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12-29 7:30pm Point After Show

Dec 29, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening finals goal at New Orleans 42 Tampa Bay's seventeen at some point after on the saints' radio network we're in the heart of the world famous front auto all the food at the game welcome and all the folks. -- the Super Bowl this week as well Oklahoma sort of thing and then Alabama fans as well. But the great city of new all of the point out that brought you bite to eat those handmade Brock back and of course but was. Have a great time but he's bought into the designated that I happen now holds is the -- -- -- -- seafood. In the world famous front court -- walking -- 42 attempt -- seventeenth we move on to the playoffs up next either Dallas. For the -- and yet -- it's amazing how we crushed everybody at home pretty much. You look we averaging three you know 33 points a game at home vs ninety that's really two touchdown different. At home than on the road and now what you look at these numbers and it's amazing. And -- look at this throughout the season. And that when the -- -- you'll turn overs on the Sean Payton went out 45 and -- We've never lost the game went they have funeral -- 45 and oh -- to look at scoring defense. We look how important it was to Gregg Williams. -- 2011 season not that happen. In the playoff would only given up nineteen points to gain -- that's where the thing that achieved outstanding. Things this season this for a score and that's only given up ninety points a game which is fifth best. And when to say two all opponent under twenty points and only game of seventeen they're now 48 and four. On the Sean Payton at -- -- you look golf that you look as far as getting off to a great start that's what they would try to do if you look at it. We're so used to especially at home. The Saints get off to a great start witnessed the first drive or the fours water and then I'll not think the other team gives up. But it's like a blitzkrieg affect what they don't know what an Adam and the -- are able to capitalize on that. Where did you look at this year. The last time we had scored -- -- first drive with a 48 yard field goal like Garrett Harley -- the Chicago Bears. We were able to drive down the field the very first drive that it could -- as well because we didn't -- Sean -- That's all of a sudden it was like bam bam bam we go in nine plays eighty yards. Reached the last support it 44 yard touchdown. I'm telling you these red ball like he was a young man. That was probably its best pass of the season. Could be hit the receivers tried it did you have to you have to wait for the ball or anything I you wrote good fix what's gonna happen. But you know that type with nordic Green -- And along with a touchdown drive -- that you look at that get off to a great start. When those -- lead after the first quarter. They are now 41 in nine and that what that translates to get this thing -- wedding. -- away on the Sean Payton so I was gonna go to Philadelphia and Dallas who will winning. After the first quarter that need to win over 80% of the time. So whether we at Philadelphia at Dallas the wedding after the first quarter I like -- chances to win a lot good that we've been able to do. Now if you look at I would Rob Ryan has done and the defense. They've only given up 290 yards you know at times it didn't look I thought that it was negative there. Wouldn't look at second half defense that shut out cavity that they scored three points in this whole second half. If you look at only given up 290 yards to think that I haven't. That that fourth as the best in the league. If you look at what we've done enough if that ever happened in the NFL. Last season we gave up four of forty yards that game. Now we've given up well over a hundred less about what are the 33 plus yards less. I gain which ultimately I believe what we thought that you could distribute them they'll look back. I mean got to be doctor I'm a system that figure out that this thing to do to be as good defensively. Scoring defense and overall I'm not given up yardage and actually a great achievement. Now you look at the turnover ratio I think that was critical now we need to do this on the road. It's not a home because if you look what we've done on the road. We protected. -- we we have protected the football question that he if you look on the -- turnover ratio I didn't think. Where if you look at home. We're plus thing. So we need to be blood on the roll like give free throws a pick. Do we need to get you back. That's one thing. We have a this year like without this time we get 39 takeaways. With this year we -- we created one turnover. But hopefully he'll come -- bullets that that Darren Sharper at and hopefully that get a car. You don't come playoff time but you look at what Rob Ryan has done truly amazing that he -- decide. And and I know what you've gone on the road. That. You know he -- always travels well he if you kick. Plays out the good thing we did against Carolina. We can have a fighting chance I don't know we can win because they're gonna have to win on the -- You know succeed even if you get a