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12-30 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Monica Pierre

Dec 30, 2013|

Monica in for Dave Cohen. Monica talks about the Saints win over the Bucs, NFL playoffs, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning to -- -- look who's back I am back and look what I brought I brought a big win you do is you brought it right in with -- yeah that -- -- -- That's really. -- idea I I I wish I had the nervous stomach thing go on yesterday and it wasn't until we got. One at least two touchdowns they have started to relax a little bit. And figured out today. I think we got this thing done we got it done now work is no hit into the playoffs -- -- the gap that we got it. Three wins on the road it is went -- there -- Now that's it's just a little bit of a task that's at -- that's attached to what kind of resets its not over a little bit so we can get that. We were talking before the show started about all the rain Albany all -- on. Point congress just thinking about them looking at my it's kind of chilly this morning we're in the in the forties across the board board. That's Saturday was the most miserable day like my mom as the man with the church -- yes she goes on her at select -- is that it. A fluent but it just with not stuff that's it. That's and then the cold air to go with that and I ventured out which was very foolish at -- I ran right back in the bush warmed Perot would have felt the law and a cup does that give some supplies -- -- -- The -- You wade is the Orion. And down. We don't we definitely didn't. Sound -- out my bank and hey at least I don't isn't it. -- bit. But again it. Okay okay okay. I was -- -- and I. Are you laugh well. -- -- it and that's definitely harmless you know practice not a little. We know before you go again the holidays can be very stressful and understand it right now to stand that. When you don't get that you want people can get disappoint regional lot of stories about. -- Story out of North Charleston, South Carolina where a woman who did not get me here. I'm very upset about it. He if you wanted -- you wanna be here and she was pretty gain with a 44 year old woman and read a guy who for returning home without being there. On Christmas evening she was so upset and disappointed and stressed that she beat in step and and with a ceramic. -- She just grabbed the first that she's a social ceramics world are on such terrible way to go I go I think I'll -- so when the Charleston county sheriff's deputies around they find the man. Covered with blood. Kelly Williams home that she's still -- well. He got himself. This that that may sound like your hands in -- public. Those he had the fess up she says she was pretty upset with -- -- without -- Because he says if he didn't -- because the -- close the presidency now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Happy she was not please be I don't drink Beers I don't know -- settle down. To simmer down now. Nevada. Of course in addition to be stressed out immediately as she actually went to jail and charged with criminal domestic violence. Everybody some of them can't make this stuff up in golf -- will -- and incidentally this week. -- so much Dave it's good to have you back I'm excited thank you very much well good morning everyone I'm Monica appear in 4 days Cohen this morning and coming up we'll check in that lie about him. Find out about how -- started on cell. What's not to speak out about the big win the thrashing all of the things like Tampa Bay and what's ahead for the saints in the playoff berth. We'll talk about their concerns and your Holtz. As the saints head on the and they pulled it -- we'll talk about that all coming up this is the only addition of WWL first news. Plus seventeen on the early edition of WWL of course knew from even new years mean best ability thirteen lines down. And we're having a cool start to week as a cold front approaching cold Monday ahead heist later 59 and look for a few spotty showers and extend a washout but may be at 30% chance for a little bit of light rain. And overnight rain chances at 20% with lows dropping into the forties at a cold front arrives tomorrow dropping highs big time for New Year's deep -- only 53. And it's when he percent chance for light rain. And a little milder on New Year's Day will -- heights of 62 but rain chances a little higher at 40%. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Tell -- right now it's 47 and on about 45 and partly cloudy at New Orleans international airport fifty at the lake front and 41. In slide down. Well after thrashing Tampa Bay the same thing. Heard it on the -- Steve Geller is in now with all the details of. Morning C good morning and happy who -- Monday everyone the saints punched their ticket to the post season in dominating fashion. Beating the Buccaneers 42 to seventeen. Scroll stands to the right -- breeze in the shotgun three receivers to the near side of the field one of them ram comes in motion left to right. -- Brees throwing. In the end zone and there's -- Manning again. Every grand with a touchdown. Drew Brees passed for four touchdowns and ran for another score throwing for 381. Yards. He ended up with 5162. Yards passing this season eclipsing 5000 yards for an unprecedented fourth time. The blacking gold got no help from Atlanta though as Carolina atop the falcons -- he wanted to want me. Matt Ryan wants to pass down to their sideline is incomplete I don't I don't do it. -- left on the clock and and