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WWL>Topics>>12-28 1:10pm: The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

12-28 1:10pm: The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Dec 28, 2013|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks with WWL callers about food, cooking, recipes, dining, wine and restaurants.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870 kill cycles medium wave. Fifty. Billion micro watts of power. Coming through the rain through the trees through the ground through the water in the atmosphere. To outer space ward knows how far it's gone so far. Since 1922. WWL. New Orleans first radio station. And WWL. FM 105 point three. New Orleans first. FM frequency. This is Tom Morris. With the second course of food show New Orleans longest running talk show. Since 1988. 2601872601870. May we talk about to whatever it is that you have been cooking or eating more or thinking about cooking reading. 26063. Who -- almost 260187. -- when I screwed up. On Christmas. We always go to my wife's. Sister's house we do Thanksgiving over here and everybody comes here but the idea here being cool ranch on the North Shore near Bonita springs. Anyway we went over there and they asked me to do few things one of them. Was a red velvet. Cheesecake. -- you know that's red velvet cheesecake. I had never done that before but they got a good recipe for it from. The -- over net of homeless house plantation. But Jeremy Langley. Great young guys to read fiction. And he had this and I -- that he twisting and then I made the green cross for added to -- -- green food coloring and Graham cracker crumbs was all there was to that although somebody suggested pistachios which would have been great -- adjusted happening. Anyway -- debt and then I made the fixings were doing oysters on -- that I had a half a gallon oysters. And I had I you know fried a bunch of bacon and in Google was sticks were all lined up and I news that -- down some. -- weeks. The wraparound the oysters which do you then wrapped around bacon in the stuck on the state -- -- -- broil it under the oven -- under the broiler rather in a way -- I had everything ready and check the twice to make sure. Yet here's the oysters here's well here was everything but the oysters actually when I got there. That's -- -- we still have all these oysters and have some friends over tonight. A so I'm looking forward to that what are you looking forward to here is CJ CJ welcome to the food show. Pedicure come -- what are you comment on the there are used to be -- mind not a while all Gloria on canal street. We have for lunch on -- Christmas Day. Hitler Holmgren coached. Oh are usually. Every year's super rich -- -- and probably I -- -- and budget bill that coach -- Peregrine triangular I missed my reservation times of the doubt at -- -- -- although. Two days before Christmas but shouldn't there be an indication that Indian reservations available. A group reservations the courtroom. We're trying to be empty in a year and they're too which renders their bulwark. Like -- Chinese poultry type quality. In our spiritual our culture that. You know my my luck with that hotel and I love the hotel. In that -- usually they do pretty good job on things but this but big buffet that they do on holidays. You couldn't drag me into that it's just. That's terrible but. You know what if I may ask. Give everybody a pass on Christmas Christmas is a very very difficult day to serve because. All your top people don't wanna work and they've got the leverage to say I'm not working on Christmas. And and it's really tough to pull together a staff to do it and I know you can say well. If they can't do it why should they open and all well hotels got the -- and -- it absolutely has to be open. And it's just the only thing you can do is just not go to war my wouldn't go to a hotel buffet on Christmas Day or Mother's Day or New Year's Eve for any. La puppet can discern is again the -- It's outstanding and I spoke with the manager at a trade I manager. And he he's sort of the ironing we can't do the job the year -- -- people. You know. It's really tough -- I believe in defense of dining and I never put myself in the position where I know the odds are against me and the odds are against you. Dining out on Christmas Day at all to tell you the truth. And and and even more so in -- of a monstrous huge. The hotel buffet you -- again I tell you. I would rather go home and eat crackers. And do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just more than ours that you will try to -- out -- about body. -- thank. All right well I'm sorry that happened to you in our candidate can happen. So far we're 5050 on how well Christmas dinners have turned out. I'm here is Beth Beth welcome to the food show. I'm I'm I'm. You know if you had any ideas or I -- -- are -- -- a dinner. -- about thirty people. And we're looking at either the quarter order warehouse. Or. You know. What's so what's your price point. What are you looking at. -- -- That's that's kind of a tough question because that I'm actually -- and -- and adding it's because. Good -- -- from Baltimore can't no kind of kind of got out again well. The the place that to me. And for some reason I've been the for a five rehearsal dinners there. And it's always been great in we've also done a number of is -- on the park it's beautiful spot. And already it. And win this is going to be in March. In March oh well -- take time but. This is the biggest problem is and Mardi Gras around here. Yet -- it actually began after