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12-27 8:10am Scoot, Duck Dynasty controversy

Dec 27, 2013|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot talks about the continuing controversy over Duck Dynasty

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Take to take on the block something in the Mercedes-Benz superdome saints -- five which is really -- on defense is playing really well. Ten bucks for an eleventh. I'm more interest in the -- used to having a very very. On strong performance against the Bucs -- six or twelve and a half point favorite. Will they cover the spread -- they should but we've said to a lot of things that should happen in the past including last week the saints should have beaten Carolina considering the way they were playing. And -- Carolina was playing and it didn't happen. It is an NFL game and anything can happen but it's just unlikely that the saints or going to fall apart after a loss a game they should've won last week and coming home. To the home crowd of the Mercedes-Benz superdome just I can't imagine. The saints losing this game they're no guarantee wins but this is about as close as you can get I'm looking forward to being there. I -- give -- a pretty jag opinion poll has been what do you think the results of the saints Bucs and falcons Panthers gains are going to be this weekend. Saints win and the falcons were 47%. Saints win Panthers win 39%. Saints -- 14%. You shipping by going to our web site WW wells dot com. This city is getting very very crowded news New Year's Eve is is such a big big event here in New Orleans this is one of the top spots in the country. To welcome in the new year. And not only do people coming from out of town blitzes so many local people go downtown line the river they. The crowd Jackson square the B bands out there will be talking more about this next week -- will be back right after the first of the year but Monday and Tuesday on the show. We'll talk about some of the things. That took place in 2013 some of the best and some of the worst of 2013. Effect on Dubuque is in the think tank for Garland Robinette today and wanting to talk about his. The biggest -- of 2013. According to pull it affects the biggest -- this year was President Obama saying that Obama care. Will allow you to keep your current plan if you wanna keep it. Do you think that was the biggest -- of 2013. What do you think should be given the Pinocchio award for 2013. And also their life holiday blockbuster movies in full swings and what you gonna go see and what should you rent on dvd. Climb into the think tank with Don Dubuque in for garlic today from ten to one. Here on -- WL. I I am disservice to this right before the with the news hi I'm I'm disturbed about this shooting in the first bearish. And I'm disturbed about any any shooting. But somebody went on a apparently went on the shooting Rampage and I believe three people -- -- total of six people were shot 38 year old Dan Freeman is the only shooter he was found. Dead in his car on the side of the highway ninety. The first shooting took place about 640. Last night in block port. All of which council member was soon with -- council member which was injured on his wife died from gunshot wounds. The second shooting happened about twenty minutes later. At a house in racially. And it was an administrator from auction or -- and who died in the shooting and his wife and daughter. Were both injured. And then the third location terrible parish. A woman believed to be -- Freeman's wife was shot to death. These families had simple restraining orders against -- Robin Freeman. Who worked -- option or stay -- So. These don't appear to be as far as I can tell these don't appear to be random shootings got a text a moment ago that this was the number one story. On ABC's Good Morning America. Which doesn't make us look very good but there's also points out that violent people are everywhere. Not just in the city of New Orleans there in the suburbs as well and and last night and then there was a shooting that by signing before last yesterday morning were talking about the shooting were eight people were -- Outside of a bar in old Towne Slidell. And it got a few text those people were probably from New Orleans Bowl then maybe sell but the point is a crime is it is everywhere. And then there's a story in the news about a group of teenagers rushing a movie theater. A police having a hard time controlling them. I sense an -- and I'm not an alarmist by any means. But I'm a little concerned about this sense that I have of some degree of of rage. Manifesting it's a -- even more now. Than it has in the past. And there in in some cases there seems to be this group mentality. And then I think about something as simple as the knock out game which is is very dangerous. This idea that you just go punch somebody in -- and knock -- You walk down the street and in this is that this is becoming gained the knock -- game and the ideas to knock somebody to hit somebody so hard that you you knock him out. On the spot. We need to address the idea that a lot of people obviously are having a very difficult time dealing with. -- emotions and they do they don't know how to deal with their emotions. We all get angry we all get upset. But the world is becoming more and more of a place where people feel like they can instantly gratify their rage. And they do it through acts of violence. The controversy over the -- dynasty comments made by Phil Robertson continues today any. Has continued to stand by this suspension of Phil Robertson by controversy about this we'll talk about that we come back I'm student for Tommy Tucker and -- WL. And and it's changed some rest now her I read the prayer. The same. And it doesn't mention -- so I guess the good news -- -- it could be ready public schools. Were idling at the black and gold prayer for the saints. As soon as I -- we got an instant requests for it to be on our web sites that we've got it up on our website under our opinions on the front page interview to be real dot com and we just posted it. On our FaceBook page at WWL radio. So read the prayer -- and others say the trailer this