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Dec 29, 2013|

Todd Mennesses and Steve Korte talk to WWL listeners about the Saints last regular season game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back if they have Thursday live of those got a restaurants of thirty not. Right footer if I tell you what Steve. That definitely. Gave them to victory appeared the Atlantic Carolina game and all The Who -- just cheered a minute ago when Atlanta scored a touchdown. You know operatives. At -- A matter of -- lottery tickets. That's just the intensity -- -- certainly I am going up the -- everything. So yeah Atlanta it's taken -- Carolina's seventh and -- was you -- your programmers. It is in yeah the same thing -- you think that it and it feels it feels strange block everybody and -- -- looks on the faces of the guys here the regular Mexico there. I -- Roddy White who that is and Ronnie black. I -- -- and and at that but it it's what it's like what you're via of that red and black -- you went you went to your grandmother's house or something and they -- something that you didn't like. But you -- me. Could you didn't want to hurt your feelings. That's kind of what dispute like for statements today but I would just get real -- I would needed yet you I would you execute your pocket on that but we'll be will be creative today -- Saints fans will go ahead. The whatever swallow the bats a year for the Falcons to her now -- right now but course which is. The opening drive of the game you're 601 point 786 exit 89 early seventies also Texas. That's a 78 MVP yesterday in front -- -- grow wise man here for the Atlanta Falcons. We need the Falcons to beat the Panthers and then the Saints of course half to go ahead and beat the bucks today and it will be right back where we were. Before we lost to the Carolina Panthers. As the number two seed going in the playoffs that. Duels that you have to updated three hours yeah mark and I had to activate Sammy so that says rise up. I feel so dirty for saying that but and talking about the well. -- think -- -- Yeah Toledo it is all right you're 60187866. In a night through it's that was get to via phone calls duo on the -- been holding on Iran -- called me. Are there I don't know look postpone the fire Bravo wanted to replace book and it -- -- -- he got injured week. And I will people fall I'm gonna happen -- That was it well it was either Malcolm or or harper. You know and you know about them but I you know round rock field bush at this point and we lose. He's been injured before -- -- how much you know he's -- out yet he's listed as healthy years and then. Reduces the third wheel there. That is played before and you know played played pretty high level you know it's not a case of the Carroll but well. But what they're gonna miss with the car although with whoever replaces him and no runs -- is that. I don't think you're gonna have that person -- around idle yankees rough right move him around like he does RO basically. You are well and there's a lot of going to be able to -- Carolina like linebackers yeah. Ot OK now look. -- done that for years here okay and that I think a lot of people have known that that Harper's been veterans work I think he has -- in -- -- protection so. Well well. That's not his -- either but my whole point in this. That is not in -- car either rise so are we gonna missing yeah I think we will but I think at this point the defense that we've played solid the front seven point. Certainly -- either be -- huge drop off a certain thing that is going to be something that's going to be there it's like. You know you are going to be a single beats him while safety made -- difference in the game now that that's. It was James also baloney change your apartment -- WL. Yeah and then then. -- a rally you know you don't live I you know that it -- my pipe down and think he -- I was. I think Helio did you know. Wright -- as we played at home games every time we play at home we want we're undefeated at home. Yet. But we knew we knew he's. -- -- -- of -- women who have -- Latvia and I was on. But the bad and putted. So he just didn't like it but. Down into quality football teams children who need work -- -- in modern great but -- something we do it right here with the right there. On paper to come back. I don't know if you've been so great that won back to back home the grave problem as it -- being here he had they'll respect -- -- -- And in the bigger than football book and -- -- and all it below the real palpable that. You who aren't great but -- -- -- but it -- to what -- that particular he would go about their people be. Public record book -- -- sound quality they have been very involved while -- be able. That to. That you have -- -- -- the record fee every ball. The guys that. And I made it reminds a lot of object of -- and a greater role. The -- but this -- a brawl that to happen Dave of course like that we got to give Atlanta have to be. The Carolina Panthers in Carolina today -- does get a good feel about that so far Atlantic is leading decade. Seven. All right. Market's best mark Menard is working master control back at the station so as a on the plus side of if the Saints lose today we got we don't have to hear that song about everything I hope it has nothing to do it doesn't say clueless or doesn't really -- -- -- Somalia always I think it's more than we were playing at home but we -- the Saints are undefeated. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome this year it's been on the road where they've had their problems and that's all of their losses have been on the road so a lot of Saints fans are concerned. If this team asked to go on the road in the playoffs and not start -- -- which is why that number two seed so like well look. You know I'm Rivers Brees talking about just a few weeks ago talking about the record saying to another plan and you know how you know the things transpired since 2006 but. You know this is it each and every year the team is -- different teams different makeup of the team. You know that the opponents are different it's entirely different you have to attack each one of them. And so I think what happens is you get caught up in the fact that you know we can't play. Don't think they played okay in the wrote the crystal played very consistent on the road and an and the thing I don't understand his line. There's this huge discrepancy points that we can't score on the road. Defensive -- -- on the road it's just this team does not play this good on the road this year okay that doesn't mean they can't. Turn it around to -- that do that you know -- I don't know I always and I told some people this before it and I -- going to a stage where people. You know we're all kind of things -- them bother them from the stands and just yes you know. Random stuff. So yeah I just really glad I would as would usually I don't want that I think to me that was like I'm coming into this city. It'd -- this team out you know and I just I don't know I'd just like that and -- my -- But not every players like that I guess a lot of like on any idea I guess -- visit you know maybe they. And it did take up word about slider kinder version of the that it's in their hip now that's just it what they need to get their head is that that we can't win on the road especially the playoffs and have never won a playoff. Wrote it's either here if it happens you know. If you have an offensive line that was to come in and run the football. On the road OK in the sort of slam it down their throat okay. That really gives your team a lot of confidence when they say okay -- our offensive line is telling them. We can do whatever we wanted to do as we'd have to be on the field that -- offensively it's all back these guys. To keep doing this but when you don't have that ability to do that or at least at -- -- would do that consistently. You put yourself in a tough spot on the road look. We're at a place Chicago work Green -- possibly Philadelphia. -- mean that's not it was Ellis you know those are like. You know it's not like playing himself or the Caribbean I mean the weather is not going to be pleasant by any stretch it might be sunny but it might be. You know ten below -- for something okay so yeah it would be great if we had a a better consistent. Ground game. You're 60 like 76 exit 89 generally seven or Texas cities that he he's the -- up and Estes. Will take a break in what we come back it -- your coaching at a restaurant ban experts picked. -- that our Atlanta man is called again. Consider that all the food out there pulling for the Falcons he has them that -- you which he has late when we return on that you know you'll. And welcome back to man's first big liability at a restaurant that the 39 halftime with francoeur along with -- scored. I'm not Manassas. A lot of hoot -- here. Watching the Atlanta Falcons that Carolina. Panthers -- going on right now. And that means we rank in terms of from Atlanta our resident that felt good man -- all the time I suits him. -- -- Then you think -- -- print that you people are -- there and you. And I just wanted to let you know that we can now. Cheering but about them. What is the and it got it in and kids -- day -- that we are going to. -- -- accurate to say -- look at. That thing well I think people who. Susan apparently that message apparently that message didn't get to the team because they're playing pretty darn well right now -- Carolina their leading 7UP. You -- -- and you know that we need him as a writer. And editor at that you people are pretty doubtful that don't get your hopes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. Thank you so much I yes. For those comments I couldn't -- going to be cheering at that. Okay well that's fine you can hear that -- and we will swallow it here for Atlanta today. Q what happens is -- dad certainly that's that's what -- negative five. All right 260 what -- 78 execs that ignited 0870. That's it's thrown it. Negativity through -- But you know the the game they're playing pretty well though the Falcons getting to Cam Newton a couple of times and hitting him and he's playing with the other little bit -- a little electrical. -- I'm watching Atlanta play the way that I think -- -- thought they were going to play. At the beginning if he's here for. And look let's be fair -- honest that they got hurt and they got their two number one guy's hurt pretty big time so that. That that in of itself you know when you lose -- satellite receivers like that that's gonna -- July so. The fact that there you know those guys are now back at Tommy Lee Jones about that but Roddy White back and obviously Gonzales is plain and you know