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12-27 9:10am Scoot, Saints & Duck Dynasty controversy

Dec 27, 2013|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about the Saints and about the continuing Duck Dynasty controversy

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Excesses of writing. They were between Christmas and New Year's Eve -- his New Orleans is spinning very crowded. -- this morning and I like got to convince him to 350s there were people in bars -- people walking around with drinks what kind of city is this. So we're excited about getting into this weekend the weekend before you see people coming to town this -- this is gonna get very very crowded. Not only is New Year's Eve of acceleration but we're in town for the Alabama Oklahoma and -- sure -- which use the day after new years. Lot of red in the city that you needed to tell the city's already developing a Victoria it's so we're having fun going in and out of our breaks loose on that. They just want to politics. Studio -- -- -- I wish you could see when I see it. In the other student. -- studio producer and room and I -- producer George -- darkness I think it's it's like -- go go platform. They're both dancers. I'm glad you showed that musical show. Some degree but coming up and a few minutes -- -- I wrote a prayer for. The saints it's a very important game Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz superdome against. A Tampa Bay if we win we go to the playoffs says there's still a possibility of getting to play dose of we don't win but that that's not the way to get into the playoffs. We need to win and as Atlanta beat the Panthers. Then the saints are going to be the number two seed in the NFC so. I was really disappointed last week as I'm I'm sure many of you were at the saints could've won that game and he should have beat the Panthers but then they've coupled to conservative in my opinion. To the end of the game. But this -- and a great position to control their destiny and in my conciliator a point this out earlier in the show. The they're the ravens I believe he said lost -- last -- all the lost the first three games in December. When they when the Super Bowl last year. So let's not worry so much about where the saints have have been in the games they should've won let's hope the saints focus on what they can't do there's no guarantee that anybody's gonna win. In the NFL opening this game Sunday is as close to a guaranteed win as you can get and and don't forget if you're going to be in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Get -- but I got a prayer for the saints and noticing on the air here in just a moment we've also posted on our FaceBook page at WL radio. And it's also on our website at WW real dot com under our opinions. You can read it and share with others. Now we have day and a talking about the -- dynasty controversy which continues to grow. Now Sarah Palin has jumped into the controversy lieutenant governor. I'm AJ garden of Louisiana. And also Jesse Jackson has jumped to Jesse Jackson's. Something that I thought was a rather ridiculous comparison. One thing that -- think that Phil Robertson implied in this this interview with GQ magazine is that. -- he remembers being around blacks who were singing in happy and he was working in the fields with them. And this was before the civil rights movement the implication is is that before civil rights of blacks were happy I'd like to think that that people were. Generally happy with their lives but. Unfortunately the way it was interpreted. Whether this is right or wrong the way it was interpreted is on the civil rights movement it really didn't benefit blacks in America. I was that would to Phil Robertson met I don't know but that's the way it has been interpreted. So Jesse Jackson has jumped into this by saying that. Phil Robertson's comments for more offensive. Than the bus driver in Montgomery Alabama 59 years ago. Who ordered -- -- to surrender her seat to a white person because he was at least following state law. Again I think this is another example. Of Jesse Jackson. Striving to find a racial tension where ever he can. And unfortunately. A lot of people rallied around that Jesse Jackson. Doesn't. Doesn't succeed as much it Jesse Jackson wouldn't be around if there were racial tension and I think that sand and and I know there seems to be this attempt by Jesse Jackson on the surface to bring people together but. His his actions don't really bring people together and again I think that was their ridiculous statement that he made. I think this whole controversy is an episode in a learning about the First Amendment and the First Amendment does not mean just stuff that you agree with. They're people who disagree with my opinion. And I have gotten comments news throughout my career anyway you don't you don't belong on the radio -- because my opinion and you might disagree with my opinion but. So -- doesn't belong on the radio because of their opinion. To me that's an absurd comment for anybody to make. It everybody is entitled to their opinion but their all or repercussions for freedom of speech. You can't. You can't sing whatever you want and and in some cases not expect for there to be repercussions for what you say. If you wanna join our show with a comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text numbers 877. And once again for the record. I don't agree with still Robinson's opinion of homosexuals. But I agree with his right to say it. I agree that AD as the right to react. In whatever way they feel like they need to react. But I disagree with the reaction and only be issued a -- but let's let's not lose sight of the fact that they need is benefiting. For this controversy and so is still Roberts. A for New Orleans -- a year under the WL. Armed guards to let -- all right are -- -- and