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12-27 11:10am Don Dubuc, Holiday blockbusters

Dec 27, 2013|

The Holiday blockbusters are in full swing…which ones are MUST SEE at the theater and which ones should you wait to rent on DVD? Which movie did you see over the holidays and would you recommend it to a friend? We talk with John Wirt, movie critic for the New Orleans Advocate.

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And in the Garland on Fridays it's down to view welcome aboard glad to have you -- we head into the weekend between the Christmas and New Year's holidays lots of people have time often as I found out yesterday a lot of those Bennett fishing. Lot of them go honing a lot of people go to the movies and that's why I think we see such you know large release of all the new films that come out this time of the year people have time to Yemen and in my family doesn't we we haven't done it yet -- time. We used to get together and try to catch a couple of movies and and discuss some talk about with the best ones of 2013 -- best performances. And that's exactly what we gonna do for this hour -- -- fuel calls back in at 12 o'clock hour. That's when we switch over the football we'll be talking about the New Orleans Saints in the game between them. Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons and who's pulled -- playoff scenarios. Town Manassas the co host of the first take them before all the saints games comes on. He'll be joining me to talk with Zimbabwe also have -- -- website if you -- Check out the full scenario like Jordan did a heck of a job get man upped his. Look under these saints playoff possibilities and scenarios and you'll see at this hour. We're talking movies top ten what was your favorite movie of 2013. What you -- new movie. Now what's the disappointments may be something you'll really looking forward to seeing it was built up in just. Didn't quite live up to its expectations. And was there a special sleep for a movie of the year one that didn't get the publicity but. You thought it's certainly deserves it would love to hear from you at 260. 1878668890878. Will also take you -- votes cast your vote for the favorite movie and favorite actor or actress. And a message stream which is 87870. Is simply issued its text remember. No texting and driving a few going to be driving have a designated text or if you text does have a designated driver. John Ward joins us John as a movie critic for the New Orleans advocate newspaper John -- has been some time -- we appreciate it thank you. Are this time of the year very very popular for the release of movies so what can you tell us as far as. Some that -- don't miss on some then maybe I'll just wait for become army -- agency and also disappointments. We -- one of the films that push on in the world is called talk here's slaves. And it's a great picture in a lot of people are afraid conceded because they think it's too intense. It's a great movie is gonna agree Kingston and the British director did a fantastic job with this very American sort and I. It's not exactly pundits I mean definitely not a problem it's it's a very harsh depiction. The tough subject but it's one of the greatest movies or remain in this state to receive an. Acting performances and it's someone that the name that might be familiar household name was a silicon some no name actors who just acting you know above their pay grade. -- you hit it's it's not a very famous can't chill until it's your form is British actor. Both African descent and he plays the main characters on the Northrop. And so on than this -- is he. New Yorker who's kidnapped. And brought to Louisiana and then slaves. On Louisiana plantations. But he's he's gonna -- and he's getting a lot of awards recognition with nominations. Sag award and and there are sure you can Oscar nominations. And he -- it's a great performance in this and he of course he Cliff Lee. And then there's simply some other British actors -- -- actually -- to wouldn't want to miss an Irish actor Michael taskmaster but he plays. One of these playing. One of the year petitioners. And also. I get into the camp does not that well known. But they're all great reform they're great performances in the movie and we'll see multiple nominations for. Deep into the camps and his supporting characters so it will fully. We're talking with John Ward John as a movie critic than a woman's advocate newspaper. He's pointed out twelve years of slave one of the top movies of -- -- thirteen possibly Oscar bound. John would you say this movie is more of the documentary. Is it -- entertainment that takes a lot of liberties with the topical is that a combination of both. Well it's been done something other than entertainment. It's a great draw them. There's dictionary -- has almost no humor whatsoever. I don't call that you were actually. That's it it's and it and -- deputy editor and it was I was kind of to of course. Basically didn't have a social message to it documentary style or was it more than -- -- -- you know -- little bit liberty with. What's fact or was -- a combination of the two. Well it's based on on what they called slave