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12-29 1:30PM Countdown to Kickoff

Dec 29, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert get ready for the Saints last game of the regular season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They could definitely welcome to the but I count down to kick off outside of gate C at the Mercedes-Benz superdome where in two hours -- full minutes of New Orleans Saints will look to punch their ticket to the post season and perhaps. You week off right now with 24 seconds left in the first half. It's the Atlanta Falcons sand and the Carolina Panthers sent Kate can we don't know what's on they've riot act opening two hours -- lot more. Could be on the line. Yet the the felt that they're playing it Smart football etiquette -- the 49ers on Monday Night Football and they came to play in the Georgia Dome if you look at it. That you really should be -- as the role now the ball it kind of bounced their way DeAngelo Williams had a long run about. Honestly 65 yards you think he's gonna score a touchdown the golfer. That's the ball for Robert all brilliant people over the past the opener from Hammond at the quarterback put the ball well they get the ball on the one yard line. Guess what happens. Matty I throws a pick six and out the score happen it's gonna be ten to seven but the Falcons. -- -- very bored with what you wanna be a Falcons fan could take you find out how can you know I think it's hard. You gotta be it's partly the way critical -- the playoffs if you win but at the -- able to hold all the Panthers. All of us that. You win you back where you wanted to be weeks ago with about a month ago you're number two seed and you have a first round bye. Look at on Garland Saints at the end at 5 o'clock -- the regular season when Eagles. It is he's doubtful with Tampa Bay Buccaneers for eleven in the Mercedes-Benz superdome in about two hours. With today's contest being the last of the regular season. They'll obviously have the feel of the post season this is exactly what the NFL hierarchy wanted. And I decided play all -- the NFC and all that visits have been eclipsed by Christmas and only two clubs that's -- play Albert. You can see why as they talked about half point favorite -- the Bucs. As Tampa Bay is just wanted to take on the role this season and you all just 70 in the superdome. Also the Bucs passing attack in total offense is dead last in the league. Would a win today the thankful finished undefeated at home in obvious like we were they clinch a playoff berth. We'll know before today's -- -- like imagine if the Saints have a chance the captain and of itself round. And in other teams put a first round bye. I think -- later and a loss by Carolina. Atlanta can make that happen. So I think it's going to be happen rather quickly. A come right before a kickoff -- know kind of like where we stand at the bottom line to win -- and the post season. -- look at this snapped a two game skid and regain the momentum they carry the team five it'll start. Even though the Buccaneers are born eleven they have played winning football in the second half of the season after all and it start. If you look at that did it they will -- to me is stiff challenge to the -- Because at the start and out -- eight they've got a played when he spoke lots of late especially on the deep at the side of the ball. Tampa Bay ranks fourth in the NFL in the turnover margin at plus eleven and yards as minus one I believe that colonel mark will be critical in the meeting today. The Saints have a taking care of the football nearly as well. As they did during their five -- -- start. They have fourteen internal within the past three games compared to only five. In the first five games we're looking at the series history the Saints and about the first -- in 1977. Requirement of that that was the year. That's I'll look who's won the state championship that -- That is nice 77 and you ought to lead the all time -- -- When he thinks the seventy also leading thirteen to ten at the NFC south rivals. The Saints have won six of the last eight meetings including four in a -- and looking for their fifth today. Candidate has never won more than two straight games. Last several was the most impressive win of the series at the same one if you are -- iron and don't. -- wants to zero part of wanted to do we Christ Tampa Bay in the dome. And ironically -- the club's first shut out against the Buccaneers. Because safety bit that the with the coordinator Rob Ryan. Have a -- for the largest turnaround in NFL history. And ranks fourth in the league going until last game of the season. You look at Rob Ryan has done here hockey night either assistant coach of the year with all that being ranked fifth -- about this that the unit is ranked fourth. -- that is ranked fifth who would have predicted back in August. That that defense could be ranked cardinal offense that there's no way. And that you -- to -- definitely look at it a crystal ball and you got this that you might get a little shaky that you do look at that a future if it got to realize that the defense. Would be better than all but that's what it hasn't hurt. Just hope that