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12-30-13 4:10pm Bobby and Mike: on Saints-Bucs

Dec 30, 2013|

Bobby and Mike take calls on the Saints' 42-17 win over the Buccaneers and the upcoming playoff game against the Eagles.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another addition of the second -- show. Mike you have Bobby Hebert a lot and so -- a casino beach side and had not -- Mississippi in the area come home bond business will be on until 8 o'clock -- night. This to you view programming note at 630 and I don't these sites radio network. -- -- Saints radio network exclusive. Saints coaches show what the executive vice president and general manager Mickey will most will be on at 630 tonight. And that 7 o'clock the legendary voice of the Philadelphia. Eagles -- Reese will be on talking about the Philadelphia Eagles New Orleans Saints playoff game number one on the road against Philly. Bob yesterday wrap it up 47 today. You know like before you continued. Good -- like coming on because it is a short week it and move out coached again -- -- ready. But the one thing I wanted that I know I had the back it is and I'm Matt McKee. I actually had a conversation which one Payton. -- it seemed like this year the college shot please look at the big plays that we had against never be a flight. Bomb after bomb and I mean it's four total yards looking kidding scales. Quote Robert Meachem Lance Moore. It's like this year we don't have those plays on the road. What about those definitely felt forty polish or even thirty polish -- are you don't want to get those big touchdowns. We got about -- now we see that last year we -- more target. Memory is the Packers and it made no Devery Henderson yes you are seeing them at home and it -- But not on the road. Like your thought actually if you resentment part of. But it's personnel -- yeah I got you now part of it is the personnel on the football team and it's funny as watching. A little bit and highlights doing the television show. That in essence the -- steals touched down. That was -- Drew Brees Paul Blake. And that's the time clock it got all kind of screwed up Reese call the play. -- -- -- -- -- Now if he didn't Eddie did -- tell Revis looked like please let her play a little though it's Alderman demand god whom everybody was flat footed and does that it is still. -- like wide open I mean you're kidding me but the one they get the car Q and you thought I'd play that's not a Eagles secondary police. You guys wide open -- Brees has time you know part I'm telling you the Eagles secondary that that they're not very good. They cannot rush four people look at atop the -- -- you played the Seattle that the world. By the ark the Carolina -- that they can drop seven. And -- or get the -- it's like he's holding the ball against the Eagles. It's like now like Gregg Williams it feast or bad and live out of -- -- -- -- their blitz him and I think they've -- He's gonna. Or opt out watch Billy Davis and he's coached a lot of different places. That direct rate him below or -- that's an example if Greg Williams had a son. That was it a coordinated that was that it will know it they can't beat because Millie Davis does almost a lot of the exact same things. Gregg Williams does a lot of publicity roll situations yeah I thought last night with Dez Bryant on a walk down I. And he's all out blitz beating these one on one out -- a island you know -- that you can get that sort of thing last night Jason Witten. And that's it. He's a hall -- tonight in a great -- but not a good programs level today he caught twelve passes last night well now written this it. Jason Witten caught well past against the Eagles giving -- democratic pitch well the fifth yeah. Yeah atlas. A big you know play I don't think it well but it -- play him program like your -- please won't they lay up every week rush I bet -- going and just remember the way. Rick Williams. Late Vernon Davis in the morning on a play all game and we got burn and you got burned on that. But Billy Davis is very -- with the great. It -- in the -- does things. Yeah it makes a big play with Brashear. All art gives up a -- -- now I feel. And now I'm back it's awfully small. In the comforts part of the game now Paula nick nick nick hit a couple got to try to use -- -- drop linebackers out of the -- people. Not above one we had double digit sacks with the Texans. Now he's a drop linebacker. Or Philadelphia but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just got to look at that whether it's not that it that way it is not a factor with them in the Eagles were better now I'm not as -- -- it. I agree I think we've that in any group we've been out -- a lot of you flip coin only got to win one time that would -- announced that. It even though would not be able we would have point of the dog. When we're better than the Eagles. I don't get on the road the only way it's like that the weather is ridiculous -- -- looked like he -- one needs. And went about eight dollars and now that that's really bad it looks as though it's not bad listen we could have beat the Eagles all the way to reach out with a foot. And Michelle journal that you could accurate over the ball but which can be interesting. Is to see. Now these are two bad side it's because delicate Chip Kelly would bring it to the NFL -- over Oregon in that eyeball it. How these -- well. You'd think chip Kelly's released spreading out the pats. Spreading out to run. Mike -- -- obvious that it's like 5050 balance that's fourth they would run the ball. And the Eagles. Have the best running back in the NFL it shaking McCall and I was -- -- -- and that's like that but how hard I could we don't have to get it apparel good about that ticket. You think about that tickets can tackle JD because of 101 thing no way in hell I'll tell you -- better swarm the ball. The Falcons think it is gonna he's gonna rip. I -- LeSean McCoy and I'll hold. We don't have missed tackle two games that we like we thought we terrible and you fit if you look at it yet and the Rams all the missed tackles. No we do that kind of Gordon all of rubber like it is what it in the right direction to make the -- the mentally it's not the players to go do it. And I think problem that. But I -- that's the part about or learned by Troy yet that it -- him. But almost got to take the approach it that you don't wanna let him have a a big game where he has like two -- all purpose yards receiving. And running. What that you don't quarterback even though it's been -- -- -- Dick Pole what they have to beat you and he's been unbelievable 17 touchdown. To that's. That is to tell you. Reeves Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning and hit it NFL the touchdown to interception ratio. I'll tell -- -- -- how hard that is to do. If you told them the technology to allot more picks. And have a acuity of snaps and that's -- -- give and take full use props and that I don't put him in the elite of elite. -- -- at quarterback. Mike Hopkins you know I put the Bulls that Albert park in or top twelve Thibodeau because what it would be done with the Eagles I think a big. -- business successes offensive line like saying spot opens one minutes go to all season long. And have you gone back to that you run a 1008. Offensive plays. 