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12-28 12:10PM: The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Dec 28, 2013|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks with WWL callers about food, cooking, recipes, dining, wine and restaurants.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the bubble like voice of your local announcer Tom that's more and this is. The big gates seventy WWL. And WWO 105 point three FM. Well what are you know it's time for the food show we actually get it on the air this week. And seems to me there's a lot of football being played. None of it managed to get in our way today you never know. Or number is 260187. We were told free to that is 866889087. This is a program about food it's about eating it's about dining out in restaurants it's about dining in your own house. Probably having more parties right now the new usually do with the rest of the year with that you are hosting them or going through them. And you probably of a few things reported -- had anything really good to eat any of these or agree cocktail. Or even a great beer or arm or bottle -- somewhere. Having gone out to eat if you went out on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day if you went to a restaurant. On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day I really wish she would call. Because. It is impossible together information about who's. Two days ago all like -- holidays they only come once a year you can only you'd eat once and I don't even do that because I'm busy. But with the although parties that I host and go to. So. If you have a report on Christmas Day in particular because it was really slim Pickens this year -- I would say more so than usual. -- had a real hard time coming up with a decent list of restaurants were open. And I hear that though the ones that we're we're doing huge business. And I have gotten my share of complaints all of -- Christmas Eve and Christmas -- more Christmas Day than Christmas Eve Christmas Eve seems to have become almost a normal day for a lot of restaurants it used to be that everybody was closed for dinner. Some more closed all day long hole Brendan. Family restaurant empire. For a long long time was closed all day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Not anymore they steal Christmas -- most of Christmas day of the story that many restaurants there. I had a very very -- sorry complaint from somebody. About one restaurant. And it was just reading the -- right it could very easily imagine what was going on they -- Running with out enough staff -- who wants to work on that day the managers don't the owners don't the -- doesn't wanna work that day and you can best believe that the waiters in the dishwasher don't want a beater that either. And so it's not a good -- to dine around unless you can expect that absolute worst. So anyway. News now that we put that kind of negative spin on things. Our didn't mean to but I didn't got a came up that way. If you have a great experience on Christmas Day I'd really love to hear from 2060. 187. Well here's somebody John welcome to the food show. April you know when doing great compared. Okay. To what orbit a bit so that -- back and I -- -- What would be I'm sorry say that again. The best roast. Yeah for what what what is your purpose here you're doing like a rose before Arabian mashed -- it's not like that are -- right. Oh -- You know. My two favorites are shock which is a little trickier because it's a lot of bones in -- a lot of funny little pieces in it. A that you have to work your way around but it is really delicious it's got. More -- little more fat than a little more gelatin. The audio commentary by a second. And it comes out you know it just comes a good but you'll be you might get to the point where instead of having slices you'll have. Shreds in chunks Britain and there's nothing wrong with that as you get a good -- -- that this too. The other winning is a round particularly in inside ground or top round. And it could do what's nice about this. Is that. It's one big piece of lean. Fairly lean meat but it is tender enough that you don't necessarily have to cook it really really slow with a lot of moisture although you could that be good way to do it. And when it's finished. You let it rest a little while if you taken out of the oven. And you credit it's very simple just cut it across the green you'll see that any kind of piece of meat just by anyone. There are these fibers that run in a certain direction and you never cut a long that. Line you always cut across. And that will give I don't know -- to. You -- they'll give you nice tender slices no matter what kind of -- it is. Figure out which way the natural fibers of the -- are going and cut across it and a ninety degree angle and then you can have you know really nice. We. -- -- Well Peter Newman and -- am able to say. Around the net is in several kinds around -- bottom around this top round and inside ground inside ground is pretty big this is the one that I think is the best for -- -- roast beef -- -- personally. But -- the inside round but it's a fairly good sized piece of meat. So he he might. You might have -- you may be more than you need I don't know how many people coming -- there is one other one. -- gonna see in the racquets help ID of round and you've got to