what you think about the -- it would just -- in the middle of the pack. Milwaukee got about fifteen or sixteen he's hitting it -- -- though we have before as the -- right now. I think Bucs coach -- Colorado said it best I don't know why that is. I'm describing to think right now I don't know why that is I don't think it's every season. So it's not like that fitness -- MO. They scored 33 points at home. An eighteen point to in a -- There plus five -- -- -- more to the hole at minus six on the -- there's no doubt there are 70 at home because that those numbers. We're apt that that you look. He said we gonna have bottom line we got a call water -- part of us to be to beat the Saints at the old Soviet publicity. What's gonna happen but -- you're twelve and half point favorite. But there's no -- there's no way in hell think he'll lose that that the Big -- and get a -- All right and Carolina had just -- hand at the hands of the Atlanta classical fourteenth team we will continue and above I count them kick off. On it All Saints radio network. It's week seventeen of the regular season in the playoffs have already started for the Saints they'll face Tampa Bay Buccaneers afternoon in the superdome. It's pretty simple for Sean Payton's squad went in there in the tournament. Peyton says the Bucs are completely different team than the one they beat back a week to sixteen to fourteen will rookie Mike Glenn and at quarterback. It's interesting. When there's that big to get gap between the last game as opposed to a few weeks ago. When we -- Carolina you know almost. Within a month timeframe that. It's their Lotta things that are different. -- and a box or trying to play the role of spoiler today against Saints. The most important thing is for us to win because no one affairs is season a high note. They come out via a ruin your opponent. We knows -- tough. They're very good team and a good because players don't perform well and just he would perform at a level high enough to tour and. With a win the Saints clinch a playoff berth with some help from Atlanta Falcons the world's could be the number two seed. When he NFC south and also get a first round bye in the playoffs today Shawn green's birthday well the Falcons deliver gifts to their biggest rival. The dirty birds are hosting the Carolina Panthers in Cam Newton Falcons wide receiver Roddy White says. They wanna sit tight end Tony Gonzales all for the win. Yet play really good at home -- non -- -- place for the and and try to send him and his own rules for the playoffs and you know give Tony -- really -- going away prison. Gonzales retiring after this game. Newton and company can clinch the NFC south and at least a two seed with a win over the Falcons. And I don't get jaded by the fact -- what their record says. They have some -- -- players on the team future hall of famers on this team it and some plays I can make a big impact on the game you don't control more content. Thirteen of sixteen games in the final weekend of play in the NFL have playoff implications on the line where will -- end up the two seed. Five seed and succeed. Or out of the playoffs altogether will find out soon enough right here. On Saints radio four on the road in the NFC south I'm crushing -- for the New Orleans Saints radio network. It is about like count down to kick off but I'd official fear of the New Orleans Saints. The same studio a radio food being in the -- -- -- pizzeria we could dine and ought to take out all happens every bit today at least pizzeria. About a coming up after the game we will have that one out and we'll have all sorts of playoff scenarios and we'll have a -- did you have a clear indication after the -- games for sure in the course the nineteenth but. Week seventeen of the National Football League have a sense of national went to this new format basically. A few years ago he said I don't like -- in so many ways these -- -- -- -- -- teams resting their players the last couple weeks this season when so many teams and -- and locked into the tightly. -- apparently today. Thirteen of the sixteen is like the Eagles had some tied a playoff implications on the -- Quality is what the NFL that's why they won it beautifully with the news division that the teams in theory. To be more meaningful when you look at it eighteen to 32 teams. They'll have a chance to make the post season we look at it only three times in NFL history. Have more teams being in this global particular one week left in the regular season thirteen at this weekend sixteen games. Pretty much did that well implications. Division -- thing about this and I tonight. Cowboys Eagles NFC -- Aaron Rogers coming back the end of the -- -- Green Bay Chicago and we decided. -- little -- you know winner takes doll you know you win you're in division you lose you go home. And it's unbelievable. Well what you look at. Everybody be watching not only thirteen. Well what occurred in the NFL and I think that's what NFL wanted everybody to be in that if you look at. At this stage where we're at right now. If we don't have -- First round -- and number two seed but we don't know where we call it. We can be defeated Chicago. Dallas. Green Bay or