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12-29 Zack Streif

Dec 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Zach offensively few guys on the protection if you just talk about that today last week. That progression you guys made from last week to this week keeping Drew Brees upright. I think. I think early we had better balance. I think we ran the ball efficiently early and it gives you. Makes it easier on. -- Payton to to play call for. Easier things to protect you know I think that the balance has always been important for us. Possibly we played with -- as good of a tempo as we have all year in and it really stresses the defense and in the when your. You're Ginn and now the huddle up on the ball movement like we were able to early it's much harder for that team to pin their ears back is is more difficult -- so. I think it's a combination of the two things. And it just doesn't -- -- -- we can usage you know you're proud of the way you guys responded but disappointed with the outcome. And in this week how disappointing it was last week and coming out here putting performance together tonight at that speaks for the character team. Yeah I mean. Look there's there's plenty of reasons that a team could be let down before this game started. You can feel like if we don't play at home -- you know you you wanna get the two seed and you don't. There's a reason to have a let down Tim played a team that's record it. I hasn't been great this year and end and yet I think this team came out the right way I really think that there was a good energy level. I thought that obviously we moved the ball well early and kind of got on there on. But yeah it I think you see growth in teams as the years -- as the year goes on -- And I think the combination last two weeks even that one and one of those two games I think we've seen some growth in here and something we can take with a some plants. How difficult was it though knowing that. Carolina Atlanta or playing -- to not scoreboard watch and even when you guys found out I mean looking you know I'm sure you guys found out at some point. Right before the game and they still have the energy to go out there. As they get it done. I mean we're fortunate in that it didn't matter in terms of our future in on me like yes the seating. Has its place in and there's some importance with the seeding and yet. Getting in is the goal I mean look it's not easy to win eleven games in the NFL just not it's so it's a very balanced league. Your final Lotta good teams and and there's a lot of teams that that didn't make it to eleven didn't get in there and the important thing has always been getting and and so that was still in front of us. Whether Carolina won or lost in -- The real goal is to get into the playoffs and then we'll see what happens now we're in home which you know you don't see what happens if you're not in that was. Better for us to put that on us -- be the reason that we're in rather than sit -- have to really scoreboard watch to see if you know we're not gonna make it. Before your run here Philly Dallas yardage played Dallas have played Philly. Is it easier on our against the have a preference in terms and if you played team we have completed team. I think it's an honest to be completely honest I think it's irrelevant at this point I don't think like every team that's in right now is good. Teams that are going to be -- -- wherever we go it's going to be a playoff game on the road. It's tough you know it's a tough tough way to play football game. No matter who the opponent is and then at the end of the day what's going to be most important that this team get itself ready to go. Get itself up and and and gives the best performance that we can give because without that no matter who you play and it doesn't matter. Zach thanks appreciate it gradually -- poses and Ian Baker --

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