look at it you say this looks beautiful and it does look beautiful that looks almost like a four way. But trust me you do not want. I have round unless you wanna cook at all day if you can cook at all oh. But it -- it it looks beautiful but it's tough tough tough tough. -- And that I have who are high the eyes of ground do not buy a high of -- spoke it. Yeah with the eagle. I think equity. Thank you I appreciate your calling today and it's not street nasty nasty day. Here is Lloyd Lloyd welcome to the food show. Thank. You I can hear you perfectly. -- wanted to give your report. -- at Christmas dinner. Crystal room and a lot probably aren't out -- You know that's so pretty reliable place they bear all open for all the holidays and they've always done pretty good job -- -- It was outstanding are recommended -- percent. Good and any it doubt pre champ brain included with the mile you can error almost certain. And I a couple of almost a mile and it was there it was virtual. What was the price on that idea or. A person. No kitten while that's let's hire at a higher price never ever seen from that place. But if it -- you happy it's worth every nickel because believe me there were a lot of less expensive dinners out there. That people are not happy about. Archery. Yeah or that's good and it's great to know Kuznetsov. That's a great old hotel goes way back it was said deluxe hotel when it was first built that's not a bad hotel now. And that crystal room it's kind of old fashion and its design but they've always put on good plate of food. -- yeah well good I'm so glad you called. Thank you it's the crystal room it's in oil pumping on hotel on the corner of golf scene and point for -- -- it originally was the he soaked to hotel. Here's a little historical radio note. WD SU. The BS stands for de Soto because that's where the studios where. He used in where you halt UH a L he Joseph you call -- the guy who started -- 26063. Was wrong there I go again I knew how long did it take nineteen minutes -- eighteen. But before he screwed it up to 60. 187 here is Kasey Kasey welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or are determined. -- But you are caught. And Oprah as we try actually. Accomplish and achieve that back -- -- potato potato dumplings -- potato pancakes. Don't know. What called leaders were the tour observed her. Error people look at. Essentially we're making it. The problems. They -- he stated that there. Him in ball four. Great potato dumplings that brought dump. It. Little slower balls. Are about should other. And the question. Can speculate what we were doing well. Which can do. Well as you know although we have a lot of German heritage. In New Orleans you can look at the names in the phone book concede that. The cuisine of Germany has all but disappeared from here very very little -- -- left. And even across the rest of the country even in parts of the country where there has historically been no one's a German investments like Milwaukee and Chicago and places like that. German restaurants are disappearing -- body eats it anymore it is so one level. Anyway. I don't even know the dish you're talking about I've never heard. I heard a potato pancakes but I've never heard of potato dumplings. And I don't think that any restaurants here is ever served -- girls I think it would remembered we had a few German restaurant one time -- gone any help. But the first thought that comes to my mind is how much -- did you use. Well we -- we follow trader repealed in -- and MM. And perhaps sort of -- went. We used our partner site and more. And our actual. -- issue you know going back to what you over her mother shall write. That. -- The closest thing to this that is phoned around here is -- and Italian dish called Yuki GNOCCHI. Good and yawkey. Is made out of potatoes and flower a -- 5050. And there's a little egg in the air to. But these tend to be small there you typically Nokia's about the size of that the biggest believe the last section of your index finger. And that's -- it. Should actually to -- battalion and -- should. Go to Tokyo. On. The leader and founder. It may be within. Again. Will that could would -- take -- the bar and it also. It's certainly would. Did tell me the name of this again. There is little would be stroke. To say uh oh uh oh -- the -- docks over the that you don't know what you doubt that'll carry oh yeah should be. Always. CK LO ESE. It. KOT. That's what carried. -- UK. LO ESE. -- -- -- And did you look it up on the web by any chance. We are looking up formal -- you don't. The problem probably people -- -- -- virtual. -- Okay here's one I just send them I'm looking through the -- always look at the source of these these SP four. Is jumping in autumn. Cyber kitchen and food -- comments. That it's Food Network they were. -- curious which is the website that in -- remain and the -- Agassi the former remain magazine and also bona Petit I find the recipes usually pretty. At -- off your ego you know what it says we are unable to find a match for German potato whom the so. You know I think he might be time to tell your wife and we live in new warlords. Let's make something outlook and gumbo it's that. I don't know I have no idea I haven't a clue I've never heard this -- but maybe somebody listening to a says it won't be so keep it. We've made Goosen or