normal. Dolan that the -- to the global -- on the road it is as Fillmore gates of the superdome. Until next -- that we can't feel sorry. I'll tell what does that have to go on the road. And take care of business now. I'm still concerned when it. Why are not as optimistic. As -- being is because one thing. In 2009. And 2011. We had the sixth best rushing attack we're like 25 in the league. Still I don't know Gary Roberts and Mark Ingram but if somebody. Who we can have I'm telling you. You know happy about 272829. Rushing intent. How about a 120 yards. I think that's the winning formula I don't know we could do that I get the copilot thought -- we -- that a couple of it's not a big. And I. The Cowboys a little bit tonight. They're playing at home. Well to -- it probable think the Eagles are hot team are allowed the Cowboys. Dobbs that the Eagles but I don't we Cuba -- -- ones that restore. Yeah. Our hockey team but we gonna Dallas. Are we gonna Philadelphia. At the end -- know it's one game out of not invincible. You. Look at Arizona went on the road and give them anything inevitably gain is not a few -- The Saints took care of business. A dominating performance 4270. And what more can say yeah -- Drew Brees. And you look what he's accomplished this year. Jimmy Graham -- goes on and on even Colston. And you can look at Drew Brees. He just needed 219. Yards. The complete the fourth 5000 yard season of his career but have done yet you continue our. And half -- -- out -- would probably have been easy and he wouldn't talk about elite quarterback it would have been evaluating this would also added Dunn. Did that conversation. With Peyton Manning. Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady I'll tell what you have done it or appreciate true. Now what -- play like Superman. On the road like he doesn't home and I think you might think that kind of effort. The facility in the playoffs but the bottom. Anytime you get to double picture went. Eleven to win it -- -- is really a great thing that if you look at the at -- to have those days. We were culprits on -- to get a run on seven with that and win. So we got off to a great start. -- you -- related meg definitely -- the Jets and their out of it and had a opportunity against Carolina. We think oh Dominique we didn't this year. And the ball big bombs away. It's one more first down against New England one more first down against Carolina all the stuff that's in thirteen and threw it just shows you how good. -- are right now and I'm telling you this might be as critical -- to break. This might be doubles -- Of times. When you look at the playoff picture. Nobody wants to play the wild card teams are you kidding me like you think you -- division. But that's the thing that the 49ers. That you put anybody that you look at that if the the San Diego Chargers -- court team and they go about a couple weeks ago when that didn't Thursday night and what the broad goals. I'll tell it doesn't guarantee anything if you -- -- me I think it's wide open and it's a big thing that parity and how good a welcome Ortiz and it. This year the. All right -- love 43 campaign seventeen we will continue to point out there. On the annual insane three unit. Yeah. And welcome back New Orleans 42 to seventeen over the Tampa Bay it's a point after being here he is included a world famous for its opponents have about the witness' prior all bought all -- Seafood knee in the world famous French Quarter it's all Tebucky back -- -- and -- -- and but -- recipient the Saints have a great time. But the responsible he's morning to eight music and drive -- 60170. 86688908. Sent me and the Louisiana Reynolds and -- 250 dollars. Do the LSU school -- industry thought every turnover that these Saints. -- before today Robinson 250 dollars goes to the LSU who. You yet figured out we ended up last wanna tell you that could be critical. You know you can't afford to shoot yourself in the foot in any team but especially on the road. To be on the plus side if we were plus one. Today and I think that was critical. And you know what's going to be critical also we need. Roman Harper and about pitching to step up -- looking at Roman Harper you led the team in tackles winning eight total tackles. And my opinion. We could have been skinny but Carroll a lot yeah not a little bit a lot because he knows how to tackle. Pop up that garbage that garbage as the tackle -- Malcolm ticket what was that. Now look at it that run -- matters if you look at what occurred there are a B Bryant a better. The little 24 yard run. He's like -- likely take the himself not to get hurt it's one of those it's one of those plays where and when you have to and he used to had a whole thing -- You try to sneak golf. Go to Banff and -- you knew that embarrassing play unit thinking I came -- you wanna see it. That's what that because when they replay game it was like he did he not. Well they're I mean look he's dating actress battle night there was shielded narron like nobody blocked you have to tackle. Malcolm started things help they. I don't know what it is that we need -- to step up big time and -- and I alma hold them accountable because. We