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Dec 27, 2013|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about the Saints game against the Bucs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- Since the beginning of the weekend a Friday students or Tommy Tucker chemical defense kept in the -- to -- here. What is his thing in the show we'll start talking about the best of 2013. As we say goodbye to a year. And welcome in 2014. The city is getting very proud I left my apartment at 350 and and and by the way when I do the morning show and now I'm no longer. Walking to the station decided it was in my best interest to camp. It just really closure holding off when Europe and attack what you wanted to work it definitely and it's just it's just so much easier just in the -- appears on made that decision. But it briefed. Every so I'm always open -- -- on Friday morning like this but it was crowded European event on a doctor looked at Bourbon Street. It's if -- people at 3:15 in the morning still on -- and I don't think these people just decided to go out at the last minute I think it out all night. New Orleans is one of the top spots in the country and arguably the world to celebrate New Year's Eve. And this New Year's Eve is going to be no exception it's it's a hot spot -- if you're looking for a place to. Two to be part of justice. This massive group of people. People you don't know your your rounded people strangers to but he is really. It is it's quite an experience I'll talk more about this next week that I I want one of my best memories of New Year's Eve which it was being on Bourbon Street. At midnight. But now there's a fireworks display in Jackson square so we'll be talking that would be talking more about this coming up. Also the discuss blog this morning is titled the -- dynasty controversy. A lesson in first amendment rights. You can read it shared common or if you like you made totally disagree with me you -- totally agree with me. I think the deduct dynasty controversy. Is a classic lesson in first amendment rights. But it also exposes hypocrisy. In America again you can read it and -- and others who will love talk about that. Coming up in a few minutes ago talking about the -- six attended by the take on the for an eleven bucks in the Mercedes-Benz superdome there's no such thing as a guaranteed win. But this is about as close as it can be. Coming home after the loss last weekend to Carolina playing for a playoff spot. I just can't see how the saints are gonna lose this game but as you know anything can happen in the NFL. I thought the saints edited many states and southern gonna beat the rams who thought they were gonna. I win the game last week and in Carolina so anything can happen but this is about as close to guaranteed victory. As you can get if the saints win their in the playoffs. If the saints beat the bucks. And if the falcons beat Carolina the saints will be the number two seed in the NFC here's our WWL pretty genuine opinion polls this morning. What will be the results of the saints and the falcons the saints box and the falcons Panthers game this weekend. 46% say the saints will win and the falcons win. The saints win and the Panthers win 37%. The saints lose. 70%. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites every WL dot com updates on that polls we continue to attractive to the show got a text a moment ago. When I was talking about how difficult it is how it goes against our our DNA is saints fans. Two two to pull for the falcons. The text said we're not pulling for the falcons to win were pulling for the Panthers to lose. And somehow that just makes it all okay. Thanks a lot more comfortable. In my mind so let's let's look at it that way. Since this is such an important game I wanna share with you a prayer. For the -- this week. Now obviously you're driving you can't belliard had. But if you if you could collier had I'd like Peter Collier had with me right now and I've. Just let's think about the saints and pray for the saints as they go into the game this week and here's our prayer for the saints. Our saints rewarding happened. -- at the game. I tick off -- -- -- be done on Sunday as it was in September. Give us this win. Our weekly win. And forgiveness are incomplete passes. As we forgive those who complete passes against us. And lead us not into the off season. But deliver us to the NFC playoffs. You wanna join our share of the comment this morning on numbers 2601870. Offering an 8668890. -- 76. Numbers 87870. I'm -- -- for Tommy Tucker coming right back -- -- definitely well. It's a Friday morning 770 I hope you're on schedule this morning that really isn't a lot of traffic out there because this time of year a lot of people might take time off it's this time between. Christmas and New -- and you know life for those -- you. Who make sales calls for those of you who -- account executives at an -- have to try to get people to have to think about business this time a year. And I really feel for you this is this is a tough time a year for you. Here's a Texan -- -- scoots you forgot the ending. Opera nine is the division. And the conference and the Super Bowl for who gets aiming -- I'm getting a number of requests for the of the prayer that I just read for the saints it will try to get that up on