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WWL>Topics>>12-29 6:45pm Sean Payton

12-29 6:45pm Sean Payton

Dec 29, 2013|

Saints Coach Sean Payton talks to the media after the Saints 42-17 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just finish made a little bit with the players. And but we do a lot of things well today. At a time when we needed to an important game for so obviously. Prouder how they finished in. Get an eleven point target through a level wins in this league. Wait until this thing unfolds got a got an idea and can really go to work this upcoming week and questions. -- start fast so we talked about you know we we we emphasize that we can do about. We can -- was big plays today a lot of them chunk plays. That was encouraging. -- You get that lead kind of forcing them to become one dimensional. Certainly helps. -- like -- said he did pretty good job last week and obviously tough conditions on the road but he's he without having looked at the tape. I thought we were getting a lot of pressure's a lot safety blitzes today -- linebacker pressures. That made the running game. Kind of feast or -- if you will with its big plays and yet there's there's some snaps were. You know we're fortunate to back to a scrimmage but we kind of -- going to receive. Just thought those guys up front really did a good job. Didn't think given drew to. Well it you know we took a manager especially. First maybe through three quarters of that game our third down numbers were good I think you. You know I thought. When we did we needed to do. But guess what we were seeing defensively I thought. Drew was outstanding with his vocational a lot of those throws down the field which allowed the receivers run after the catch. That was in -- -- -- defense we can work to take away in the second half. You know and if we knew we're played pretty good team. Team that really played well the second half the season and you know you can -- rule. Drew -- young talented quarterback in my can pin. -- they were able to stretch a little bit early on them. I thought as the game -- all we did a real good job defensively getting off the field kicking in the same way. That was you know we talk about during the week. We talked about just a -- team of eliminate all those distractions and playing this game like a playoff game and I thought we did a really good job of that handle and the challenges with that's easier said than done. You know our guys I thought they came. Pregame ready to play. I didn't feel at all like we were. Focus everything and other on other than you know Tampa Bay and -- played our best game of football I thought it showed little bit when. We looked up and saw the finish was. No we've we've typically had the TV's on let our half. Prior and we shut them off we we just had a ball earlier so no big deal. Work on. Well I thought. I thought there's probably a handful of things obviously I think. Getting Robyn here in bringing. Bring that changed that enthusiasm. And the rest of the coaches on that side of the ball that we had a few pieces. Know that we that we were able bad. To go through and name them you don't so we had a few guys in and then I think. You go ahead and -- things journalists. Look at it there's an ownership to it. You know where the players. Believe what they're doing the feel good about what they're doing you know and and I think that that's part of teaching and I think. For the most part we've we've played pretty good complementary game throughout the year offensively defensively in the kicking game. And you all that success that confidence kind of becomes contagious and can go the other way but I think the rob and his staff and those guys on defense. You did a great job and then we still have work to do but. That's encouraging and look I just finished element it's hard won eleven games in this league so we do it and it sure you view your goal to start every season is too. Finish best you can't win your division and get into the post season. You know we're looking forward to play in the post season you'll find out you know how it all unfolds and we're Rio where we go. And congratulate Carolina that they had a tremendous season. And you know certainly deserve. Everything never. -- Well you know he'll do that occasionally typically it's a coverage that dictates is that this team plays a lot of bracket man. Where at times within the framework of a play everyone's back. Might be towards the quarterback you play in underneath technique and he's quicken up did her job recognizing that. That was that was important swore. Yeah I think. You know we got to -- the fourth quarter where we'll make some substitutions. To try to. Get smaller players an opportunity unit and can -- guys but fortunately. Brutal stay healthy. Then it's going to be important within the next week. -- You always want to play your best football -- some of the year round. We felt we played well last week we can make plays in the end that we needed to who we felt like he played very good game against good team on the road. But we were we were good enough today get to win. And you know it's just put together two good week of practice. And you're prepared to play what appears to be I think what appears media -- winner from from what I understand so. We'll make sure and you play were done in preparation for that -- like.

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