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Dec 29, 2013|

Todd Mennesses and Steve Korte talk to WWL listeners about the Saints last regular season game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome that -- -- that we're alive and oh yeah at a restaurant that the thirty guys outside threat for fifth. Along with Steve -- out that's. All right say man it's come down to this the final game of the regular season Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You were in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Saints. Need to win if they win they punched their ticket into the post season. And make it into the playoffs you know with a that he didn't have to do it didn't have to little doubt aware that that's where it is. It's a week to week you know league and and that's what you have to have you know if you decide that you're gonna make a push this thing. -- have been critical that I last week could be a much different spot but. Since we don't we get at least another shot to do it you know also -- tribute to what -- -- it just me but you know what. This is going to be easy. I I do think however that. -- is much is on the line at this point I do believe that that. The Saints are gonna play well enough to obviously to beat this team that to them obviously -- -- ticket to get -- second season but I didn't have to be this difficult. To. With what's interesting this year and has this happened in the past but but this year especially. Let's say everything stays the way it is -- we don't Saints have a chance to get the opportunity we'll talk about that. But of everything stays where it is with the Seahawks at the -- panthers' second. The Eagles with a third seed if they win tonight the fear for the fourth seed if they win today. And that you gonna you're gonna have your two wild card entries. As the 49ers. And the Saints. Each with better records than the teams they will travel to you know to play in that first wild card round. Those divisional leader. Well yeah I mean. I think we talked about this part because Christian you're right you know and I think when you look at sort of -- NFC. Central what has happened that I mean there's going to be teams that get in -- you know with you know any any record or 97 record so. -- that's that that's indicative of sort of -- this whole thing setup at this point there's been some talk and some it's. Serious talk about you know these top sixteens you know the way they are -- record you know it looked as these playoffs. No matter what division come out of for a point. Not I don't know Leinart on my whole thing back to him was at that point that sort of like yes you see a lot of tennis to see his team gets in. With a national championship and win the next chip two losses because they lost teams in the SEC. And I'm not so sure he could make it clear delineation I mean -- pro football as compared to college football owners of big big difference so. Looking at number fifteen rated team in college football's not -- number. You know six team in the National Football League that doesn't equate with the so. Does this does this bode for expanding the playoffs for another round possibly. With those other teams that there are just on the outs at a -- The Cardinals. Could go -- you know went eleven Newton. Make it and that's. That's tough there and I think it's hard to swallow that deal and -- -- in the Cardinals played as well as they are right now. And knowing that really they have no control over anything that you have to win today but other than they don't have any control over here. That's a bad spot at the end but I I know I think if you look at. Expansion possibly eighteen games. That I look I think you probably look at the expansion of one around the playoffs. All right you know. The NFL thinks they can make. Money off of a perfectly good this week it was definitely a am and that is why the NFL also people with this whole flex schedule towards the end of the season and a lot of people and that's all we can be Texan. I was old Donald Friday talking about it why it was the Saints game move. Two -- 330 start for the new start. Well this is what the NFL once they want to have the teams that have some relevance. In their best time slots -- primetime time slot. If you look like this week when you look at the first game what would you look at the first a couple of games you've got. Three that have playoff implications with Carolina and Atlanta Baltimore since the and the Jets and Miami right that you go to the afternoon -- every single one of them has the playoff implications now. So you've got to it was a 1234567. Games and all that well replicate -- separate -- well. And you've also boot teams what they've done is they've moved teams who. Who needs the we need the Arizona laws we have a look at this the point at the same times that you don't have which -- had the past where someone who played earlier so you'll lose rest the starters. Yeah I would like you were -- -- -- it happens in but guess what he has games over so there there can't do that they're trying to keep all the games competitive -- what -- -- yeah. Well look there's too many games at this point I mean you look at. You know sort of what's gonna happen with the Green Bay Chicago if you. You know obviously here. You know the goal of the would you sort look at -- you know it's that you won -- it was not communal life just because you know. You know. Seattle Seahawks won -- an assistant at Saint Louis Seahawks. And you know it does make