again. With the coming from ten to nothing down in Atlanta. And taking the NFC south division championship -- belongs to Carolina it's going back up by 85 with the the first round by. The Panthers earned the NFC south crown and the number two seed in the playoffs. The sounds the saints -- doubled the number six seed but where would they be traveling to Dallas or Philadelphia. And the final. Host the saints next weekend. The Eagles won 24 to 22 over the cowboys on Sunday Night Football and will host the saints at 7:10 PM on Saturday night. And now here's the big chief with a look at Wednesday's Outback Bowl between LSU and Iowa Iowa linebacker Anthony hits insist. He expects a difficult challenge from young quarterback of the tigers and -- -- Jennings. We don't assume that is good guys is mobilizing seen enough. The film didn't do have some fun -- -- -- hands full of mobile direct Jessica athletes who did you -- program thank you good. The Hawkeyes have a tenacious defense that it's -- -- seventh in total defense and all of college football beat bella via WWL sports today have four it's the second game show from the silver slipper casino followed by the saints coaches show -- on pay him. Steve Geller WW well sports thanks a lot Stephen you know no one can question that Drew Brees is magical in the super downs though. Have we figured out what is going on on the road I know don't go by my hat off but it took a hit with going on. I'm just gonna assume that that the regular season is over and a new season begins in the playoffs so hopefully try to get some positive energy. And it's kind of joked around after the game talking about how. They're gonna change the Gatorade up in and -- the color of the Gatorade and how that's gonna you know fix all the road troubles so it's good to have a lighthearted at all. -- plague and knowing you know unique going to be lifted up with a big win last night and yesterday afternoon. But you also bring up the point that the Eagles aren't that great. And at their home yet surprisingly. Philadelphia is just four and four at home this season the saints are three and five on the road so. Both teams playing to their weaknesses this week so we'll see what happens with that I'd have a good feel though the saints. Will be able to move for move on in this first round matchup. I give it to the saints I really -- think there ready to women and put this the stock about can't win on the road. To bed this and come through and get it done. They have the head coach in place who's been their first since 2006 the Eagles. Head coach is just there this year and plus they have a veteran quarterback. The Eagles quarterback is just in his second season so a lot of veteran leadership on the -- ballclub I think will carry them to victory. Here here at the excellence people talking next half hour. Well coming up I wanna get your thoughts and your concerns your hopes for the same -- they had on the road for their playoff games and Philadelphia it's Saturday what do you think. It was the call 2601870. I told free 868889087. -- text says that 87870. Please text responsibly. This is the early edition of WWL. First news. Five bloody war on leave early edition of WWL. First news today is Monday December 30 who. The year is ticking away. And to have aid cooler start to the forest that the Thursday of this week in the eve of New Year's Eve. For your Monday mainly cloudy skies and cool -- -- this afternoon at 59. And -- -- as a cold front works this way about 830% chance for a few spotty showers. And tonight cloudy and chilly lows in the forties and it 20% chance for shower here -- there. According to keep that 20% chance going into New Year's Steve and much cooler tomorrow high is only around 53. In New Year's Day will -- 62 but along with that 840% chance for showers. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist law about tell. Think you are right now it's 47 at -- 45 annually as international airport fifty at the lake front and 41. In slide down. Well an easy win for the -- yesterday afternoon after going undefeated at home for the second time in three seasons -- saints are going to have to win on the road -- And make a deep run in the post seasons now are you optimistic about that getting your questions your concerns your -- thing how do you feel about the saints' chances. On the road the saints earned a playoff berth for the fourth time in five seasons yesterday. Just thrashing and dominating. Tampa Bay 42 to seventeen. And everyone will be a wild card game on Saturday evening at 7 PM so we're asking you about back to 601878. Until free. 8668 not 89087. -- was you can text me at 87878. But globally known blue loosen up for. Good morning -- On good morning -- here it is great to hear from you -- you excited this -- debt Monday. -- commitments certainly am this particular -- it and -- -- it do it we got -- But that we are better -- let you would you make them real books do we -- governance that we got a Golden Globe that you can do. I think what do you think -- -- -- to do I mean have you figured out what's going on the synthetic trying to get -- little little slump of the groove and it doesn't in W one of the -- What do you think the saints have to do to win on Saturday. Without would be you'll consistent -- so that the bloc withdrew bridge. I've read than do young. -- vote for it right you've agreed to under their equipment fitness competition you didn't bring so. Because complete -- And a -- optical MacBook political without -- -- of ironic that