Marty. Yeah that's the the waiters and -- would just be getting sober by that. I OK -- -- -- already all right well that's that's a that's a beauty. Antique style but I just love it or knows our noses. Wonderful private parties they always have by that and and they have a special kitchen devoted just doing the private parties and the first class. Another good in his del Monaco -- Monica once in Charles avenue to. Point well good luck with that Jerry and there you go oh wait until two months out of books like this that's nothing feel welcome. Hey. I'm doing great. Yeah -- How to make. A try to short term use one term came out good mom what Brit comic Mediterranean. -- And also at times it is just nasty. Ones yeah. Well business unless it is it is. You know its its its dependence. -- infected all the rituals involved it's recalls something that news. Endurance. Are you talking about something like -- Brad. What you have to. The heat of bread is so difficult. To make. That it's one of the few brits that you almost never see anybody baking in how was the only place I know and I'm not sure there's still doing it was. Well gosh what's their name over the Roanoke on bank street. They had an operation next door called the daily pita bread bakery. What you need to do for pita bread pop properly is the special -- that gets up to. Astronomically high temperatures like 800 degrees. And you can't do that at all. And it if you don't have that you're gonna wind up with something that's not going to be like I would just by commercially. And forget about it they are better -- you can do that much less challenging and you won't make it I guarantee you you'll never make it better than the guys to do it -- -- Yeah sorry about that 2606368. A program is sponsored by Ryan's horrible ways. -- -- -- couldn't use one of those -- -- content that -- -- last year. Commercials had to do and all retirement look this thing. -- -- Roast beef that's their famous thing he -- more of that than anything else. It has been terrific since the day the place open and I've been going just about that long the guy who originally started 1975. Was a guy with a high school. And so it's always been on my mind by L horn brook who runs it now continues. If anything to make it even better. The critical item is that they roast or own beef in house they make the -- gravy from scratch and I can tell you. That is a minority. Of or White House can claim that. Peru and spore voices at 3939 veterans highway -- as -- -- on the lakeside veterans they are open now to about 8830 tonight. Lunch every day except Sunday. And a kind of an early dinner to about eight. On. Wednesday through Saturday -- We will return with more of the Ochoa to first -- than you do do do -- I don't know though it's the food show it's. The big 870 WWL -- WWL one of five point three FM and let's see who's next here believe it is Susan on the -- there or is it Suzanne or Suzanne. Which -- Suzanne my yeah. My my my son's girlfriend's name whose -- spelled the same way. No real world but they live on the West Coast that's explains. It. Woke up thinking -- -- mean that's a good question actually come on the chocolate. And I want to know if you have any ideas. -- I'm a good vegetable is and I'll I'll have a question about a -- incumbent and media -- that didn't exactly my plan. All all right. Well untouchables -- it's funny we just need some of that about a week ago here. Look I did the meat I usually use is brisket but by chuck would be fine except. -- has a lot of fat so when you. When you do the broad. Be ready to put the whole thing in the refrigerator overnight and let all that that come up to the top formally -- Comma is one solid piece the next they pull it off thrown away. And and they are there sure there's your stock it takes about. That's about -- hours minimum we usually just cook beef now and we let it go for about four hours but that just barely breaking ball pools now and then with the with the little. And and he put an onion in the air and you put a parent or two in there which will give -- a little more color. And some salary you know the usual things that you news savory vegetables because the stock going right. And then the next day. Well what you do use. You added some made oh and for this I would say just came in to me. Is fine probably better because of all the juice in the can't UB. I would buy instead of crushed I would buy the whole tomatoes in question yourself the tomatoes are better quality. -- don't know that because they're actually more expensive. And then. All the vegetables you can use whatever vegetables you want but I'd like to what are. Them some -- a little bit before equipment like the carrots for example. You need a little bit of advance cooking especially begin right away this is a soup though that gets better the second. And so what we often put in carrots on potatoes turnips. Brussels sprouts almost always I think they really good in your green beans. And really just on anything that that seems logical and then you you throw some pieces of meat in there if you want to to just give little texture. And you could even put -- in -- which wolf that ended up but it not a lot of putts but just like strings of at running through. And there you want I mean it's lovely to -- this I think I had five goals this stuff in two days it was. Yeah it. Thank you and then you see them there would not. I and a long time and made it means that. When. We ate it didn't hate like -- it came -- -- to kill. It it. -- use too -- true in here's how to avoid doing that in the