Philadelphia. You're nobody would certainly like okay -- -- are we going. Now whoever it is hard to make in the think traveler -- -- about it any. Good -- you planned in advance I don't know -- darts out -- over where the hell do we go like that that's what it's all about. When you look at it the one thing about the things that's why. If the Falcons who come through you know -- forty kick -- they've been unbelievable obviously. They're one of three teams. You look this season or -- defeated. The saint. The Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals are all undefeated at home. So that that's why it's so important is the way they have it full of this season has gone and if you look at the bottom line where rat. If you don't let it get it on the TCU obviously we gotta win. And the Panthers lose to the Falcons now that the fact it was gonna have let -- -- five part of on the sixty. -- number five seed if the Panthers. Beat the Falcons. And the 49ers. The Cardinals. Okay did you are number -- the if the Panthers beat the Falcons. And the 49ers. Beat the Cardinals. So it's a -- right around it you know five or six but the bottom line is. You have to be Tampa Bay to solidify. That you are going to the playoffs now you look at what's gonna happen this game and I think what's going to be crucial what we have to that you. It's we have to get off to a fast start. That's one thing if you look at it. And -- been really disappointing. Would you break it all -- is that the things have not gotten off to a fast start like we need to do. In and that's going to be -- look right now Tampa Bay has all the water they've been playing well. They've outscored their opponents seventy -- fifty. And then you look that's one quarter we're not winning it would only we have we have 72 points. Karl Malone it's eighty points. So when you look at getting off to a fast start I think that it's critical. And you look at it I can remember or recall. The last time really that we got off to a fast start. Within going back to Chicago Bears game. We were able examined at the -- not -- -- got off to a fast start. And was able to score on that now on that opening possession but that's kind of where we at right now if you gotta win. But it's a lot of different scenario than that that's the way NFL wanted it. Keep everyone interested in me going down to the playoffs that the last week of the season that we don't know where are you going to do is not. Only one. Team that can rest players. To beat Kansas City keep it playing at San Diego. Machida if this team no matter what they do you look at that unit ever at one time only undefeated team without the fifth -- which door. The -- this. I don't see how they gonna be San Diego as an -- -- fitting then neagle. You know how well they've played definitely -- ever be the Broncos Thursday night football but it just goes to show we need to parity in the league. And at right now if you look at. Like San Diego I think it gives every team like this thing. To play in the playoffs that that you look at. Like where Miami is -- divide up and down Miami beat the Jets today and didn't get there that well with the -- Miami. I mean it's unbelievable. And welcome back to the like countdown to pick -- but -- official beer of the New Orleans Saints we -- -- to the Saints and then the Buccaneers -- it -- -- -- exit into the New Orleans Saints. Radio network and the Atlanta Falcons that there is gone he had other camera at the seventy before the first drive the second half of the Falcons are now by three accountable if the ball their first possession of the second. That's Boston's second sports station identification is that it won't Saints radio network. It is about like countdown to kickoff here on the saints' radio network we're going at the Mercedes-Benz superdome where Paul was saying cards think Atlanta's. Okay guys now there's now -- I was only -- an apartment not we talked about it. Certainly -- Agassi they will be exciting one because the Saints have some -- out of the case on the line but. You know depending on what happens in the next ninety minutes -- so who is -- and wanna be more important home game and here's you history nor. Yeah Andy you're exactly right -- you -- kind of been listening now -- you know loosen the content. Steve this morning you know they. I don't know what's wrong their -- I'm not having a problem at all pulling for the Falcons. At all I mean is there's nothing coming from the gut and that's Matt Ryan but I think like -- -- I am on board -- up if he you know whatever. Whatever is -- -- the -- saying these days but I'll I'll on board with that in. You know with all the different scenarios that I just heard Bobby talking about their based on you know it's its -- to be two and -- at. We just need to take care wanting a day -- that when a football game. Here in the superdome may use them you know here this year -- really kind of beat the pants off everybody with the exception of the 49ers. But you a lot of lopsided scores in his dome in. They're playing their best football I don't see why in the world today he'd be any different I guess something crazy could happen but. By and large I'm not