a difference -- makes differs from people below right and doesn't make any differently if Seattle you know Tom. You know namely that Buffalo you know not really put it. You know him -- sooners on yet as an implication. Yeah you know since the Soviet Duke and Dallas affiliate of course that's gonna be the one that can watch because. You know sort of real -- Yeah it's they're they're pretty crafty and I figure out what we need to do is to keep the interest of the fans that picture. All right 26018786. Exit 89087. Those are ever call or he attacks the city 7870. He Steve court that's evidence that will take ever break we're at Oceana restaurant of a 39 outside just steps for urban. The heart of the recorder on out see if the fans first take on WW well. And a welcome back through six so what it's 7866 Saturday night their -- -- -- -- state we're alive and Oceana restaurant some 39 count time Brett courts where the Mets come and get. Ready for all the home games -- we've got another big what in the Mercedes-Benz superdome today it's division both Tampa Bay Buccaneers now. And -- -- about it what are all the playoff implications. Who for the Saints that day out try to break it down as simply as possible. It's not it's not lose it was last week now it's not a a little it's a little bit different but but here's the yes the Saints still in. Get back to the number two recede. In the playoffs but he needs some help from the Atlanta Falcons today who play the Carolina Panthers. They -- play them at noon so -- Making be it makes me sick to my stomach to say it's the lives. That who dat nation has the pole for the dirty birds today to beat the Carolina Panthers. That's the RR LS MS -- That is what I saw that last week I saw them playing last week and they could the player of the organized doesn't. It would surprise me at all if it if that -- Not -- -- -- and our players they are played in Atlanta and then the Saints have to beat the bucks and then we would be the number two seed. The Saints just have to win in order to make it in playoffs they would be the six -- fan. If the Saints do lose. To Tampa and the Cardinals -- than the Cardinals go on with things stay home. If the Saints lose and the Cardinals lose -- the Saints to go to the playoffs because we have the type recruit them for being right earlier this season. If the Saints in the Cardinals by some chance both high today. Then the Saints so I can't give me the scenario oh yeah. Then the Saints would go to be too good at the sixty now here's the deal right now if you stay as the succeed. If that happens if Carolina wins and -- we win -- the succeed then you got to watch the game tonight. To see if we're gonna play the Eagles. Or the Cowboys because they play the winner of that game then represents. The NFC east who will more than likely be the number three seed that we play. -- and look at like that happens it's it's going to be Philadelphia. If things pan out the way. There are they are playing an analogy in my crystal ball here in that as part of it always borrowers -- him. You know that that's this could be one of those things where. -- mean how much they've got power and a true nose so he hadn't played lots of low point in the you looked more memory. You know Dez Bryant and Witten those guys the stars they have to be. Up there either way it went to win this game but I mean I -- -- -- -- -- Philadelphia's. So. I don't mind I just I'd much rather play in Dallas and play really well yeah if we are losing don't look at it that's a team right now -- -- -- plan BQ the Eagles like. Penalty but it was playing them right now you know -- they have an office -- To me that's a dangerous team when they are. Relatively unscathed they have no starters out this fools guys play and you know these two picks all year you know received it and I -- LeSean McCoy is. You know what they want be to look at you know so I -- just have too many offensive weapons -- right now to play well. Their defense can hold up whatsoever at all that's going to be tough team to beat FC in. All right so that's somewhat of the playoffs and are there other things that can happen obviously Green Bay in the in the payers have played each other they would would be the fourth seed. Whoever wins that division and with play more than likely the 49ers went to be bitsy. The Cardinals need a lot of help to get in they would need us to lose and also. They have to beat the 49ers today to -- and then they would -- in hand. It is I mean there's -- a -- it's an area that could end up with the Panthers as the number one -- If certain things -- also happened so the NFL has finally has got what they want in the final week of the regular season. A lot of scenarios a lot of teams that would play a lot of games that threw me a lot. Well look at tape of it planned this way and if you look at it comes down to the last week you know these teams playing for division championships in the -- playoff spots that's exactly what they're one uses the centuries of really. -- purposes. This is playoff -- number one for us but it it really is sorted. And that's how could figure things are viewing this as playoff you have for one and zone and you can. Let's go to vote occurred in the world take hurt you're on vans -- state. A guy even though. I've questioned you know. I understand it now mean Sean -- genes play call on the into it that the Carolina. It was a very cents a game. I'll repeat it -- too much for the you know let a minute ago -- -- game you know within three