in the future. Make your room. Have all your vegetables cut up the onions the -- ring the bell peppers and all that stuff just all cut up ready to go make your route to whatever degree of by darkness you want. When it hits that point taken off the stove completely dumped your vegetables in. Stirred around that cooled on the vegetables no cool it off than in the process the vegetables will also get caught -- just keeps storing it even though it's off the flame because. The its own heat will continue to cook you probably know. Anyway once it is kind of settled down a little bit. Take a couple of labels like but maybe eight ounces a cup of of liquid out of New York. Stock pot I don't know what you made the stock go for this. I don't. Chickens so -- there's there's your problem right here if you're doing a seafood gumbo. If you're doing -- seafood gumbo. Every supermarket here as well -- gumbo crabs you get a pack a six them for some like three dollars I'd want it's it's their real cheap. And these are little tiny crabs they probably come from Vietnam or something it doesn't make any difference you just -- than a pot. Or an onion in the -- already in May be some ports -- and and make a stock. With that. It only takes. About 45 minutes and then you straighten everything out there is your stock for a year ago. And take some of that and you you put that into the room when you whiskey into the rule. And then here's where. Chefs do things differently from the way you and I do in the -- ways that. Take the rule included in the stock don't put the stock in the everybody cooking at home just about everybody puts the stock into the rule -- value lost control how much ruby. This way you can only what you need you put these you put the rule into the stock. You put writing for -- takes some of the stock first. Like a again I tell you a radio. A cup of included in the rule while it's still you know while it's they'll cook the vegetables in real hot this cool cool it down a little bit and it'll also give you a nice texture. But from that point you put the rule into the stock pot. And until you have the right amount and and you stop it you might have some extra -- so what what is through cost nothing. And then you're just. Then you're ready to go but if you put him with the other way you know you have this fixed amount -- it might be too much might that be enough. And they -- you don't. So you buy ads in my -- -- if you will look at up. -- that -- new world food. We will be back into a couple of minutes here as we have some views coming in from -- who's ready to go TDs DT Z. Hello it's the food show we're busy with -- going to be shot up pick up and calls here's a man. -- Well during the afternoon. Do agree only to do you know number bloody good. I'm. I'm sort of I'm glad it ain't too on it would not yet late -- on frozen. -- And resource since weakened immune even see how we should you know what is made. Points you know so you're talking about him it's basically. Unless it is more to our. And I haven't my diet and out scene at 3 o'clock today it's them. And corn at four a month after. -- being trapped so and it's been nationally butchered. You know. Who will starting -- Yeah I think what you're dealing with this -- Is is did that to make the law you know -- to make an oversimplification. Maybe but that's really about what you have here. And anything you would do with pork you can do with that including the -- you know the most outstanding one in my mind used to barbecue you know slow smoker for a while. There's only one difference between this and the stuff you would buy in the supermarket in terms of the cooking anyway and that he is. That you must get this up to. A 150. Degrees and have a hold at that temperature in the middle of the -- Get a 150 degree temperature and holed that there for ten minutes. At some point in the process. Because while there is no incidents -- trick -- -- -- from commercial. Pigs in in 20/20 five years I mean really hasn't come up right. Wild pigs. They get everything that's out there and including all those parasites -- you do not want to be infected with that it is appearance horrible so. Other than that you know whatever your favorite recipe is from barbecuing or a slow roasted -- pork roast in the oven or. Or anything like that you just go ahead and use it but make sure you're up to that temperature of 150. Ten minutes. Well. You might have been some some books that are you know Kim recipe books that might seek specialized in -- Oh well they they are out -- for sure but -- for that if it is if something like that were given to me I would do exactly what I just don't I would I would probably put it on the pit. And and slow smoke it frankly admit barbecue and that's where -- become -- We'll have fun enjoy. I -- show should show was sponsored by Peru and four boys as good as they're -- -- are you know. -- their menu runs the two pages of other stuff. They have. Everything from fried seafood -- lot of Italian dishes plea to red beans and rice every day of the week and it's not left over from yesterday -- also much of that they make an everyday. In fact that's the key to everything that Koreans for poise they cook. In the hopes everything they do is cooked in house. And that's why it's better. They are open for lunch every day except Sunday there they -- for dinner Wednesday through Saturday. Until about 8830. Great place to go away if you finish shopping and know a lot of people are still going to lakeside mall it's -- up the highway from there not far. A grand sport voice 3939 veterans just as Cleary. RR -- in apostrophe S. And all we hear is Elizabeth also known as leaders and bath and Lizzie and -- they're welcome to the coach. They actually you now accessible -- -- pure -- -- way Eric and each. How would you go about -- And smeared with. All right. You can Bonnie. 