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12-30 8:10am Scoot, Saints & NFL refs

Dec 30, 2013|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot talks about the Saints win and whether NFL officials should be penalized for missing calls

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Great victory yesterday about the saints forty to seventeen are headed in the playoffs a lot of fans would have loved for the saints to have won the NFC south and -- And aunt got me at the bye week this week but that it happened so let's focus on what we have. Did I feel really good about the saints beating -- Does business and I'm not frightened at all by this prospect. And -- long range forecast. Says it's gonna be COLT in the twenties. But at least it's not gonna rain or snow up calls override that's more fall whether it's series is not going to be frigid so no excuses there. I think the states look -- good yesterday they were some moments on defense when -- night. Didn't think that they were really as aggressive as I thought they might be I think a lot of fans that is calm tone. It in the dome at the beginning of the game because I think fans were just distant so disappointed that. The head of the falcons came so close yeah acted the upbeat did beat the Panthers and I noticed at the beginning of the gained a lot of empty seats at every different level plaza -- -- Every different level there are a lot of empty seats and I thought while that a lot of people to stay home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In Philadelphia Philadelphia but I I would have felt good about either way that this this turned down. -- David we want to welcome all the fans in town for the Sugar Bowl the Oklahoma and Alabama fans and this city is is crowded I've forgotten or candidate 3:50 this morning in the bar across the street from my apartment building here it is of Monday morning. And they wouldn't ordinarily be open they were open they were -- yeah drinking at 3:15 this morning she her line -- -- got to get to adopt 99 at night and I guess. And by the way for all the all the fans in town. From Oklahoma I guess we suits could could suggested if you wanna go to new -- of the city park lagoons with. Now that they do a lot more and Oklahoma of the news you know they do they do a lot of fun they'd. Fallen. It was like foot and that is the weirdest thing I've ever like I'm gonna I gonna go into. -- go to some water wears dark and I don't know where I'm putting him to stick my hand now in the mouth of oh hole -- pound. Just gonna bite your and I I I voluntarily put my hand down their hoping that the fish -- my hand for what purpose selecting catch the thing. It you can talk to a guy like Don Dubuque and he can come up with -- -- ways to catch catfish than that yeah I Easter camp by the Bennett's competitive and they didn't get women involved -- I think there's even a -- beauty contest. At least nothing and I admire more than a woman who's good at new -- Yeah -- noodle cup a couple of so anyway I I guess that he park civic park has about bettering your. I -- I just find new linkages somehow defy the rational thinking that exist within my body course. Some people like it it's it's entertaining to watch sure it's not for me. -- -- Date in new girl and she -- -- you and Natalie that she spoons and you just hit a but I monitor. -- I should be plugged it in trouble any moment now. I've we're coming right back with -- -- -- -- -- -- Monday morning line WW well. And also their -- out to those -- view it sounds. Mr. -- Alabama and Oklahoma but you know Oklahoma's very very nice -- when I was a kid. We used to spend. As summer vacation once in awhile Bradley tech soma which is right on the border of Texas and Oklahoma and it was a beautiful place and I remember. My dad and my brother like going out and vote and catching illustrated asked. That we had. Would have would have for the caller we have to hooks on -- -- had been -- non a fisherman. But a win you have to hooks on the on the on the line and we were itching to at a time the music made its -- nothing like new Italy in the morning. Yeah that's true I asked David Blake he was he was talking about. The of the missed -- contest and I wonder is that based on beauty or is it based on talent of of -- and and we just we mention this because there's a lot of noodling. That goes on in Oklahoma and we wanted to mention a city park lagoon for doodling lawyer in town from Slidell John your and the VW on good morning. Good morning how you doing today. I was but what is the rule. -- would -- but -- -- quarterback Bobby. In Alabama. They did you know we know that the wanted to launch date gain eat the in over the late it was. I saw that McCain -- Jordan he says he's. He's a he's a good actor but but when -- the NFL got to realize that he scamming them and he's making them look stupid and it was none of it did look like a penalty to me and then he smirking. Like I -- I guess like I guess I pulled one over on you guys again so you know the candidate is making the officials look silly. Pay good money please pick his -- games to reward the reason we wanted to see out his book both football. You know long look back at grappling rain yet. You know look so bad you need how can you count it the reality is that if you know what he would be -- on. Outlook ability game -- I have to say that. Yeah enjoy it is it's it's human to make mistakes and it is it's always gonna come down to if I'm -- judgement and and but you value you and I are gonna. Always seem seem mistakes in in officiating but when they're -- consistent like that when it's like they're giving. Play your past. They should be Smart enough to realize that this guy is scamming them. Well -- if it