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Dec 29, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Pretty easy booted a world famous for its quota on Saints radio WW LA MFN dot -- on this delicious fried. All ball seafood you -- he needs. And the quote alright there original group newspapers group -- to be in lockdown atop the pocket by Tito's and made bucket and but rather fun night. He's bought into the designated driver who all of -- 42 to seventeen. Over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the playoff picture is just about complete you know who. Will be going where we just found out whether thankfully gone number one seed is Seattle's number two was Carolina both those teams are all. The three -- will be either Philadelphia or Dallas right now but like -- they're on top of Dallas in 20. This thankful play at either Philadelphia or Dallas next weekend the five seed plays -- foresee the Green Bay Packers for the fourth seed. With 83348. Come from behind victory over the Chicago fans. As Green Bay will entertain the five seed San Francisco 49ers who won 23 point eight away Arizona improved to twelve it forward. I AFC pitches different level one having -- number two number three Cincinnati they will host succeed San Diego. And the -- news Indianapolis they played host to Kansas city New Orleans Hornets in the seventeenth -- you can't have three teams out of 32 in the NFL. A perfect at home this season to from the AFC that being new England and Cincinnati people want today and one in the NFC the New -- -- Well they gave you look at the NFC south -- when you break it down. Sean Payton definitely it is Kate Peters had the falcons' number. You look Carolina's give me kind of a 5050 deal. -- if you look at the -- Think that dominated them pretty. They've dominated the Buccaneers who would you look right now. Think that now won seven at the last -- -- vs the Buccaneers. Including five federal we'd be navigate. Five in a rope to show you how hard it is on the road -- that home okay. Whom it earlier this year. You might drop what went sixteen. To fourteen. And how it went right down to the wire to present of Eagles clutch -- you remember. Darren Sproles and Marcus Colston. We got it obviously a long extra point again early -- time expired. And that's not who won the game sixteen to fourteen when you look at the superdome. You're -- -- kicking -- the last two times. Last year we beat the Tampa Buccaneers 41 to zero. Scored 41 point it looked as what today we scored 42 who knew what fortitude zero reported 217. But if you look at NFC south rival that's pretty dominant winning 41 year old 4270. Though the dome has been unbelievable that atmosphere -- special we've been an hour and to think about it how dumb that we didn't. In the superdome and we can't even run the ball. We can we -- when he can -- best rushing attack and we still averaging 33 point -- -- you've been unbelievable. You look at the big passing touchdown that he -- alliance or. Kenny stills I don't know what that that it may have been good secondary didn't recover. Think getting filters running up as the -- you gotta be kidding me that in Robert need to look at it all wet going when that ball gave -- all -- -- -- What we need now is that maybe -- have a couple Eagles wont bat late. On the road especially looks like it -- me at Philadelphia. Without the ball volatile week could not pick out and -- who called the play and shame on our team level often it. If we have a Carolina -- out of it definitively. You have to win. That's why I don't blame you can go to give up that last drive -- put it all -- often. I'll put it on July they can breathe. Much is given. But is required. What happened I Carolina. Out these kids did their job that first dial. You look at New England picked it operated on the chance that you stop it can't you can't get one or two at. It'll be the same thing about the -- called the play you'll be interested to see how they match up against Chip Kelly often I think rob Bryant. -- -- Betty Ford who we have outstanding visible form it often that it -- they've beneficial or we golden. -- -- -- Well speaking of those little Philadelphia Eagles take a look at the announcement this preview of the quick to say but they don't refresher course on the Eagles the Eagles if they win tonight would be in sixth of this ballclub that would have. Tied for the best road record in the National Football League if they win tonight you know when he hit zero they'll be six -- two. If -- forward home historical and political financial field put think that did it. Like night games for a little -- they -- -- remains indefinitely because that was like believable but they've won them -- for him to finish up five iron at home -- in full force the quarterback that. Now early on who would be thought a quarterback that would be. Michael Vick would be in the fold by way of injury and of course been taken on the job that both Bobby -- tonight's game point fact that now as it is. Two interceptions that and I believe they have been number one rushing attack that match spoke only and the number one Russia. Analyst's job opponent also known as shady averaging five -- want you ought to Kennedys all along with that night stats and they have the eight best receivers and we'll probably. In DeSean Jackson they have points on defense they are twelve person there or rush. And Brandon Boykin is a tie -- fourth in advance we'll probably. With four interceptions. It -- you