handoff. You know I felt like we're going on camera so I mean. It -- it -- of course now. A little bit so -- would in the ball to normal clocked in and rely on defense off the ball. I just thought that you know opposite that boys. You know just you know I mean a great victory now when we're on -- -- you know bigger tracks you would be. In and -- about but it. You -- off with something that's been the swallow when you know -- -- part people it just seemed like we just you know the cook and look for the job. Right and that's it and you know part of the ball you know -- A little more -- -- that's right there you know different different ball to kneel down pretty columns he you know -- you're not. Well Oscar -- well you're going to be around the bush anymore right here right now I'd. Look at as far as the aggression part I get to count five guys -- if you can hold you can't. At this point juncture in the game canyon and all three times and feel like -- did a first down what we there. That -- that that's that's something this offensive linemen I mean I take that personally I mean I'm thinking of myself. I'll put the ball to go here I don't want to be any shot of all of anything over that point I'm on the ground and pound it down in. If we can't get on. And that to me that that was the most to this point -- -- -- -- get a first down so. The ground part of it really -- -- element out but it. Least we could probably even -- the team knew that there are trying to do that -- use Clark. You know that team off the field -- stuff that you were close we came out. You gotta be the ball. He can't do it round. For me that's that was sort of peak in the futures some demise happened here. Her that it worked. On it. Thank you for the call 26 qualities of these execs and he threw it Hurt Locker right a lot of bands oh we want it we won we won we use this one that we. It's with -- -- they could it would issue you can sit there and reexamine what you want. Coach thought that that was the best option try to run out the clock. Clock run down at the time about the kick the ball. Literally times in -- there was apparently well it runs and the -- -- -- wasn't like. But let's face all day long your defense played well the last couple this week -- three and a sack him he's I'll hold. You would think you can stop -- one more time. It's like well you think that which also think jagr has confidence in your office points that you guys closes out so we don't have to do that yeah I mean. Ahman Green look -- I've always thought that. How your offensive line goes I hope he goes -- it's true. I mean don't care got a greatest defense the world with your offensive line to have confidence in them in the fact that you get something done on the ground. Your teams not very good football team. He's the -- -- announces we'll sit back to our studio right now -- news update with donning of that -- or fans first take fear from Oceana restaurant and welcome back defense Versa we're alive and -- got -- restaurants have a 39 -- time with -- -- a lot of who got sick at my -- get ready for today's game the NFL it reflects that gave you with 330 start your. Just shooting and I get a lot of that they weren't Bobby. The count down the kick off well but like countdown Makiko start at 130 because the kickoff for the game today is 35. Witnessing in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. I hit the neglect to give this one scenario that could happen. And people wondering why it's so important for the for the Atlanta Falcons to win in his first game against Carolina and at the Saints take care of business and get that. Number two seeded. At least one home playoff game for the five. There is a scenario where the Saints couldn't doubt the -- -- -- and not the sixth. In the Saints win and the Cardinals win. The Saints wouldn't move to the fifth seed in the 49ers would become the sixth because we have the same record. But we own the tiebreaker over them. That means it. We have the pleasure playing in either Chicago. Or Green Bay in the first playoff game. Choice though. If we go on the road here your choices. That Philadelphia. Chicago. Green Day. Or Dallas. I think if you got to go on the road you wanna go to them. That's probably cause a Pittsburgh put out there right. But you rather play so what is it -- -- you know I think it's but he. That whole dynamic changed now with the Packers players. You know just because the fact that particular magic -- Aaron Rodgers is back yes. Yeah and it's going to be rusty have probably a little bit but so what I mean the guys arguably the best quarterback in the league you know he's healthy and and then. If it got to its. Running game it's you know come out of nowhere well both defense isn't playing too well that's exactly what that's we have a chance to get into the thing -- 871. Yeah oh goodness. That's that's crazy. But most of the pressure is seen people were saying is on Jay Cutler because if you come back you're you're another player that came back a few weeks ago or a week ago now. If you lose to a quarterback that's been out of supposedly rusty. And lose that's the that's like -- look good on him. No but back. You know -- this game so there's -- -- pressures on Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers and this game according to everyone's analyze you know because of that situation. I know I mean analyzed -- -- the community quarterbacks. You know sort decipher pressure I don't look at scheme wise on this thing is because there's actually use it