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WWL>Topics>>12-28 2:10pm: The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

12-28 2:10pm: The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Dec 28, 2013|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitmorris talks food, dining, recipes and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You can do -- -- welcome back to the third chorus. Of the food show here on thirteen fifty WW. Oh I did that. Tonight. Let's try again. On the big 870 WW LWWO. 105 point three FM -- you know this might sound like a set up to you that I did that on purpose to tell you this. But a program exactly like this with with different calls and different subjects of course -- all bought food. Is on the year every afternoon noon till three and thirteen fifty WWW. Or three WL as we call now. And that's why I'm always given the wrong address and move the wrong phone number. Here's sometimes because. Do that when all week long and it's -- -- sticks in my brain. 2060. 187 me curious Tim. Hope that the team called this earlier. That really doesn't article. About the and the call this earlier you don't know all. -- -- I'll listen to you all both patient. Olson QQ and a much. The question -- did to your PD group here in Hungary in one. You probing on it. And which didn't turn out well it will help it turn out how greedy practitioners like com. You know -- initiative and you know. Well. Were you did you have a candy thermometer. Okay 238. Degrees. Temperature you need to hit. And this that is that's critical and in really. Talked to people who who make stuff like this and they'll tell you like. Two degrees off one way or the other really makes a huge difference and if the sugar was greedy. It it probably hadn't reached that point. Oh or you weren't starring -- enough for something and trying to get the monkey off my back you mean sure it's only my recipe failed oh well like I'm gonna go look at it again. But in that one. I got a -- Even even people who do with a lot. Making crawl means is not easy you get. He's never quite they're -- Every time I'd make him which is not all that often you know -- -- it's it's coin flip that's. Right it's gonna happen but try it again it's it's a -- -- -- -- What they want to get it to did you do that led state they would do it really take off. Oh no you don't immediately taken out of the you're late you -- that it that you do a study you have to keep cooking and stirring it a little bit longer clue until. You know and and keep it at that temperature. For a figure out with the timing is that but it's that's all critical it's all. To tell you the truth. My favorite recipe for probably uses to go over it salaries. One and yet it's alleys. On saint Charles they also won in the French market I think they make the best programs round pick them looking -- because I know I have some in here -- an. -- well thank you. -- it's the food show 260. 187 here is Peter's. Eight term. Welcome. Welcome a well. I'm driving Alabama. And -- -- -- Yeah. Opted treatment and got -- -- at cheap. I don't know if you know that. Why I knew him pretty Picayune does. -- Well I was just wondering now make and Nicole there are on search there for hours. This is a strange sauce here's what it is you're not gonna believe issues but the first thing you do -- you make holidays. And then nephew -- your Holland he's going you come back and you add a tomato sauce. A sort of a thick version. Of -- he would put on spaghetti a thick and and smooth version. Of that you would use some but may be one port that the four ports Holland days. And that's why you don't even late at night. There is tomato. And then you then you add of this a little bit Sherry in that. And the tomato sauce in the -- The goal was you cook that together obviously you don't cook that with the holidays holidays and you you -- U folding and at the end. And and here's the really not part. The brown color. Food -- Dark brown food coloring this is an old old old recipe. And back then you know this is a dish that's named after a hero. Of World War I. I mean -- so that's how old -- a recipe this is. And back then it was very cool. To use food coloring in a lot of things and -- still does the Iraq oysters Rockefeller had green food coloring and always have it doesn't take anything away from a but it's. It's a funny it's a funny kind of a thing. And it's easier. For the -- -- to do with that it will be for you or me at home because they have the holidays made already they have the tomato sauce made already. And they have all this other stuff. But I can't. Here with -- can put my finger friendly I have n.'s once cookbook in my hand right now. Here is here is this office. 