worried about all those other scenarios and whether we don't get to number two seed not. The first and foremost you gotta get to sit up in the playoff only he can do that it that wind today I think we all know that to mean that pretty elementary. As far as saying that it. All the scenarios -- I'm aware about that -- when it's all that done who's going where and you know -- just heard Bobby talking about if you think. You know traveling town where do you begin to do anything right now. You can't I guess in a perfect world we got to go on the road next week in yet doubt that you know have a lot better to go to Philadelphia -- it. Let -- worry about going somewhere next week it first of all. Now I'll hokey I think it's going to be critical and looked -- every one pick in this thing. Obviously you're twelve and a half point favorite at basically two touchdowns. That would be a major upset at them they was able to beat the Saints in the superdome simply because now -- lead at home and the dominant what you. Basically a number of games that -- that three touchdown victories. But one thing when I'll look at Tampa Bay and you dabble in Atlanta stayed in the game they've played outstanding. In the first water. Well they've gotten off to a fast start that the only what they've outscored their opponents 73 to fifteen that's kind of been all week it's. Water hits entering the Sean Payton Brees recently gotten off to a fast start. We've been outscored 870 -- and the reason why bring that up it's been -- usual this year. But you look at the things they haven't scored an effort drive in the past dating games. The last time -- opening drive when Garrett Hartley kicked a 47 yard field goal against Chicago in week five and they -- look at the thing that. That they've gone five at five in that span after starting the season five and oh get off to a fast start to I think. And that also could be critical. And -- never they could have their backs fact is that's who we get off a fast start you -- -- -- water. It Bobby you know that would be terrific if that indeed does happen but you know if you really think about this Saints team as a whole -- -- Why for a lot of things while they played so poorly on the road why but they allowed that many people here in the dome why. Get their running game be consistent why don't they have a deep threat downfield there's a lot of if ands and buts about this team and that is one problem. That's -- that used to be the hallmark of this team right. We're gonna get you down seven to nothing and after that we don't find out how well you play from behind that's not the KC here and who could put your finger on I mean I certainly can't so. Hey it's college you know. Fifteen dollar leases say that dead -- -- the cliched football you know we got start bat we got to get acting you -- anti government. Make him play from well all that is willing good got to say that but when you haven't done it in Chicago. Yes it is to all of a sudden today you don't break out you theology and per possession and marched down field if they get a touchdown. It would be wonderful to save but in reality if you look at over the last. You know 1011 -- game that that's certainly not the case I don't see where. It happens today just magically appeared. If -- happen to -- we take it but I guess I can't sit here and say it won't happen but if any thing. Just think you have everything here -- focused or one thing in that wind today ballgame and a kind of like you say. If you get out to early jump. On the Buccaneers team is just I really didn't have any problem but in. You know the other sour thing about that is it's I'll wait -- -- -- -- -- be. When everybody if they can one team or another whether it's the Saints at their client. A you know -- whether it is everybody goes through both him this is the favorite you know they. Went and everybody's -- one bandwagon that has a tendency to bother me a little bit. Now -- Q what you look at. You know at Tampa Bay in that way it instructed this year in the where we Iraq right now. Now we always say this that you got to have luck whenever he would be with injuries. Part of ball bounce your way through college a wee bit snake bit and it definitely how could it not affect us in the playoffs. We knew the quality corner like Jabari Greer and I'll hit it apparel. -- now with this season the reason why bring that up. If you look at the state cornerback that in the pressure that the -- he -- Lewis of verses. Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson. You look at candidate it might be last in the NFL in passing offense. Yet you look at the -- -- and almost pulled wide outs in the league Steven Jackson right on the twelve yards receiving. And he's average at sixty point one yards per reception. Seven touchdowns. To pick either of those public could be all you don't draw that assignment. To guard a guy like it to Jackson will be a big challenge in it one thing I thought out of present it to Jackson. Is that when you look at that debate on third down. That receiving yards he has the most in the NFL. -- for a period party once though -- taking a look at big bucks so here's a game where you have to come up big. It's -- you going to get the guy like a bit to act. By the McCain's top Bobby -- by and -- I think to keep -- lewis' answer the bell this year. I mean Heatley and he's -- beat some but. You know you think about win the -- matched him up against Dez Bryant the cowboy game. You know he typically goes against it the opponent's best receiver and -- at dusty shut them down no good I mean McKean in Lewis is not that type of corner he had a very. Good corner in the league but he's not a shut down -- can think about. Tommy plays that he's made even Thursday rejected about he has in position just like in the Carolina game the throne speech in. He received updates in perfect position he -- to do about it is to stand by me. The debt that kind of stuff that's gonna happen so I'm not worried about it Keenan Lewis going against Vincent Jackson today. I I -- a bit. Concern and I shouldn't say concerned I think really kind of what I'm looking. More anything else that it it's the -- defense -- line put pressure on Mike went I think it's going to be a key. Just like it is -- time -- you want don't front four got to be able to do that the other team quarterback that. That won't change it -- its week seventeen in the NFL. All the cliches everything up to you come up with. Everything they could be said about a football game it's our agency had this one thing today is they allow Davis and if we in May be in. That's all the things that I don't care if it's if the linebacker tack to take over the game I don't care if they have to put. Isa Abdul located and it beat it to be in the gets sacked and beyond I I don't care where -- come round. Just get a win today that is without question the important thing in this ball game the things. All right at saint I hope the guys and I am and a east Carolina seventeen to fourteen -- the and it does have a second goal act. The Falcons and keep you posted that we will continue with a bunt like then kicked off on a broad -- radio network. And welcome back it is about lights -- -- pick up but I don't think you'll be in love with these New Orleans and -- do those -- time as one hour one hour and ten minutes ago between the Saints. And the Panthers turned down a sound that's it into the New Orleans Saints. Radio network in place at least six yards any camp -- seven yard pass to Greg Olsen as the -- that they've reclaim. The lead over the Falcons -- now being 21 to say that moves with four when he left Italy. In the third and one other thing I'm looking at a time of the schools and had with the quality. We see that the people and the Ravens are tied up at seven team -- the -- -- Texans sixteen is that it. Fall on doing an assistant and current events they coach bill O'Brien -- it beat. -- it to Houston between new coach of the Texans -- of course is black Monday all the firings spectacle now. Tomorrow the first Monday at this -- the season in Indianapolis no problem with Jacksonville right now. 473 to New York Jets beat the Miami Dolphins fourteen to seven that's the record score. Fourth quarter Detroit leads Minnesota ten to seven it's the risky hands. Trailing the New York Giants ten to six I can get it to be on his way out tomorrow. Out of our nation's capital to Pittsburgh Steve in the a lot of help that they take care of their business they basically -- round. Seventeen to zero afternoon games as the winner takes the NFC north division of the Green Bay Packers. At the Chicago Bears and -- is expected to thoughtful Green Bay Denver Broncos at the open. Raiders. Also the Buffalo Bills at the New England Patriots -- as one of three teams the National Football League entering the final week of the regular season. Perfect at home the other two with Cincinnati and the -- Owens. San Francisco is an Arizona a lot of implications -- Arizona. He's six and one at home they've won seven of their last eight their own Milosevic stripped of the report what he wants it back. Two -- the deal about it they could finish winning eight out of and 115. And that -- into the post season because of the tiebreak but they lost to the duel at saint hand in hand with media we are now. After that you win your division maybe you should go by wrecked on maybe all of our record to decide who gets the playoffs you win -- -- to the city games you know -- right. They are in the have them on the team nine hits seven or eight unique in -- a couple of rounds and come on yeah and -- mean it's it go because you don't just play with any division. You played a whole league in the rotation so why what you go -- -- -- -- -- -- division didn't count because basically. You don't have to land of the game and you could be a bit ahead of somebody and they could have swept you. You can still want to get ahead of it and everything that Jerry Jones is that the world. The northeast New York media. They want the NFC east to be relevant. But the only team to me that kind of plain. Gary plausibly it's the Eagles win the Redskins thought that Giants. The Cowboys have become one they won those -- to be relevant but they haven't been. Know at that Dmitry go by and not by your division but would you -- your record. Because look at how well Arizona is playing