Chicago with the I understand. But I just don't understand. If there's going to be I think there's pressure on color every week there you don't think he's ever been fully accepted Bears quarterback so. And have to make a decision yeah -- and Micah -- was like McCown was playing bad either yeah I mean when he came in but it's actually played pretty well so. I don't think you don't you miss one way or another worthy play in -- I got a text of -- -- 7870. -- as I have made Atlanta wins so do we who -- Someone else's dirty -- about that dirty today holding -- those -- go Falcons. Saints fan I think we all. Someone else talk about -- two weeks or is -- how Carolina could be the number one seed the Seattle game it's. You do as well if they lose a great way to Seattle while Hart's name -- home field Carolina will be in -- one seed -- you know we we broke it down. A little bit earlier so there are a lot of things that are -- play. With today's game however. First things -- the Saints have to take care of this Tampa Bay Buccaneers team that this is not the same Tampa Bay team that we saw the beginning of. Now we're not even close. Defense is playing really well. They got -- the best this who thought they do -- just like that they have is just exceptional this guy. If you wanna see somebody that uses -- you don't hear too often about we hear about it more here because obviously here -- divisional opponent but my gosh this guy is. He really can make plays from everywhere you -- really wanted to. One of the true really good linebackers movies to watch him. And then obviously offensively -- they've done. You know I think that's absolutely crazy Michael and it is -- and played. Non rookie like I mean he really has played well it sort of give them a different deal. You know with the addition of -- kind of what he's done Russian football -- you know. He's -- great at least picking up the slack for you know what happened more. And then Vincent Jackson to me is. Yeah I mean this -- almost like a he's almost like -- Calvin Johnson. Kind of a smaller version of Calvin Johnson he's just that physical that is. Not as fast but at the same time -- he hit the balls and here he's one of those kind of guys get these big physical intimidating receivers and and obviously can make a lot of things happened so. But these guys -- that this is a different team and and the -- better come out with out guns blazing start fast and not. You know who -- Drew Brees like football pretty quickly to get it done because. If you can -- him quick. This is -- -- does -- do -- because this is not one of those ones you wanna hang around and make and a you know 2421. Type deal. That could be that could not because perhaps. You don't want it to be just another you know a close game like last time where you come back -- you know -- and look like that was the only pressure on them whatsoever you know last honestly this is the team that was its. Not well in the locker room but that's what that things are gonna happen with that Josh three minutes of -- right they were not. I guess as coherent as they are our cohesive as they are right now now. They are behind whoever have been pretty good record and they are behind their you know behind their coach they are behind the quarterback it and I think that played good well. Yeah that's that that -- what you sort of see that thing on line and you look at the same situation in Miami. You know that whole thing that looked all that stuff and then come out they've settled down kind of got back in two I don't think Miami's. I think -- -- -- football team in the camp is in better shape it nevertheless you know start look at it I think Tampa compared him with it looked like. You know two weeks ago and it's a completely different ball so. Yes things that are ready with a form. All right he's the court at Providence is -- 601878. Except Saturday night early that -- take a break what we come back. Look at the -- your questions that called got a wide open for you or you protect the 7870. Saints and Bucs today yet but no. We have the and we get to the post season we'll be right back that you WL and welcome back may have heard it live and Oceana restaurant that 39 halftime -- quarter -- -- -- -- Saturday afternoon game today into the black. By the NFL. That's good and -- so those few who were. Getting here looking at your tickets that. Think if you got to the don't a couple of minutes you actually have a little more time he gets time to come out here to enjoy it. Some good food over here Scioscia if you go -- Spiegel interview was that this agreement with an eagle but at the basket and that's all a you know and I debated today because that moved at least at 11 o'clock starts at 8 o'clock start. Where they get breakfast or lunch but whether we all of a sudden we go with reckless. -- -- -- -- That's what I do and yes that's right -- you're the -- you guys so pretty much everything. Creature happens -- It's not there for those of you were wondering. It's not superstition by NFL players -- team that's what they say it's not a superstition is a routine. -- so many when asked did you do anything over and over for game. You're not superstitious that's just to repeat all right 2608786688. That I set out there it's a real progress that they'll -- -- -- team. The Thanksgiving -- 7870. Want to know what's the who -- brag about Levys say who that this among one of the things on TV yeah. Game was moved to later on today I don't know where you're at as a -- So -- texting with that