32 thirds of a couple tomatoes -- 13 of a cup of -- three fourths of a cup of warm holidays soy overestimated the -- So much half and half tomato. And holiday sauce and then caramel food collar. -- recipe that's the official recipes in the book. All it's the best it's really great a -- that's. Don't. -- but nobody makes anything even close to. It's well probably the ultimate expression. Of something that we do in New Orleans cooking that you know we talk about what makes creole food creole food. The things to me that you really don't see very much in any other cuisine in the world. He's seafood served with Nick Brown sauces. Do a lot of dishes with that that way and this is probably the most flagrant one of wall if it's. Well I'm into. Come to work on it thanks a lot of you look good luck with that. So yeah it's the food showed the dish he was asking about is called oysters Fo sure oysters bush. It's named for Marshall coach who was the -- allied commander in World War I. And match in management. And it's made with fried oysters. Put on top of the slice of toast spread with some duck liver pot they -- chicken liver putt they would have the that is. Please spread the toast with that they put the oysters on top of that. And then they come back with this dark brown sauce that looks for all the world like chocolate. It it doesn't taste like chocolate. It's really good it's a little spicy it's rather rich because of Holland days in the but it's it's a terrific flavor if you ever go and ones get oysters vote shore. You can get. Soft shell crabs or Trout wars in the other fried fish. With this loss that's the same sauce that's in the what's his associates called on. Cold beer -- oil BE RT cold here. 2606368. Well there -- go again sorry sorry sorry -- and I was looking right at it 2260. 187 shows how your brain can disconnect completely. We'd love to talk with Cuba where you've been eating and speaking of and ones they are sponsors that no that was weird coincidence. In Asia that's just don't want but and ones. Uses in celebration mode right now you know one's thinking and got a call my sister's. And get does give us together for our annual. -- over there we have been doing that for a number of years going -- and one's. And having dinner. Just great and after the holidays and things calmed down a little bit but the Christmas -- is still up over there that you know -- and once is. A very Catholic institution. And they have had their they always keep the Christmas tree up all the way to king day. And it's a little less crazy and it's the last couple weeks it has been Major -- crazy over there because so many people do. Big private parties in its. A tradition for a lot of folks won't tradition keeps going on. They have come out with their new. Winter menu for lunch the famous three course. Twenty dollar and thirteen cents lunch. Which you can get. That's too late for today. You can get it on Monday and that's it with the year. They don't run and on -- on New Year's Eve. But I have some horrible news. The twenty dollar and thirteen cent -- finally going up in price. They decided. We have to do it. Starting. The day after. New Year's the second of January. The new price is twenty dollars and fourteen cents. So are you more hope you can stand at. The food will be great. 713 Saint Louis beat the French Quarter and all the world there is only one and -- 6063. -- who had two of the 260187. Here is Anthony Anthony welcome. Anthony hi there -- moment. From pocono -- old New Year's speech and I don't wander in our short order at all so that I can -- -- -- and -- -- out. Or -- should just leave -- How big racist -- -- absolutely content. Yeah I have fun of I'm reminded. Of that there's this great barbecue event huge huge institution in Kansas City call the American royal. Barbecue competition it's one of the biggest barbecue competitions in the world. And for a few years I was so one of judges for. And one year they had three holes hogs that they were. Barbecuing and roasting in in various ways. All of the 32. Of them. And we use their expression for it went sour on us meaning that. -- is a fantastic amount of Salmonella and all kinds of other stuff inside as you might well imagine and it fit the inside of is that is below about a 140 degrees. It debts can just explode. With infection in the next thing you know you have this stinking horrible mess. And it it to be on the safe side -- there -- probably -- that could 200 pound -- with no problems at all but I actually saw guys who looked like he knew what they would do when that's not so I would -- But I am no expert at that. So let's put this out to the crowd and see if any people who do hole pigs. Often have some other advice for. Sure. Anybody got that call us up to 60187. 2601870. If you call right now you'll get on right after eighty Eddie's here. -- -- How are you know I'm doing great you are just reporting you know when you're doing their holiday cooking our big meals and always glitches that. -- -- Absolutely. -- -- our main one is -- and three times as much food as we need. What that whole group but what happened to me you know Thanksgiving morning. Are you lose you know pretty chilly. And my back to accuse people and in the big Green Bay. -- -- beat -- factory I don't call report that keep Albert we have you know kind of that morning you know he's trying everything to put deterred at all. Have a problem trying to -- -- -- -- you know thirty minutes or so before you go and he had been written in -- -- Our goal out uncover the green hey don't particularly about deleted is grosans shut. Those throws at the bottom Rosen Rosen yeah out of -- to -- -- -- Iraq cannot get the lead. So our values and yeah in the and it you know it's fairly early like it was cold morning. So who are. I hadn't yet been hair dryer and go out and -- have to appreciate it