would be fit to go out there. Put a lot of pressure on the field yet offers -- to go along but he appeared in that video a peculiar problem. It's a little low for a perfect -- that no. -- Isn't everybody getting everybody has their predictions how closely you saints eleven and five on the regular season how close did you get to that number. Completely well. We go to an extra. -- are pretty limited Peter he bet that -- certificate we got a -- record of think 00 would do it Monica perspective we rate. And that we have been not a bad note a couple of our post combatants -- well operational. Mode that would open. How potato -- report. To make the proposal of one days. And there you make a great point we had our cousins in from Washington DC she -- -- -- -- should be happy. With. Thank you Mary. Every do you view that cutting -- -- -- have more of -- covets it concerns your optimism -- feeling right now concerning. The playoff game this Saturday in Philadelphia things on their way and it's going to be an exciting week so you think they're gonna win big. 2601870. Until 3866. CD died 278787. Is that tax. A Monica pier into Dave Cohen on the early edition of WWL first. Resolutions -- yours is to be healthy Weller lose weight New Orleans -- can help you do that with specials at least 50% off. Check out the deals this week and all month long I'd get my perks dot com slash New Orleans. Well coming up we'll check in Atlanta Steve -- with sports things -- out bound up with the latest news with David Blake in the lower but tell. And the eyewitness weather forecast center and the talking to you might you actually very proud of the saints eleven at five on the regular season what they got their chances. Coming up as they hit the road. On the road Philadelphia and how we hear it wasn't reviews yesterday actually. Pulling and rooting for the falcons to win on the cowboys to win. And didn't it just let them down. Thought about that coming up in just a moment. And how did you spend your weekend if you go to the movies we'll have the top movies. With David Blake as well but right now we stuck with the latest CBS news. And without it and who dat nation about it in the saints and moving on and I as the question how weird was it yesterday actually won the falcons to win at least the Hubble instantly and now you know my wife was having trouble with that I signaled its bearing necessary. Cheer on Atlanta right. Very necessary in and they came close to the attic that Apple's let us down and let us in Tokyo police accountable in Munich and help now. That was leaked out written for the further for the park and it. -- Boy all right Philadelphia bound I understand the for -- was Steve Geller one shark and they. The long range. And I Islamabad at two and having about snowy insanity about that but he did say assuming about a high. In Philly of 27. Or Saturday that. Day he night's game tonight can that -- Feel a little snippy it's not the frozen tundra. -- and if you did your predictions on the on the movies. You know I did okay right on vacation home -- That they do well -- -- this holiday ads and it delivered some new nationwide releases I'm hearing today Montana. Audience at -- will stick to the hot and frozen. And I have -- -- actually was at the movie theater as a little girl listen what are you going to see. Seed was frozen but the Hobbits was number one game raking in almost another thirty million dollars. So -- the second movie has raked in over 190. Million dollars in all of do you snuff you out anyway and they saw the hobby number two -- worlds and he's gonna hang around for we have it's the third week for the -- they have second week for frozen in second place. And then the new ones and command suit alleging continues -- -- that. At twenty million dollars that would put a little bit off of it -- interest intriguing if you're in news that you've worked in television -- yeah yeah plotting inside you don't. I had to edit looking at how and how -- cable news it's -- -- It was like as a revolutionary. Like now -- but but they're not exactly knocking the -- -- it goes on that note the legend continues that it happened and there was an American hustle with them before -- and the -- -- Wall Street number five saving mr. banks and the mystics. The secret life of Walter made it was numbers and see Oakland and a little. I don't know about that one like. To be with. But woeful Wall Street only the -- is an American. And possible the American hustle guy those are the ones that are have all the a so called Oscar bonds -- yeah in the fourth followed by the Hunger Games 47 -- in -- and was pilot Ares. On the deal. This does not kids' movies there a reason why frozen is still lying around absolutely. All right David excellent all right. -- wonderful it is Monday morning it today Monday and we're joined by a lot of bucks out. I was -- tells good morning. This amount of its currency. In LA. I'm excited knicks on yes I am OK I don't get along and that I mean I've you know -- -- that but I feel I feel good about it. It's whether yeah. Problem retort against the bill. Holes. I just had a gentleman called say to kind of you know decide -- wouldn't go up for this weekend you know what's pack for my wife it. Heavy coats talking about 1020. Throughout game time. The opinions at this point does look like rain were still a couple of days away it's not the kind of -- that forecast changes right now. It looks like it's some outs around the tents -- twenty's throughout the right now at this point you know