Heilman at least they'll. Amazing to me please -- to play at this stage but with the defense has played so well so. I think anytime you get those things come think's gonna go together you know aren't. But that makes for a long season. And if you go in that locker room and you got a record like that knowing that your. Really not playing for anything except the guys that we didn't know who. That's. That's a different deal with -- that's a gut check scripture. I get a -- a seven -- -- -- disconnect here against the Panthers but not for the Falcons -- -- -- Like he gets on him hand and that's the way you wanna do it. The Saints after when they can't lose to a team like Tampa Bay Carolina needs to lose that to Atlanta. Today and that's what a lot of food that protects the city 78 -- are already Jack or media people. We're today if you haven't gone to a WWL dot com. And then chipped it out. Well. We're asking your prediction on today's game -- do you think it's all gonna turn out with the Saints and Tampa Bay. Buccaneers basically. Do you think. The Saints to win by less than seven. Bucs win by less than seven. Saints went by seven or more books went by seven -- most of you walking on at WW dot com 64% of you say. The Saints will win by seven -- today in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. 90% of you say Saints win by less than seven in a close one there's no I. I don't think that I think the Saints are gonna put on -- this week. I don't know I just sort of had that feeling that. That they've kind of I think offensively I think they're probably going to really sort of quickly. I just envision injuries you know at least at this point and executing -- -- -- you know what we've seen him before but I think they continue to pile on. And the better in his -- they could do early but we Justin Rose and turnovers just killed us especially early ones that. And those games that you look at some of the games that we played earlier on the road this season those early turnovers were. When those who want to come back to bite you can make two hours ago. -- feel like it's a week ago and realize it was two hours ago we gave them another possession and secure. Iron to 60 -- 786 exit 890870. He's the court -- -- and -- they had the big game today at the Mercedes-Benz superdome Tampa Bay Buccaneers it is the divisional both. Add another divisional games going on right now Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers playoff implications. In this game now at the Saints win. They are in they would. At least be at least the -- succeed. In the playoffs however to get back to that number two position. They would want the Atlanta Falcons to continue to lead the Carolina Panthers as they are right now. And two win that game and then of course the Saints -- That we go back. Do the number two seed but the big thing is for the -- is to take care of business and go ahead and that we had today and not look. At that innings. I look at -- when you do think about obviously but. You know and when you Kennelly is one of those once you look back on at the end of the year and I think I told you get a year thought we -- go. -- on 115 and -- I think it's worth that so. How would have circles of different teams that had a I thought we would have beaten. And again I don't think we -- there was couple games obviously on that emotional loss but that's the -- case every year. I'm in this weeks I think. This is no different than that I think is one of those things and sort of penciled in a win here. Well it it needs to be you know we need to pencil him good because this is do or -- their first playoff here. All right let's that it back to our WWL newsroom for our new studio with Donnie with the news update and it back from -- Oceana here on WWL. Experts. Restaurant the 39 outside in the French Quarter -- course. Thought Vanessa said a lot of food -- -- -- out there. And it's. Cool to see the politically. -- lakers' wave every -- the Falcons do something. Which is an interesting take on things as the game is on the big screen here. You know this season the NFL. If you don't think the rules have been changed to help. The offense. -- today with I don't know the touchdown target score there with you with Matt Bryant in the and then now Atlanta Falcons. But going into the day. All they had to score was one. Much down -- touchdown was scored in the NFL with then break the record for the number of touchdowns scored in a single season. In the NFL all time all time so it's going to be shattered today because -- -- -- was one to break it. Peyton Manning. Needs. 