hope that -- -- -- But he I'll work it took about eighteen imminent. Didn't know it that was -- when I open it up on that it -- more trillion and so. Go dormant for Christmas and I made sure the afternoon or I opened it up and -- everything dry out and -- got it out and it it was it was on Tikrit it was practical. Is that it was like it was all about how -- slowdown that you. That is a possibility that happening. Well now I know I and I already have a solution for. I don't know what you start your pit with but I Scotland with one of those electrical things right and and it will fit through the bottom -- Like -- shove it into the bottom that in if you started up. He would. It would keep the inside enough to solve that problem I don't know maybe maybe a hair dryer was faster and don't have here to there is hardly hear. When it was -- why. Are -- we -- situation but I do not count on me -- yeah. You would think what it's all. Yeah I always. Curious if thanks -- -- will look like you. See why it's the food show Taurus 26 though. So 1870 we will return with more of our little broadcast in a moment but first please this and that -- -- Bob -- -- Obama. The the hello hello hello it's the food show on the big 870 WWL -- WWO 105 point three FM. This is Tom Morris our program is sponsored by rent or points. Clark who remain truck drivers stands by I think it's clarkin remain truck drivers that we don't have too many Clark's round here. No it's him should I figured screen -- been -- Well there but it's Smart to Poland sorry. You can't do that you have to bring home the -- The video broomstick of the wicked witch of the west before you -- Tom Fitzmorris. Already under -- shooters helpful or all a matter a whole matter of all let's hear what is. You know. Are. -- no iPods. Yeah there a thing of the past. But if you're if you -- that topped all want. To know where you market hit a replaced before and you know like an itch. -- unlikely but. I don't -- I don't know. How standard the art but -- eat in -- -- Things like that for four covers are usually pretty standard I know that the news things that I bought over -- care restaurant supply which is where by just let everything. They have a whole bunch of different -- and then they have this one kind of pop up. That fits the mall Lou well they're you know they're different sizes of it but it it it's standardize is when I'm trying to say. So you might take a -- earlier but measure are you might bring the pot with you to make sure. -- -- But that's where I'd go -- that you would be able to get one like the original. Very unlikely because I don't think their bacon that stuff anymore I'm not positive but I don't think. Greer well what I've still got a few but I'm not Mitchell knows what is missing that top wanted. Tomorrow must select it somewhere else. Arctic are always something because you know. You go -- -- New Year's Eve -- or Marty -- and you always want to bring you make like -- with the and you might lose pieces of it on the way. It's really tough thing. Law only I don't know. There was something even before then -- club aluminum every now and then someone will call me wanting to know where they can buy club aluminum. Stuff. My mother had a said that that that's how old bad news. From him and. -- -- -- -- -- -- Club but where can you but did you just ask me where to -- club aluminum. Should -- do it yet. -- know little little little. -- I would too yeah. Will Clark good luck with that. Any special report then okay thank you see there he goes. Clark the -- truck driver. Who is not currently driving the truck anymore. With a he will again or not -- We don't really know. Because he has a knee problem. And I -- -- may actually have a hip problem too but he worked very hard for -- long long time. And he's a great guy and all that 260. 1872601870. A program responses as I saved by Koreans poor boys. Pretend we have a lot of commercials for them which we often do. I try to think of oddball things and they menu that you might wanna try it sometime. But don't remember exactly who invented it. The battalion. -- voice in which. But they were doing them a long time ago and they they do a good good job -- were over at the current or -- here is what an Italian port or is there are several variations on it. Sliced meatballs. Italian sausage. -- -- Or honey chicken. Your choice of any of those or you can mix and match -- the one I like the most is the meatballs and the Italian sausage together. Red sauce on the French -- Melted mozzarella cheese. You don't need to get addressed it's not quite right to get interest although you -- -- if you wanted to. Anyway that is some kind of good I'd love that pork board and if you thinking -- you know. What what do they do they just make red sauce for an import voices that they get -- Bjorn no indeed they make it from scratch. Because they not only use of that but they also used for their pizzas which they also make from scratch. And all the Italian dishes on the menu you can get a plate of spaghetti and meatballs one lasagna and all that kind of stuff. In fact -- -- was so it seems improbable. For a little place in the strip mall and veterans highway but that's where you have to put in a Grossman these days. It's per rans or boys 3939. Veterans highway that is on the lake side of veterans just pass Cleary and they are there every day except Sunday for lunch Wednesday through Saturday for dinner early dinner -- but eatery there. -- SP a RR a an apostrophe. Your correct is your god thought he she didn't know. My career. Gave me. My introduction to the Bruce before boy when I was about eleven years old. For which I meet truly grateful. He probably is responsible for -- doing this for a living. 