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12-29 2:30PM Countdown to Kickoff

Dec 29, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert get ready for the Saints last game of the regular season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it definitely welcome -- -- I can't panic pick up -- gates here Mercedes beings it would -- out today rates when he by the Saints it puts -- -- -- -- Nancy post season and right now I boastful -- I think when he goes on. In Atlanta and -- well 22 -- -- in the fourth quarter it's airline that's when he won. Atlanta's seventeen the Falcons do have a -- six and Eric in Carolina territory at the Panthers 41 yard line so they are right around. Matt Bryant field goal range we will keep you soon being held below is touchdown yeah but that's. But it's not out yet game cause -- victory there's certainly. -- open and open the Saints the -- than them but -- -- them now for the pregame injury report equivalents at the moment with. He -- on now by. Hope -- -- hope take it away -- -- who think pregame injury report it brought you back to playing instituted. For the athlete in all of us here in active today for Tampa Bay -- Mark Barron Lani prior to go to Watson colonial -- Scott Solomon. Matthew Messi below and Karl and Knicks and you can also add to the Tampa -- flip card deleted offer there is Dequan bowers who was placed on the reserve earlier this week it you can -- The offensive lineman Scott Solomon. On the flip card but he is out of today's game and then here. Inactive for the Saints is trying Griffin can't Frederick Tarvaris could -- he sat at -- he's too young to Dawson dictating and Tom Johnson and you can also on the -- car delete keeper Carlo he was often please don't need you there and you -- and defensive back parents. Frederick on there so that the public that saint pregame injury report brought you back doing institute -- medicine for the athlete in all of us. Now hoping look at -- -- where Drew -- does that went I think it's truly amazing. If you look at it with Stewart in nineteen yards passing today become the first player to reach 5000 yards. Four times. As well the first player in NFL history to do it. Three consecutive seasons I think at times because we want -- -- to be be human and I'll play unbelievable weekend and week out. That we don't realize how hard that is in being able to answer the bell week in week out and becoming the only NFL player. The -- of 5000. You are we time. And ended -- has that he did -- 2012 now -- getting ready to do it four times really separating himself from the back. -- -- -- I think you -- a mouthful right there and -- a -- can every week you know we look at that. You know -- great streak it you that Brett Favre would do games never miss in Peyton Manning. You know until he got his record there a couple of years ago in you know in order to get all those. Those stats and knowing writing the record book and you got to be out there on the field and I noticed in pregame warmup. They drew was wearing a sleeve on his right knee. Hit it usually leads team out there and short here in the dome that that's validated the -- or so to me to see him with the -- thing. You know on a particular joint something like that whether it's Houston needs lever for some kind of race whatever else it just so like usual. And it's you know that guy. You know the bumps and bruises that a quarterback takes in this course of the game you stand in the pocket he -- he clobbered by somebody that you don't ever seek common in me. You may have -- let go all the football you know a lot of different -- that we used to get hit. Still get thrown to the ground and all that stuff are taking he'd taken a toll on you on the seventeenth week -- -- so. Any quarterback -- any player that it's been that much time on the field. You don't have any kind of consecutive streak. Pressing once he gets past a hundred I mean that's a lot of years. Of service to your football team where you if you haven't missed games so I mean I take my hat off to those guys. And you don't okay you look at. The people player considered the best the top in the league right now. -- -- gonna have to pay him that being tight -- Jimmy Graham. Going forward teammate that we played when it. -- only the top 57 yards. The -- pass hope we Brenner. At the faith of all time receiving yards -- leader. The that'll probably happen or have a great opportunity. Would you look at what he's been able to do not only in Saints history of the NFL. That Jimmy Graham right now leads the NFL overall with a touchdown with fifty. -- -- -- The past Gradkowski. Record that was that -- 2011. What the Patriots. We can look at the first -- Jimmy Graham -- get them that they would definitely. I think that you know that you'll always remember simply because. But I didn't have a kid catches. 179 yards and a touchdown that we knew we look at the past few weeks ago I don't know we don't deal with that plan at bats you. But he's that only sixteen catches right on the tour yards to the past fourteen. Five of those sixty receptions though at -- for touchdowns even though. It's things like that Jimmy Graham they'd been hit it that you all year that breeze. Especially on the back it still looks form in the red they'll get on those that now. Well Bobby you know great friend very football players Holmgren was when he was. You would like to get thirteen years to get that point -- it's taken giving grant -- I think you know so but -- I mean it was a totally differently back the enemy we you know hold him Bruener. Was buck brought here to be an extension of the offensive line just like god -- and if they're to better blocking tight end that the NFL never seen. I haven't seen those guys but again like you talking about the field just to think that the program is done in the short period of time if he's truly