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12-30 7:45am Monday Morning Quarterback

Dec 30, 2013|

WWL Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic's interview with Saints QB Drew Brees

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcoming him on -- morning quarterback here on C trading of the black and gold punching their ticket in to the post season with a resounding 42 to seventeen victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Monday Morning Quarterback would Drew Brees is brought to you by. The great employees of Crosby doesn't Galliano and Joseph septic got to go called Joseph I'm Christian Garrett joined now by saints quarterback Drew Brees. Drew -- talked earlier in the week you said you guys wanna go into the playoffs and play your best football and certainly guys took a step in that direction. The final regular season beating the bucks. Yes philly's a great team effort today and felt like offensively. Got back -- those big plays this really controlled game. But obviously. A lot of big place that you -- to cash in on that defensively I felt like. There was no offense is explosive -- -- make some plays like canceling. And you know they made some plays but our guys. -- -- -- Jonathan keep having this problem they you know they maintains long drives with you today you're beholden to your roles in such. And I felt like really all great team effort. You know finish the game wanna tell -- who had a big big first half we finished the game the way we wanted to do and a lot of confidence going playoffs. Then played the Kenny stills or little -- coverage -- just walk us through that touchdown pass yet they don't. What was unique was your we challenged the play -- before yet. And I thought they're gonna rewind the play clock but they didn't so instead of 25 seconds. It's now at eleven seconds and the -- official says -- wind this caucus and as a blow the whistle. Well Sean you know was not able to talk to me over the -- under fifteen seconds. So I just see him malveaux formation and I pieced it together into the -- that we have for third -- long. And I called a play and we get up for weeks after very quickly so I think there was a bit of confusion on their part as to -- there and -- it. And basically they just let Kenny go on this post. -- and working out for us and I talked on. Your teammates and said that the biggest the Mac and cheese thing do was a big -- million dollar that's the recipe now looks like that was a big the big part of this if you Mac yeah we -- we that's what's your. It's gonna help our road. -- You know performance this change up from including beefing macros for pay -- had a dunk. What would you haven't been seen that and allow all can you explain Alan. Tennessee that's its -- nine Padilla Jimmy Graham has been on me about doing it and I didn't do it when escorted into Arizona so -- can noted told. That's like picking up afterwards that that made his day. So Pierre Thomas runs and -- yard touchdown I was the longest run of the season and you topped more than nine there's a little little bit competitive juice there isn't just -- a -- Yeah I I looked over at third -- circular to -- guidelines so if if I need I need to get that that rushing mark back now I mean I was looking to throw it for a touchdown and -- Obviously it opens up in everybody's occupied in zone and just take off from running it again. Familiarity -- Dallas you played them this year he could be at Dallas or at Philly. And I guess the familiarity standpoint doesn't happen with the Eagles and you guys don't have a preference -- No we don't where we go ready to go obviously those. Two teams serve you know. You're the winner the winner of this game tonight it's obviously gonna be going playoffs a lot of confidence to be a Philly they win they will want a couple of road Dallas same way. Obviously -- know romo's Alcatel ordinance. You know more than capable and he's a very good quarterback Tom sort of a lot of games in this week and so. We're have a workout -- regardless platoon to produce so close to produce -- help no hum. You talk about John Thompson his growth -- us from week one week to -- sort of been very impressed with the certainly excited about -- his future. That you -- -- here at the end of the game I just -- -- -- -- wasn't you know this time around some man just the experience factor even just one game under your belt. He's only gonna get better he understands how much work's ahead of him but. He's got a lot of talent and just continue to grow which we can finally how the boys Christmas -- Britney and everything else say I'm sure Santa was good -- it was tremendous there's tremendous. They got the jerseys that they wanted and that's all that matters -- -- care about it to say to what's it like -- as Drew Brees getting ten million kids will be Jimmy Graham RRB martyrs school so let us. That's awesome yeah I mean. They it's funny because I mean each -- difference like you know I might. Legos you know go home one night and Palin is -- and and and and Bowen is Jimmy Graham and then. Five minutes later they changed jerseys we'll break him you know they're but the -- will be Sproles I mean it's it's all. It changes depending on the other game planner what we're doing but I think it's so -- that they're into it made it restarted again. My middle son has changed his name to drew by the -- you know -- Jackson got a Drew Brees Jersey so they changed it to two units he has answered his real name. I don't know in the three days or so -- Spitzer aren't there for -- thanks appreciate gradually get that thanks.

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