2606368. Scott is hanging around over here Scott welcome. He's got the ball. Yeah. Water. Back out flat -- oil not -- extract. -- -- -- vote out. I thought parish. Of all of picture. -- -- the brawl at bat or ball. To apple. All too well you after all though. All -- No -- -- Let it that -- act. Oh -- -- bat or at all -- Only and you ask and they did they didn't have a. Nobody. Ed -- -- oil -- to -- you you. All I ask about -- typically -- look at the law. -- a lot that -- the the place to go for the business. Is -- dealer. I don't know what kind of supermarkets Brookhaven he has. And offering those. Yeah well. And here in talent even even here right I think I would go to a place like. Like the whole food company or -- necks or place like that that they they might yeah. But on line I have no doubt you would be able to find that from an idea of different outfits was one. But see here I'm just gonna pick one at random -- -- NC with. It's women what women oiled by the ways the if you if you run into its. The active ingredient in things like 7UP its right if you ever notice that they are -- and he but they don't really taste like lemonade that's because the oil has only different place. The the the -- -- You can get your own oil by squeezing. The appeal. If you don't need much of -- you could just score. The the appeal great -- and put that in there and you'll get if you only need to capital's glitzy here lemon oil for round series. From. What went out that is this. My shop for Illinois easy enough go online and you'll find lots of places selling it. And be sure you're not -- buying the kind that you use to. But to look. Polish your furniture because there is a lemon oil for polishing furniture and that is not what you want. To put into anything you're gonna eat. Okay. I think I Boston. I've lost something and anyway here's Norman. Norman welcome to the foods. -- and I Norman -- your radio down please would you. Thank you. Hey don't speak also and then I just -- and yes that -- So when I gentleman asked about the main -- right. My question is discount updated on two -- And smooth surface conference. And I noticed and and -- certain stuff was. And I'm not recommend it and I was just. And -- in the boat. Something new age cookware allies and it's not normally that. You can recommend. -- in the aluminum. Cans that you use on gas burners and we're a long time. They they wore out. And if you if you have any utensils that is not absolutely. Flat on the bottom. When you have one of those glass -- -- that's what I have to and that's that's what's in my kitchen. It has to be absolutely flat to work at all -- or you just have to throw it away and we've we've -- a couple of them anyway. So the ones I wind up buying and once I like most. Are these stainless steel pots and plans that have. Kind of a sandwich of different medals at the bottom. So it's it manages to be stiffer and I think it's because the different metals have different degrees. By which they expand and contract that they can all hold each other in place and also hold some key to and I think that's where I'd go with it. Instead though there is one other thing there there was certain kinds of aluminum cookware and it dies the aluminum cookware -- that work really well. -- the on Amazon is right. Yeah I have one helpful line. Saucepan that I -- that is really still after all these years. Still perfectly flat on the bottom works just. -- most of the would have operated you know. Doesn't. Doesn't go work will anything lightly it requires ability heavyweight. A pot of pain and I did about the -- not being grounded -- dissidents. -- Locks out there. I've seen some of those is one lady Joyce she and I think his her name that she has a line of cookware. And there was one thing that it's sort of like a hybrid between a lock and and saucepan it's flat on the bottom but then it's four -- out. Into kind of a bowl shape and I've heard tell I don't have one but I've heard that they're real good. Okay assembly you know what it is. -- -- idea at some -- Appreciated thank you nice ultimately it's the food show about everything you need to be here talking about food restaurants cooking. 