narratives. Published and eighteen particularly. But so emotional after he was freed freed from the slippery and didn't get back to New York. So it's based on on nonfiction work so it's it's there's not a documentaries to dramatize dramatization. -- on the Northrop's. Slave narratives. So but but you know it has -- documentary kind of -- about it and the way the British director of the British director's name is Steve McQueen and he's done a few films before. But no dummies don't has gotten this sort of disclaimer notice. Previously. So -- it's it's it's one thing about it one of the ironic things about it is how beautiful stone this. Delete you know locations plantations. The body to. That the beautiful plantation. Houses. It's it's our court system to look at but at the same time to present this very time Tom -- So I I imagine it'll get Oscar nominations are expert technical work sports and photography. And sound editing and things like that it's also could do music and so. Sounds like it's got everything great acting cinematographer -- -- a social message that. Really hasn't been dealt with in depth and -- everybody. For -- or -- Hollywood presents these romanticized. Version of the old so often and slavery and I mean most of assistance being constantly and it's. And then that this is one example of the power play it was presented. And so many many years no don't ever depicted slavery with this kind of broad directness and and and honesty. And it it has this film has an enormous impact it's if you bring itself to accuracy because again are very different a lot of people -- I think he's gonna be too much from him -- can't take it and I have seen people walk out of movies because. They become. That -- the Butler did Butler which was also -- a new world. Isolated -- cover that ten minutes into the film she's couldn't pick it. Well it did have a very strong beginning. Very broad -- -- There are a good movie so many movies so little time to watch him. John -- you can read his movie reviews of new -- advocate newspaper is joining us. John how much time does a film critics been watching movies is this so many of them now it's incredible how do you keep up with -- well. Well I you know I I think almost no critic. Except that not even the New York Times critics watch every movies from what I can tell at least they don't review or removing. So it's that that's that's I think Roger deeper to the late Roger Ebert is one of the great critics in an American. Criticism of any kind of criticism. He's one of the few movie critic who saw every single film that came not because it's. They can be hundreds of films coming -- a year so most of us are not considering it. But you know we've we've seen this much we can sometimes. Differences I'm not totally devoted to movies -- do music to. So I have to contact -- department time. While I'm busy guy. John I'm getting some checks in on some movies him getting a vote info mind them getting some mixed reviews on bad Graham talk in detail -- said. That was a favored moving the other one said it wasn't as funny is that people said it would be what -- what are your thoughts on Bagram. That -- or is one of the movement from the minister and you know it's just a broad it's a broad comedy. I don't think it made it big huge impression that the park this. The mood I do it's -- in mind that I admire a lot. You have Matthew McConaughey in the lead role in the sit on the Mississippi River. Great southern zone and I think that you put something characters. Very very. Close to reality. Even though it's kind of a there's even the main characteristics. In sort of stands SeaWorld. But it's it's another -- Matthew McConaughey role that's very good -- -- -- also very good and L article. Which is the rule that seems to be. The one that would get him towards nominations and in recognition this year. So our internal sparse club it's another New Orleans -- home so. My diet I do recommend by -- especially if you're in student at southern teams in southern characters because it's it's it's very it's very good movies. Well southern mum filming is seems to be though a hot topic lately a lot of films based on southern culture. Which brings me to another one that I'm getting some comments on here one says Olympus has fallen also -- that was on the northern end of the state. Open Shreveport did you get a chance to review it. I did see I saw it in the united government plan actually reviews but it has seen it. It wasn't too memorable for me you know I mean that's a big action film with lots of -- have come and battles and things like that you know about the White House Spain Japan. By terrorists to Wright's speeches did not enough. -- I would say it was a pretty ordinary action film myself kind of I don't think that's going to be to the -- action film maybe that's the problem for you put. I don't think it distinguishes itself. Much beyond him. Been satisfactory connection to. Wrong on the disappointing side I have not seen it but I've heard from several sources. -- -- anchorman. Despite heaven too big name Will -- Christina Applegate I'm just not really living up to its expectations. That's the sequel of