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12-30 7:15am Scoot, Saints win

Dec 30, 2013|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot talks to WWL Sports Reporter and Producer Steve Geller about the Saints beating the Bucs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sixty bucks 42 to seventeen that looked beautiful some incredible big place to just make you feel really great and confident. The saints have to travel to Philadelphia to play the eagle Saturday night Steve -- of WL sports reporter joins us in our studio this morning what stands out in your mind about the game. Definitely the performance by Drew Brees he was just bomb point all night and looked like a man animation really determined to get this team into the post season. Four passing touchdowns on the night also are rushing touchdown now has. The longest rushing touchdown for the saints this season just absolutely put the team on his back. And carried him into the casino if it was a quarterback like Russell Russell Wilson Miller and Joseph Smith or camps or do you think of it that Drew Brees is a very unlikely candidate to have the longest rushing touchdown right exactly the DB nine casino -- RG three so yeah DB nine now this is isn't rushing. It. It was a it was agreed it was so great to watch senators. Robert Meachem what a great program director of the -- the beginning of the corner of the end zone political -- by -- by the gold and just but the goal line there and burning one of the if not the top corner in the NFL Darrelle Revis who got beat twice in that game. It was pretty amazing to see -- know he's been kind of nicked up all year long but still to take down one of the top corners in the NFL like that was pretty impressive. Breeze though just threading the needle and putting the ball in the most perfect spot. Knowing where. His only his receiver could catch it. There were times that I thought the defense which is not is and as aggressive as I I thought they would be. And sometimes they made the the offensive line of the Tampa Bay books Bucs look like one of the best lines in them into the -- and they're not the end the first half of the game the bucks definitely had their way a little bit with the team and it was kind of back and forth. But after halftime you really solve the switch go -- for the defense they made their adjustments rob Ryan's really did a phenomenal job all year long doing that. And deserves a lot of credit from the league's worst defense last season to now being ranked eighth. Defense of unit in the NFL quite an impressive turnaround parts are what are you thinking about the game Saturday night. You know with all the problems that the saints have been having on the road I just worry. Four. Philadelphia say that dared not a team that plays well at home so it's kind of a matchup against these two polar opposites a team doesn't. It doesn't do well on the road against team that doesn't do well on the road. Eagles have the worst. Passing defense in the NFL's well. And you know that's what the -- do the best so I liked the saints' chances in this one a lot it's just one. Afterwards that's a bit tough -- would have to go to Seattle -- win this that we go to Seattle that's definite yeah. I -- -- to this before but I couldn't help -- mention after they lost to Seattle it you know what -- great poetic justice it would be if we did have a chance to go back -- -- of such a terrible performance of that. Mr. televised game at Seattle. How great would it be if the saints had a chance to go back and beat Seattle in Seattle you know. In the latter part of the season Seattle has shown that there are more vulnerable than they seem to be earlier in the season -- -- there have now lost that kind of shocked everybody to Arizona's like wait a minute they lost that was the first time. Russell Wilson had lost that home in his career so. If if if they believed -- you can kill -- kind of things -- it's not completely out of the realm of possibilities. The saints don't need to lock up this win this week and it's going to be cold one in Philadelphia chilly Philly. You are from New Jersey I were to Philadelphia -- Philadelphia also lived across that the Delaware in New Jersey. That the fans they are not that accommodating toward opposing -- at all. If convicted he could be rough for those who were traveling together this the fan base that booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus batteries as well also. Yet not a very friendly crowd not going to be welcoming us saints fans are showing them around the town and one -- But yet a brutal fan base that I would hope just for my fellow north east Tennessee that they do. Be paid themselves and not too outlandish and a lot of great people and until -- absolutely Jersey but there are some people who would get rather rowdy at these events. Yet they don't know bet -- -- have a few too many cops cinnamon and -- act the fool and and causing fights and it's a rough city's self Phillies aren't that you -- you think the world has just some rough areas Phillies got some rough areas to its habits -- in many ways it's a very blue collar type town yet the city of brotherly love really isn't so -- united have a hard time finding that sometimes. I'd see Gilbert WWL sports thanks for being with -- -- Debbie Debbie Rowe price you.