look. At the -- commanders and that's me and now we speculate that Eagles will be the goblins I think it will mine but. One thing he could not do because you're gonna get burned. I think if you thought about Lidstrom remove. You're gonna get -- with a single coverage and and then you gonna have. -- look. I can't just -- and bill could you face the regular calling -- trying to clean it up here because. If you get -- regional format -- did you got a great chance. To stop this thing -- him through it that's what in the that this thing because the Eagles. They like to blitz they've won a -- but I think the way we structured and how Smart whereas if you know -- single coverage. That he'll make the right -- you can exploit that that equals that eagles' secondary. Now at the end of the seat. You know coach Payton and the strategy how we would try. And exploit that Eagles keep it on though as. The existence that. Wouldn't that -- not -- hard it is to play the position. The touchdown to interception ratio went can -- -- 45 intercepted a -- out -- down -- two interceptions. That's why did follow it one game he's doing through five and then Dick Pole at the double long QB rating in the NFL so we have big challenge. Well he'd fit the big polls. I don't think he's getting enough respect. Could theoretically leave a state of Florida will Woody's pitching that the Eagles as the eagles' starting quarterbacks. The Saints will be the sixty they -- play event at Philadelphia or Dallas right now Philadelphia -- Dallas ten to zero in the first half. I was -- lost forty to Tampa -- seventeen we'll come back at the more -- -- -- the point at fifteen he's seafood in the first quarter here on Saints radio that you've -- you're. -- New Orleans victorious fortitude -- seventeen over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers three TDs seafood the world famous -- wanna come on out Jonas. But the point after it's also brought it back to eat those and made bucket and then but why he's bought have a -- -- the teams eight. There's a -- playoff table is just about us at the Philadelphia Eagles can -- the final ticket and when he NFC east. -- up on top of Dallas went out in 20. They were in -- the New Orleans Saints it to the you have to be victorious in the once -- Seattle they have a first round bye. As the number two seed Carolina the fourth seeded Green Bay they were 33 point eight come from behind wanted to. Oh with Chicago when he -- and off. And they went -- by the parent who -- San Francisco forty out in the AFC number one of them but. Number two was 93 seeded Cincinnati. -- succeed in San Diego. Those two teams played -- while while we can't at Cincinnati where Cincinnati is perfect at home this season as well. The Indianapolis Colts we'll entertain the Kansas City Chiefs. This week in also a 45 matchup and the other team that had the perfect record at home. At that five in the doing Patriots look at the numbers I've been wanting them to put things. We'll talk about moving forward. Nine penalties but yet it's four yards in -- thought that -- to sit as we give the team guys are hiring arts. That's not -- kind of an out but then yet know what it didn't matter today because the school or a unified game. But that definitely -- -- position. The yardage that you went you don't lose. I mean it actually is something that I don't quote me -- address with the team that the playoff time. You know you can live with 45 penalties. But you you can't be ninth in or anywhere near a hundred yards aren't there to come back to bite you the one thing that definitely bit. -- -- that he is. Really I think that fans might have been -- -- that he had. It's like got windier and didn't know what's gonna happen but think that -- looked dominant -- overall. That you look at the first half performance but Drew Brees -- it was totally -- anything. Seventeen of 21321. Yards not a good team 321 yards and a half. -- -- a quarterback -- like fifty point three when you look at and all of us for four touchdown in the fourth. No definitely didn't know what hit them that was the blitzkrieg. We took a number of things public it is brutal if like if they have a fighting chance. Like Carolina was thinking here you -- it just got we'll look at that number of games and have a look at a bundle. Where how dominant we -- the Cardinals. Who -- fighting for their playoff life. They're the number of games that we won not only by two touchdowns. But that point differential. Touchdown. Which is a big thing that dominant that the NFL. The phone to know Bobby and then let's go up to box. You know for -- Brandt thank you because -- the Saints radio -- human. -- -- It's my car and all of the great. You know facilities. At the -- even there and then backing the Seattle game and of course they had a number -- -- a couple of weeks ago and have to go well on the road. Compliment if they play against. Dallas but otherwise -- enrolled in the I don't think this. They can last very long but you know -- the optimistic -- made the playoffs and hopefully we can. You know advance and there's been several teams that. I want prekindergarten Super Bowl and I just feel comments. Okay -- -- thank you very much Seattle and that's been looked at that Dallas just its foe so it's us to look at and it if you think the point. And make it in the seventh but when you look are you can do is go by history now. If history will be made on the 2013 Saints into fourteen what they do in the postseason now Bobby is a part of