course and many times sequels just just don't live up to that's. The original films because the original I always prefer the original two most of the time because. It's freshest news they're exploring some for the first time that a lot of times when the new sequel it's basically motivated by. Making some money they know they can get they can -- and. As far as asleep -- the one I'm hearing a lot about. I don't often have -- made the big screen if it was strictly on dvd is Sandra Bullock movie heat. That people -- saying it's just hysterical. You know and so that review -- and I agree it's very very funny he had commemorative Melissa McCarthy's -- susceptible candles McCarthy. And that's that -- Melissa McCarthy -- very strongly. And you know people -- on offense and this is the combination of these two. I particularly enjoyed it's I mean critics say it's a classic example of that the police. Comedy that -- ability to actually have these two women authorities. And there are of course -- exact opposites and a lot of it is didn't play goes by the playbook of the body picture but I think -- native person emitted very funny. -- I'm not a big Sandra Bullock famine and do intend to watch that on because this is kitten. So much attention to you know. You know like -- to -- she's been around for all of these years and she's had an amazing career CN a lot of success and and do what you would -- just just don't care for. I just find -- very ordinary is an actress but in this one maybe they'll be something especially in and do intend a look at it. Well you know that you should. Think about two. Yeah that will be tangible economic and most McCarthy called the time. And it was released in the summer. And I think it -- -- predicted it could make 159. Million dollars. Well at the park -- that -- -- major hit it came on and on June 20 this year. And didn't get a lot of publicity and get a lot of help must've been just word among. That is that the very court battle for the big summer movies really did at a 150 million dollars you know. I'm sure they're pleased with the way it turned out and actually -- wouldn't be part of the series. It is sequel. At some point that puts you at ten people -- one is in one of the great movies. The very best we have this year's school gravity. Gravity is the outer space drama with George Clooney and some the disaster the space station and and -- -- -- -- put scientists is up there in George Clooney is an astronaut. And essentially there -- only two characters in terms of -- but this fabulous movie. And this and gravity is another movie is gonna go kind of toward detention. Well you know if there is a crank a -- -- I think Sandra Bullock's gotta get me she does he must have a fantastic agent she is in so many. What about any others that you wanna catch up on before you know maybe get some votes and if the save and missed the banks financing -- -- Hunger Games also the wall committee -- -- really just came out. They came on Christmas Day and that little that haven't seen yet. It's it's. In this stage for Christmas states so the studio must think it's pretty special and I I think it's a pretty good pretty good numbers so far. You know another movie that came out it's cannot priority -- -- temperature warning this is shaking mr. banks with politics since. Very Procter. And Emma Thompson in the British actress has been -- been working for years and been and so many -- so. Emma Thompson will this is for me I think the best one of the financial system and an entire career in which is a long. Very successful Kurdish stop loss of group worked. Through the years. She plays. He Belcher authors are Pamela traversed the woman who wrote Mary Poppins and the Mary -- series of books. And the Hanks played Walt Disney thing you know the great iconic Walt Disney. Who many of this world of us can remember from seeing it on the wonderful world color. And NBC which was every Sunday and and Walt Disney himself supposed to -- program. So. It's it's a very very good film it's quite fictionalized. I have to say yeah but and the Thompson's that you assist deal terms the author Eric Parkinson who. Just refuses to Walt Disney to make a -- part of her book because she thinks he'll ruin her character. And she's very very protective of the character but it's it's it's a very good movie and Emma Thompson really makes the film -- I think. But still this is it is. Possible good because she's been there and she does so much with the rule. We you know Walt Disney being so visible as he was to those of us who already under remember him and had to be a tough assignment thanks how did you feel allowed as is Walt Disney. And it -- nice -- he doesn't -- play it he he I think -- knows that this movie belongs Emma Thompson. So he doesn't step on her show. He'd lesser and lesser role with the plan and he. He also played sort of these these negotiators meet you sort of like the United Nations in this movie. The United Nations that plays the role between a quarter of country it is and whatever other countries it's -- that the countries in the movie hasn't had to since it's been present -- -- Emma Thompson's -- country. And this script writer and song writers to Sherman broke disagree chairman run for our Brothers who wrote some integrates punctual to. Well we'll put that analysts say having missed the banks John is a says so many movies so little time. Thanks for joining us and I look forward to another visit with him to thank -- -- appreciated John John Ward movie critic for the New Orleans advocate newspaper. Now got a little better idea which movies and need to check out because it's on the limited time in so many movies directed use your advice on which one he's seen in which one you would highly recommend. A you can -- to a sedate 7870. -- call at 2601878. Or till 3866889. 