other factors that was probably -- the. What that's you know and everything else houses sidebar what the goose and Chris is that's the ultimate you really unit that right in the middle. Thank you -- keeper. Keep listening we might come up with something but it wouldn't I would bet on it we will return with more of the future as the moment after first if you this. And then and it did leave it to him on -- it's the food show -- The big 870 WWL and WW 105 point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris scurry to be here with you talking about food restaurants and cooking and wine. And dine dining in the -- is this. -- -- -- -- Thank you -- I don't see -- that economy. Star restaurant which you're in new apartment or -- And I wait wait wait wait wait wait before you go any farther this sounds like you have a bad report. 000. You don't OK and then go right now and can. Okay. And analyze this just a -- or have but it it's always right and you won't read. I'll look at it it is they can -- not to. Oh yeah. Yeah as wow it actually in the plant charisma. It's mainly from me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Never been to New Orleans before I actually am -- But I'll. It was wonderful. There will probably about -- twelve that. And it's wonderful -- -- will not have as a better. -- Did you -- in the in that in that ballroom. Why you know why don't. That don't think so. We're in that I am Ayers. -- ran. Deeper. He -- for urgent desire. Oh yeah on the other yeah. They do but the tables where with the tables. -- funny -- -- where. The labels for Albert to the in them. The B bid. There's that the program at -- from the mind happy. The he should get. Yeah those -- their ball rooms that's that's what they do for the brunch. Because that they are old -- on big days isn't there anymore -- is gone and it's been replaced by the revolution restaurant with shoes I think was also open on Christmas. -- way the -- is probably most. What is yet. One or more room to grant. And want it. We want it leak from you know the program. Is the image wonderful. All -- If -- would. Christmas spirit operatives we have ever act. Wonderful that's great here they the food service in the royals in the past has always been. So that's that's nice here. It is appropriate tweet deck -- -- it I do not like she can't. I get my director patients cope. It's limited to Cuba. -- -- what you are well I will remember that next year when people ask me again thanks for call and with that. It's time for done aims to step in and take off his raincoat put his umbrella down. And give us some new and latitude YouTube hello hello this is the food show. On the big 870 WWL WW 105 point three of them. This is Tom Fitzmorris yet passing is a cultured person. Hope you're enjoying the Christmas holidays today is. It's the cities that are. Third third -- Chris third day of Christmas. Somewhere around here have our version of would that all means but instead and I don't have a front that's way am I jumping right into this instead I have a poem for -- since we don't have any money on hold at the moment if you were to call in you could stop this point by calling me right now at 260. 187260. 1870. -- -- about what. Anything having to do with food in any way at all. And if you think that -- note this is just too silly I would call radio show but this police more than anyone else I want you to call. Please what you have to -- will be more interest. Then just by the anybody else anyway. This is something I write for money and newsletter in subscribers every year. And different whenever you -- and as poetry goes it's gone parole it's not very good but thought I have fun with any ego. Merry Christmas to you and all of their -- this food commentators does his -- duties. To summarize winters Summers falls in last spring's astronomical news and our appetite swings. 64 openings and one's surprise melt down don't capture the status of beating an art talent. Chefs make much baloney and their own house cured hams but neglect the big flavors and offered tepid yams. Ambient noise increases -- table clogs disappear some bread we beg the waiter sorry not since last year. Creativity comes before all other ends its what do -- has now when he follows the trends. And the beard chef now Eurostar. Or your not how's your taste. -- who cares when's your next TV slot. Most local food headlines concerned the French Quarter more major new openings in old bricks and mortar. -- the -- -- seen in years perhaps ever. In one block of charters Dickie Brennan's endeavor tableau a real stunner -- Reese a big stake room. Where Alpine long service those begin the big boom. Next stop is on ramparts Renaissance of the year Marty's. In its old digs though its -- not here. We're just getting started what above Gallup -- -- what does 33 mean just the state placed next to why are. Holding pen for those keen to wait long for a table in Dell's main dining room with iconic people. One blocked the real low. In the new month to Leon knew clever and handsome the old pump room reborn. Greg in Mary's on -- -- finally got shook loose from would be -- real and -- years of this use. Greg's gig now always keep fish with cool casual menus. Two more new ZE threes in the venerable venues. Broussard Gunter is gone new owners spent millions on carriage -- in bar and dining