some but this. Post season multi. Bobby though we didn't lose our previous -- me out games on the road the most recent one was -- public policy. And it does San Francisco and the last team to have the black -- owner wrote Bobby. They hit off him he's similarities takes -- back at Seattle scores are no truth at San Francisco lineup I would like to think with the type of people to him this year. We would take our chances with those. Now yeah on the road the let's. The way out even physically. I don't know what's gonna happen on the road but. Shane bond that the minute we play that Seattle and at San Francisco. As we had a at no point -- point you scored thirty still politicians should lose -- if we get. Third and stuff like that Philadelphia all right Dallas or wherever. Seattle sent frank going forward -- you should never lose. So how likely Rob Ryan is still with the scoring defense and that's why that I say. But the way we did structure. That I think. Went and -- -- political will to -- -- Caldwell time. Who we all our opponents. To 23 point the last. I think office should get -- we should win the game. And that and and how they got what it's gonna take. And the defense has been outstanding. Event like it's 7013. Bloody seventeenth type game. That I think that the short there that the Pitt has their their job now it's -- an office. You know to get it done -- like you said. Disappointing losses that Saints fan at that age we remember at the plate obviously. With that Seattle and San Fran. Where. -- look we scored wait it out point. But to win those games that I reflect back. You -- look at it that Seattle game obviously the second quarter. We edited blame him on -- going on opponents who had been done and we'll go to these bold -- -- suddenly it's. What happened that that all the people that San Fran. Who showed Alex Wilson who were we were down on seventeen points in the second quarter and by him and it took the depth fly overs. And we notion that a one. There's not a what are go to its all that but I'll -- -- under five minutes we took the league that wants. But twice. And were not able to win and we have both gone out of the offensively. I can tell you this. We have the count that outing. That we had on the road at San Fran -- a look at that -- without good that friend was. That we can go to New York with the voters global because it's only one game. You know I don't care of people and at Seattle and it's never physical. Mo whatever whatever would -- that kind of production. Now the reason why they've gotten out of the optimistic. Because who would replace that friend that you look -- we could run the ball you know Pierre Thomas got knocked out -- was the beginning. We need Derrick Thomas and Derrick Rose could be available for the whole game. How -- could distribute the ball well. Even -- they're short handed the -- to -- the day the holidays the -- the it is now the next man up. The double like that you were right there and hit it McConnell. To move I'll bet you that they're not being available. But it proper -- -- -- the right of the pin is and whether it. Roman Harper about good Jenkins. Raphael bush stepped it up -- why. You know you gonna get a hit they'll step up. And you know according white. We ended the evening. Negative like all the love he -- it was just done it in or something. You don't look what happened and now -- game is of course that didn't bounce back. That obviously. You know it's a good role both of form. We need him to have them be QB can't be -- double with a big play and help while you can overcome. Then I'll be going out -- haven't given him a lot of opportunities. If they lose -- sensible play at the winner of the NFC east Tyler right now with 741. At the plate in the first half it is Philadelphia on top -- Dallas. Ten to seven and the Eagles at the football what's the point after you've been easy for the difference quoted Rollins. Victorious over Tampa -- 4217. We will continue with the point after. On Saints radio that you hit you it. New Orleans 42 to seventeen. Winners over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Saints at what the ticket to the post season they will be to succeed they will play either Philadelphia. Our Dallas and with 405 up to play in the first hand it to tiger won in Dallas the Cowboys trail the Philadelphia Eagles again. 27260187866889. Theory to be -- seafood different post up out of the list of trying to hold seafood. And welcome and all the folks from Alabama and Oklahoma for the 2014. And -- -- typical. Thursday night in the Mercedes-Benz. Superdome obviously get that. Huge day coming up big college football post Arco which we thought it. 6 AM Wednesday on New Year's date it LSU put on Thursday Bobby in the 2014. On almost all American game in Tropicana Field down in saint Pete Florida. It could be a huge Dave -- you were five with the nation's best players. Have to beat Louisiana. Expected to run outs where they will go to school -- -- including. That if fortnight. Dovonte speedy home Darryl Willis and also the nation's number one receiver -- -- services. Valet guy. -- pretty silly. Lot he had me that bug that you think like we've been numb anticipating. And speculating -- talking about the 2014. Last about two years now as it was not my point that in yet you know you when you talk about. You know love the different stars in the in the ratings wet day it's rivals of ours our scout or whoever yes the end. You know when you talk about Louisiana players it's