our. Our web sites. Here's a Texan reads dispute there is this is no time for conservative protect the lead football. The sixty to go all out pass pass pass the ball that's what they do best. And it I can't disagree with that although we do have to have a running game I mean obviously is an ideal situation you want everything to be balanced and it can't always be balanced but. You know I go back to what we talked about after the after the game on Sunday on Monday morning on the show. It just seems like the saints were trying to protect a three point lead. In enemy territory against. A talented team that it -- to. To feel like you can just control the clock and run down the field and it didn't work they they didn't get a first down. And it is seems as if the the mentality was well our defense has been doing well to this point soul. Let's just let the defense win the game force. When you give another team. Such an inspiring. Moment a chance to. A chance to resurrect itself and and and and by giving the ball back to Carolina again this was. That's -- I'll I was nervous when -- upon the bold the lawsuit we had the ball because I've I've seen this thing steam this year. It very conservative at the end of some games. And it it scares me. And if you give inspiration to another team an eight year you're just inviting them to to do well you think the saints can. Can't win a playoff game on the road that's a question that a lot of people. Have to ask themselves if you wanna join Russia with a comment I mean it's it's gonna be the things have to beat the box I would think the saints are going to be the books. Now I think it's a really good way to look at it when you when you say we're not pulling for the falcons to win a pulley for the Panthers to lose that. That helps me out as a as a saints fan if you wanna join our show with a comment this morning our numbers 260. 1870. It's all free 8668890. Point seven -- -- emperor is a 77. Here's an update on our -- WL pretty general opinion poll this morning. What do you think the result of the saints Bucs and falcons Panthers games will be this weekend saints win falcons win. 46%. Saints win Panthers win 37%. Saints lose. 70%. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com -- I just saw a news that a new poll is out. On the presidential race for 2016. And right now Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie. Are deadlocked in a tie that doesn't surprise me -- -- the -- record seven Tony we're coming right back with more let's get a double -- -- crowd. Created for you with Gerald Robinson. Well I you know if it's legal to smoke marijuana recreational marijuana in the state -- Colorado. There isn't a -- you know we knew this was gonna happen there's a tour company. Called the mile. Don't let them out via the mile high that's a different time to time. The trip -- the -- tour companies called the Colorado high life two hours. And under the law in Colorado. Adults are allowed to smoke marijuana in price it. However does -- that include the car. And what does the car which might be considered private is on a public road. Would that be considered public. Well the operator of the marijuana two -- Timothy -- V who's -- the Colorado highlight tourist. Says that. That his drivers can pull into a parking lot upright that parking line. And -- the guests. To partake in the complementary pot that they offer. Under the current laws it's legal to give another adult ceremony as long as there's no direct payments port. So you can you know you could share the do. Operators. Charge people rant. To get the limo and the driver and then give them free pot free snacks and free soda. It's 12100 dollars 12100 dollars you can go it -- Colorado is a great place to ski. And snowboard. For 12100 dollars tourists can rent a chauffeur driven went missing from this company Colorado highlight two hours. And they get marijuana free marijuana inside the limiting. On their way to skiing. Nothing can go wrong here right let's just -- really stoned before we go up on the on the list however this is something that is really common practice this is not really that in usual. Having lived in in Denver and spent a lot of time on the slopes snowboarding. Sometimes they refer to the gondola as the on July because a lot of people are -- Spark him to do. When they're going up that the slows you can't release -- because of the wind but you can you can see what activities going on in front if you -- in the chair. Writing funny. And then of course there's a there's a bar at the top and bottom of every mountain so it really comes down to personal responsibility. If if if you. Are going to partake in that. It's your responsibility. To to be responsible with the with your actions but a lot of people concerned that this this company is. Giving people free pot picking them up and taking him to the taking it to the slopes in giving a marijuana but I guess we we shouldn't be surprised. Vance. This is a turning into it too big industry as of January 1 it will be special stores it will be allowed to sell pot to anybody 21 and older. And I talked I haven't been back to Denver I'd I don't smoke and if I went back to Denver right I wouldn't -- but I don't criticize people who do. As somebody was saying at the sixteenth street mall. Is I mean part of a downtown