basically you look around to. Speak about. In the repair work please -- are in the regular American. Rhetoric and make a statement in the workplace. -- -- -- And it would be a debt trajectory won't be -- -- and it won't be any more then enough. Or -- every day for the let me bold statement and come to better compete. But now you do with the purple Montreal Robert McNamara unit. Everyone won't come up could they wanna be gravity that is what. On the dole took care and could be -- -- -- right back at the train track. What about the bill. Would borrow you know we. Were able to beat them and each or all -- waiting to terminated. That's a possibility again I think there's a lot of confusion -- about first amendment rights you have the right to say something but if you do -- -- the right thing that you're going to be held accountable for what you say nets you -- and that's the way it should be. And it at different times through the evolution of our. Our nation. Different things. Are sensitive it's sometimes they're more sensitive it's sometimes -- but the talent and and most people in the media. Have conduct some kind of a conduct clause in their concert. In their contract. That prohibits them from saying or doing things that reflect negatively. On the company they work for now again. I don't agree that this was so negative they should've fired him because I think this is what you expect from a guy like Phil Robertson but think of all the people Jimmy who. Would say that a company has -- right to fire somebody who shows up with tattoos. With an employee suddenly shows up at work with a much -- that is as a company have a right to fire. That's freedom of expression in the disguise expressing this girl is expressing themselves. The company has a right to suspend or fire somebody for doing something like that that you have to support a knees right to suspect and Phil Roberts. And it definitely correct you not think -- situation young man and partly a Washington. -- hungry combat. And he pretty much and he was an American and -- pretty much made defined comment. You know not exactly -- -- from Katrina gate and the young man shall and the one train ticket and no once stood out one hand it's Korea basically go yeah you don't really -- -- -- anything anymore he's. You can either either. And what -- right. Yeah I think it was right because. Certain things like if you reap some more adult life you should -- -- the -- about it probably if -- ignore you. You know because the debate between them who -- -- society -- everyone is ready to go out the course. Al-Qaeda and everybody also -- we're in we're we're a state of mind now where people feel like they have a right to go through life -- never be offended and the point is you're not gonna go through this life and not be offended. In in in fact a freedom of speech also. Protects the freedom to offend and if you think you're gonna go through life and not be offended then -- you -- rather naive. It you're right because I'm an African American male and -- believe my idol and I'm glad I continued my battle. You love it that you wouldn't hear one you know coordinate but it is one you know what that person -- ignorant and I don't need people and trying. Jimmy I'm not comparing me to view because it is different but there are people who make consistent comments about me whether they know me -- -- -- -- -- see me on the street to him get a lot of great reaction but sometimes they're people who make derogatory comments. About me because of the -- look I know it's it's different because I choose to look the way I look at you were born the way you -- but I think I was born with my. My instincts and end. You know like I -- I can't let it bother me and it's it's offensive some of the things that people say in the way people feel about certain things that I don't what about Jimmy have a great weekend -- political -- All right before we get to this break it by the what you'll join us for the comment -- numbers 26 dome. 1870. Toll free 8668890870. A text number is 877. And now. A prayer for the New Orleans Saints. If you're in a position where ignited and if you're driving obviously but if you can bow your head by your head with me and and let us -- Our saints. To -- and haven't. Held a B I game. -- tick off come by wind be done on Sunday as it was in September. Give us this win our weekly win. And forgiveness are incomplete passes as we forgive those who complete passes against us and lead us not. Into the offseason but deliver us that the NFC playoffs. -- I'm scoot. It to Tommy. And we'll be back under the WL. Yet another cheesy songs from the news argument could be made that everything. She's even I'd totally disagree that of course was the cure. It and -- GOP. And -- border. That was -- yeah. Unsuited for coming tiger hey it's Friday heading into the weekend -- to get some work to do over the weekend its eleventh weekend mentality. And this city news yes. It's getting. Proud of this morning and read 4 o'clock. People are still out again and this weekend. Unfolds will be able to -- and -- -- city and a lot of local people headed downtown to get ready for Christmas pretty easy. But also for discernible. We're talking of. The -- -- controversy which continues to grow I think this is a great lesson in the first amendment rights and I'd -- in for Tony Tucker if you gonna join us with your comment our number is 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text numbers 877. We've also been talking about the saints big games Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz superdome -- black and gold prayer. The largest -- of Mir is available on our website at WW dot com and you would read that it. A share with others you can even give it to your kids to bring to school because it doesn't mention guides so it's it's it's okay. Actually fewer kids