0870. A little bit later only going to be talked with town Manassas C co host of first take about the saints playoff chances. By the way who dat nation and playoffs according to. What I see here star we go and that's when the saints play the Tampa Bay Bucs Sunday right here at home in the superdome. Our coverage begins at 11 AM Todd and Steve with first take that -- that -- grill. Robin and count time in the French Quarter and at 130. It's confident mood that's to join Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia it's the Bud Light come down to kick off that'll be outside gate C at the superdome. Game time 325. Best play by play team in football Jim Henderson -- John Kristian garic. And after the game you can sound now off on the point after that's -- Bobby live from Dini seafood in the French Quarter. Ten hours of wall to wall saints football Sunday on going to be WL unless. Hope that it is a good show in good news and taken on Tampa Tampa really one of these teams nothing to lose coaches probably go on. Terrible season players I would guess it is out there for themselves and does not -- much for the team left to do. So they're gonna try to look good and get their own. Stock raised them anyway should be interest in games saints very tough in the superdome. Very important game for them. Playoff implications. As does the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons will be talking about that. But -- talk about some movies and like to hear from you 260187866889. 087 here's some votes another vote for the movie mud. Another one for saving mr. banks. Fast six. This one what about the -- Arnold and -- movie filmed here to check that went -- that's one film they've got a lot of them film down here and how it would sell some very good ones too. -- and I get inside -- Allen Davis at some vote for -- -- scene that went. And then on the Sandra Bullock issue I told John -- in a -- disliked Sandra Bullock. I just don't find it is an outstanding actress she's in an awful lot of movies made -- case of CN too much but I am here in that the movie heat. Is a real blockbuster she merely. Was in overhead on -- great performance definitely this -- says -- Sandra Bullock has done so much for a city. Folks like that deserve our support. Even if she would not someone -- cared for and is an actress CO movies. I regret to OK well I'll take them under advisement of them and plan on saying that one. I don't wanna -- captain Hanks to arming captain Phillips with Tom Hanks. In a few other ones not so sure about Hunger Games anybody up this -- The second -- of the sequel to Hunger Games up -- Jennifer launched knocked about the -- on the first one. But now. What what about this one second making of that anyway looking at some of the top ten -- a box office the hub it. Haven't mentioned that one. 31 mil on that went over a 31000031. And a half million any command to the despite some of the week reviews still making a lot of money 26 million. Frozen. From Disney nineteen million. American hostile seventeen million. Saving mr. banks the Disney production nine million Hunger Games kitchen fire eight million. Tyler Perry's -- day of Christmas. 83 million walking with dinosaurs. Seven million. Doom three three million and for the dog world. One point three million interest in to see what the wall committee movies can do a member of a reading assignment in grammar school on that all committee. Secret life -- -- committee that could good genetics and anyway 2601878668890870. Or text -- said -- 787. -- listen to us in Metairie and good morning thanks for call on the think that. -- good morning. -- what movie star recently that really had a very good impact. Are -- and actually I think would be on the day you're -- And that is the Robert Redford movie I'll withdraw. Describe it formal what's the well if it Fred you it takes away. Some independent the speech by column yeah it's it's about. One man and one. And -- you know what I could say there are no dialogue. Beaten. OK so this is -- like that Tom Hanks movie who used him in the basketball. No way he was only one only was known survival with a -- in the nameless victim of the name of that movie. Right you know Robert Redford movie you know all applaud -- about. -- and you. On the ocean buying itself. And and the problem that he encountered. And -- Ended he. All of his. Feeling expertise that he put cheese. To helping itself you know -- situation. And I thought it was just very unique here fail you need to. Two blocks from her yet those