00 goose in just but any good size supermarket. Any time I ran into. Yeah every time I've ever wanted to cook won I've found one. And and it's never been a problem now they're froze. All. And so. You're talking about three days thawing. And to really do this right this is a different kind of bird then adopt Goran borrowed chicken or or Turkey. You the way I do. He has a get a pot of boiling water going big pot boiled water with at this is after the falling and everything. And you just drop it into the boiling water for a spot five minutes. 55. To eight minutes let's. And then you take it out you drain it and you put it on opinion I would line the pain and with plastic wrap. And then you put it in your extra refrigerator. If you have an extra refrigerator or you just put in the refrigerator if you don't. And you let it sit in the refrigerator. For five days. In the -- and for the yes the reason for this is of a two fold first of bull. It's -- tend to rise vary significantly in that amount of time and secondly. Agoos. Has in and you leave Hubble amount of fat. And so. You know you -- let's do some. Let's stick it with your your knife here in the -- and you'll see that a lot of -- comes losing out of those. Those slits and you you want a lot of that to come out. From that point you roasted just like you roasted duck or -- Turkey. Start off hot about 450. Degrees. Turn it down immediately after you put it and let it roast it will take a pilot. Two hours I'm gonna say. I have this recipe on my website by the way if you go to -- -- dot com and look around you'll find it. And are there is -- while it's in there there's only one thing you need to check. And that he -- That as it cooks he will continue to throw off fat so much that you might have to take a spoon and spoons some of that out of them. Out of the the broiler rack. -- sometimes it can really almost overflowing and no kidding so this is something -- have to pay attention to but then after that. There's one more trick and then you're home free. This is not something you want to bring to the table and -- at the papal. Because it's impossible. -- this it while you can grab a Turkey leg just yank it off the the Turkey you will not do that with a goose it is really on air. And you have to get back they are aware though with a meat cleaver out of sight of everybody and really just. Packet. That to make it fall apart but then you slice it up it's all dark meat like a duck is. And so you don't -- the -- it or anything like that it's already going to be nice and tender. And you servant you know the classic things red cap which go down red cabbage but -- -- really -- anything that we serve birds with the round here you know dirty rice. That -- Which I thought I make him every now and then. I take each gallon tank and -- they are kind. All right I would not -- that I didn't I didn't mention any of that but whenever I'm roasting a bird in the -- the cavity is always jammed. With things like orange sections onions. Well Rosemary from my garden from. Some apples huge chunks of apple chunks of the news celery and all that stuff PGM and adjusting to keep the moisture high and also begin to play. Well good luck. Chris -- roast goose it's a great tradition that we don't do more often. I did not see one -- on menu this year that had roast -- on not a one we will return with more of the food choice -- first please this. Cute cute -- to do you could do to do to put up and everything but how far below a little bits that Fujifilm. It's big 870 WWL on WW -- a five point three FM here is mark. Mark welcome. -- -- I'm doing great come on. I wanted to ask you about the -- and we're doing. And here. You're an often. More of your your phone -- -- his breaking I cannot make out a word you're saying. Mark -- You're your your phone is breaking up terribly. He called me back yet -- 260. 187 here is Teresa. Threesome welcome I don't know how we're going and doing a good. Looking. Are a deep -- apple pie -- have you any idea brand might find but the thing. Who will -- you could probably -- on the web. Easy enough let's see when I come up with our feet deep. Dish. Apple. Now bull. It. Terrorists it the -- we come up with over a million. Yeah 1260000. Copies. The first one is from Ina Garten who is a very good cook cookbook writer. She's the U contests and no she's not the contestant who's under guard in over -- -- On this one here from -- And he saw Emeril -- -- that on his menu since day one. I suspect that that would be a good. Food Network dot com. Doubled deep dish apple apply here it is. -- easy enough yeah. You know just to adjust to a web search and deep dish apple pie recipe all four all five of those words. And and here it is this looks like a good rest beat him walk in and now. He's got a -- -- -- Smith apples and Macintosh apples he has brown Sugar Land in flower Nutmeg cinnamon salt. -- kinds. -- interesting idea. Yeah this looks good. Think you're already hearing from you. Mark is back. Mark welcome to the food show. Mark. Mark. Mark. I'm sorry that is that's it might and that's might bite problem. I'm getting blind and let's see mark mark you're year I think -- so. I can hear you fine now yes thank you. Okay. What I ordered askew we're doing ringing in the New Year's seat at the west