is a very important game Sunday. The saints go to the playoffs. If they win now I I believe there's still a scenario if the saints lose an Arizona loses the states might still get to the playoffs but that's the way to get to the playoffs -- You shouldn't back into the playoffs although Mike utility pointed out earlier than. The Baltimore Ravens I believe he said lost the first three games in December last year and they went on and win the Super Bowl. And the saints lost the last three games on the the season when they went to the Super Bowl but that was a different saints team in this team would have the saints need to win this game. And if they win -- they're in the playoffs and if we are also blessed with the falcons beating the Panthers. Then we're number two seed in the NFC. But the falcons hate us so much you know you have to wonder somewhere deep in their mind is the idea that hey let's lose this game because if we can't win we certainly don't want the saints to win. I would like to think that if you paid as much money is players are paid. That no matter what the circumstances. They always -- lot of Tryon and winning game and not having been in the NFL would be next to question to a summary like a Barbie beer or. Or Steve court regardless of of what's at stake. Even if nothing is at stake even if you don't like a team would you still go out and try your best even if it comes down to. I'm trying to will not trying to lose but if it comes down to losing leads to a number one draft pick two players actually try to lose a game. I don't wanna sound naive but I don't think that's the case. In any event I'll I'll read the -- read the black and gold prayer for the saints so on the air after the news at 9 o'clock but if you wanna read it and -- it's on our FaceBook page you can come and artist who over the post. It's -- WB -- radio on FaceBook is also on our front page of our website WWL Todd cop. It dates warning on Friday morning we are heading into what's going to be. This weekend in New Orleans. -- -- him for Tommy Tucker. I guess this is one of she -- -- gasoline. Improved accuse you. Also thank the soldiers make you land -- I'm security mortality records. Eight Tony I'd like come on let's get the -- You're welcome WWL -- good morning -- -- -- I'm good. Yes it is do or. LA and going to try to whip up on. I can't. Are we. In about retiring here and -- an -- Sheila over. Ito let let them -- Just that they cannot achieve that -- not whatever old deal I don't. Yeah I'd like to think that they're gonna try I'd like to think that even if they were playing for a Tony Gonzales to his last game that did anybody who takes the field goal always try their best to win. Absolutely would have waged not disparage the -- wondered how he can and help build the ones at all. I Jenny am glad to call -- need to -- WL. The -- getting very very crowded in anticipation of New Year's Eve and also the Sugar Bowl coming up on a day after New Year's stage favorite sector between Alabama and Oklahoma. The controversy over comments made by -- dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson about gays and blacks is continuing to attract national attention. Sarah Palin Jesse Jackson and lieutenant governor from Louisiana Jay -- Are among the recent people who were talking about this controversy. I think this is providing us with a classic lesson in first amendment rights that are also exposes hypocrisy in America. In an interview in GQ magazine Robertson who was a born again Christian condemned homosexuality as a -- and compared homosexual behavior to be DLC. In medical terms that some consider pornographic but again I don't know how you would consider medical terms to be graphic but elected to use the words that he used even though their medical terms. About anatomy a Robertson said that he didn't understand why anyone would would prefer the anatomy of a man to the anatomy of a woman. And admittedly is a heterosexual. I don't understand that but it's not for me to judge. Robertson also essentially said that the blacks that he he grew up with than -- he knew. Were were happy. They were happy before the civil rights movement. And economists on both of these sensitive issues. And is being discussed in the media and and also an everyday conversation the media's interest is in keeping a controversy alive and that tells us a lot about the motivation and mentality of the media. The media thrives on controversies. Which create stories that have a long life adding to the media's insatiable appetite. For compelling content. The ongoing debates about same sex marriage in racism in America are both hot button issues drawing instinctive opinions for most Americans. -- -- the issues that divide Americans and -- division. Controversies are born. But there seems to be some confusion about first amendment rights in America we are free to say anything we wanna say. But with that freedom as with every freedom. Comes responsibility. I haven't heard anybody argues that Phil Robertson did not have the right. To make the comments that he made. The debate seems to center more around the repercussions of his comments but I think that's part of the lesson about about the First Amendment. After Robertson made the comments by a -- decided to suspend him from the popular show -- dynasty. I agree with Roberts is right to say what he said I've -- I don't agree with tears his observations. But I agree with his right to say it. But I also agree with any right to suspend or fire somebody whose words -- actions reflect poorly on the network. The image of their product. Eighty. May have a right to take action against Robertson. I don't like the action that they took that they have a right to do it Phil Roberts it's opinions. Should really be no surprise to anybody and it's not surprising that. That somebody -- like Phil Robertson has that attitude and an this is again I don't agree with his attitude but it shouldn't be as a surprise to anybody. I also think it's fair to point out that those who vehemently. Support the opinions -- Phil Robertson. Are conservatives. And it's fair to make the general observation conservatives have. The image of