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12-27 10:10am Don Dubuc, Pinocchio(s) of 2013

Dec 27, 2013|

According to Politifact…the biggest lie of the year for 2013 was President Obama on the Obamacare plan saying that ‘if you liked your current plan you could keep it.’ Was that the biggest lie of 2013? Who do you think should be given the “Pinocchio Award’ for 2013?

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And welcome into the Friday edition of the think -- down -- in drug Garland Robinette glad you decided to spend up part of your holiday weekend with -- -- how was your Christmas and a hopefully have a very. Happy new year and next week. Well we got a lot to talk about a football of course no one dominant this time of the year in fact that's the subject of operating opinion poll question. Asking you what all the result of the saints and Buccaneers. And the falcons Panthers games being to update you on the latest. Those thinking the saints will lose 15% of you -- say saints win and Panthers win 43%. And it's real close here. Saints win falcons win 42%. Where do you fit in cast your vote at WWL dot com. Saints win in there in that's pretty simple -- saints lose then now they gonna need some help. And we'll get into that little bit later on in the think tank the final hole to dedicate to the saints football season in the box game in some of the scenarios -- regarding them making the playoffs and possibly eventually the Super Bowl. Then in the 11 o'clock hour. John Ward joins us he's a movie critic for the New Orleans advocate newspaper. Holiday movie blockbusters there in full swing of this of the time of the year -- come up this time a year because. Many families. Have get together. People have time off from work in the ongoing in the movies as one of things to do. So they and release a lot of these big a potentially big movies at this time of the year which ones are the must season which ones do you need to wait to rent. Some surprises out there -- some of the ones I've -- look at that -- did John talk about it you can talk with him. Tell us your favorite movie of 2013 may be your favorite acting performance we'll get to that. -- also this hour 10 o'clock hour. The biggest -- in the year. Buy up a little fact and also the Washington Post a column Pinocchio nose and this would be the biggest lies of the year. And I've got a list here and I'm gonna share this with in this is not official -- ready opinion poll question but asking you which do you think was the biggest Pinocchio. For the year 2013. Fault lines are open -- Adobe open a hole three hours to 60187. Is -- local number. We also have a toll free number from anywhere and 866. 8890870. And I'm pretty unique skin in radio broadcasting we have an active message stream a text message board. That comes into the studio instantaneously. Gives you the opportunity. To remain anonymous if you choose to to just simply -- in you don't have to build up the courage. To speak on the radio into the telephone -- in front of people -- essential message in an 87870. But we do have a few rules. And that is do not text and drive if you driving we asked if you use a designated text or. In a few of the text or have a designated driver please text responsibly. And finally if you hear me reading one of our listeners text messages. And you happen to punch the -- you know that's the way of the radio you'd jump in the car and he pushed the button news which and other button and you come in and I'm in mid stream of mid sentence. I do not naturally assume that that is my opinion you're hearing it could be one of the opinions of many of -- list is who send in text message. So those of the on the ground rules on the text messaging. Let's get to our first topic which is the biggest and Tokyo's of 2013. Well I guess -- that we ought to start from the beginning and start from the bottom I guess we'll stop the top. -- this guy has gotten three of the top note yields of 20:13 am talking about our own president Barack Obama. And this is seems to be the number one vote their choice this is the Washington Post and also political literature a fact check. If you like your health care plan you can keep. I kind of backfired when the affordable health care win and affect millions of Americans. Started receiving cancellation notices. Part of the reason for so many was because of -- -- usually early cut off date for grand following plans. And because of tight regulations written by the administration. That was the most popular fact check of the year in Obama's pledge was also named a little facts lie of the year that's. Holding on to number one. From where I stand. I gotta agree with -- my health insurance and I got a notification. This month that my insurance is going up. Eighty dollars a month. So I could keep that. But not the same circumstances and in the in the letter that I received that was attributing the increase in part in part. To the new Affordable Care Act on into effect so I didn't get to keep my health care plan at