that they. Forecast sometimes chains say you know like to be closer about three or four outs really firm up that forecast that right now it -- not look like that's that it's unfortunate. Here right now -- be a white New Year's New. Year's Day like them at that white Christmas but you know what it actually -- -- -- Over the next couple -- -- a lot of sunshine all the way through the new year it's gonna be mainly cloudy. And took off and on showers -- we'll have a 30% chance today is a cold front end a 20% chance tomorrow on new years seat. And an increasing showers by New Year's state night if that makes its New Year's night so Wednesday night showers begin to -- and right at the -- is going on Saturday but rain all day and I you know we are watching all weeklong it's just like looking awful for Saturday. They kind of made up forward a little bit. About. And it's because I've. Hit it right now in the evening I I was hoping that they would -- cause they're right forget about Saturday. And it. Yeah. Yet so unfortunately are back to the clouds today overcast skies just a brief outlets sunshine yesterday were back to the clouds and hang tight. All the way through the years and ultimately the a lot of sunshine to get to Friday. I'll be real quick you know what would people talking about getting into the year what's wrong. She definitely wasn't very good of this 4053 year old woman she wanted to rob the bank and even a lawyer -- that wasn't good at -- -- amateur isn't -- global thing. From how she managed to rob the bank well yeah and has been given three and a half years that that the federal prison. Activists actually turned her hand. Police say that if she wins there in the analysis. To deal and even went. To. And so she wrote an unknown thing all you know. I need some money and needs 100 dollars -- field in my Greinke it's. He hands on the count on -- on Sunday -- like you know this isn't like a and hit the bank robber but you know you can Pelosi teeth fall out from hard times -- and now. -- is also with abuse issues in the basically. See but jail what her son get the right yeah yeah yeah yeah did it was a great at that every -- sign -- he went around it but okay. And let me -- dozens some crazy stuff to people Monica you know we can all just cutting it through. You know New Year's it's not a with a happy time for every district you know that new years that we just gotta kinda keep on going -- this that's not. You know your favorite time of the year 2014 is around it around the corner and at next year's going to be agree year we'll go out tomorrow. -- I'll be ringing in the new year right here. At you if you think they can't -- on how well I -- I. But coming up we will check in with saints sideline reporter Kristin Garrick also the gala. With the saints. Have to do -- region that you actually text that it's coming up just a moment. Monica. WW -- news. 547 on the early edition and that you out for news I'm thrilled that Michael times I'm joined by faith I reporter Christie Garrett about it. Sorry if I am fine -- just dancing and reading from the buyer. I text about the saints they need to do to win on the road -- One person's. That you really want to pull for the dirty birds yesterday. And with that I'd hate -- even -- and apple blog edited it. I mean it's like -- though when -- -- it's the new and Helen Newman now its hello Lan Atlanta Falcons. Now I mean there's an old one thing lead ultimately to say to just taking care of their own business they would -- that they would've had to rely on. Another team and you know ultimately now they do the hard way from the succeed. Starting at Philadelphia's begin -- place to play a team that's you know feel pretty good about themselves they they -- Tutsis and and it's a beatable team certainly. But you know of saints -- by. Eagles in the in the right back to Seattle and divisional playoffs. The saints and of course the questions are going to come especially from the national media here in media outlets about what happens on the road to Cammie. Well it's -- but all of -- -- never want -- road playoff game so that's gonna be that the question that he had pelted with all week. And they deflected them last night it started last night you know making jokes about well it changed are -- Mac recipe and in they did a really good job of that but I mean listen until they do it. People -- -- doubt. And this is of a game. That they can go to Philadelphia win. I think the they can take a lot of solace in the way they played albeit in a loss to Carolina thought they played much better on the road we'd seen him to drastically different team. On the road this year from the state that we saw yesterday -- -- they were in the stability they haven't lost that Sean Payton on the sidelines. In the superdome. In sixteen games and that sixteen know the last. The last 68 among the sideline. This does say how big of an advantage -- who was and ultimately. In the NFL two thirds of Lee. Going into the final week of the season had below 500 records on the road so -- -- of advantages so significant now on the NFL's okay so we flip back and said yeah. Hopefully -- you know when it's it's a as a tough place to play I just hope that there's not a bunch of snow in and end it if it's cold it's one thing. But snow and windy conditions. That doesn't bode well for us we just looked. The law at this point silicon early April -- oh definitely but it's critical -- keep the snow if you're kind of -- that like Italian Vick show coming up that he had double cover stars and about fifty middle earth -- A -- let's take it with the -- We have all of -- pervasive the road the Philadelphia the lengthy. Good morning and Drew Brees was lights out against the Buccaneers leading the saints to a 42 to seventeen victory. That propelled the black and gold into the post season. From the shotgun -- he steps up and throws downfield he's got. -- smaller cities. Around. Smaller. 