remarkable but. That's -- more I think. A sign of the times in the NFL instantly that the tide is not. The guy that we used to think a once you get up -- mile wide receiver out -- yet yet you come out of the game with a bloody nose to beat up just like an -- -- -- would. And if you happen to get to you know thirty receptions during the course of the season then. You know you feel good about yourself. You know get back to the -- grand injury -- because Sean Payton is just so. Excuse me handcuff there close to the best with with injury information -- you really don't public the stint. A QB Graham. Long giving he's only been in the league for three years but he still tough it out it out there and played through pain. Hunting and still being very productive out my dad. Along the way. I get thinks diamond's -- With the pre game report a seventeen play 71 yard drive. Resulting in them Matt Bryant 37 yard field goal. And right now and -- we -- -- -- let them play in the ballgame it's airlines want. Once they gravitate I think that grind. Somatic act adding that -- you -- -- -- need to -- is that like last season and I think it can -- in his game on the part of the doctor Jonathan look it in the future. -- -- -- Has that game winning kick to beat Carolina he's going to make it oh yeah that's I think it makes you if you let them we gave them accusing him I'll give this. Though he's been unbelievable how we get that game winning here. He's been able to come through with a time expiring in our -- a little camp another night like part of -- -- artists alone if they could stay with it Hugh Laurie I'm telling you still would be nice to be taken in that accident that is at the without it though might end up winning it again. We'll come back at second on today's opponent the full eleven Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- about I count them to kick off on at all outside. It's on and take a look at today's opponent they all the four of eleven Tampa Bay Buccaneers they've won four of their last seven -- played much better in the second half the season and it -- amendment. That will close out the PCS Aaron Lackey started the b.s he has he is also the -- as the Florida State's capitals. The positive -- may look at these. It's a huge post season game with Florida State got a busy main team nickel all that being. -- that we get that big showdown of Pasadena and in the Rose Bowl. -- Florida State takes on the Auburn Tigers offered via destiny Tebow but what do thirteen college season look at their last two wins over Georgia. Over Alabama took a lot of -- and all that over sideline to get those wins like other kids have been an Iowa quarterback you -- up. You give you put me off the -- about the same time -- -- -- to battle it the other Carolina Panthers about the -- nobody's listening to our show offered it the Buccaneers went what do you. After they won generators is that right it does blow to the TV monitor the box that I'm sure the route that they should -- watching. As we speak to talk about what Laviolette Bucs of all while some rough times with your week. We started off and you know if it's amazing would begin the season. Against the New York Jets in New York of what your own homegrown us because you know Carolina almost will pick anyway. I digress -- that we begin the season that you we have never want it we have never read the Jets at New York. We had a chance to be -- -- the bucks are gonna beat the Jets. If we could just. Keep them from getting a long play of sort of ago they got the up roughing the other receiver for Robert the quarterback probably got about fifty yard mark too often with no time. They beat the gently Buccaneers will they the -- field goal if you don't want fellows that have got a whole lot better than that sense that we started off. The -- put it that well at -- good even the following week to take over the Tampa. And we we get that touchdown lead with Mason foster's -- six returned from 85 yards and we just pinning onto the lead with two seconds left. You know what happened Drew Brees gets in the -- already and you know Greg currently gets a field goal we're 020 and we lost by a total three point to just didn't get a whole lot better in November. We showed some life with a rookie quarterback Mike let -- we lost in overtime but Seattle. That's tough to do Seattle much -- -- the Buccaneers -- paper at least and that we beat the Miami Dolphins on -- that football game but just absolutely clobbered. The Atlanta Falcons a group we're looking pretty good in November but that's the only month that's really been a highlight video for the Bucs this year now. Do you and all the great players being on the college level equivalent that NFL and obviously. The great players that have played for the Buccaneers. And with those great he hit the -- after the world I mean I think simply because their record. That a lot of fans maybe don't appreciate that I think I've only at a local level but all pro level. You're talking about local Vontae Davis. One of only five players in NFL history to have six sacks. By the interception deep all the linebacker to achieve that feat it that you look at also even if that tackle Gerald McCoy. The oncology -- pro football focus. Pat on the highest. Well Gerald Gerald McCoy has nine -- he's gone back to back Robles and he is the real deal with respect overall it. You expect big things out of -- early was injured early in his career. His walk through those injuries wolf what you put into sixty consecutive game. Today against the Saints and if they they they say he has. The techniques that -- after it -- after -- fine -- the defensive tackle position that the NFL and a terrible poised not let alone it's pretty nice that up. For example take your -- arm trouble few tricks of the trade during the offseason but G -- Number 93 -- back for the