bring something to school with with god. On it did that's okay is August the school doesn't lead the prayer that's another big misunderstanding about. The Supreme Court ruling. About -- prayers and not being in public schools in the school can't lead the prayer but kids kids -- Brian Cushing -- -- pray whenever you want. -- I -- right now on the -- and kids can pray in school if they want. But the at the Paris on our website at WW dot com and also it's our FaceBook page at WWL. Radio. Here's a Texan reach astute I don't know you. But I would not want to worship a god that is prejudice against people's lifestyle. Gay people can't enter the gates of heaven. And that night I totally agree I agree with that somebody's right to say something. I don't have to agree with what they say -- one of the great hypocrisy in America today is people thinking that. Somebody doesn't have a -- have a right to say something. If if it's something that that's disagreeable. Where you don't have -- you shouldn't you shouldn't be on the that you shouldn't say that you should have a right well there's a big misunderstanding about the First Amendment. And I also. I think it's hypocritical if you support a business. And firing if you supported business firing somebody that would show -- worked for the much of tattoos because that reflects negatively on their business in their opinion I don't think it should but in their opinion if it does. They have a a right to fire that person. But yet you're critical of a need for making the judgment they -- I'm not again this is that this is a tough thing for me to argue because. I don't think a unique should've suspended Phil Robertson for his comments and -- has a right to those comments though I disagree. I and I disagree with AMD suspending him but they're getting a lot of publicity out of this. But I do support the idea that if they think that something is said that reflects negatively on the air brand. Then they have a right to fire. Opera can't keep -- WWL. Hey good morning sneaky. And the and the you know like preferences. I'm not at saint -- however. I do you have in the -- Serious reservations about him. You know winning that game in going any further. Like people they who dat nation well good number that come up with the court and -- term I'm real. And it realistically. Looking at the -- performance that there. Offensive line did -- and then this realistically. Looking at this. And you know I'm sorry that this can't live in the crowd the -- on a carpet. I'd do it can see them going -- much further because there they're played in past performance in the way that report had just he would -- Why do you do you think they'll be Tampa Bay Sunday. I have to reservations. As I'm being honest with you know wanna be realistic at all because come on magic carpet. Why don't -- Nightline I think you should always be honest with your opinion. Well you know what -- thing and demeanor body was believing that the dignity year which I think he can back it. I think the corner at -- football and that was it that thought they were playing good however it. I think Mike -- that it -- He's that I believe this is being decent being seen you know I don't I believe that was -- -- that you said that your market that would occur this year that the and I think it was Mike Ditka isn't that I'd doubt this team -- good enough to win Mort -- do you remember that good. Well no I don't remember that exact comment but that was then and and this is now on this is a different team from Jim Morris team and a different team from Mike -- Steve. I I I've been disappointed a couple of times in the saints this this year -- a lot of confidence that what's gonna happen Sunday and and did you know you don't have to have a perfect record going into the playoffs you just have to get to the playoffs and then play well so we'll see with the -- to keep I'm glad -- called the show and thanks for -- Are coming up we should also really discussed we're talking about controversy on TV. You realize that if you watch CNN once again you're gonna have to deal with Kathy Griffin on New Year's Eve. Mean that's outrageous to me east -- both we talk about that as we talk about Phil Robertson. It's like 31 I'm studio for Tommy Tucker we're coming right back with more of your comments here's another WW elders updates. -- it's Friday and engineers say a couple of times this morning got a we caught him. At 350. In a hotel. Bar right across the street from my apartment building there are people in their party. And on Bourbon Street there were still people at 3:15 this morning I don't think they just went out I think they were actually party from last night. -- the weekend is -- starting to gear up in this city is getting crowded New Year's -- -- is a big time to be in New Orleans and we've got the sure -- -- the day after. New Year's Day January 2. This city is going to be packed this weekend hey it's the beginning of the weekend. -- pitches that. Federal law from California now. He is gonna do his annual Christmas show tonight at Carrollton station that's a really great intimate surroundings. I think secretly applaud these news a wild man but also has a very sensitive -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- looking -- something you do tonight. Tonight -- annual Christmas show and Carol. Station a studio for Tommy Tucker here's a Texan reason astute I don't know Leo read that when there's a text a -- how. How was it not okay for Phil Robertson to say what he did but Kenny -- can splash the confederate flag all over his clothes brand. And that's okay. Sounds kinda hypocritical to me. Well Phil Robertson and Kenya western in different businesses. And they represent the totally different things. And again I I think this whole controversy over the -- dynasty. Juan. Issue with eighties in -- Phil Robertson