pavilions. A similar story presented by Tunisia -- Retro renovation brighter place yet still sags. With the weight of a century and half and its footprint. Quick fix a grasshopper garnish with fresh -- Enough with the news now let's address Christmas cards to chef -- MacPhail and -- and -- -- estado. Married days old you brightens boss -- and chef frank. On -- Wayne Pearson and kitchen crew we all think. Mr. Ed thanks for Bozo nose and your other three places can look -- and commute incredibly. Decode -- owner leases. Happy fuel to the chefs who are known by just one name Paul -- and Vincent Scotty and Tommy the same. Greg -- and John Andrea and Susan plus email and Dennis and how Long Island and to sue a quick word -- us. Not everything is great that she just the way life Ben's. Head -- Brandon sorry. I hope icu again. Goodbye friend Frank Davis very naturally knew oh. Richard -- of the Bombay club it hurt to see you grow. Friend Paul medical -- the Tabasco pepper -- a funny brilliant man was key I misusing. I can write this all day but the days -- short one so now please this memo before -- fully done. To listeners who -- super and you waited rodeo. And readers of the words I put here every day old Merry Christmas to you happy feasting ho ho ho. And the genuine happy new year. Let's give it our Vasco. And New York. Okay well we filled up a few spots oh we need a break you know to pay for that he had -- good great idea will be back with more of the food choice the first pleased that. Looking okay. Hello willow lowered its seafood show on the negates -- WWL -- WWO 105 point three FM. This is Tom -- great to be here with you talking about eating here is Ryan Ryan welcome. Thank -- -- equipment. -- have you ever tried any low temperature smoking Olympic green. Do it all the time that the Thanksgiving and every Thanksgiving for the last well since 2004. There -- run it that way when you talk about. Low and how well are you talking about ninety degrees or. Well I. Am -- looked. He did overnight. Recipes on how to do that -- one of them. And Iraq and most. Of smoking and a 10260. Degree. That's about right I would ticket will let the low end of that. And and is not going to go septic Sonia. -- very unlikely anyway. So you don't have them too much worry about food -- safety there. I would -- Make sure that theories no. Direct heat rising up and hitting the -- it ought to be going around up the sides over the top and then rolling back down again to a certain extent. And Europe both your events the one at the top in the one at the bottom ought to be pretty darn close I mean just about completely closed. And you know it leave it on the air until it looks right. To you if you -- run and advice you can go as low as about ninety degrees. And and I just keep the smoke going what kind but what are you smoking with. I don't to a lot. I won't say apple would ship -- I got -- or not. Perfect that you you got it you got it nailed and one and just. You know let her go and then take it out and Cilic -- and I can't imagine that would be anything less than great. How many hours do you thank -- seen anything from four hours. Well two years the day. Yeah you know you believe it or not you if you have bill wing smoky in there. You can get a great smoky flavor in half an hour or less but you can keep that going for awhile to it -- -- -- as what you. Don't want to happen is a big the hot. Here and radiance. Key to coming straight up and hitting with the issues you just want that completely. Defended from that and the other thing is. That you don't want it to dry out because this is when you have a low temperature. In an any kind of love and of smokers anything. There's a drying process that goes on and so I would have a couple cans of water in the year just to keep the steam going. Iowa what I use is that whenever my wife kills another can of tuna fish that saved me that can't and it's just Philip -- water and put on the grill. And this keeps the humidity very high and keeps it from drying up but. It -- it's a very forgiving process if you goalie you know an -- over it's not gonna destroy believer. Thank you much well good thank you. Interest -- call we have been asked about when in a long time if ever -- his wolf welcome to the food show. I think -- there we -- women I don't think of which is now we'll try to get there we wolf. Very ignorant. I'm doing great public -- and a quick and you know -- what you don't. Really what kind. And I'm out there might get a lot to me. I can't get to our little. Already know -- so -- wouldn't you do you go oh yeah oh yeah. -- all other Arab immigrants speak little over. Well there's all kinds of things you can do with him the first thing it comes to my mind is a quiche. And aren't -- we -- is a bad name for some reason I don't know why that whoever wrote that line real men don't eat -- they screwed up the reputation of -- forever but it's egg. An egg pie and the classic one quiche Lorraine that's him teach. And that's a natural and I like this does seem funny. This is wonderful dish that they do over it -- -- Don knows aids is pretty classic Italian dish she's -- few other places too. They call it pork XP didn't. And they make. A stuffing out of bread crumbs parmesan cheese Italian seasoning. On garlic. Little olive oil you know the acute put on top of oysters to make