least at the same rate. And then I did -- previously to that so. How do you feel about that is this your number one Pinocchio 2013 if you like you health care plan you can keep it. And he really hasn't gone back on it and said oh okay. It was a mistake. I didn't know why -- knew -- it was part of the deal to sell the obamacare. He's basically saying well we left part of an out that was something we didn't say it's like the -- Show that used to come on the date which you don't say that counts. Here's our number two and a little bit of a surprise this would rank this time the NRA National Rifle Association. In one of the television ads on gun control measures in and they had a four minute special video presentation. It called it a lead just hypocrisy. About President Obama because his children are misses and quote protected by armed guards at their school. Well law requires the president as children they do have Secret Service protection. Ed said it did say on security guards at Sidwell Friends School where they ago. But the guards there according to the Washington Post says they do not carry guns. So that ad was based on falls pros how long do you think it take them to get a fire if the president's children with threaten. And maybe there are some other things they carry aside from -- and elect the National Rifle Association mean taken the test. 260187866889087. -- if you've got one that you think is a bigger Pinocchio that any of these we're gonna share with the Collison Telesis go to -- he's calling us and listening and -- the -- thank you for calling it. Immediately it to you. I listen mom number -- children and the biggest of them all it is going to be in the four. Reject and the expansion of Medicaid. Claimant is not -- the state a lot more money. Which is -- A lot. -- -- adult club now economy. You -- in the outcome and what not to because I don't remember well body it actually agree. A lot of jobs to those states but are we don't know. These guys from the following the -- debate Obama -- tiger is so -- and I became law. He can run you know for -- it's not in the future and these guy he's not been on it not only that the -- It could be have been able. In the putrid -- noted Camilla much -- you know. Put policies problematic that they now for health care. Do they -- it could be that they would like NC. Okay artist thank you we appreciate your vote again happy new year -- thanks for call. I'm let's go to Keith and -- O line to make keeps you on the think tank. Yes thank you and and tapping into -- okay. The biggest -- Noticed that since the invasion about outing for the number one -- awkward although. -- Lawrence O'Donnell. Fall on and that's NBC. Public -- to reveal where they're right there. Talking about party can't stop the unemployment. Benefits. For a billion people. Come tomorrow. But yet they'd they'd say how good the policy soul of this administration put on -- point drop down to 7%. Go to city economy doing good but on the other end you wanna keep extending unemployment benefits the people and it would -- Yeah it's you know it's it's it's cook in the -- is what they call write and say -- the unemployment figures are down but we need to extend the unemployment payouts. I think it has to do with a lot of people Wednesday and go through the the benefits and stop look and and they removed from the unemployment rolls. So it gives you a false reading on what the on unemployment rate actually use. It. I can't thank you for the call 260187866889. 087. We continue with the Washington Post biggest and Tokyo's. And this is up front of president Obama's second biggest Pinocchio on the top ten. On the Capitol Hill -- it is just got to pay cut. President Obama offered an image at a news conference when this request it is stalked. Janitors was sweeping empty halls of the capitol and they were working for less. But actually it turned out that he was wrong. The janitorial staff did not face a pay cut. And Capitol Hill administrative issues even issued a statement saying the president's remarks were not true. -- the White House tried to argue that the janitors at least face a loss of overtime. That was not correct either. The episode was according the Washington Post emblematic of the administration's. Sequester rhetoric rhetoric. On number three. Actually this is -- full that was number two from President Obama. This one is on on Darrell ice Republican of California. He said Clinton denied security for Libya personnel with the signature on a cable. He charged that secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton in April 2012 signed -- cable. That directed a draw down for security assets for the US embassy in -- Issue became a political flashpoint of the four Americans including the US ambassador who killed at two compounds had been -- but the claim that Clinton signed the cable. Was absurd is every cable even the most mundane as the secretary's signature. Because it is automatically added by the communications -- So there's no evidence that Clinton was even aware of their request. Well that request was there hosting shoe was on at the reason why would have been the point of the deceit there and so on there's a Pinocchio for Darrell ice. I let's go back to the phone lines rich in lake view. -- rich thank you for calling. Pentagon. 