tonight I think this is a great exercise in trying to understand. The First Amendment which a lot of people really don't understand. You have a right to say things about -- also held accountable for what do you say. And businesses. And generally speaking this is a general statement. Generally speaking conservatives have the image of being more pro business. Then liberals I I didn't make that up that's conventional wisdom that's the general. The general consensus and again and -- there are exceptions. But if you're pro business than you which supported business having the right to hire or fire somebody. If what they do reflects negatively on your company now I find it's difficult to discuss because I don't think what Phil Robertson did. Should be disparaging to a any. But if that's a decision that they've made. And -- they have to deal with the reaction in the marketplace that they certainly have a right to to make that decision. Here is a text. That Reid said the show has wrapped up for this season Phil are. Is on the show he was not fired suspended knew he was suspended. But -- wrong. I believe they and he was wrong and also believe that Phil will be back next season they also think feel is an idiot for saying the things that he said. But support his right to speak his mind if you wanna join us from the -- are numbers 260170. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 87870. Earlier today -- mention something if you didn't hear this story for a lot of people in the series ago go skiing and snowboarding. There is a marijuana tour operator. Timothy. Now for 12100 dollars. They will pick you up your hotel. In a chauffeur driven limousine. You'll pick you up at the hotel and they will bring -- to the slopes. On the way. They give you complementary marijuana. Snacks. And -- Now I'm sure a lot of people are taking a wait a minute that they're taking people to the slopes there allowing them to get stoned. And there are going that'd snowboard and ski board. I means to ski and snowboard and I don't think this is a good idea but you know let's let's remember that. There's apart the bottom of the mountain and abort the top of the mountain and and and people. People take -- asks with them on the listed as something that. I've I've seen a lot of when I lived here -- go skiing in and I lived in Denver and other places where I couldn't Cristobal right to -- became national border. There are people who referred to the gondola as the -- Angela because there -- lot of people who were. Sport in the duke but when they're when they're on the list I'm glad I'm not supporting me and -- saying this is have a good thing to do I wouldn't. I wouldn't wanna be stoned. And be on the -- I would wanna be drunk. And be on the -- But now with the new marijuana laws or recreational use of marijuana now in the state of Colorado they're hard detours center around. Helping you get stolen from general Richard here under the WL. Say that can get more. And spirit. Maybe but take on this list but -- issues with little different from yours but. It took to make the entire issues simply of what I perceive as the hypocrisy. On the part of the LG BT community that the the gay and lesbian community. For you know years they have of that -- power lunch they preached tolerance. But excited that that. People should be tolerant of their likes. I'm not casting moral judgment on it but but he. They they beg for tolerance. And the preached tolerance shipped out -- and they -- the most intolerant. Overall when it comes to people who disagree with their lifestyle. Richard what you'll what you'll hear it though is it then -- news focuses on the extreme members of of any group. And and and I think it's unfair to say that the entire gay and lesbian community. Would be hypocritical but I I I think there are a lot of people in the community who are hypocritical. Time there are. People with every group that are are very hypocritical -- -- -- tolerance means tolerance it it means it means tolerating opinions and lifestyles that you disagree with. And if somebody who disagrees with. And being a -- Christian and announcing that that it still Robertson is electrician but it if you wanna talk about. Criticizing. Real hardcore -- Christian. Well you might not agree with their views but you have to use you have to be tolerant of that lifestyle. And I also would like to comment on on the action that they need to -- but suspending. So Roberts and from all I have read about this summer and operate -- a lot about it in the beginning of followed that very closely. And I think that. That AT&T simply gave -- to the initial complaints from the land organization. From them that gay and lesbian community. And from some complaints from their own employees. Who work the show staff members who -- the show. Who said they were there in the -- -- conference there. And so I think they and he reacted to the complaints from the view. And or ignoring the feeling some of the best -- Richard I don't I don't disagree with that and that could prove to be a mistake for -- him -- -- show. I didn't select this song I have nothing to do with us on this is one of the worst songs that is ever ever been written and recorded its its. This is a horrible -- Great. Who could forget this part because of so don't even make you. Sports -- doctor finally. Into the weekend Atlanta with us this morning. We've been talking about the -- dynasty controversy which judge does continue -- Sarah Palin Jesse Jackson and lieutenant governor Jay Gardner among the new people who got it all the controversy. And I think this is a great lesson in first amendment rights. You might agree that we would like totally disagree with my opinion. Again at all on the blogging you can read it here and kind of feel like it's we're excited to -- -- -- well. Dot com. And from -- and Steven -- WW real