probable obviously played a global level. The linebacker you know it's stuff you look at it. I guess linebackers double wanted to play of the -- you have to play based on a winning team. And rush linebacker Lavar -- David lobby is about as good linebacker. Is I've seen where a -- uniform they're prepared they're calling him the some people I don't caller goes with the that they're calling up the baby Derrick Brooks because he's on -- Derrick Brooks basic fact. In fact Bobby indeed. LaMont eight David's numbers is his first two seasons absolutely. Much better that Derrick Brooks and his first NC ironically. Derrick Brooks was not to a Pro Bowl until his third season. So maybe that's what -- take more seasoning for will Vontae Davis before he has elected to the Pro -- fellows it would surprise me a bit. If -- Vontae Davis is not voted all pro by the media. And left out of the Pro Bowl voting he is an alternate it -- injury aside level of those elected. By the voters of coaches to go the Ruble he would be next in line as a linebacker I have told but he's played him obviously and at all -- leads of -- -- that one of six. Wanna sit in fact the only linebacker that has comparable numbers. To lot a lot to David has of his first two years prior -- locker. Present -- a well. That's pretty hot name on. Yeah Dorell Revis Darrelle Revis. Is is exactly is buildings making the most money of any quarterback in the National Football League and probably deservedly so. The book on -- what he was about 90% because nobody says he's better than that but he's played in a 100% level immediately shut out -- The Bucs haven't had one of those little all types of the on the run -- barber. Patrol the secretaries so those are three best -- -- offensively a work in progress that Jackson all about. He's a guy that gets the ball all over the field -- catcher on third downs particularly. And you've got a rookie quarterback try to find some weapons of these little targets and I'll be Jack -- opposing team's nova built offensive. Probably very well today. By the what was the score that Falcons -- I can't watch TV. -- 120 am and it has got the ball back and now going on with three point. How awful awful awful for the Carolina a couple of those that Atlanta Falcons that Parcells say yeah it's good. A vehicle I'll go out and it. A lot closer to have a great day he's a broadcaster for I don't know let's go. Quite you that you bring. You know you only get me the -- players that you talked about. -- Darrelle Revis that would be done it it Jackson definitely a bright spot on the office but luckily activity. Now that you get a play that tee shot. Design -- and I think a lot of good again but also what about the -- -- there. -- -- Alabama. It's things like with. What about in the conversation. They might happen that -- think -- -- -- or. I think so you know he shot. I I don't altogether. A letter from the -- FedEx delivered to a -- Wednesday from the league really got another hit last week in the Rams game. You know I'll tell you one -- the rules of -- that it probably has affected the safety position. More than any other it was a national team because those are the guys that are flying around at full speed. In those -- you if you if you broke it down up I've let that be willing to bet there's I don't know the statistics story. But I'll bet you this that safeties probably go to the post fine bit yeah under the new rules of contact. In the end of the position I believe I did and I replied let question that I should adopt a -- so you know that they've -- a final -- -- what you -- produced pretty good. -- -- -- my you know before you apply later he was getting behind tuck these -- You -- at. That would make -- job let's not talk to -- yeah. We go John lets a part of the Super Bowl Buccaneers have. He built a reputation -- -- -- ferocious and it. Nobody wanted to catch a ball over the middle yeah they had to play a hundred million dollars a year for the flag GP five right now under the new rules -- not. It just says he said they could -- -- enough in -- He is the vaunted than anybody Buccaneers team that I'll -- thank you so much have a great elevated the national title game. And happy new year fellas I'm right and unfortunately all right Jean thank you very much -- -- -- like out got to take off on the saints' radio network. It is about I can't Danica now don't get after the game it's a point after Indy world famous for its -- in the -- seafood here. On the New Orleans Saints radio network 141 left to play -- it's not just Carolina as a football they are protecting a one point. 41 to twenty lead over. And Lance sites that are more Christie Garrett visited with Saints defensive back -- -- is take on today's match up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They with Kenny being out now does that change anything for you turn your role will mean is it pretty -- same thing. Going to be the same a Missouri Tom would you know being a little bit more a heavy person some base types of -- Can mean it's unfortunate Kenny went down injured but you know -- next men up here this attitude. As my role increases a little bit more than good more stressful it I'll -- -- and -- and it was -- close. It seems like forever since you play you guys played the bucks I only two I mean. Is it more difficult -- not seeing a team and that trust that's been is almost like hey you haven't played them all this year. Well you know it's a totally different team him as it's. A different look we had no different quarterback different running backs different receivers Moreno. And you know different tight ends so it is totally a different team just like playing the books in 2014 almost ruined. There is as far back as we've played a -- feels almost like you play an AFC opponent really could see them every so often. And put the yardages and opponent. You know