deleted and it is not that about it I think I'll players and who plays in the league should do the same thing and it really wanted everybody up all night. All of this to happen -- -- attack this problem this year -- you know bodies players or are. You know I think it practical way -- problem. -- -- very important game the price of the thumbnail. No -- will that play out but it will happen. Well what's -- gonna be I think a lot of people talking about this John I'm going to call the show and happy new year it's going to be interesting to see if Cam Newton gets away with this at this point because I'm sure the NFL's talking about it if you didn't see yesterday during the game against the falcons. -- Cam Newton told another Cam Newton. He's he's he's like just about to get out of bounds -- getting out he invites. Somebody to touch him and that he does he kind of flops around with his body and makes it seem like keywords. Lisa seem like he was he was. Illegally hits and he's not illegally here he is scamming. The officials. And I guess it's not his fault for doing it it's the officials' fault. For falling fort. Here's a text all the NFL has to do is allow a coach to challenge. Any call. Well again it's still gonna come down to. That human judgment of whether it's a penalty or or not a penalty put. I would do I would hope that the NFL is addressing this and I'm sure there were not the only ones talking about. Cam Newton. Again making the officials look like buffoon and then smirking. At the at the cameras. If you wanna join our show with a comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text numbers it's -- -- is a Tony -- Monday morning I'm screwed in -- Tommy Tucker here's another Debbie WL traffic out there. Gerald Robinson. Program that we didn't commons and even down the parade. And Louis and Gonzales -- street when the wind like this is accusing okay fans in town for the game to. Wake up this problem every night face you know and and salutes and -- the Oklahoma public and those. I sit there is a kiss coaches. So politics solo which was really beautiful -- total -- beautiful a series of lakes and affordable for an Oklahoma. And Texas but earlier we were talking about a new Lincoln and coming up after the news at any tourney gonna ask David Blake about the missed noodling contest is is it based on beauty or is it based on. Ability to -- it would be talking about scam Newton Camden has figured out a way to -- the officials and they're really looking foolish. Why it happened again in the game yesterday against the falcons and perhaps you you saw it. -- definitely -- -- in the game against the the saints drawing a penalty when it's really not a penalty. And had -- guy just like I guess has this disability to fool the referees and that's exactly what he's doing. -- you might hate him for doing it but he's he's playing the game. And he's outsmarting the officials so what has to happen is the officials. Need to recognize that he's doing this. And not allow him to do it anymore -- from Mississippi Richard here on WWL good morning. -- -- -- -- Oh and like it should. Have been. If there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe maybe it would be better to find the officials if they if they buy I would I would love to -- consequences for officials who make bad calls. I don't know. Its market yesterday there. I'll think about Hitler and don't bite off. You know the argument can always -- made richer well you know it shouldn't come down to one caller two calls but there are those moments in the game when the called does determine. That game and we've seen it happen with the saints this year. Officials who who. Who make bad calls you know it if NFL players make certain mistakes they get fine white. I could officials be five why couldn't they be held accountable for their behavior on the field. I Richard and political showed you would join us with that your comment this morning our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889070. -- a -- 7870. Here's attacks that reason you what about -- officials. For obvious erroneous calls that would eliminate some of the nonsense. I'm sure you feel the same way I do in that is it it it seems like officials. Are not accountable to anybody. You know they're almost like the open the Catholic Church. -- infallible. They can do no wrong. And in reality officials make mistakes. -- wanna hold them accountable for the mistakes they make I don't maybe there's some kind of secret society and they they are penalized for. Bad calls but it's ridiculous to. To allow somebody like Cam Newton to outsmart the officials and I'm -- you know the texture -- basketball players have been. I'm doing this a flopping around for some time been in the caller just now said that. The NBA did something about that -- maybe the NFL needs to do something about this which is you can have you can have players acting. Acting like they're like they're penalized acting like an illegal hit if they're not really illegally hit and then when you see that smirk. On -- space after -- to wait with it it's like if you were an official. You should be totally. Humiliated. -- skirted the Tommy Tucker it's 830 were coming right back with more of your comments here's another WWL news updates. -- -- Cam Newton flop around and and it is inviting a penalty to be called against him actually not a a penalty in the -- he smirk at the camera. And I guess one of the questions is immediately Mort you -- Cam -- for pulling this -- the blame the officials are falling for -- -- they even joked about -- Oscar performance for Cam Newton and -- -- the one is that when -- what is the NFL gonna recognize that this is a scanned -- -- hated it they should not be part of the game in the