11 of the biggest ones out there on television. Carrier responding. Is the black cloud. Argued that that is all that supply he says he's not really a black cloud. Well I feel a little strong argument that he did not tell you that. And I think he struck again this weekend from what I heard I haven't Thomas talked to him Sunday. And I heard he went of the continent Arkansas when he brought the black cloud winning. -- -- -- -- That could work in reverse for some office. -- -- -- the carpet your -- do you wanted terrorist -- of course Kellogg co host this show called. Paradise Louisiana and to explain it to those of you not familiar with the Gary has the reputation of black -- Everywhere he goes I mean you could be that can be catching fish for weeks. And as soon as -- shows up -- -- black cloud with wins -- rain and torrential downpours in and Eric Kane since the ups that throws an off. So. Anyway that's the errors -- The fact that he is not a black cloud is a Pinocchio. All right here's another one the day have to been Ghazi happen. -- right now alleged that this was an act of terrorism this is president Obama's story out of the top. For so far for three before he got. He. Did refer to an active -- in the immediate aftermath of the and -- attack but in vague terms wrapped in a patriotic fervor. He never affirmatively stated that the American ambassador died because of an act of terror. Then over a period of two weeks he was given three opportunities and interviews to affirmatively agree that the bin Ghazi attack was a terrorist attack. The president these -- or ducked the question according -- Washington Post this is a case of taking revisionist history. Too far. For political reasons sold so far. Out of the top -- it would be five week at the National Rifle Association. We get Darrell ice. And the other three biggest tunnel deals of 2013 all attributed to president Barack Obama. I coming up after the news we've got one from representative Michelle Bachmann. And also secretary of state John Kerry and electing a yours what was the biggest check that export -- should have got some here. -- biggest flyers also called Christians who jealously guard their pocketbooks. In ignore the many homeless and poor. Right in front of them signed. So Christians are lying because they guard their pocketbooks and ignored the homeless and war. Right from them okay. That's -- at this tournament Roland if any with the biggest Pinocchio. You know they said that they were going to. Don't Phil Robertson for his comments. In GQ magazine because it was not representative of the station. But yet Christmas Day I didn't watch it heard there was a marathon of -- dynasty with him in it. On top of that there's nine more episodes with the patriarch in that that he plans to run. In -- warning fourteen does that sound like they really or upset with what he said. Now we'll talk more about the duct amnesty debacle too we also got some -- -- coming up for you as we head into. Very very serious time it's a week sixteen in the NFL playoffs on not. Even close to being settled yet will the saints in the -- we'll check the ready opinion poll question that has to do with the new -- the saints. In what the chances of making the playoffs on who wins is what it looks like right now 41% say the saints to win and the falcons win some comments do. Those of you who are criticizing people who. Or supporting the falcons and pulling for the falcons some comments for you that also saints win Panthers win that's 43%. That's the new leader. Think that double teams to win and then now we've got 16%. Negative they think the saints will lose and well if they do a -- the first home game. The biggest lies they call on Pinocchio was in the Washington Post I guess getting back to Pinocchio nose -- comical -- it. Group they say President Obama is involved in three of the top five and Tokyo's. The other two would be the national rifle association for. Saying that Obama's children are protected by armed guards while they are protected by Secret Service but. They carry no guns. The other one would be Daryl price of Republican from California. Said that Clinton proud -- secretary of state Hillary Clinton. A denied security for the Libya personnel have been Ghazi. With her signature on the cable but it was just basically rubber stamped signatures they included him in 21 of the top five the other three war. On the other popular if you like your health care plan you can keep it another one was to Capitol Hill janitors got to pay cut. And the the other one was the day after bin Ghazi happened. I acknowledge that this was an act of terrorism all of which have proven to be falls on Moscow to come. John that cruise line one Europe forest Jon thanks the call. -- -- -- You -- in terms of being something that wasn't true senator senator and congressman or capacity for that matter went on and on about the so called Obama care exemptions and members of congress exempted themselves from obamacare and it's a total. Fabrication. All firstly there's no such thing as obamacare and sign up for all the exchange of consecutive private insurance companies. And it's not mandatory exchange you don't have to use some. If you wanna -- about -- -- attacks if Calvert better price use and the potential plot to use exchange ritual like to have insurance. A member of the congress and their staffs were covered by their employer like most Americans. There -- the federal government. But senator bitter and mr. Cassidy -- the read estimated to Wear those staffers couldn't have that coverage anymore and they had on the exchanges and get insurance so. The whole thing was a fabrication and -- they do it was shall cause inconvenience. Know their own employees and so. And so I would put that up there pretty close. Well John I think I may be wrong but I think there's more to -- that I think that they were exempted in terms of they were not. Required to meet the same criteria of coverage that other people would be who had a goal -- on -- you know exchange. But no cigar on the exchange -- certain. Policies -- required to have certain amounts of coverage -- Nobody has usually change you you have to have insurance budget not a much covered by Medicaid -- Medicare except. But they won't go also -- believed they were gonna get subsidies. Which they had gotten anyway even but not because of their income. They want getting subsidies because of low income getting subsidies because of that position and I think well that's what he meant when he said the ignore. Well again after employer had -- that was terms of their employer which again happened. Well then I think what Baghdad -- to a special exemption if there employer gives them subsidies will end -- deserving of living in terms of everybody else in the country. Then that is an exemption. McCullough well I don't think it was you know again until I -- -- Corsica looking into -- I don't think they were getting any special treatment for whatever terms you get from your employer the employers providing -- -- You know that's part of your policy in that. There are no other employer was doing that. Well employers provide. Subsidies are talking about. They aren't giving up another gorgeous and I just happen to work for great companies the government the United States that was nothing special because. There -- elected officials. Yeah right and offense and -- yet. Aperture themselves and they will -- through whatever means say the law came but again that's not. Again people recovered body employers have the terms -- importers revolve itself. Some are better than others you know and that's why some -- Can get a better deal as employers actually are not provided in the insurance patrol more look somewhere providing great insurance. Well. Okay thank you got trichet Chico happy new unity. -- go to Howard in Baton -- line to how would you on the thanked. -- Willie option in you know about honesty he advocates and the but yet some video. A country western video called redneck craze that the candidate in rednecks -- eat. Pick on -- moment talking car. Don't stop that I know of rats in a strong woman could you broke up where redneck. Well keep it apparently values yet but they'll. But a lot of the army in being in the studio release and what he says. Well however -- where men how and at this who's this is a video movie. You. Saw me basically his role in it is an act on it. But he's not portraying his true beliefs I mean he's an actor I mean you can take actors and in and they looked at -- -- and beat some pretty despicable Carrick is. But -- job in their role as an elected to do that. -- -- -- initial -- yet it would book -- rednecks impeached it she broke with the not double YE a ball -- in Baton Rouge on call government quote. That the law. Government there and described. How. That all depends on you definition of a gentleman that's it is all semantics. Well we're. Happy new did you thank you for the column were talking about the biggest and Tokyo's of 2013. At a couple more want to throw out for you rounding out the top five or six year. Seven cents of every dollar spent on food stamps goes to bureaucrats that was the retiring. Representative Michelle Bachmann from Minnesota. He said it was so hard to pick from -- many. War Pinocchio remarks you know a lot of them according to the Washington Post. Makes nine that this one was the worst problem she asserted that for the food stamp program the math was three dollars and food stamps for the needy. Seven dollars in wages for bureaucrats who managed the program. But it turned out she misunderstood. An analysis concerning anti poverty programs. Then applied in implement correct ratio to the wrong type of program. The budget documents show that staff salaries amount to 13 of 1%. The department