every coach yet you should be that Baton Rouge. People we all later today. And 320s my starters resentment complex back lot of people do. For some reason did not get that message is we're getting a lot of texts asking where is the game should be on right now. Someone else says so but the best -- living in Mexico -- show happy new year ago who -- and more people asking or the Atlanta Falcons. Two win today and the course that would be the best case scenario. For the Falcons to win and at the Saints to win -- that we would host a playoff game and have made the bye in the first round witches. Where we were wanna be. For most of the season we were the number two seed of the regular scenario pitcher work because hey look. So what could go up to Seattle that all of the -- -- the the Cardinals did it they've they've lost that there are ready. Well look there's -- that. Played -- their way to clear and you know and if your opposing team when he entered rare but it's simply that -- say about coming here yes it's hard to win here. -- so a lot of that you know we know that's all about so obviously you know backyard that would be right. A lot of things have to happen for Europe for us to sort of get that wish that that would be good things happen. And of course the Atlanta Carolina game is delighted -- -- start the people are about that -- that it flexed out so you will know the outcome of that. Before the Saints the field's -- right they will know where where they would end up if they win it hopefully. They're looking at a shot at getting the temperatures. Well look okay. Mean that's -- gets that before if you look at the way Atlanta played last week. A against the niners. Really should have beat that team. Is really sort of beat him just that brief Bobble that goes on and you know turnover was -- that's -- that's what you were so. The critical at this point but man they're really political -- -- like that. When they were going in that that was him. Well that was ever get ready go up you know there's no question in my mind and -- ball -- Only goes what. Ninety yards with a bit. You know that. That right there discussion of me that the that this again this -- week week to week -- this game. It's a weekly I mean it really isn't you have to bring it each and every week because there's nobody out there. -- patsy at this point none whatsoever there's only way to -- -- -- -- acknowledged that. Well I will make this possible province. To the Atlanta Falcons. And Matt Ryan. And and the crying coach Smith. You guys go out and win today we had one for Tony Gonzales. If it really is his final game of the NFL we want to go to the offseason with the victory and I promise. I won't make fun of Matty ice on the crying coach for the rest of this year. That's the thing for instance here for the rest of the -- the moniker there that's my promise. I thought you get it yet and hopefully hopefully it'll work and -- -- you two guys that went to look any cheap ones. Regardless of your record you want in the season with a win. Correct well it sure makes going to the offseason -- -- better I mean when you're going after a loss that's. You know that's it down anyway it's sort of takes you. A few weeks to sort of assimilate back into the real world and the society anyway. So yeah doing it with the wind is a whole lot easier than doing the loss because that's one of those things that stays with you until. You know obviously the pre season the next year and then you have to sort of go through the pre season deal to get back sale last time we played were for real. You know we lost that you know that that's not a good place to me. All right 2601 point 786 exit 890 exhibit will take a break on what we come back. We'll wrap up this -- get to run who's holding all the bowl we're at Oceana restaurant that 39 outside -- its fans birthday on that WL. And I've Alberta South -- they predictions are delivered by regularly preach to reignite and pick -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to being in the -- today. And the first one kicks off here it just view publicly via Atlanta Falcons at the Carolina Panthers auto line. Yeah you know I. I have this strange feeling that Atlanta is going to be that. I'm just really do I just don't feel like. That they they wanna go out with a loss in Atlanta at home and I just feel like the Carolina feels like they're in no matter what so to me I just I don't know. I just feel like the way they played last week if they can replicating that intensity this week. I -- home sort of look look as a player your resume is on tape. And going into the offseason. There's 1% or 25 years and are you 30% of the teams are going to be there. You wanna make sure that was the chips are down and it looks like you're not playing for anything. These to conduct yourself like a pro player like one I've -- -- that at this point Atlanta is able to sort of pull that off. I think so too like it's that hurt me to say it but I have faith that the Atlanta Falcons. And then -- -- him. Today it. Right up the class of the caught my throat but I get it out Falcons beat the Panthers today. That's my predictions for our and it's the game. South game day predictions -- reverence to those -- -- -- kind of take -- delivery richt knows pizzeria of course we'll tell you prediction for the other game. In the NFC south which is the Saints and the -- coming up this afternoon. -- -- next hour -- we've got another hour ago hour and a half ago here in Oceana restaurant come on out CS here on WWL.