always the way to the 2014. Glass and on about the quality of players that. You can have other teams obviously trying to come and Ellison backyard. You know coming from all areas whether it's Ole miss it. How they've got them done Alabama eat them. Either try to take them away from Ellis you've got to. You actually. This year considering it's a special season. You wanna secured noble borders and -- have to put a -- around Louisiana. And keep all the players within the state. You know Florida LSU because this class. My understanding is truly. A special class a lot of who created -- that he went all said and done. About a week yet you've got to battle between at bowl games and on multiple inning Saturday. His views on it on making five at the Saints I think victory today when got a ticket to the post season at the end it's now pain era other playoff game. The hit and look at that what occurred now in the first half. The game as well in hand. What you look what happened. And what we did able to do questions that he in that third quarter. If you look at it now approximately thirteen please. 44 yards and Lindell kicked a 54 yard field goal. To make it twenty to seventeen. Would that the Saints knew this -- impressive. Talking about -- in the typical of the momentum in your favor stapled taped delayed. 92 yards. With the Pierre Thomas eight yard touchdown. 35 to seventeen to -- to bring that up. Good about having the right play on the right time. Is third at seven. Tampa Bay on that run they thought they were gonna bet there are alive and -- that all of the ball. -- do you see the hole. Let Pierre Thomas they definitely trick this defense has Pierre Thomas -- still got Krejci that is that I think I'm right. Leading up to this game -- blood. Rushing touchdown we had was from -- A seven yard touchdown. All of a sudden. Derrick Thomas. Has an eight yard touchdown and that was the longest run and I think if you look as the game unfolded. And race brought Pierre Thomas. Now we have the nine yard touchdown run it was amazing when you look it went from like. Seven -- eighth -- nine yards it was Drew Brees Darren Thomas. Back to Drew Brees now if you are not so fast now I have still. In the regular season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That you would have said. With the season regular season's over and resort had the longest rushing touchdown. It and that's what occurred he actually had two of the top three. With the had a seven and nine yarder and -- and -- that he yard touchdown run but I thought that was a great call with 237. Now you can't throw the fans are sick with Alison McCray and that's a terrible call. With the Tampa Bay defense was great you know because they're of the hole and -- colleges that have been basically -- and that includes. Speaking -- wanna thank you -- Bobby drew spoke to the media following the Saints 42 to seventeen playoff clinching victory. Over Tampa thing. How has always open Jimmy don't take off run. Yeah well do we look -- really closely to play. Student has bracing for the collision -- I guess those who -- and Astros fans are getting with. An offshoot here's the people can score too quickly and sleet you know and then at that point you're still thinking just full -- has -- score and so I guess that yeah I guess that made it four to seventeen down. You know we didn't do as momentum you know we got to turn over and now we're thinking and let's remember touchdown widened his lead and then. There -- you start thinking about. How you've just came over -- Don't get I don't get many opportunities scored. You can there how tired I am once I do. I got engaged you know they don't factor but Jimmy Graham as an army not doing -- -- and do it to -- them. Now we had -- all in the locker room we have an American there. Stadium one until the fourth quarter when we knew we had this one. Found secure that inning -- started asking. And obviously sent up resulting. So here we are and we'll we'll see where visualize. Yeah are great toughness Miller to move the ball very sexually today has a big place. That. Just haven't had a big game with this many big plays along -- which is nice what when those occur. But on here just -- in all regards are good run with the ball good on third down in the red zone. They're just waiting for -- your football making those big plays we had to stand obviously. Going in the playoffs and I know your. Yeah I talked film currently fourth quarter and decent man you know it's just nine -- coming just. Their cars are kind of maturation process and just the experience level -- just one game under his belt. I'm kind of know what to expect. You know the feelings and emotions going into game and I obviously you know as the game unfolds and how you play in technique and all those things. Got a great group around -- So that helps -- yeah he. He did great today. No it wasn't about we knew we control our destiny today universe we Wear orange and but let all the other scenarios they don't play out I'll see what happens in the game tonight sounds like that we're going to swear that game. And we'll be ready for -- than us. Absolutely for -- and it's. Just hard to win. Eleven games this leader more go to the playoffs and it's just difficult and it it takes a complete team effort there's so many people involved obviously shown huge part of that. Four or five years. You're winning an average of twelve games every one of those years you know that's. It's a big deal. Absolutely. We're good enough