pretty warm today but in the -- comes tomorrow. Yeah you know high and sixty this afternoon but that will think with the cloud that may feel a little bit cooler than that is that we won't have that the sunshine -- -- but that's so cool -- ahead hype about sixty. Tomorrow a few degrees cooler 57 or so but yet it comes with the rain for most of the day and it often on. There -- times they beat the pockets of heavier rain tomorrow so Saturday is not look at I have to say. It's no rain almost. Certain the bad not all day all the time you know on and off well what happened this. You know and that kind of something of ways that rainfall that we may have some times were steady year. And we may get some breaks where it's just cut it to -- believe in -- -- got it's happy but it's not gonna completely clear that can be over casting kind of showery all day tomorrow. Or today and a David Beers out of time for tailgating yeah game and everything else it looks like another day with highs in the sixties and no men around -- -- -- it clears out the sunny skies that begin to clear and by the -- time and about sixty degrees all right NATO folks. That's the forecast I like it I love it today and Sunday -- -- tomorrow I ma and -- of a stretch of weekends with rain. Last weekend with him before. -- -- -- -- with the weekend rain no rain coming back for New Year's -- and it looks good average at New Year's -- chilly New Year's Day highs around 63 I'm gonna guess is going to be some fog around new -- -- you know -- it is funny everybody's been an -- but I will say with this cool air coming Super Tuesday I don't think -- it's going to be a problem this year. Hey that guy's and I it partly cloudy for a New Year's meeting may actually get to see those fireworks your prediction on for the saints and no box OK they're gonna win it 'cause obviously we're at home and -- undefeated at home right now Kenton Hampton. That is going south of the papers on the -- On seventeen fountains fourteen -- And narrow victory in the Georgia. You heard it here folks. And Christmas was a funny thing snow and ice in the northeast and upper midwest us. Santa bikinis. In Los Angeles with record highs in the IED. Beaches were packed for Christmas Day over there and warm and floor but. Some warm -- -- Florida and -- this happened already -- into bikinis -- they were just enough on the -- the people went out and got a good luck -- wearing them on the beaches. In Southern California poor. Where does one thing to bikini. I think the -- -- up to be honest answers that I'm fairly -- yeah I'm pretty sure it was underwear and beat it's just. I don't want I don't understand he or isn't he goes around here for the right at the -- in the French Quarter that. You own any Santa Barbara all -- haven't and a hat that's been -- -- Red light you know pop fun and that's about it Fred thank you Laura happy Friday -- you about now. And direct from the Eyewitness News forecast and her predictions -- -- one reporter Kristin Garrick it's here to make his prediction we need to from -- -- home due to lightning round. Christian saints block. The saints are favored by twelve lap I think did they win the ballgame -- other they covered twelve and half points. They do when they punch their ticket to the post season all right they get and but do they get the number two seed do the falcons beat the Panthers. New not even close -- -- and saw me I just I just think that you know Carolina. They know what's at stake for them. The falcons defense does. That does not very good on how to put -- -- they're not good enough to slow down Camden company even without Steve Smith I think it's there in their -- ball game they -- -- close one. It Christian -- to that means we are going to Chicago. Green Bay. Philadelphia or Dallas. In the play Green -- if -- -- there feel you know -- and -- -- we definitely I will talk to you in about fifteen minutes on three WL. Where he antibody bear apparently couldn't drag is sorry -- in here this morning. To make his prediction. Will not be joining us this morning will be joining you over there. Now I'm just. I it's 548 will get your sports with mark and -- after the nice as a sort of 6 AM time for sports with mark and are happy Friday -- happy Friday days. After waking up The Who dat nation from their post Christmas dinner slumber with the news that Drew Brees is on Wednesday's injury report. The -- signal caller was a full go practice on Thursday coach Sean Payton said Brees had a right knee bruise and had a little bit of swelling they had to get down. Breezes availability for this Sunday's crucial contest with temple was never in doubt for more on saints -- here's Steve Geller. It's looking to earn a spot in the post season with a victory over Tampa on Sunday but Drew Brees may be looking away from any receivers covered by book shut down corner Darrelle Revis and and he sold us these are extremely intelligent. Very athletic. Plays a lot of force -- smooth so definitely value and Aureus. And -- a student at WW will seem to radio at 325 on Sunday to catch kick off in the super ago. Steve Geller WW -- sports. And of course our wall to wall coverage starts at 11 AM here and a BW well. The told -- that four days away from the NBA's spotlight to recover their five game road trip a trip the sovereign go one at four. They did ended on a high note with a thirteen point win on Monday in Sacramento. Now there ready to get back in front of the home crowd tonight when they host the Denver Nuggets at the nest tip time is set for seven it's yours in the flagship -- five point three WWL FM. In other NBA news Portland trailblazers improved to a league best. 44 -- five last night with their 116 to 112 overtime win over the LA clippers LaMarcus Aldridge led the blazers with 32 points and added ten rebounds while Chris Paul led all scorers with 34 points. Amid a double double with sixteen assists. The blazers now about half game lead over Oklahoma City to lead the Western Conference. LSU apparent to the field on New Year's Day would look at the outback ball here's Deke Bellavia. She has won the last two ball games Iowa has won their last three I was looking to get hit ninth victory of the season. LSU wants in -- I'm nobody looks at victories. I'm back I mean barrows says the tigers are doing well winning their last June but they wanna make it three straight to get to ten wins by beating out. Give a lot of momentum and let them come back fun. Most feel good you know differently and I know that you know. Again. It's a New Year's Day showdown coverage starts at 6 AM here today right here on WW ago. Deke Bellavia WW real sports. And finally LeBron James was named the Associated Press male athlete of the year for 2013 yesterday king James is the third basketball player to earn the award joining Michael Jordan and Larry Bird Serena Williams as the female athlete of the year I'm mark -- that -- your early look at sports. And be ready for your last. TI has forecast of 2013. Here comes. For your Friday mainly cloudy skies and a cool afternoon with highs near sixty and tonight. Cloudy skies and late today we could start to see some showers move in on the South -- lows in the forties on both sides of the lake. It tomorrow and 80% chance for rain beginning Saturday morning and continuing through out the day. That's going to be cold rain to with highs around 57 but it does wrap up by -- -- basis skies start to clear on Sunday and cool highs near sixty. By the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm -- Islamabad itself. Right around fifty south of the like right around forty on the -- shortest start your day today couple people vaccinated seventieth -- pointing out that it's -- to cheer for the falcons to win for two reasons one. If it helps the saints on Sunday to because if they went and they have a worst draft -- And that's good for the -- right. He's -- happy Friday the last one of the year. Yet -- it they give it that way again this gets -- it's harder today you know it's getting pretty crowded downtown with the anticipation of these -- and indiscernible I mean if their people in bars right now I've I've got to -- to station just a little while ago bars are still crowded and people didn't just go out -- they've been out all night that the party goes from early Christmas all the way through New -- that what you -- for the next -- What sort of at the stakes in the box obviously very important game for the saints and also this -- dynasty controversy continues to grow. But is this may be a great lesson in the first amendment rights is this a lesson in the First Amendment when it comes to fill. Robertson saying what he said and when it comes to -- -- making the decision to suspend you talk about that. And that both at the right to do what they did and the chips fall where they may your words have consequences what you say does. Impact people like me you make it's that all the time but Robertson -- company -- -- money money.

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