we played him in the year but they're they're playing different do they have more winning attitude right now I think a plan or they're playing with. A little better concerts and understanding what they're trying to get accomplished and they're playing well so we just have our hands full when those that come here ready when trying to take it from a since. We got a master intensity in what they're taking ourselves in the Falcons and -- Panthers into playing for you guys. How do you keep yourself not paying attention that -- will you. I only look at -- obviously most of the day and they get -- for our games so I was slow routine or really don't. What's not a fumble on Sundays so far games is just distracting I guess you know and then you can't really Izturis and into you know routine so. You know. Was gonna happen is gonna happen we can't control -- our student -- own destiny in this try to win this game and put ourselves in position and whereas we know letting Carolina. Happens it would just played accordingly and get ready go on this road trip really -- their -- my answer has some thinking and southern at the hard way. Well thanks in the bloodiest Tampa papers -- tough. Rolled up about. Well they gave you the Roman Harper I think it might be his last game. And I think uniform in his journal but I think. They're all -- and and now it appears that holly restructures its field. But if you look at things without that sixth in the leadership or Roman Harper. That all the NFL -- at the back -- number one since 2006. Sacks with seventeen. Adrian Wilson that's fourteen and a half. A name like Charles Woodson you heard of that knee Green Bay yet but the rate is eleven halves sacks he's also fifth in the league. We talk about forced fumbles -- 3006. With thirteen this year yet only 33 tackles. You know dealing with the injury. But we get McConnell and I'm now a lot that -- apparel without wanted to playoffs he's had an interception he's that a full recovery. So we need Roma come up big and if you would come up big today collected a playoff. Win the game. That would help his future also if -- faithful to him somebody else will put Roman Auburn been a big part of the defense and really excelled on the Gregg Williams. That's -- seconds the station identification on the New Orleans Saints radio network. All right 113. Left to play at a ball game Atlanta -- -- -- all the territory. They -- -- -- go to win -- -- what they want it's one of them but they're team left. Even conclusion X. It's above my -- down the tick off -- all of saints' radio network. -- to face the Buccaneers back a week to week seventeen it's that's a long time between match -- how much how different are they are they different. Well you know they are. That's -- much by scheme but. I think both teams from a personal standpoint. Have gone through the what would be the attrition of the season so there's some new players playing in different spots. For both teams I think they're playing. Very much the same way we saw him defensively tonight to throw they're very till they get off the ball well. They're opportunistic there in the top of the league in turnovers takeaways. I think offensively of course you've got to change at quarterback. In some new pieces there but. I felt like. Watching them and we followed their games. Quite a bit now in the last 33 weeks we've played. You you can see their funding and an identity. Number one with the rushing game that's something that stood out on tape. Then the takeaways in their turnover ratio has been really good so. They played better football this this second half the season by far my Glenn and now quarterback for them what does he bring to the table. Well he's a quick decision maker he's got a really really good or. He's got. Very good mobility for his size I would say. Then I think there's a global confidence in him you know he's demonstrated that that he can win with with with that team in that offense and I think when you see young player. That. Produces on the field I think it generates that excitement in that that belief that -- in every game. Toronto Armstead now a week two for him as a starter. How much can a player like that grow from -- after their first start to the second and so want I think quite a bit the reps he's gotten in games are much different than. What were able to simulate out here. We're not in pads were -- in that you know that. Full speed mode if you will so slow but -- old during the workweek. But on game days you know he's getting those live snaps which will be. Very helpful then he's handled well but so can you talk about -- approach to this week with so many different scenarios out there but still. One control make sure you guys focus on the task at -- absolutely I think there -- number of teams this week that. That really -- or paid attention to other games maybe more than. Ourselves a mean certainly there are some other games it could impact us but to have the great thing about our position is. We can kind of control getting into the post season which is you know obviously big goal. I think the players approach all weeklong is to focus. This game focus on this game much like it would be a playoff games John thanks for sure Angela thank you. I bothered what's gone to take to make it out day for the Saints I have all the topics beyond the -- is. I defeats him and -- morning line. Well I'd be good and that's frustrating behaved you know you it. You made your bed -- you got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You got to take care of the argument so I didn't original fans both of us out I think that's Saints. I don't think I covered a spread team but I'll look at the light. Forty forward to thirteen. Those things we -- I don't expect this to the Buccaneers on the New Orleans Saints radio network.

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