officials need to be Smart enough to realize whether it's a -- or Cam -- When they're with their fake -- at that now you know I'd you're right dives. It just drives you crazy when you see these calls a news I don't know. There's no way I mean the guy barely product and -- and it happened again yesterday he made it look like a penalty but it wasn't a penalty I blame more the officials that I do -- for trying to get away with it. If you're a whole -- witness and -- back to abort your calls in more your comments about this coming up -- studio for Tommy Tucker. David I just looked up during the news I looked up I'd knew Italy and looked at the definition for noodling -- and in in in. The dictionaries it talks about some kind of an improvise in improvisation. Where can actually playing in musical instrument. But I did find. The other definition for a new link in the urban dictionary I've been -- -- which are described doodling as a form of fishing in which a crazy person runs into a lake in searches. Four holes. On the bottom with his or her feet. Then inserts his or her fingers into the hole yes and -- a big fish bite on them -- he or she wrestles the catfish is a serve and drags it to the shore as a -- are snapping turtles down there. Oh yeah yeah you don't know what's down there I mean I've been in in time. Bodies of water where it's art and you don't know what's in I I've I've actually seen this occasionally on on TV and I'm thinking I'm not gonna stick -- hand down. In this dark hole hoping that something bites me. And -- you noticed the water is it's always come money yet you fancy thing in the water recede if you just feel around in the darkened. It's a big slimy thirty pound catfish you whip up. Now Russell was a little bit David you mentioned a moment ago of the miss -- you've seen this -- actually seen a beauty contest. That was connected to -- that -- the -- in competition. In thousands come from all around. Just you know OC use if that. -- and a noodle them of the good. Guys this again I guess this would be some kind of a test of your your masculinity year gear the cheese -- you you know we don't yet -- and then there and you come up with -- big catfish. On you catch the catfish with your hand -- yeah and then yeah yeah and the women do too. The women you know and their two. And they're around and but but it but so -- the miss. The missed nearly contest is based. More on on beauty than it is on technique I I'm not sure I just remember seeing her crown him you know where can you mentioned the prize. Your daughter -- missed brutal job 2013. If you put that on terrorism they had hopelessness -- 2000 -- -- -- -- -- sorry ma'am but we're gonna go with somebody else's you know. It's a 41 -- excavated for -- time -- tighter. It's a Monday a short week tomorrow's New Year's -- had a short break last week many of you have a short week again this week -- you're just taken off and kids are off from school so. You know we're in that holiday mode right now so also with the saints winning this feels as good as -- -- can field. We'll be right back. -- WL. Saints won big yesterday forty to seventy beat the bucks they are headed to the playoffs wildcard spot this Saturday night. At 730 they take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia I think the saints are gonna win this game. Even though the saints have not had dead. A stellar season on the road other teams haven't been bad grade on the road course when the saints have not been good in general they really have not been good on the road. But I you know I think the stage is set for the saints really prove themselves that they're they're better than they may have appeared to be during some of the games and I'm thinking about. The the game against the jets which I think we should of won. Now also -- is -- patriots we've really could've won that game. I was a little bothered especially last week we talked about this on the air. And what appears to be a tendency. To hang on to a lead. And last week he was with a three point lead and hang on to the lead and we just need to make a first down more than you don't make the first -- and you. You really throw the momentum to the other team and Caroline came back to beat us. Also this morning we've been talking about. -- cam Newton's performance and and how he. Makes the officials look stupid. Makes the officials. Appears if a file -- a penalty has been called against him when it really hasn't been and then if you saw yesterday he said smirking at the camera and he's you know look he's a really really talented guy. I'd give him that. I don't like his attitude lot of people who like his attitude he's a very. Talented player. Here's a text same thing happened last week but the penalty against sex street I agree that really wasn't a penalty. And so now we're starting to talk of about whether or not officials. Should be fine. Should officials -- find. If they missed a flagrant. If they make out what's called this what if they if they make a flagrant missed call. And an especially if there's a pattern of doing this and I think the NFL is probably talking about this Hampshire we're not the only ones talking about cam Newton's -- But it if theater Phyllis is now cognizant of this then I would think that they are going to talk to the officials and say hey this guy's making you look stupid. So I don't call filed. Unless it's really. Well apparently don't call a penalty elicits early penalty. Here's an update on our WWL party -- opinion poll this morning. Will the saints beat the Philadelphia Eagles on the road Saturday night. 