to do whatever we set out to do. And I think today was a great step in the right direction and -- confidence and get ready for this playoff run. Well here we -- talking about this in the locker room -- guys in. Think there's three main things we need to do -- a change of the Gatorade flavor. -- and and feel good about our change. For travel sweats. There were a chain never -- change of the -- -- breastfeed and I before. Just turn your little extra kick. We feel like those three things your burnout -- serve. There was it was also. Really all the boys -- and were jerseys. Yeah gasoline got. The other LSU Jersey and Rangers in Marcus Colston Jersey. So that was that was pretty much the extent of their. And yes most of for Christmas. Do you have -- whereupon aunts uncles cousins everybody else who advised this form and he gets a lot of control what we -- -- jerseys it's always wanted to where they just went around around -- house tackle each other and play football and B Marcus Colston Darren Sproles -- yeah. You know like there. Honestly it doesn't matter. We don't think about a one or the other. We've played Dallas and you know. Point 67 weeks ago here. So somewhat familiar with -- nothing they were Philly. Play him last year but obviously very different teams new coach. We'll see how it plays out -- we're ready trolling -- -- -- Well. I guess that I had a hundred more yards during captain and you got to -- eventually broke him anyway hey. Sosa had a -- if you can and that team has had a storybook year. Come in regards to you know the numbers have been able to put up in the way that they played. Lot of credit to him and his preparation. His level playing minutes it's impressive -- all records are made to be broken. Thought you might have known for a little bit longer than just two years. But records and -- broke. Yeah absolutely. Absolutely and I'm just remind yourself what you're capable of and I feel like Bruce complete an offense as. Anyone out there and as as we've ever been in regards to our ability to run the football -- ability to control. The game with the passing game as well as you know make big place. You combine all those things and that makes you feel very confident about your ability to go. Can win in whatever way you need to win. Tom -- I mean. I would say is certainly we are capable of playing very good defense we're capable of playing very good offense and being very complete team. There's just a matter of putting that together now and make it around. I'd say everyone in the playoff picture deserves to be their friend is explosive and one way -- another. Certainly I feel like. -- -- Well. -- and you you definitely don't know when -- area -- -- shot so you never take it for that didn't take advantage of every opportunity you're given. And I know we have. -- great team and a great group of guys and it's all right there in front of us and vision on the scares us there's no place that we know we can go your way. So then that gives us a lot of lot of confidence. Well I. He's an expectation in our expectation was to come here play well and win and we did that. And now it's kind of -- very quickly on to the next challenge because. You know who knows when -- play we before Saturday you know so we'll play Saturday in today's almost like a Monday. You know you're ready for Sunday game time it's a quick turnaround this is if we just put him -- -- -- -- And so I think just you merely for on to the next. Opponent and you know we're we you know what's our plan was good to work. And that's thanks -- -- -- Drew Brees addressed the media found a 4217 victory over the Tampa that once the Saints ticket at the six -- opposing him. Then hopefully it either Dallas or Philadelphia right now with thirty forcing that the -- the first for the you know in the Dallas. Seventeen to seven with -- Campbell is all on the move. They get up look at it through briefly about what he's able to do this game. -- had said earlier it was unbelievable what he did the first half. Having 310 yards passing. You know we just needed to -- in nineteen. You know all of a sudden that the complete the 45000. Yard season of his career. And the hit that kind of speaks for itself. Well not yet ready to say anything now you look. Peyton Manning and talked about this the -- 66 yards. The break -- 2011 NFL single season record. For the most passing yards it just shows you the territory in the company that Drew Brees has he been with Payton and good to look at Peyton. He became the first quarterback in NFL history this is last week the pats a 5000 dollar. And now fifty touchdown. In -- season you could see that way everything structured with Drew Brees in that conversation. Among the elite of building. When comfortable calling -- -- Drew Brees has been able to do as of late. And now Pete Manning Woody's done coming back from an Internet Dolan you we will. What we've done -- broncos' uniforms. New Orleans 42. And Tampa Bay seventeen welcome back in a wrap up its opponent -- any see through the French horn don't think radio. If he did you it. Drew Brees threw four touchdown passes and ran for another score and the Saints clinched a wild card spot with a 42 to seventeen victory over Tampa day. Two receivers bunched in tight to either end of the. Line of scrimmage and you're wide range doing down and let others -- what ways he's gonna waited thirty what are you got money and pop -- at least there. Darrelle Revis -- for the second time in his first then that's a 76. Yard