expected to play like a first round draft pick throughout his career and he once they get they eat well when I look at. He got exploited against the Seahawks. And then he got exploited. With those bogus as tackles against the Rams. Along like he did today. We need him to step up and I -- the place of keep hitting the -- you don't have. On this tackled and I think that's going to be important going forward. Because we don't have all handled that. That's -- they could have left the court why. I don't care who we're playing. And it good Jabari -- meant that much to the team look at Peter Lewis the Cubs up. -- his fourth interception. He now leads the team. But you gotta have like I think now they compliment one another depart -- and he -- now we don't have that. And also we don't have all their safety so -- that you got up luckily injuries will reduce the court you like to step up with the well. And then also -- Malcolm and Roman Harper. -- and some of the town is obviously would be you know as much as I'm not -- is the you know what the U. Go for the the over has done well. They keep techniques and -- a lot of confusion is caused by the time the ball to sit down the time they snap the football tickets people in this. They hit about a lap I mean I don't know well -- not they can keep fans as this is -- -- the fans. Many home streak before him in a heartbeat you like bam bam -- well he's not been able to translate his entire. Wistful hopes -- eighty -- thinking from college to pros but when they have score a lot of points in April folks out. They have been able to get those events that they want that's that's a big -- -- of assuming that it is Philadelphia that this thankfully it. Well -- can and you look at time of possession. And I think -- hand in hand because we've been standing on third down defense. But that's going to be critical when you play the team. Like the Eagles that we were outstanding today when you look at third down defense it has been the case this year. If you look. I mean come on the Panthers overnight. Well the Buccaneers -- three of thirteen point 3%. That we can bet against the Eagles. Or almost any playoff team -- like Celtic with a lot. And especially today when the offense is clicking at 54% seven of thirteen. To do -- look at that one that. We try to play -- triple teamed with the Eagles and a fast break offense well if if they don't convert on third down. They can't go fast break they got -- but. And that we possess them well you know and it driving down the field and we've done that this year and if you look at. I'm a possession. -- wanna see the charges will want. We were -- -- Carolina with three going into the Carolina game they were ahead of us. We put that the ball against them and they would surpass him I think listen. You know what you got out fast break offense whether it's on the college level Oregon Ducks. Part of Philadelphia Eagles in which you can only look to do if you don't have the ball UK score. And then in the states that an unbelievable job. Possessing the football at the eighties the pitiful this year and that's what it would take. Not an over -- play -- that obviously. If we play that kind of team soon but all I know is rob line that the defense two areas. Coach -- to tell you this. Is that even though he's an offensive coach you look at -- that -- the fifth. You look at scoring defense Rob Ryan ended the -- has been outstanding. I can tell you right now. We would you. Dominique we have to take -- yeah well scoring defense as well third down the benefit if we had the takeaways. I still think it was a good top five he -- That is dominant which you can -- Almost changed the momentum though would you agree journal with hopefully that -- -- twelfth time. New Orleans will be the six seed in the post season they will play at either Dallas or Philadelphia next week and right now it's the Eagles. Three in Dallas zero with 615 -- the play of the first morning thanking the winner of that contest. We'll win the NFC east and host the New Orleans Saints Marlins -- team Tampa Bay's seventeen to the point after it. On the New Orleans Saints radio network. Drew Brees passed for four touchdowns and ran for another score in the Saints clinched a wild card spot in the playoffs with the 42 to seventeen victory -- For Tampa Bay two receivers bunched in tight to either end of the line of scrimmage nearby -- throwing. On the -- others out what ways he's gonna waited thirty what do you -- -- -- and the extra activities there. Darrelle Revis -- for the second time in his first then that's a 76. Yard touchdown strike. Three of reason scoring strikes were longer than forty yards as -- -- 5000 yards in the season for an unprecedented fourth time. He finished the season with 5162. Yards classic. Elsewhere around the league Cam Newton threw two touchdown passes Greg Hardy had a team record for sacks and the Panthers beat the Falcons 21 to to want me. Matt Ryan lofts a pass down the near sideline it's incomplete and I don't -- I don't -- no time left on the clock and what has done it again. Well -- for coming from a tendon nothing down in Atlanta. And taking the NFC south division