of tough acting jobs to that one almost unthinkable Tom -- Sheldon -- Tony it was a castaway it was a name that. When he was pretty much the whole show in an -- -- Bella very difficult but apparently there was some dialogue -- -- in there -- flashbacks and much. And then there was always so you know it was a lot. More interaction. But up. Robert Redford movie was very unique. I haven't seen anything like it maybe it. You know borders on being sort of -- Archie. Offered some people in the GOP speaker on the Baylor. And I love the old generation. Another movie I really like -- what the books that. On -- Bet that -- lot of background and things that you know I was interest again and the top. That would go all eight just I think especially the younger generation. But. You know where we're at the Robert Redford live each might appeal to light older. Person that you know -- -- failed. Well couple asleep possess some good stuff thank you for colony and appreciate it are happy and happy new years to. I dug out some text messages coming in thanks to all of you who immediately recognize that Tom Hanks movie is castaways thank you on -- going to be two to the punch on that. I will say listen let me -- -- more of these in the got some votes for movies here on the Texan born here's one another comment on. Sandra Bullock I totally agree with you on Sandra Bullock I think a lot of for acting -- well that's taken a little far into -- -- she sucked. As an actress -- that I thought she was pretty ordinary but the -- end of two women here on this movie heat. I think she may have outdone himself and it will take a look at that is another one grudge match dinero Stallone movie I'll -- that badness that you know. That combination and that might be pretty good bit and sometimes. Actors take movies and not because they wanna do great job and I think it's a great role but there's some good money and at the film doesn't quite. Achieve what has set out to do anyway this one says it filmed in the -- handle men's store on the old drive street. Should be hysterically should date but those two characters in and maybe it will take a look at. Is another in the book thief. Great story for the family and Linda mentioned that. His -- -- gets more castaways cumin and -- if you got a favorite movies for 2013 favorite acting performance when he thirteenth. All one that you say don't bother. It was just over height let us note 2601878. 8668890878. Got a couple of Tex come in now one says you're next it was a good movie don't know anything about them and heard of it maybe we -- little bit of elaboration on that one. Also are coming up today immediately following the think tank. -- the best and Angela. And of course you know if you sniffling sneezing suffering with sinuses other headaches a doctor Greg Pippen is going to be in the house ear nose and throat specialist was some tips. And then this two on coral one on one interviews for a stopping Cheryl Andrew the first with the New Orleans. In this one this is truly a best demand orcas are heard on good portion is in here at all. But the WWL's saints broadcast team of Jim Henderson -- guy John recount tales. From life on the road and and home with the saints so you don't wanna miss the best of Angela. In programs called an open mind and served from one for now weekdays here with legendary Angela hill. On WW -- you know you gonna have to listen now think that they talked about the bar room fight one where. Anderson actually -- a key which was kind of a change anyway listen to it -- I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Comes on at 1 o'clock immediately found a think tank will next hour when we come back after the news. We're gonna talk football -- Manassas joins me Todd is a co -- with Steve quart of first take. On saints game day you hear that here on the big 817. I'm ready opinion poll question deals with the saints in the Buccaneers in the falcons and Panthers. I tell you what this has been tight all morning long. Those who think the saints will win and the falcons win is well. 41%. An equal 41%. Think the saints will win but the Panthers will win. And then we've got the 17%. Of the -- say is they think the saints ago loose. There is a possibility signs may not even make the playoffs if they win. There in as far as what grain and they got to have some help some other teams but they loses a possibility. They'll be watching the playoff games like the rest of -- on television anyway cast that vote. At WW all dot com and get ready to call in with your predictions about this thing about it okay. Is it you can't bear to pull for the falcons. You got to take a shower but could you -- for the past couple. Let's get real it doesn't matter who you pull for you have no impact on that game when the Panthers on the falcons when you're just gonna have to. Watch the score and tried to enjoy it but as far as -- having an effect nice to pull. Four against the in this case being here in New Orleans in that game being where it is here in effect will be back to talk more about all that stuff. Also check our web page if you wanna get the full list of scenarios on playoff picture. At WW Al dot com.