Italian style -- are more or less -- anyway. They'll take fairly thick slices of pork you can do also do this with chicken he could do would almost anything can think of it. And they folded around this stuffing and then they put a couple of slices of hand there and then they run up on -- -- were included in the oven and bake. Until -- all the way through. Is. There hi I think it might be my second and third favorite issue with here. It -- the government you know do it -- you. How can you. Hit it straight like. According sol and don't green -- -- And -- -- together you know like. Great. Yeah they're actually. Sounds good to me. Why not I I say cream sauce but that would be pretty good with a red sauce to. Well -- are out here -- -- yet something like that would not go along with you. I -- Alter its I want to try and. Well I think we've hit a few of them will -- what are legally buy food show you need to break -- Horry. -- -- talk to him -- welcome to the future. -- win. My team is very poor on the most of -- and Tim welcome. Thank John. You know it is warranted this will be appropriately it and I'd do a variation all of these. I think classic -- -- in Oakland Colombo. By adding. Certainly not anything that the truck and play for a -- by adding pork to. And what I do is side. Simply we have a crown. Quote gross -- the informed for a and possibly. The bones the remainder and chopped into bite size pieces and and it to the -- in the trinity and make light -- and now I'm waiting to different definitely an issue well. So. I think that'll be you know and and from what rob talked people they haven't haven't tried it that way that I think -- -- different important natural. I think so let me ask you this do you have poker in this. Okay. Do you have tomato. You know. No tomato OK what what you have there. Is pretty close to what is known locally as the creole gumbo right. As opposed to. Seafood -- which is one thing in the you have treatment do we -- that's another already. But opposite colors but there really a totally different -- Well this one what you're suggesting is kind of in the week and -- there's no reason why not it's a delicious flavor right. Well you know little aside do what you had any kind of sausage too. Let's seafood gumbo Liu of the early Rwandan and myopic. Or really well and I know I've had a lot of good ones with a lot of sausage and. Now I'm no but I mean this also detract from the flavor of the trump what they'll do whatever else so -- wanna keep that life you know. -- -- I I don't think you'd be too disappointed that I really don't know would worry about it. Yeah I gotcha I gotcha. But I really appreciate your contributions you are very very talented food critic and I -- Alone I'm -- it and do you still have one thing left to do and that is simply. Call Nichols state university and apologize for being on the show. Something all -- As a crank. Again. Jeff welcome to the food show. Oh yeah uncle they're not doing well. Shortly. And a couple of old -- what we hear -- at all. Well you know or maybe a double chocolate so -- -- feeling that kind of got to think about bill and then you got any ideas. Well it brazing as you know this is just slow cooking in the oven with a lot of liquid. And in a certain amount of basting if you want to you can get in there and based it. And the vegetables that come along with that sort of adds to the great he has that goes along. And. -- -- you I don't think there. He potatoes and carrots but I would add them at the end I would have some a little a little tomato when there. I would have celery. Onion news. Herbs of various kinds. Our road rage or just Rosemary is a good one. Another one I like a lot with -- is marcher ran. I would take it easy on the Rosemary Rosemary can take over its better -- than we try to beef anyway. And it just takes a long time in the oven for that. Two to -- down a -- I'm gonna guess around three. Three hours but what you're looking for. Use when the -- starts falling away from the bones. Direct that's that's the that's what you look at -- I'm -- I'm open -- but I'm just wondering if before uploaded in the park if I should see their little allowable. More than. If we don't need it don't -- -- yeah we don't worry for a short -- you really don't need to do any of that because you've got. Quite a bit of that you've got a lot of gelatin coming out of the connective tissue and everything kind of will more self waste. And you really don't have to go through all that -- listen I'm sorry if you can if you wanna hang on you can. But I got to take a break -- will be back with more the food show after first pleased that the BP DPP hello hello hello it's the food show -- thirteen fifty no no it's the big 87 WW island WWL one of five point three FM. It's much time here -- them much more just enough to tell him something that he apparently doesn't know. I was supposed to give a talk this -- but 1015 years ago amazing he still remembers. That. At Nichols state. And my son had appendicitis. And went into the hospital. We thought it was appendicitis it turns out -- -- and that's why I wasn't there. And as an apology to all of the people who were there to hear me I gave all of them a copy of my book is that apology enough -- WWL radio New Orleans WWO FM -- New Orleans.

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