good morning. They were -- On the you know. I completely agree with what you're saying that field totally had a right they -- -- train. And he has a right to suspend about it thank. Although it was a over -- then. It's way too much and it wouldn't. Stephen that's what that that's what the that's what the media -- said the media. Brings up things that create controversy that divide people because it gets attention and the job of the media is to get your attention. And if if the media does manipulate on us as an audience maybe not me or you specifically but if the audience feels manipulated by the media. The artist he's a recognized that they have allowed the media to manipulate them. Are you actually I -- That I've never seen you -- like especially live news station W. Did you want -- the other it's always blowing up something that they don't agreement to make and -- it. And it really comes down to if you if you think about it the news quite often comes down and into controversies that are compelling come down to. You get one opinion and then you go -- you find in opposing opinion can you find the extremists. Within those groups you find the extreme voices within those groups and somehow people think that reflects America and it really doesn't. -- and and even true Robert cheek comment I wouldn't say our. The extreme that the to a steady as a public figure that have become so popular so -- That -- somebody like. Well there are certain things that at different times get a lot of attention and right now. The that this sensitivity -- for same sex marriage and racism in this country. Gets a lot of attention and it almost doesn't matter what you say if you say anything about this what's gonna happen is. The media will find I'd dissenting voice on an extreme descending voice to what you had said to what somebody has said and they create controversy. You know let's understand that the the -- -- the media is to get the largest possible audience therefore as I've always said it's governed by the same principles that govern entertainment. And and I you know that this may not be the way you want it to be the united want the news that you wanna hear but -- if if the news gave you the media gave you the news you you you needed to hear. It would be so boring you really would need to watch it and so that says a lot about -- says that audience Stephen I'm gonna get to break him I'm glad you called a show. I mentioned a moment ago that I didn't like the song ghostbusters. And here is a text that reads. I love the ghostbusters song. I am offended get off the year. I'm offended. About a lot of stuff I see on TV and radio I change the channel not cry and complain. People need to grow -- The marketplace will determine whether or not Phil Robertson stays on the air. But also you need to remember particularly in this part of the country that. The world the rest of this country doesn't necessarily -- the world the way you do. Any year in the business of attracting the biggest possible audience across the country. Did you have to take that into consideration if you had an opportunity to have the business. That would attract. Business from all around the country. And you might start to change your views on some issues or at least maybe. The quiet about it. Now last advocates on. Excuse me for jumping -- we'll be right back on every WL. It's a talk show we actually get requests for music goodness somebody says I can't remember the bandits that. That song relax. Everywhere you saw I was ahead the business school in the morning -- the -- 97. In the Sears you know this is the classic. Under the -- There's a text that please remind people about that you. To dance party video like can't come up with the right words to located each class of 1985. I don't know if it's still a point YouTube and I did a dance show in the eighties here it was a really they're very very revolutionary. It was a ahead of its time and is it as a result it is just did quite catch on in this in this market the show was called Airways. And I used to be able to ears to two. Search airwaves scoot. On YouTube and did the show a couple of I don't know if it's still there or not. Are coming up but on the show next week -- -- to Khatami will be back after the first of the year we'll talk about the saints and the Bucs game Sunday. We'll talk about the play -- and hopefully we'll be talking about the saints in the playoffs. And starting next week we'll start talking about the best and the worst of 2013. And the saints are -- five the Tampa Bay Bucs are for an eleven. I expect the saints coming off this loss I expected to put it altogether and to look really great. In the dome at home against. The -- on Sunday. Hi everybody practice today I mean. For every practice yesterday including Drew Brees who is limited in practice on Wednesday with a bruised -- The saints if the saints win and if the falcons beat Carolina than the saints will be the number two seed in the NFC. So it doesn't remember it doesn't matter how you get to the playoffs as long as you get to the playoffs. -- -- is next in the think tank for Garland Robinette among other things to talk about who deserves to have the award for the Pinocchio award the biggest lie. Of 2013. -- beginning about people and our personal lives to lie to us. Hey there will be a lot of DW I checkpoints over the weekend at this starts this weekend so. Don't take any chances don't don't drink and drive. What they die and Newman our executive producer Jordan Siegel our show producer and amber O'Leary our studio producer wanna think they're Jordan -- for being the showed dancers. Quite often when -- place in the songs coming in and out of breaks. They were dancing for my entertainment. -- -- and -- Tucker we'll be back on Monday have a great weekend we'll.

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