as of late yeah we all the hardest to win at Seattle the Cardinals went out there. At Seattle he kicked that field but. I mean now we kicked a Cardinals but here we have and that's probably vehemently touchdown. So it goes so what you went nuclear team I think it should be your record. And look at the entire season I think that's not should be evaluated in Arizona I dictate they got us out defense. Which you know what's great you what you look at it. You know we have more facts that the Cardinals. Right now I thought that we can have -- -- 43 sacks. -- what we've done in the past the past few years that would be outstanding. Right now we get 47 sacks and having a chance to get fifty. -- behind it Rams rebuild -- pass rush behind Carolina Panthers and behind the Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo Bills QB is Derek -- part of ticket -- going. But if you look at where our -- defensively. And as far as getting after the quarterback. I mean it's been unbelievable Rob Ryan has done cavs aren't -- sacks right now you got to let him sacked. No it's unbelievable. Hole -- they would be at this level and with the reality they are at that level right now. They did tonight it is Eagles account was gonna win the NFC east rant it's the dogs all of those games mean -- entities -- charges. Organizing caught -- all the lately along with the Saints and the Buccaneers it's about like out on a kick -- counted out to -- wanted to Tampa Bay touchdown sound. On that sets it up to New Orleans Saints traded him or. Thought of a full quarter ended it there rather Carolina leads Atlanta when he won assessment team you talk about the rest the National Football League I think Didier. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thirteen of the sixteen regular season game to the final week of the season seventeenth. Has playoff implications this has just exactly what the NFL -- No way of the I mean you don't let it years ago when you -- Started this format. You won games late in the season to be relevant. And now we've seen it under Paul Tagliabue rocket -- But that you come down to the final week -- -- so much relevant all across the board and it anecdote showed you. I don't know if you wanna call it the big equality of the NFL. Some people say it's mediocrity because they're really don't know dominant game. So I think the most teams in the way I'll look at it. -- get to the Lionel. Because when you look at the last number one seed in the tendency. To make it to Super Bowl Sunday. What -- 2009 you walk and play the respect about that. Everybody else -- all of a weak spot in unit that you. It's been eight he'd been a while Courtney all the Giants -- and you know you used winning nine and record to get cute. -- -- -- bold -- to get them Neifi. I'll be quality that we got out of balance out everything and that really made a great but the -- -- to -- -- little bit. Now Mike we've been talking about that Venus and a great job outstanding job that Rob Ryan is done with the defense unbelievable improvement. I mean we're talking back and Ortiz Manny can't even training camp in August. -- we never would have thought on it the last game that you've got to be ranked higher than the offense the Dolphins still. Top five number five. And to leave it to them before but we allowed -- 133 yards last. That we did last year we gave a quarter party but to me that's different maybe -- night getting as much respect. As the forthright he pitches because we don't have the takeaways. If you look what we did you wonder will we at 39 takeaways. Would look right now we've only had three take away. But I think the -- in the past eight games if we get takeaways. And you know we gonna be high -- our reward. So throw that pick we got to get to back. But it we can get takeaways. That and it may be like Derek -- said he comes in bunches. Thought we loved those buckets to start happening now opponent that January obviously you win today but that decade Yankee whether or not you know you win in the well. Bob I don't think there's any question about it that I think playing Smart football. And playing. Well involved more. In the week it was Q it would be more winning football play well on. And you look at I don't -- that won them a lot of credit. You really Cameron Jordan didn't agencies. But I think a lot of people don't need to -- William. A significant. Albeit a lawyer it and -- definitely -- it. With with all of it. Numbers one. While I think all of that being put him into -- and he did in. Right. Well. They don't know -- But normally. You know. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Complete all -- you know what you did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is not basketball or baseball. Ops is that the not that that all up in 11. Win. And one. And on that side but that it was. Might do all of the big they have they give us a prediction third and 113 point win it and get him that well and -- all. I have violence might be 38 -- -- negate -- -- follow Mike on tournament and Mike and we will continue with the but I count them to kick off on the door on Saints radio network.

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