of agriculture's budget for food and nutrition programs so. Pretty much a Pinocchio there is another witness -- was by secretary of state John Kerry who said I opposed the invasion of Iraq. He said it at least twice in 2013. He claimed that he opposed the invasion of Iraq but not only did -- vote in favor. -- congressional authorization for war but there's a rich paper trail documenting his repeated support. For the attack after President George Bush launched it in 23. As Kerry put it on May third 2003. I think it was the right decision to disarm Saddam Hussein in when the president made the decision as supporting a support the fact that we did this on him. Another example of some after the fact talking you know I -- invasion of Iraq that was us secretary of state now secretary of state John Kerry. What was your biggest Pinocchio check on the text message board I'm sure I got some Pinocchio is coming in here here's one that says that the Pinocchio -- ever become. Like the Academy Awards the clintons will win lifetime achievement. Hands down. -- -- -- says in this was in regard to mine customization going up a bet your employer pays ball in your health care expenses. Mine does it's not a subsidies ought to pay. Saying the government employs no line in my own employer so. And all 100%. Just -- crazy Johnny's -- it was a crazy Johnny's. And had the biggest Pinocchio -- this text -- Saying they're closing the doors was a big alive but a great marketing method of that was intended as alive I think. Days will gonna close the doors and then when all of the publicity about closing -- -- go there one more time and well yeah crazy John is they got a lot of publicity on -- -- to stay open. Because the marketing war I think that's a fault of a lot of businesses. Until they have they're going out of business they'll they'll do any advertising so they don't think they need it and once they do that. And -- trying to say this wasn't so bad that the girls known as the vote for crazy John what do you think if you wanna Texas it's late 7870 please text responsibly. Take a look at up pretty opinion poll question here asking what will the result of the saints Buccaneers. And the falcons -- this game Eagles games having a direct bearing on. When the saints advanced to the playoffs what numbers seed they'll be about the way if you -- look at all the different scenarios I just looked on our web page and now. While Jordan did a fantastic job of coming up with the all the scenarios look right there is gonna scroll down. And you'll find -- in you may end up with a handicapped you eat it but it's all the saints playoff scenario little bit literal and talk with top Manassas ten as Todd is the uncle also saints' first tape and talk all about the possibilities and also about the games but looking at where you voting at WW all dot com. 42% of you believe the saints are gonna win and the falcons are gonna win. I'm 42% an equal amount say the saints win but the Panthers win and 16%. Saying saints are gonna lose. With regard to that the falcons. -- a lot of people -- I don't know -- can I guess I gotta pull for the falcons. Well I think you have to apply the old axiom the enemy of my enemy is my friend. In this case I think the falcons would have to be your friend. -- was -- with yesterday in my gallons and one of his friends. Said that she she felt so bad after pulling form last week -- and legal take -- But let me take some -- listen me regularly know -- live on planet earth -- real world I'm a realist. It has no effect on the outcome of the game. Who you -- full if you don't wanna pull over the falcons it doesn't matter. If -- were -- home game in it's alchemy what do you think people again the falcons again here in New Orleans is not pulling for us open I can win. Well the -- as the saying well the falcons Ambien -- -- by the wall and so that's gonna make us more vulnerable. It has absolutely no effect on the outcome of whether you pull for them not but. As long as you looking for you saints the best for the saints will certainly. You wanna use an enemy of my enemy is my friend and now hope that the falcons will win the game but as far as a direct influence what -- saints fan can do in my issue. Calling the talk shows in Atlanta and the falcons hearing in the Panthers are hearing it. You really likening him much in effect so we'll see -- All that turns out we gonna talk a whole lot more about them saints in the Buccaneers and falcons and Panthers and although scenario so when we come back to 12 o'clock and 12 o'clock hour. -- Manassas is gonna join me coming up next hour John -- Movie critic for the New Orleans advocate newspaper what's your favorite movie. -- favorite acting performance of 2013. And all these hot new blockbusters that are out on they really blockbusters are. Then not so much will be back to talk to John about that and you. And on the think tank you can call us at 260187. ERE 668890878. And please use detectable would responsibly at 8787. Will be right back after the news.