Denver. It's a pedestrian mall with shuttle buses and it's it's it's really beautiful in the shops and restaurants in and bars. It's a big big public venue. And they are people just walking on the 163 small smoking pot. And I do think that the -- gonna come when it's gonna be illegal everywhere are certainly starting to see that spread across the country by guess who should be surprised that. Their companies now offering two hours. And offering. You the opportunity to get high experience -- -- Denver refer to as the rocky mountain high. By going to Colorado now you know being a snow boarder and the skier before that. Even if I did smoke pot I'm not sure I'd wanna -- wanna be stoned. And and and go to on the runs. Because of that and again and it can be treacherous when you have all of your. All of -- him. All of your reflexes with -- and I don't think there's any doubt that. Did that -- to change your reflexes just a bit if you wanna join -- show with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a -- number is 87870 I'd screwed import Tommy Tucker from bill chase Paul here on WW real good morning. I don't good ball. That wanted to ensure that everybody goes out there sports the -- Rick is bigger Poland no one wanted the body superior. Here tomorrow on there -- -- be much better about it they had there might border on land there aren't enough memorial award. All right Paula I'm going to call now if the saints if the saints lose I don't think that's gonna happen. But if the saints lose. When you consider the potential of this season. Because of what the saints achieve this season. Do you think saints fans will boo the team off the field. I think that would happen I think if the saints lose. I don't support that but I think that's going to be a natural reaction. Of the crowd. Are the saints going to be the bucks on Sunday and what do you think is the key to the game what what do you think is going to be that the that the standouts. Aspect of the game. The running game the passing game the offensive line the defense. Isn't going to be that stand -- aspect of his game. Again there are no guarantees in the NFL but this is about as close to a guaranteed victory. As you can get in the states don't win this game it's really simple they don't deserve to be in the playoffs. If you wanna join our show with a comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text number is 877. And here's a text that is critical of the the prayer that I -- for the saints. The text reads that was a cheap parody of the lord's prayer not how he and he is capitalized taught us to pray. You know god may be mad at me for some things in my life but I guarantee god is not mad at me. Because of that prayer for the saints were gonna try to get that up and went. And I'll I'll read the prayer again in the next horrible you know when it's up on -- website the -- blog this morning is about the continuing controversy with duct dynasty. And a any suspending Phil Robertson from the show. The blog is titled -- dynasty controversy a lesson in first amendment rights. And that's something that over to talk about a little bit later in the show if you wanna join us our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening in a text amber -- 877. It's 7:30 on this Friday morning and here's another -- to. He will do something. -- It's Friday. Everytime -- -- on Friday regardless of which -- I do I'll always have to play this. This is what we've been working for a lot of people. It's time with some officers are still work until an alleged news justice can reach over. Crank -- -- just a little bit because you worked hard it's like any of you have stuff that you over the weekend is still -- weekend mentality. It's cool we're heading into the weekend before New Year's Eve of the Sugar Bowl the city is getting very crowded it was probably this morning people crowded. 3:4 o'clock this morning so. Why don't quite get up because this is what you've been working for. They -- Before 11 o'clock in the Mercedes-Benz superdome coming home after a loss last week to Carolina playing for playoff spot the saints are going to be very very hard to beat and. The good news is that everybody practiced yesterday including Drew Brees who isn't limited in practice on Wednesday with a bruised knee. Now if the saints beat the bucks. And if the falcons beat Carolina the saints will be the number two seed. -- be an SE and -- WW a pretty general opinion poll what do you think will be the results of the -- box and the falcons Panthers game this weekend. Saints win falcons win that would be -- 47% say that's gonna happen 39% say the saints will win. But the Panthers who win it. And 14% say the saints. Will lose it -- -- -- by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that coming up being just a few minutes it from coming to -- a year and a BW oh good morning. -- -- -- -- The government wanted to talk about double smoking note the -- in the Colorado mountain man honestly. Club better than drinking on the mountains you're a lot more clear headed and your decisions -- -- you did it allowed you make better decisions when you're there and honestly you'd grant additional amount washed sunset the sun rising. -- -- -- -- do you have experience best skiing or snowboarding high. Definitely they just happen I mean I I I don't