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12-29 Hokie Gajan

Dec 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I deaconess thank both came in reported -- about two -- institute of sports medicine for the athlete in all of us that that Foster got hit while he was out -- can only hit. By one of the Buccaneers offered to Lyman. Generally their remaining gaps and you walked over to the treatment area. Of the -- bitch. Can stay there for a little while but looked like -- well he walked underneath his own power naturally the only injury we've got so. This baseball game in report was brought to you about two -- instituted sports medicine for the athletes in all of us the sad thing is that when you look at some of the teams that are division winners at the other night and get that first round bye but. He'll unit -- their stand -- you know the Cardinals had a better record at some of these teams that are gonna get into the playoffs so. You know it's. You always deal adapting you know -- I'm I'm kind of in a little bit of a dilemma right now. As -- you know I've heard earlier don't remember if it was you and Bobby top dinner for it was Todd and Steve earlier. Not to tooting -- 80 for Atlanta and Dallas been pulling for Atlanta the last two weeks and allow both options does that mean actually pull far. Dallas tonight -- should apple for the Eagles to go ahead put that -- Joan -- So be a shorter trip for anybody you know that is a Saints fan that don't wanna make that trip and you know it if we all know the reputation at the Philly fans have them fairly there's going to be a lot of -- -- That would go up there but -- man I mean it there if right now I think nearby its -- this nature are in the playoffs I think it was something that we felt. You know as a I didn't know that it was LB it's hard to get there as you say went eleven wins it I cannot. It sours it a little bit open -- get a home game here for these fantasy but nonetheless you're in the playoffs and a solid matters yeah I mean I don't think it right now that either Dallas or Philadelphia just tremendously scares anybody he would. We've already played dodge you know be to fire out of them here. In the superdome league you've got to go to their place I just wouldn't want it to be one of those scenario to -- you know. In the 2010. Season there when he eleven whichever one it was it you we beat up -- Seattle pretty good here and had to go to their place in. You know I kind of got motion. You know the run that Seattle's had over the last three or four years but. -- nonetheless. To me that thing it baffles me more meting out the way it is things out pinch struggled on the road. You know that they they've been accustomed to being able to enemy -- we've known that our defense is not very good in the past but. Our profits could always keep us in ball games is kind of like our defense is keeping an -- now so. Again if you go back to all the -- ravages of football want to you know you -- be playing your best ball. You know at the end of the season. When you come playoff time we defense has got to be up this stuff and you need a good running game. Well Saints running game is not all that good but. Again against. You know a couple of -- is you take a Dallas team I mean again I mean they did everything they need to do to it. To win -- -- -- and I don't think you know who knows the status of Tony Romo or anything like that but. Nonetheless our Saints the Saints offense has been and that's kind of been the bugaboo on the road a lot more so than the Saints defense.

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