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WWL>Topics>>12-30 7:25am Scoot, Saints vs. Eagles

12-30 7:25am Scoot, Saints vs. Eagles

Dec 30, 2013|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot talks to Anthony from Geno's Steaks in Philadelphia about the playoff match-up between the Saints and Eagles

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a Monday but it feels great because the same squad and they're going to the playoffs there in the wild card spot taken on the Eagles in Philadelphia this Saturday night. Right now let's take you live to. Just an iconic spot in Philadelphia gene knows Philly cheese steaks Anthony joins us on the air live from Philadelphia Anthony good morning. Anthony what is -- what is the talk in Philadelphia about the saints coming to town. But everything. It didn't talk much about -- can't account yet -- what I heard any -- were pretty happy to people elaborate now and we weren't expected to. To be here he turned it around really quick and then and I think they're going to be playing broke loose when -- come down. They haven't had the best record -- policies haven't had the best record on. On the road so this is going to be an interesting match up in a lot of ways. You have straight it is I mean if we're lucky the papacy is coming here because you know. He you guys are very based on my turf and then hopefully they'll let there'll be a little cold and they'll be a little stiff but -- could slow through reasonably down a little bit. Anthony -- forecast that I have right now is a self lorries on Friday low Friday nights -- 8 degrees but that morning at the Tony nine during the day on Saturday with a low of 23 Saturday night but it should be clear Saturday. Not equipment that's good. -- -- Yeah now what's what would be your biggest concern about the Eagles beating -- the saints a Saturday. How -- you know it it is the trooper is he told roll you know there's not much it you can do about it and then. We -- pretty unstoppable you know in the red zone so it. He got to worry about airline actually got to -- linebacker Hendricks and he might forty I'm hoping he tools to cover to grant the greens -- going to be really tough to stop in the red zone. But that's going to be picky I mean if we can hold down the field goals. And that if we should be OK but once people -- -- its -- -- sometimes sometimes it is. It's it's noble to -- -- start blowing teams -- it's sometimes very close games. That based -- -- -- they were funny it's a couple times I thought they were when it starts snowboarding and it's seventeen points but. Ellis hung in there so it -- -- -- what happens is sometimes. Anthony we know that fans it's Philadelphia and it can be. Can be less than congenial when it comes to visiting fans. What would you say the saints fans who who plan on being a two game Philadelphia Saturday night. About it lessen it it is that he is basically about you come down achieve those state. We'll take a look at here and on a serious note it's not as it was when what you went to does that. He that it needed it to it's a little a little easier in no way you know -- -- will be some collapsing itself about it but nobody had anything to worry. Anthony I gotta tell you -- on the -- and Philadelphia there were times that at 2 o'clock in the morning when the bars closed on -- street I was a geno stakes trying to do that try to get that so be due to him. Yeah yeah. All right what are you serving up there this morning edginess. Search State's 24/7 that's always there. That so we certainly was -- -- you're hungry you're you're now we're here. You gotta you gotta love you gotta love those people who what -- cheese steak at this hour of the morning. Yeah law which he. They -- at all different hours. All right. Anthony from -- she stakes in Philly thanks for being with us --

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