being more pro business than -- again it's a general statement. To be pro business would support a company's discretion. When it comes to hiring and fire. If you. Do not thing than a and he has the right to suspend Phil Robertson for his comments and I assume that you would oppose any business's right to deny employment to anybody. Who we simply expressing their opinion. Should a business be allowed to fire or suspended and -- who suddenly shows up at work with with tattoos. Mean or tattoos -- -- expression. If you support a business's right to fire somebody who has tattoos. Then you obviously support any decision if it is in the year. Subjective opinion that -- Robertson's comments. Reflected negatively. On the product. And I think this is where hypocrisy is just overwhelming in American society. And those -- the biggest hypocrites don't even recognize their own hypocrisy. You really can't condemn a Guinea for suspending Phil Robertson from -- dynasty. For comments that the network considered damaging to its image. And then supported the business for not hiring or firing an employee for the freedom of expression that it considers detrimental to the image of the company. Acknowledging. Acknowledging our hypocrisy is not an easy thing to do. And the reverend Jesse Jackson has now jumped into the controversy. Making but I thought was a ridiculous statement. About it -- Robertson's comments and the bus driver who told Rosa Parks. And I think 1955. That she couldn't sit in the front of the budget to go to the back of the bus. If you haven't heard this I'll tell you about that when we come back right after the years. It's a dirty one I'm scoot him for Tommy Tucker here's -- of the WWL news updates. -- Another classic from the -- Early and we. -- for the world to. This video. Never understood this on them without. That was remember them. The safety. -- still unfortunately Tucker. Conservative former vice presidential cancer Palin has -- tweeted this comments following the initial criticism of Phil Robertson abduct -- Comments about gays. Sarah Palin -- out free speech is an endangered species those intolerance patent and talk and on -- dynasty patriarch. Our talk and on all of us I agree with Sarah Palin free speech is an endangered species. But make no mistake about it conservatives have done as much as liberals to kill free speech in America. Louisiana lieutenant governor Jay Darden has not entered the controversy by saying he will use his influence to make sure that -- dynasty remains in production of the state. Saying that if it's not on -- and he he'll work to get it on another network because it is very important to the State's tourism industry. Now there's a couple of of the networks that are interested to one of them is a Christian affiliated -- channel. Where they say that he needs to scripted and their their network allows the personalities to flow. Another network is the pursuit channel. They told TMC. That they do not censored their personnel as well I wonder if the Christian -- network would have somebody on who supported same sex marriage. I again. I think this controversy. Is an exercise in. I discussing the First Amendment which has to go both ways it can't just be the speech that you agree with. I think it's also at an exercise in exposing hypocrisy in our society the reverend Jesse Jackson has jumped in the controversy and again Phil Roberts since it's something to the effect of I don't have the words and -- but he was he was making a point that. The blacks that he worked with in the fields in Louisiana when he was growing up before the civil rights movement were happy and they were singing. Giving the impression that did before the civil rights movement blacks were better off than they are now. Or they were doing just fine. The reverend Jesse Jackson said these statements uttered by Robertson. Are more offensive than the bus driver in Montgomery Alabama more than 59 years ago. At least the bus driver who ordered Rosa Parks to surrender her seat to a white person was following state law. Comparing still Robertson's comment to. The bus driver who ordered Rosa Parks to the back of the bus. I think is designed to fuel racial tension which is the lifeblood. Of Jesse Jackson's effort to remain prominent. In America. If you support. A business. Firing somebody who does something that damages their image because your pro business. Then what's the basis for the criticism of a unique you might disagree with. You might disagree with the idea that what Phil Robertson said. Is. Consider an unfavorable comment you might disagree percent. But you can't disagree with the network having the right to suspend him and it's really left up to the marketplace. To decide. You decide whether you support a kidney or you. Boycotting and you decide whether or not. You support -- dynasty to the point where a Guinea has to keep it on or goes to another network I mean this really is something that it falls back to the marketplace. But free speech does does not mean the freedom to to say things that only you agree with. Free speech also protects the words and comments you strongly disagree with I mean it's it's it's it's easy to support free speech if you agree with it. It's not easy to support free speech if you don't agree with it. My stance on same sex marriages is quite public and I I -- I've talked about it when the topic comes up on that shows that I do here at WW. I have got a text from people who do not think that I belong on the year because of those news. And I'm not exactly sure what part of the First Amendment do they not understand. You can't have it both ways you you can't just support the free speech that you agree with if you wanna join our show with a comment this morning are numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. -- number is 87017. I'm skewed if. Tommy Tucker we'll be right back into the WL. It's Friday at the beginning of the weekend what's it like fun pop music going in and out of operates remember this -- I think what's it like it like Paula Abdul. Straight up and which is anything she which is set she was not with which she was what they wanted to pushing train wreck