championship if belongs to Carolina -- go back up by 85 with the the first round by. The Panthers set a team record by sacking Matt Ryan nine times Falcons tight end Tony Gonzales had four catches for 56 yards and was honored at halftime. In his final regular season game. Phil Dawson kicked a forty yard field goal as the game and get to lifts him Francisco to a 2320 victory over the Cardinals giving a 49 is the NFC's number five playoff seed. Aaron Rodgers fired a forty yard touchdown pass to Randall Cobb in the final minute. And the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears 33 to 28 to capture the NFC north championship. Back after missing seven games of -- broken left collarbone Rodgers found a wide open -- on fourth and eight to wipe out a one point deficit with 38 seconds left. Green Bay -- host San Francisco next weekend. Nick Novak kicked a 36 yard field goal five minutes and thirty seconds left in overtime. San Diego who trailed by ten points in the fourth quarter. Beat the Chiefs 47 to 24 to claim AFC's final playoff spot the Chargers and 83 year postseason drought. Like Garrett -- ran for a career high 189. Yards and two touchdowns and had two long kick off returns. At the Patriots clinched a first round AFC bye with a 34 to twenty win over the Buffalo Bills. Peyton Manning set the NFL single season yards record and threw for four touchdowns. The cleans the top seed in AFC playoffs for the Denver Broncos with a 34 to fourteen victory over the Oakland Raiders. Manning finished the regular season and will 5477. Yards and 55 touchdown passes. The Miami Dolphins were eliminated from the scramble for the AFC's final wild card berth by the Jets who thrived in the role of spoiler is against arch rivals who won twenty to seven. Geno Smith had three long scoring drives ran for a touchdown and threw for a 19102. Interceptions by a rookie team builder. And won by 35 general Ed Reed prevented a Miami come back. Malcolm Smith returned an interception 37 yards for a score more -- -- added a two yard scoring run. And the Seahawks clinched the NFC west title and home field advantage throughout the playoffs with a 27 to nine win over the Rams. Seattle matched a franchise record for wins in a season with thirteen. Rookie corner real Patterson scored two more touchdowns including the go ahead score in the end zone in the fourth quarter and the Vikings beat the -- fourteen -- thirteen in the final game at the metrodome after 32 seasons. With both the Vikings and Lions out of the playoffs. Both coaches also face the possibility of their last full day with their teams. And eagle threw two touchdown passes and ran for another score leading Cincinnati to a 34 to seventeen victory that eliminated defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. The Bengals head into the playoffs as the AFC north champions. Maybe on bell ran for ninety yards and a touchdown in Pittsburgh beat the Cleveland Browns twenty to seven. The Steelers won their third straight to finish eight Nate and avoided the franchise's first losing season since 2003. Andrew -- threw for 282 yards and one touchdown Robert Mathis reclaim the NFL sacks lead and Adam Vinatieri joined the 2000 point club. And the Colts routed Jacksonville thirty to attend the AFC south champs have now won three straight matching their longest streak of the season. Indy finish with a six and oh mark against division foes and has outscored their last three opponents 78 -- one week. Chris Johnson ran for a 127 yards and a touchdown and what might be his last game at the tight ends. Who beat the Houston Texans sixteen to ten for a win that may help coach Mike Munchak argument to stay on the job and 2014. With their fourteen straight loss the Texans clinch the number one selection in -- NFL draft. For next head coach. An owner Bob McNair whoever mob McNair -- Terrelle Jernigan caught a 24 yard touchdown pass and ran 49 yards for another score to lead the Giants to a twenty to six victory over Washington. And what may be Mike Shanahan its final game as a Redskins coach. Shanahan has not only seen Washington finished the season with an eight game losing streak just a year after winning the NFC east. But its future is uncertain because of a shaky relationship with oft injured franchise quarterback Robert Griffin the third. And a game that means a lot to the it's the new York and New Orleans Saints right now the Eagles lead three nothing over the Dallas Cowboys. The Saints will travel to the winner of this game I'm Steve Geller and that's a look at the NFL scoreboard on the -- Radio network. I Stephen thank you very much since the WWL -- Stevens on whether it's a final score. As New Orleans defeats him being 42 to seventeen this -- to to succeed in the post season. They will play either Philadelphia or Dallas next week in. In the fourth round of the post season -- to think about those faces them the Saints radio network line. But to -- listed as the Big Easy stick around for much more of the point out the final score. New Orleans 42 Tampa -- seventeen about the -- the ability visited New Orleans Saints radio network.

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