39% say no 61% say yes I feel really good about the states. A playing Philadelphia and and we talked about this this morning Philadelphia has not the end. I'm infallible at home and the saints have not been that great on the roads of these two teams coming together. Are gonna make for very interesting game and I don't believe Philadelphia has a really stellar. Defense against the pass I don't think there's that great against the past. So I would I I think that the saints could really can really light it up the long range forecast calls for some snow on Friday. With a low temperature were eight degrees Friday night -- Saturday it warms up to 29 with a low of 23 a kick off -- it's 735. Saturday night's New Orleans time mr. blog which we'll talk more about in the next hour it's on our web site you can read it and Sharon to come and ordered if you like. It's titled the -- dynasty controversy. Who won. You're the media played a part in this the audience played a part in this so so who wanted. It Phil Robertson win. Did christianity win. Did making an anti gay comments did most consider anti gay economists did did did that did that ideology win. -- a anywhere and deduct dynasty -- Who want we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour if you wanna join us for the -- this morning on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text number is 87870. Here's a text. -- -- but it also refers to something else which -- it related. -- about I have to edit these very quickly in my mind design. As. As I read them here's a text is -- still going out with a lady from the applause. Now why would somebody asking that crush would you know she's available. I mean if I sit on night duty at which you boy did we do that wondered if she's available at -- -- If you wanna join our show it to comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point 78 text number. It's a 77 -- coming right back with more of your comments. I'm -- hit -- Tommy Tucker and here's another W. Traffic update or Robertson they wanna correct something I said just a moment ago -- kick off time is at 710. New -- time not 735710. -- -- time Saturday night. And is one going on the Saturday night after New Year's Day over the weekend and I hope it doesn't interrupt your plans and knowing it's gonna interrupt the plans of a lot of people because people are going to be 10 gonna wanna watch that game. -- security for Tommy Tucker it's eight to 56 a coming up after the the top of the news at 10 o'clock we'll talk about. The -- dynasty controversy. And who want. And I think it's worth talking about this -- I'd like to to talk about the role of the media. And its relationship with the audience society. And I think this is so perfect microcosm of of how. The media gets people riled up by the media does it because it's really what people are interested it. Whether it's right or wrong it's what people are interested in -- gets attention and quite often controversies. Lead to a lot of people winning. And sometimes there are few losers from a big controversy so what's the what's the advantage to not creating a controversy for the sake of creating. Controversy. As consumers of the media we should be aware of that we'll talk more about that coming up in the next hour and also tomorrow morning will assert thinking back on. Some of the things it we talked about it to 2013. And not only that but some of the things that. That we should've learned from the controversy -- on events in topics of of 2013 it was such as talk about. What happens let's also talk about what we should have learned about ourselves. Our community and our nation for 2013 we'll talk about that on tomorrow as we get ready to bring in 2014. -- David -- on WWL good morning. Hate school -- And that it would barely knew and greener I went behind. That's but it would just dropped and then of these operations -- -- you know if you watched Philadelphia. -- everywhere very. I saw most of it occasionally -- I I was -- the room but I saw most of it. Did you doubt stepped up to rely on -- and the clock post spot kick -- at all and a millionaire I -- George went delay game. They're gonna come back later Charlie -- on -- 4041. Well later in the year ago. Given that delays. And it like doctor issues and -- know about it and I had a stop it your all on I mean it got to be addressed before. Saturday with the playoffs it was not a -- Before now on the important. That you don't return you're actually because he's not doing and essentially. You know it's going to be interesting to see if the NFL does address this especially with the the flopping of Cam Newton and making it seem as if you mean if if officials can't tell the difference between a real penalty. And acting than they shouldn't be officials. And the NFL needs to to deal with this and it's -- -- it's going to be interesting to see if maybe they go overboard and that could lead to them not calling a legitimate penalty against Cam Newton. You have a guy that's certainly what the clock at all I mean -- don't want to Clark coming he got the vision what Dolly Clark well I think in the acute either. The clock -- a forty to twenty and they're all there you know and they are -- Dallas where undulating green there that's a key part. Well officials officials should be held accountable and and I think fans have a right to -- officials. Are held accountable well lately our schools or they do stupid. That's not what people think -- with a slight though army you'd like Mike Gartner called -- you know we paid for yet. What we -- -- what we should get better quality of what what what we pray for. David I've got to get your news regularly going to call the show and very happy new year I realize that there'll always be the Sarah. Related to human judgment when it comes to penalties but official should be fine if -- -- physical.

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