and now. Yeah and they have a board but -- to go along and I'm just wondering what what got a quality and I expect the western. Ordinary hotel. That's that's what it is -- that's in my experience with it over the last five or six years it's. You know what's up there for the hotel. Guests and I I don't get much out of it but. What do location you know you're up there on the eleventh floor. And it has a fantastic. View. All of the fireworks and everything going on on the river. And everything else such a beautiful beautiful beautiful dining and those who originally built as a place go leisure or death. A long long time ago it was a first class fantastic. Restaurant it is nowhere near that good now. In my opinion. Well I don't if you -- Well you know -- -- atmosphere. You know especially you know of view and all that sometimes it doesn't come with the best food but the I wouldn't cancel reservation or anything I mean it's going to be an exciting night it won't be horrible you'll you won't want to throw rocks at the people but it's not a one of the brilliant places -- would yeah. 100 -- -- one other question. That -- and the end. On the west. No group. But people tell me about it all the time of the dock there that's pretty good and a few other things -- -- never had a -- everybody tells me the Quayle's grader tries. -- regulators it's the food show come back with more in a moment but first please this and cute who -- who although it's the food show. It's the big 870 WWL WW of one of -- one on one a -- -- -- -- -- five point three FM. Mike. Mike is back I'm sorry Mike I bite my punch you up -- -- -- -- punch somebody else and -- him at the punch myself for all that welcome. I don't pop fly. Out broad appreciation off. Our agency a lot of big and the years orchard which my wife would lose. Well yeah he had -- I had a question about being right I heard all -- Are about -- ripping rights and and putting all that error yup yup and you'll only. Yeah. It is too quick story we have the Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile people in town they were guests on the show and they ask people call in with their recipes for Oscar -- winners. And a guy called me up and he said okay this is gonna sound gross you can hate the sound of it but trust me. You make a pot of beans two pounds of -- Take a whole pack of Oscar Mayer hot dogs put -- in the food processors who. Until it's a pure way that looks kinda like potted meat but that is. And it it's it's it's he says I'm telling you it's gross it's gross but you've got your pot of beans and it's still simmering and you scrape out the the the -- hot dogs and you dump it into the pot of beans. And you store it until it disappears. And that will be plenty long enough we in the boiling. Red beans to cook this sausage all the way through -- dollars -- to begin with put. And he says and then you take a bite. And help me that that doesn't taste exactly. Like pop -- And I said. Well you know frankly I never was really in search of duplicating -- by -- red beans but OK I'll drive. I tried it he's right it really works at an event a lot of people tell me that they've tried it and it really works too so if you wanna. Have that pop -- slavery without actually going to pop buys that works. I'm. Bob Mundy will go up three GG. I. Thank you see it's the food show really strange. To the there's another -- there's two guys named Mike is that we treat. OK okay Mike he's up already okay. Mike welcome. Mike are you there. He's in there somewhere here Mike Mike. Will come back after after all that where we are we now it's a -- Which tried -- -- and welcome to the coach. I'm reflected one. Recently about that Rick figuring or -- Rubble it cheered it -- side you know it and -- over in direct she -- -- sort of -- about 13. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As to whether or not to -- The old in her remove the -- of the reviled or. Not a leader. I believe everything there. I get it almost black on the outside but -- item. I take it right out of the refrigerator so even a few finished doing that the internal temperature this is still going to be like you know. Fifty degrees you have -- right it's gonna be refrigerated and then you put it in the oven or you can you can certainly do it out on the pick. But with much much lower heat but to 25 to fifty. But you'll get that nice juicy interior flavor. But I don't I don't cut anything off of -- figure if it comes to me -- everything in place sentinel I'm gonna leave it that way they were a lot of people who prefer it. A lot of butchers. Actually caught it down before you you know believe the ball insulin but now all has to be tied together -- with that I just get the whole damn thing and -- there and it just target for awhile and then roasted for awhile one comes. My wife likes it good enough for me. It. -- you know that well you know it's loosening the more the more times you do with the battery. A cooperative that. My pleasure this is the season for that. To make prime rib -- joins us over here on the orange on. We have our we have one but I have thirty seconds. Know what he racked up borne out -- tomorrow. No way Hamas saying on -- you -- Yeah this is this is a very good restaurant you you will have no trouble finding something great to eat the -- that's all I can tell you when these few minutes but hang on or call back if you want. WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM -- our New Orleans where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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