26018782601. Point 70. This telephone but today. And you know what earlier today I who's going to. Read my idea. My days of Christmas. -- -- to you glitzy fund can even find. Who's you know this is where are you here we've got it when it was easy enough. On you you know you know the song and you get sick of hearing it. On the first day of Christmas I'd like to cook for you a feeling -- -- gumbo. On the second day of Christmas of like approach for you to eggs are -- And a feeling -- on do we gumbo Pinkerton to write them on the third day of Christmas so sugar dust for you. Three being -- two XR two and a feeling duck on the do we gumbo. On the fourth day of Christmas I'd like to cut for you. For fourths of a -- faux leather. Three -- yanks two XR two and a feeling duck unduly gumbo -- what you wanna throw you you're trying to stop place on okay. Will be back with more than just a moment after first leases in the UT EP TTP team. Well hello it's the food show it's the big 870 WWL and WWO 15 point three FM so -- -- Do deeply. Dean dean dean in the -- -- Donna Donna is here Donna knows -- to get lemon oil she said it. -- -- Welcome hey I heard the man Holland napkin on the court system limit oil. And out and -- We can get it out I asked -- an -- that -- -- capitalism -- impacted two well known if if I can just. Believe that number maybe and maybe a bit of contact -- can help -- All right I will -- it will turn you over to our producer and you can give you his numbers and then -- -- I mean you know you can give him your number. And if the guy who is listening looking for the lemon oil. Can call us again you -- have to go back on the year will just swap that out that helped it -- that well thank you thank I don't. Thanks hearing from whoops yeah you've got but that was a Smart move when your partner. If autonomy is over here I think Tommy welcome to the food show. It now -- -- happy new year. I -- the real for a change. Yeah but the real ended in three days anyway. I don't tell part that there Mac lights readily available all over the web right now new new brand that. No kid grabs everybody's making it again. Yeah now it's you didn't get it that he didn't get it Macy's. But it's it's all over the place plus iPod -- ask about the different grades of hold tenderloin. You know and bought the select and everybody write about it. Well that's good. It could get away with select before -- I would I would get select anything else. But as and we were talking about the other day I don't understand how you can great to have been -- to underline -- would -- you -- Don't got to do it to see what the -- books. Yup that's right it's it's a big issue. That was it it would since for about ten bucks a pound difference between that and then. And pride and so it did when you're talking about a -- eight pound hope underline. Big difference and it has said we had it for Christmas saying. Fourteen people over here and everybody regular it made us. -- -- hole and then sliced the what are. Coca-Cola and -- it like to. Later yeah yeah that's the way to go quite like that happening inspectors soon be perfect. People all of that wanted them every bit I couldn't kind of going that the other now I have seen prime -- Before that -- -- on it but let's have that story yet -- -- -- -- market get that mag -- and it anyway the Google. Okay thank you thank you for its food show that's -- the answer we usually wind up with -- Eric welcome to the Puccio. I don't think you are back again. I'll -- OK. Let Huckabee -- expected it connection outta jail that. -- okay today's catch seafood in shell met unfortunately this guys in brook haven amidst this well -- comes down here every now and then. But OK well let's listen I know I'll remember that though well it's wait today's catches that which said. Yeah today's K okay. KG CH. Our thing and value judgment. Yet literature. Which is getting all -- that most places able you know. Oh yeah. Q thanks for sharing that -- It's the food show it's great. Food restaurant cooking and won a few minutes left. -- call right now you Gideon right away. In the meantime. A fortune call by continuing with my -- on on the day of Christmas I'd like to -- for you. Soft shelled crabs. For fourths Obama -- -- three being new ways to exploit du and -- Heatley on -- regal blow. On the seventh day of Christmas the -- on the sixth day of Christmas roast you six char grilled oysters. Five's launch programs. For fourth of a month while led three being used to Alex or do the -- and do -- -- On the seventh. 2601871. Which. Why do -- the modulate. Or did. All I am forgetting to do that on the seventh day while I think it would be out of my range by the end it on his seventh day of Christmas I'd like the flame for you. Seven bananas Foster. Six char grilled oysters five soft shell crabs. For fourths of them up a lead at three Benes two makes are -- and I feel like duck undo -- -- bowl. On the -- they have -- I did at that time on the eight day of Christmas I'd like to grill for you. Eight links of sausage seven bananas Foster six char grilled oysters far. I've sought shell crabs. Or what's Obama well let up three banning gays to -- -- And a -- -- -- do we gumbo yet I got some people will call. Anything to get him to stop singing here is Johnny Johnny welcome. Johnny you here yeah -- -- I'm going. August and I are old and that is you. Never be -- -- recommendations. The best recommendation I can give you there is to get some form of the chef's tasting menu. Then the reason you go to a restaurant like that. Is not eat the same thing that you have their last time. Although they -- there were only like a few dishes on his menu that there are that are the same from time -- time. One of those is the crabmeat. Milky as an -- that's just. Unbelievable. What the rest of it it changes constantly. And do this no predicting it but the chef's tasting menu will give you a really good taste of all the things that they do. And they also have a red