44 yards night. Brees threw for scores and ran for another while passing for 381. Yards. He finished the regular season with over 5000 yards passing for the third straight year and fourth time in his career. Carolina claim the NFC south crown as Cam -- tossed a pair of touchdown passes and Greg Hardy had a team record for sacks. 12120. Triumph in Atlanta. Seattle beat Saint Louis 27 tonight to win the NFC west by one game over San Francisco the niners are in the fifth seed in the NFC playoffs. Green Bay Packers will host San Francisco after beating the bears 3328. To earn the number four seed in the NFC. The saints had to wait and see where they would be heading to in the first round of the playoffs as the number six seed so -- -- beat Philadelphia or Dallas. What -- -- on first down didn't say -- big goal Mike Weir didn't want to he was hitting it Miles -- gonna slam. Kyle Orton throws it right in the. That interception sealed the deal for the Eagles who won 24 to 22 over the cowboys. Phillies host the saints on Saturday at 7:10 PM. Now let's get the latest on LSU and Iowa in the Outback Bowl with the big -- Xu coach Les Miles talks about -- or he asked for some of these young players that should see a lot of action. -- gets out -- in the. Outback Bowl first time -- -- and these are kind of why that I kind of trying to figure it out we've got to always operate without me pretty. Consistent. Recipe and how we practice and I think our guys understand that but gather some excitement is there they're looking forward to playing this well. Kickoff is noon on New Year's Day right here on WW LD ability -- WW real sports that they have -- to second -- show from the silver slipper casino followed by the saints coaches show. We shall pay him. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports see them asking our listeners who know how to do feel about pulling for Atlanta. Only for the cowboys it's like. They just say yeah I know there are you used to do it even though it yeah. You wouldn't do now I was like whatever whatever happens happens to say just have to win today that's all I care about right right now. Though identical play Atlanta I'm like okay of the kinda cool live in loans that it. Yeah it's like now. I hope the Panthers lose but yet can't root for Atlanta now under those circumstances and then not -- on -- grow a debate that's that's typical Atlanta. Lifted her okay in the look ultimately nice people but buck on the right Elkins. -- to use -- -- -- -- that's all coming up so I'll ask the questions you are a lot of -- planning to go to Philadelphia at the from the food nation. I'll be interested to find that I would think there's a large contingent traveling because the saints fans always seem to travel well. I know that Saint Louis game it really seem like it was in the superdome not the Edward Jones dome so. To be interest in talking to some of the fans they seeing who plans to exactly and it's a chilly Philadelphia still. Saturday and a socially fairly immediately all right excellent Steve. I'd take that it's at the gates of give it call it TC the awaits them at toll free 86 XE -- -- -- are you planning to -- up to Philly. -- -- Gonna do that track I think a lot of accident. That we didn't. Coming up we'll also tell you -- was coming to The Today Show it'll folks -- this morning also to little -- feel better amber. And also domestic Mitchell in the privilege of producer -- -- Kind of does that. Felt like that okay if the all coming up in just above and -- Monica -- today going in the early edition of WWL first news. I'm 56 on this Monday ethics -- into the -- could -- on the -- in Philadelphia we're asking -- this -- -- you planning. To beat there booed at nation give us a call. At 26 you know when he seventy toll free 8668890870%. To get -- 87870. Asking also it did you feel weird at pulling for Atlanta are pulling for the cowboys. The sweetest little -- says one at that cow girls. To win. But not the dirty birds under no circumstances. The falcons lost hate him even more. I'll what do the states need to do on the world we need do to make better decisions in the pocket. One -- says I believe I absolutely believe on the faith in the things policy falcons Tatum even war. We need to pull not to -- That need to pull for the dirty birds but some voodoo who do -- agree might have worked with. Also coming up we'll tell you -- way at two familiar faces are coming back to The Today Show. And look at look at comics coming up in just a moment let's check in with our our forecast -- stuff. I'm Monica the year is for it vehicle of the organization of WWL first. We have a cloudy start our day. For your Monday mainly cloudy skies and cool -- later in the upper fifties look for a 30% chance for some light rain. That's a cold front begins to work again and temperatures will start to drop a little bit tonight. Down into the lower forties on both sides at the -- a look at few light showers. And for New Year's even mainly cloudy and cool at 20% chance for light rain highs only around 53. And right now for me.

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