I don't smoke but when it. When I was in not only Colorado but also when I was in the Portland Seattle -- go to with a bounce outside of those two cities there you see people on a sparking up on them on the list. You know it's -- I mean you're in an open area that you know there's there's honestly especially on the harder slopes there's nobody around. And so just going up and down the mountain is obviously a lot more breathtaking when -- -- and then when you're drugs. So -- it was so you know John Denver obviously knew what he was talking about when he wrote mark rocky mountain time. Nadal definitely definitely -- it was the it was a -- with a magical experience -- thing. How would he was talking about -- and Ohio. It. So it's interesting that that a company now -- marijuana tour company Colorado highlight two hours for 12100 dollars will pick you up -- your hotel. And they'll drive you from your hotel to the lists and they'll they'll provide a free pot snacks and soda in the limousine on your way to snowboarding skiing. And I can say I'd -- I'd do it more back in the day I'm not like that anymore I'm a little bit older and but I can honestly tell you that that's that's a good deal you're all about man I mean obviously it's it's a problem with the government more than it is the people in there's a lot of people bolt wrong bull crap. -- out there with -- you know so I mean it definitely. It's steadily just some government hype and people interest in keeping things. But the money flow into the government. I agree that Joseph I mean you know I mean I I smoke years ago a modest about that and I don't know if I was a sharp as CIA as I am and I don't now I would be better off I think may be a ticket a couple of hits the taken a couple of shots and and there were times that I have to admit this there were times and I was. On the -- years ago when I lived in New Orleans and I got go to the mountains and I was with somebody. Who had a flask. On the on the list and we are drinking vodka on our way up and I I don't think that was a good idea would recommend -- Yet I drink I drink and smoke blow it out there you know I had a couple of government shops with hot chocolate and -- right. -- to be honest the -- the reaction time is a little bit slower what you make better decisions. When your ally -- -- and you do when your drunk and you mean again how many part related -- have been there have been recorded last year. Well at people and people don't die because of the marijuana in their system yeah died because of actions that follow putting marijuana in in their systems I don't -- and I'm not gonna recommend smoking -- and getting on the slopes but. Again I I think everybody's responsible for their their behavior regardless of what they'd make a decision to do in their arm bars at the bottom and top of every mountain. Absolutely yeah I mean there's there's definitely I just -- it more clear than drinking out rather I'd rather be high. And go down a mountain can be completely wasted drunk in trying to snowboard. John I'm glad you called the show however it would probably be better if you weren't stoned or if you were drawn. Going down the mountain. Here's -- taxed they -- have you seen the vending machines that dispense no I haven't seen the vending machines that dispense pot but you know they have. They have stores like. McPeek he type stores that have all kinds of bakery products of marijuana and an even ice cream. There's even a commercial on the radio -- in Denver you can if if -- -- likes ice cream you -- -- -- of marijuana ice cream you can buy that for. I'm Stewart in for Tommy Tucker. We'll be right back. -- -- But this Sunday against the -- engine bay -- we say it's a very important game and we've said that before with a couple of games of the saints had a lot to play for the Seattle against the rams and want to play for a last week and they've lost those three games. Mark Bernard is an -- a veto of a sports this morning -- is in our studio this morning -- what do you think is gonna be the key to a saints victory if indeed they win I expected to win. Well this season that's the key is at their home because they -- 70 in the superdome they'd they'd for the most -- -- blown everybody out they played. And who knows what the reason is why the weather so much better home and on the road I think that's what makes people think they're bad road team because they're. They're not a bad road team but they look so much better at home its its drastic and I think that's going to be the key there homeless weakened. They're playing a Tampa Bay team that's gonna look a lot different from what it looked like when they played him in week two different quarterback kind of a different mindset you know. They they started the season so poorly -- that kind of gotten a little world here in and got some wins under their belt might clintons really new come along at the quarterback position. So it's it's going to be a almost a totally different team felt like playing them last season. But this rookie quarterback record colon he's he's really prone to be -- he's he's not fast he can't move around too well. Well that it and you know they need work on their offensive line -- they're big offensive line acquisition was Carl Nicks -- -- He hasn't played a down this year because of that staph