beyond menu this year I don't remember that they've ever done -- reveal on menu. It's six or seven courses I think it's kind of expensive it's 97 -- But I don't. No it isn't it really is -- I mean it's a lofty price that's the highest -- on price I've ever -- but well worth getting if you wanna you wanna know the menu. I can look that up very quickly for. If you want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just type in the word August it bugs. And then it should come up. And here it is okay they sort -- would doled glossy with -- gras in port. A -- yard boot proof this is. Eggs and it truffles in a few other things turtle soup with -- Pedro diminish area that. -- Louisiana beef rib by within always dressing and a bittersweet chocolate -- 97 bucks five -- 1234. -- So. You don't do that aren't outbreaks are. Thank you see. The -- -- season is has been extended this year that he used to cut it off on the 23 now it is going to over 31. In most restaurants although some of them are not doing it on New Year's Eve for obvious reasons here is bill bill welcome. Thanks very much. You I'm wondering. If it's possible to get good lobster and -- area. I'd go back to the days of the quality around to navigate -- Gerald Green are where they make. Get the lobster -- which -- that the white. And and it was one. Oh but that's been along time ago is -- Berry good lobster and carrier. Yes I think the best -- that have ever been served in the New Orleans area. Are being served about 6000. A week. A drug goes. -- drive goes it they they they get a million. And freshest lobster you'll ever -- even though they're alive you might think okay what pressure can you get than -- Maine lobster but in fact -- want to thank the worst they get they get tough they get. Not much -- A driver is get him in the get -- and they have a bunch of different ways of preparing at the prices are better than what you'll find in other places if by. It worry in the mood for a lobster that absolutely is the place I would. Well I'll certainly give them a -- thanks very much about being here. Happy new here you see it's the food show. Stomp the Morris. Break I've just been told sure big surely hang on the second week to take a break will be back with -- -- in just a moment but first please that's. Then to bump up but I bump bump up. Hello there it's the food show on top of -- here is big surely says here. Big or is it surely which. -- -- after all you there. Yeah. You should get a yeah Victor Leo all right. Don't want -- this is not well known but the name surely used to be a man's name. But I used to -- -- particular rule on ticket the that moment. We've early in the name of the restaurant. The whole picture. And no -- quote the only -- note that we can -- And -- my notebook in tandem or ticket no. Animal. Revenue would you make it clear that we're. Who know well food. That's it and show it. Him into unusual report and oh. Don't oh thank you we're good don't Jewish all things that you were a student now where as much fun as this and mature a lot more fun -- school right. A lot more in depth we have on in the let's say -- -- it's sick of Mississippi will -- -- got to know that that's really important earlier rare fighter. People who. Ever thought about getting embarrassment businesses or who go into cooking school or anything like that will be surprised at the very first thing you learn the very first thing you learn these food safety. It's critically important you don't wanna kill people. You go and -- plastered to because. Some people would think you do so we're not going to war. Well what can order a very intimate thing and you'd ever want my country -- -- And simpler that way to go that's where that's where we're located now. Couldn't sign it into law as well ironically in the. All right ocean springs. Whereabouts. I've -- thirteen fourteen government street recent appeal within ten days. On Cindy ever. Send me -- menu and everything it Tom that know me and you. -- -- go to town all right -- good on the stock and you good blocker. You know what that when that do your chances speech you because you're someone who I respect. And the food and create that premise or in the restaurant. You know heart attack -- -- left. Thank you for calling CEO -- -- -- two. And before we go away I have one more interesting. Item for you to try and -- or voice. It is the seafood. Muffle. Imagine that she take a muffle little -- That classic round red. And instead of putting the -- in the -- me in the olive salad all that on there and the cheeses. It's fried oysters fried catfish. Fried true. They have this cajun style spicy mayonnaise that they dress it with. But you can have whatever you want to be they'll even put the olive salad on don't think I'd recommend that what the way I like it is just. Would go a little melted butter in pickles. The seafood muffle it at brands or -- 3939 veterans and we just has clearing. Open every day but Sunday for lunch Wednesday through Saturday for dinner PA RR a and apostrophe S Koran -- Peru and your godfather. Well I'll talk to again some of the time beyond Monday on three W -- -- -- On FM. Online at WWL radio in New Orleans and WWL FM -- and New Orleans where the news is next from CBS.

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