200. Some odd yards thirty some -- 33 yards. Passing today to beat Drew Brees is record that he broke of Dan Marino were single season. Passing yards so. Dan Marino held that for several years Drew Brees is dealt with for two of -- doesn't today so you can see well offenses that are ranked intimately well. There's so many different things you know with the fact that the other quarterback now has to slip obviously and it's -- to get hit. Okay didn't get her back is it really is wide receivers do -- thing. They'll throw him over the middle OK I mean that. C'mon guys over the middle when I was playing got blown up whether they Carter gone are you sure you played on the offensive line is they're always worried about them. The quarterback. Well it's it's a thing where I think -- Iraq you know sound like a lot of talent and I know it just bothers you when you factor in these watch teams play in the defense and guys are supposed to be sat in the guy and a and they do it because he's. The quarterback is hitters located behind him where he's posting it and just -- -- this -- like hunt -- down to the ground. I don't I don't understand you're supposed to tapped him on the shoulder Tuesday gadget that -- You're down. It may come to that you know I don't know that I hope now and let's go to a Jerry in the parity Jerry your offense first it. It's our. -- you know this year. Through it as strong. I'm very uncharacteristic. Bad passes my -- and -- on out on outside and be in that. And I'm not noticed though is is. Conditional on him and -- -- -- -- -- to see whether he thought I don't remember us. Him and then you add that much you know or if at all I'd you know O nine and and handle that -- -- -- it being. That the -- -- hi this is an open up those -- the main thing in the seat through the thing. Well first of all they most of the plays you know most of our stuff does play action pass a case -- If they're not buying into the fact that it's ruled the play action because we don't run the ball very well if you look at the game and look at. Look at it -- like 55 or something like that. Know that we haven't thrown the ball over me times recently -- you can run the ball for an eight times in the order to do that. -- the sort of sell that to make it look like it's real to kind of keep that defense honest and they're not buying that. A lot of times you're gonna get a lot more things you know thrown at you pretty quickly I think what happened to his. That drew hadn't had a whole lot of guys to throw to this year -- -- receivers got hurt. You know and I think earlier in the year and I think some of those guys -- to come back -- you know help this point but. You know -- -- what round he came back in the Colts have been hurt for a long period of time Jimmy was. Had been sort and that it was -- limited you know that took my whole out of it hurt for -- -- -- we ended up having to throw a lot of stuff that backs out of the backfield. A lot of little bit about it matters things like that so I think a lot of times you'll see when drew goes out. You'll notice that he rolls out and he's getting out into the open lanes where he can't see guys on the field. And he's not six foot five to where he can throw over the -- this year but those guys so I do understand that -- a lot of times. You know that may be times and he can't see some defenders and underneath my bracket coverage what I think -- a lot of times when it looks like such a bad pass. It well and and what you think apologies guys what you think about it. If we go and get and it is monitored while ought to speculate expect to its sixth -- We've been out chances when pre game on the road to get to -- so we'll. Well -- like that it happened a -- or it's happened before the rate up there last year and I Giants did it. It depends on who we play. In the first round I would say you know we're playing up to Philly. The little tougher we play in Dallas I think we got shot went in it he wrote down and it you have to see where everything -- six who plays next -- that you could. You could win the second game and you know if you're the sixth seed you're ever gonna host -- -- -- -- room. But. You know done it all depends on who wins it who plays a matchup to say that every week -- we've seen how we played on the road at some of these places. And we've been close. You know we played the 49ers and a playoff game that was the -- when it came down to a -- Carolina last week Carolina that was another close one so. We -- Green Bay -- up in Green Bay so. Chicago I think that NFC championship game was with the blowup -- -- Beers and it was that was just her experience and Peyton. I don't think it has. -- -- -- -- Hours that you know so that really matters -- I think what does matter. In fact it we -- in. Match play. I think that. -- -- determining factor all. And and just want blogger thing at the end -- -- is again until Atlantic game but you know that's up to speed on it pass in the end zone and and and I heard -- well and New England -- -- -- -- Blair being basically is Spain Spain. I think you know pass in the end zone yet is it any cases of our domestic you look at some. Don't think that was. Bet that we should that we -- you know better multi Robertson and and not on it and cannot and that type situation. You know. You when you look back hindsight yeah that would have been better but I think that -- point I think you look at -- trying to get. You know pressure on somebody like Cam Newton because he doesn't do pressure want to watch right now he's he's sacked all over the place you know with with Christian that it's. It's blitz you know it's not just all time lists OIROC. That. -- it just forces you demand coverage you have to do that room at this point he was able to hit some really good throws. He was on on that last line he -- he was pretty accurate guys made some great catches over the middle that went along -- -- just killed us. You know yeah there that -- you know we can stop to that one player that we like that that that hurt that. Well you -- predict today's game here. In the -- there are reports saying. I'm -- thanks for the comment thank you are right. -- -- -- Thank you hear the states -- going known known though is you just mention him do that as -- and taking off for a large -- meeting and it all the way back to the end zone he took off and got away. Iron to six a lot late seventies execs that ignites their weights every advance -- -- along with the corporate live and Scioscia restaurant. The 39 cup -- -- Brett work on out this will be right back that we have. And welcome back -- -- at a restaurant some thirty yards outside of friends who are fans experts today. And we just had a round of -- here is the game was on for the Atlanta Carolina game in Atlanta made an interception. David Booth -- that yes it is an interception Atlanta. Stop Carolina once again to have done just that -- -- have to adjust to the best period when the regular guys in the red jerseys do something so. It is very weird when it all helps it's all for the benefit of listening. As someone says you know go and do it gets -- commuted eight -- seventy. It is. That was as well this is Susan from flowery branch with The Who -- man and then others whose it is full of crap. The one from -- Atlanta man battling and go Falcons beat the -- -- thing it's everybody look did you all right. Someone else's I don't Susan she's my neighbors -- bitter because she's the most mechanically. Who who. Don't like to -- Except brownies from Susan now -- have pattern. Someone's fury Texaco about oh about oh I can't do it Nellie can't do it hope the Panthers lose -- -- -- -- that. They will win today won't even be close from the Texas. Someone else's that -- will win by seven or 3470s. To be that. And here at the most of we missed a speed guy that we have a stable of big slower smoke quick. Why receivers who -- the old Henderson Joseph Morgan that's what we tried. The draft -- we you know have a speedy guy with this -- this -- say the underneath stuff does not work without someone -- -- -- I don't know if you don't want us to win and it is. This up. I'm not so sure that we got a guy that's you know -- -- It's good to have that that. I think you look at it at that like that it -- Rose I don't think there anything you're longer than most of longer than ten or fifteen yards I'd be surprised that the longer than that. So. I mean -- can I get a lot of Yankee old so let me that. Our guys are the balls through your round to what you guys off possession guys -- some guys you know when it's fast guys in. Obviously we've seen schools and what he does and -- it stills has got a pretty well. You know Colston. You know. The rest of -- that -- me. He catches them. But the but you know so I'm not -- -- we need. Speed burst out there just -- him in great to have that but I'm sure that that's that's. That was your first and foremost priority is trying to -- I think we need some guys -- that have an attitude yesterday. All right those of you who are paying attention to Atlanta Falcons are leading the Carolina Panthers evident nothing Atlanta took the opening drive and march downfield escorted him. -- haven't really done much yet but they did it's it's that they've been able to stop him do that the Panthers on the offense. And they came up with the interception and are moving down the field right now we'll take a break and be right back it's fans first day here on WWL. And welcome back. -- -- six live and Oceana restaurant have a thirty and I can't time the French Quarter and is we've mentioned before the break the Atlanta Falcons and intercepted. And we're able to take it back and get a field goal off of that so the scores now and nothing in Atlanta over the Carolina and a in Atlanta and that game is vital for a Saints fans who are watching. Because if Carolina does lose today and the Saints beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that we're back where we work two weeks ago with the number two seed. A bye in the first round of the playoffs and hope play well look at. We talk about giving yourself an advantage. I mean that that's huge advantage in time you get home game. And that's especially someplace here that makes that big difference especially this year where it makes -- -- because -- looked -- differences and so. And that we do themselves a huge favor and get that and obviously we -- help it. So far it's working out -- a lot of game left there there's. So a lot of game left and I've known. You know Atlanta has been known to the so at the end. Some games -- the only two but hopefully this is not one of those games where that happens it continue to win again there was eating and nothing. Over the Carolina Panthers. Right now 260 what a 7866. And nine there early and also Texas at 87870. Coming up we've got the Atlanta -- Half hour of the issue again today because -- show with Bobby the Bobby a pair up with the -- Bobby -- yeah Olivia -- Parts that what thirty today -- but like count down the kicked off live. From my outside -- the at the Mercedes-Benz superdome that becoming you weigh 130. Another half hour may have -- live here for Oceana restaurant that the 39 outside the Bridgeport. Not matches next. -- all -- -- food that tell us what you think is gonna happen in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. That day we'll be right back it's WWL. Through death.

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