touchdown strike. Three of breeze is scoring strikes for a longer than forty yards as the eclipse 5000 yards and a season for an unprecedented fourth time. He finished the season with 5162. Yards passing. Cam Newton threw two touchdown passes Greg Hardy had a team record for sacks and the Panthers beat the Falcons 21 to want me. Matt Ryan lofts a pass down to their sideline is incomplete and I don't know I don't do it no time left on the clock and what has done it again well -- for coming from a tendon nothing down in Atlanta. And taking the NFC south division championship if belongs to Carolina -- go back up by 85 with the the first round by. The Panthers set a team record by sacking Matt Ryan and nine times. And a game that means more to the Saints fans right now is the Eagles and Cowboys that are now at halftime Philadelphia leads seventeen to ten. Eagles quarterback nick full 700 in 97 yards passing with two touchdowns. Meanwhile Cowboys tight end Jason Witten sever receptions for 65 yards that's a look at the NFL scoreboard eyeing Steve Geller for W. Email him at them and WWL dot com. All right thank you very much those. XT. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They get. Them. Our -- yet at least. Well already I don't know where to begin weekend there are three. All the same quarterback two league right now and our guys wanna. Yeah I really we have a -- When you have a hall of Famer that's what we got to take advantage. That is opportunity. The way to the display and hopefully hopefully on the roll like easily handle what we've been. On the Cleveland maybe you know allotted and run the football well. Can't thank you can't happen on Saints radio you don't -- That I happy new year you. I don't like him I would it would not what is the he's -- -- people like that -- what we're going in and out we backed up with them. Well. -- August and on and does my Brandon bought into a couple of years out of the university thought this out before. In the NFL with five interceptions but there's -- defense and above -- -- -- up against the rush. -- about a 180 yards or content yet if you look they got an explosive running back at shady McCoy. Laughs it was 2000. Yard to look. Rushing and receiving the -- out wanna see it when -- fifteen. 6800 yard rusher in and I wanted to know you that's the -- -- -- you got to knock on their shoulder to shoulder tackle -- he's gonna make you would have. This is the kind of gain that I like our chances or make -- -- Carroll. Locking up regarding. You would tackle him every time I know he can embarrass a lot of defenders. -- -- rob Ryder sure is gonna challenge that the movement. That you going to get the best of the best this season not I don't know if they're a force production at there better running back. That LeSean McCoy what he's done for the Eagles. Now the Eagles lost now Bob a total defense they look for the bottom the league in I think thirtieth. And and reason why because -- so fans at games to hang out we -- -- yeah thirtieth in and asked about it in the pants I'm educating. Me. Not good out of backing him but in Providence -- on on point in 1980 even while. They get heat they got a split and I think it negatively Drew Brees they gonna get -- they're not a team that they're dominant like you know like Carolina Panthers like the Saint Louis -- that they can rush or. And perhaps evidence car recovered to get it done. No they got to take chances I'm watching the first half that that Cowboys game. That they have guys like wide open. So the Eagles secondary -- definitely struggled obviously with -- gonna try to do is at home the crowd at the team I'll create turnovers. And and try to win the turnover battle that you via a fast pace. Offense but. You'll be is that it's the you know I don't know who we play that way he's -- although it's only seventeen and then when you look at the Eagles had the Cowboys at half. We -- like get after the quarterback. At the I dropped officials that. Without. But I think -- the -- didn't know which means that if he's now little by being impressive. That don't you look you can every charge. -- twelve and a half. Youkilis. With twelve sacks -- it to about balance and getting it done on the books in. And -- of you gonna commit to as far as -- helping -- -- tackle. That's our production. Communist hard protection -- -- say I don't wanna sit right now we had 49 sacks. With this season where I thought if we could it be a little forty about 4043. On the rob I was outstanding. So we above the Mets again after the quarterback. So that's been impressive what we've -- the physically as far as. Yet after a pulled a quarter and right now operating jaguar thing opponent that you get your attack now. 60% you are saying these things will get their first ever hopefully I'll win next week it's either Philadelphia. Or. Dallas and it is at that had the Philadelphia Eagles -- needed the Dallas Cowboys in important games and thankfully at one of those things. It's week seventeen to team you want to play at either for the you know field on them thanks so much. Thank you student Steve together Allison rants on and off went off on site into it numbing agent. The Paul Smith and all the fun folks and it means seats you got the ability if I was going to launch 42. Tampa -- seventeen visit to the point after on Saints radio WWL and always talk about -- -- can't. Bobby ain't bad but we really resolved goodnight people who bet.

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