infection. So. You know that their line needs work but you know. And Doug Martin is out but Bobby Rainey has been playing well the running back position so they've got some offensive firepower and and and -- Sean Payton likes Oakland a lot. Sean Payton talked earlier this week about Glen and and now -- they were looking at maybe draft and Yemen and Tampa got him instantly they like Clinton. When they were looking at him in in the combined in the draft so he's -- quality football player. But you know Kim Jordan in their junior a -- gonna look at this guy like -- of people looks at a workshop. Let's hope because we need them to have good games this weekend in and help our defense out because. If if we if we play well on defense and in and we take the ball a couple of times to make it real -- for camp. Getting the demands of Michael -- said earlier on the show authorities on defense was -- really going to be the -- and and this is what has really put the saints in the position they're in not just the office but our offense to score a lot of points in the -- They do and and you for the most -- the -- and our defense is almost looked better in the office and a lot of games which is -- of a change for a Sean Payton's team. But yet they they need the defense -- to come to have come on strong in the in and shut down to. Our Barbara Norbert WBO sports and for joining us in the studio. I'd be here I stood for Tommy Tucker it's 7:50 on this Friday morning and here's another -- give you -- traffic updates. Coming up after the news in the next hour we'll talk about the -- dynasty controversy which continues as Sarah Palin Jesse Jackson and Louisiana lieutenant governor Jay Darden. Are among those who have recently joined this controversy I think this is a great lesson in first amendment rights. It's also I think exposes a degree of hypocrisy in America so we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour of the scoop blog if you read it and share in common articulate -- totally disagree with the it's a title -- a dynasty controversy a lesson in first amendment rights in. That -- says such a temptation to be hypocritical and people don't realize how hypocritical they can be would they discuss. Have any issues it -- get into that coming up in the next hour will be talking about the saints headed by taking on the for an eleven Tampa Bay Bucs -- coverage here and every WL begins at 11 o'clock Sunday morning. With Tom and Estes and Steve chord with fans first take. Like from Oceanic real permanent contact in the French Quarter of what a great way to start the day you could it have on occasion breakfast is. 1 o'clock vita -- him whatever you wanted to food is great it's a great way to. Not only just you -- of camaraderie was saints fans in in -- usually there are fans from the other team. At this week it'll be some Tampa Bay Bucs as -- sometimes those fans tend to wander into Oceanic real and everybody's very nice to them. But this is a great place to also get psyched up for the game because you get a lot of good information from Steve court. Anton Manassas and then it's the bond like countdown to kick off. With Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia live outside of gate C at the Mercedes-Benz superdome -- like -- alias often with them and he's always with him. A game time is at 325 and we got the best play by play team football. Jim Anderson -- guy John and Christie -- and after the game it's the point after with Bobby bare lie for Dini seafood in the French Quarter. And that is also plays a great food and it's fun together there. After the game win or lose it's fun to be a -- seafood in the first course -- ten hours of wall to wall saints football coverage. Begins Sunday at 11 o'clock here and every WL. I I don't. I don't get disturbed by many things. But I'm starting to get disturbed by. By the trend of violence. And you know I'm not afraid to be in New Orleans. I'm not afraid of the city. And I'm afraid. To a walk around I'm a little more careful now. We are ago and at what time I'm walking around particularly if I'm alone. I'm concerned about. A couple of things that have happened recently. It has something for us to watch as we get into 2014. There was a case in the news where. A bunch of teenagers. Brushed a movie theater. There's a suspect. Who shot six people. In the push parish are sure you've heard this -- -- Chris Noble have an update on this coming up in just a few minutes man allegedly went -- to shooting spree last night. In the first parish. Laporte racial and terrible -- People are dead and then there was a shooting yesterday morning we were talking about. Eight people. In Slidell olde Towne Slidell. Outside of the shooter social -- There seems to be. A growing tendency. To. Vent frustration. And to settle. Arguments are growing and it's always been there but a growing frustration to settle these things with gun violence. And there needs to be a clear message. That incivility. In our society is not going to be accepted I don't know what the answer is but this is something that we definitely need to be paying attention to. I'm skewed in fort Tommy Tucker if you wanna join us with a comment this morning -- numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. Point seven.

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