when she was -- the duchess of American Idol. I said a prayer on the on the show earlier today about the same since the black and gold prayer it's it's on our website at WW real dot com I'm gonna read it again on the year after the news at 9 o'clock. But you can now -- -- and they share with others that you think need to join in on this this prayer for the saints on on Sunday. Nights like eagle prior to that -- WL -- console seller FaceBook page which used to be WL radio I'm Chris you -- -- VW on good morning. The -- and put -- public. -- support so Robinson -- current stage and get to share a year. How politically and socially correct they knew he had the speech where Nate you know pretty -- I dated. -- tell me how they have like dot you've been out on going on the last two week. They -- to get my different episodes that haven't been -- That the player in the orange show and all that wasn't that big ships that get so much practice and in. Feedback from that the supported that. They know that it would cut him off -- -- -- the public security -- and I was stationed. And it lose too much money for everything that. There's just to show. -- -- that racial and Jack Jack Jack. He's only to have diapers to -- to cheer and anybody else but it. Number I'm going to call criticized I would agree that it Jesse Jackson and their -- often Al Sharpton and they benefit from racial tension -- they wouldn't be promoted if there wasn't racial tension and so it is in their best interest to focus only. On things that bring about racial tension not racial harmony. Here's a -- brings up a comment that a couple of people have made this morning. They scoot it's. I said it before -- against a valid point. About the hypocrisy of the gay and lesbian community that condemn somebody's personal opinion and lifestyle Robertson. As his lifestyle is there is a Christian. But watch is wants to their own opinion and lifestyle support. It would be critical it would be very hypocritical to condemn pat Robert -- -- that Phil Robertson. For being a Christian I don't criticize him for that he has a right to his opinion and nobody would argue that but. Does -- -- any have a right to react to something that he said that they believe is detrimental to the image of the network. Most. Most celebrities most on air personnel. Have conduct clauses of some kind in their contract. That allow them to be fired if they say or do something that he is detrimental to. Who they work for Mary here -- WWL. -- It's so much a Haitian consulate at the -- -- article -- it. On. I hope they -- I think I return -- most -- under constitutional question. Partying column. Politicians are elected official saying otherwise like our starter in our constitution. But that being sent it. You know I think AD yet but right to do about integrity that could have been handled better maybe include participants on the show. They represent. Other viewpoints. And see how the you know the original participants of pressure on -- -- -- be -- I don't know I would I would agree -- a -- has a right to react the way that they react I disagree with the reaction by -- I disagree with the HR and -- I disagree I disagree with that I'd. I I disagree with. I I I I don't sheer. Still Robertson's opinions. Of homosexuality. Edit the edges that perhaps somebody what you're -- included on the short -- Al. And maybe app that if they have positions paparazzi out though Robert certain respond wins you know. But -- but the nature of the show is entertainment you know they don't have to kill both sides of the issues in public adulation -- -- -- a very good and I'm not sure they would welcome me on -- dynasty but I would welcome the opportunity the a conversation. John and had to call the show bureau -- they would -- coming right back with more of -- economists at WW well. Now I'm -- -- four time it's accurate and a little traffic out there but we still what you know what's going on news. Yeah traffic -- David Gerald Robinson. And I -- let's just go ahead pick the cheesy and some songs. For. I remember -- -- when they hit -- I'm screwed it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- good luck today betting on our website at WWL dot com is titled. -- dynasty controversy was sitting in first amendment rights. What about that poor guy who break them. Andrew Goodman -- -- that was the other part of Miami. Before I'm just resigned just delegate total obscurity. Does the First Amendment protect both Phil Robertson for -- dynasty and. Any Mary you're on the VW -- good morning. Barney. I it. Any entity so you are both the credit. They. Who -- let me. And they used to flag let their eating and it -- that they say is there. Actually are publicly is an hour. And now -- -- yet let's get. It out. Yeah and I applaud anybody who. Stands up to their opinion I play anybody who is bold enough to expel Larry does -- mean I always agree with the opinions. But they are not that it might. Higher -- art rock. And now that. I think our. Current the thing that. M area I think this is a good point they've they've hired him and nobody is surprised I mean I don't know what -- stereotype but nobody's surprise that this is his opinion piece of born again Christian and he. Does a lot of speaking at churches and a lot of people who do that I have this opinion of of homosexuality -- I disagree with that but it's not a surprise that he has an opinion. You know it. Is -- Very and I. I'm going to call the show thanks for listening here's a -- their reads it's free speech. Why force the world they have one view media is quick to stifle conservative these days by the way I take the middle ground. I just don't care either way but I see more people shut down for just having an opinion in what is supposed to be the land of the free. Well I agree look. There are liberals who try to shut -- conservatives in the conservatives who try to shut down liberal points of view -- people who think that if you don't agree with them you don't have a right to express your opinion in the media. And that. Is fraud. I'm scoot group Doug Tucker we'll be right back activities at every if you.

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