500 rushing bullies 508. But on the rushing plays -- they're averaging five point one New York it's a rush now the -- and I also. They never run a 1042. Offensive plays. 391 rushing. 651. Passing but there are only averaging three point eight yards a rush. That's why -- now mark for me is not so much. The passing game -- right holes and DeSean Jackson he's gonna get the ultimate fighting through this and you watch that game yesterday that. Saints could not match up against right on the coverage part of the game -- Celek Zach -- James Casey. That they can market them but my thing about it is that you slow down. Who won two points of shady McCoy and Bryce Brown that you bring up that's big -- the best running back in the NFL today and I I couldn't disagree. I would say this I think Bryce Brown the best number. Back Bryce Brown is the running back remember. All the hype coming on a high school from -- that is written that it's made it hit its feet and anyway back to Kansas beat. He wanted to go to college that they didn't like him and all of it goes straight from high school -- -- I don't want to go to school. I -- politically football and that the -- obviously got an opportunity now with the Eagles because he could do really anything college even though he had that ability. You want it to be appropriate they want. About the only thing is Mike but already game averages three point eight yards a carry. That discourages me ala who won -- global. And ultimately had been of one off it what do we do. We could run the ball right now we 25 in running the ball. That's why I think of one the reason that Superman. We wish you would play on the roll like he does in the superdome. It didn't we went through them and considering those numbers but we scored two touchdowns. On the role compared to what we've done it don't. And -- negative. I don't wanna hear this who -- you get paid a million dollars that that -- what you would be human. They don't wanna hear the condition -- throwing the ball it's different than me tell you it is different. You -- like. A controlled environment ought to throw the ball -- without the -- on the tell you Wallace worked at it. -- played and it's over DelHomme superdome. To -- to -- the only one era I played outside. Politic Oakland coliseum in California. With a wet it was ultimately that's bring it -- if it. You have a with the bat Barbara so that was able to put up good numbers. -- -- -- Joseph Ferguson. Of the Buffalo Bills. You quick to what -- at a high school report along with Terry Bradshaw. He played Arkansas because of the Buffalo defense you know what they've Barrett and that -- I was leading. If he -- path and all of September or October come the end of October November and that wind blow it all the Great Lakes. All of them up at 1250 yard -- -- with -- on September come November December and think about right. The ball going down in the ground ticket so that's why our respect to guys who unbelievable cold weather. Tom Brady. And Jim Kelly the Buffalo Bills I'll tell the -- ball hard that is to do that I'll tell you those guys at a level. In the thick of -- whether that is I believe. And even -- -- -- -- Purdue he's -- on the level as those goggles Michael when the game. Well a lot more here on the second guess you're right that is great you -- negates that and it is that you just feel like -- to you Bobby April a lot of the so what was the casino -- side and Hancock county Mississippi. The odds have been put back all of what the board did you watch but it went fourteen. Super Bowl. And the Denver Broncos. And the Seattle Seahawks. All -- favorites eleven before. But they're number three -- need is interest in one. San Francisco. A while Courtney. Is 71. Not just think about that they're they're playing the odds a little bit. On what's happened in years past that any player all -- while Clark team gets and San Francisco seven no one New England nine to one. The Panthers and the one public and better I'm more but it. The Packers. Fourteen no one. Cincinnati angles Philadelphia Eagles -- sixteen to one. -- -- At the city point 521. Indianapolis when he ones early -- San Diego kind of bring it up at 41. The needs of the people got their own money on the line. And -- interest thing I think is the -- for the San Francisco at seven no one. When England nine to one look at I don't think -- are Seattle. Beckett did a big show. Yeah. Might get ridiculous put them once -- -- -- -- theories that should be -- doable without necessarily. The last time that happened was -- nine yes. In the end it's the right and just think about what's happened is this victory too radical Michael over a decade decade are right at decades -- But if you look at it. Just to -- -- parity in the league hopping NFL had the love that. Really. I mean what you're a football fan. What it was a lot of interest a -- channel whatever you look at a couple of kicking. Then it going down to -- wire you're nobody it seemed that if you like football and be too bad news I mean I have. Little -- second string people on the verge of winning that game against. San Diego really everything the play Faulk and right snuck up would really been a really good particular form. I mean he just barely missed is that no goal but oh unload it not supposed to Doolittle once -- Once I hit one extra need. I don't get out and I gonna happen so full on that originated at the big after that but that you think about this. So -- out top to bottom wherever he's needed now it does make it they would let you play on the road ran home. Which I'm a little while cart teams right now I mean realistically with how explosiveness that eighth and beat. Considering their experienced also. Look at the wild card team San Francisco who forty got to think it would have been accused -- not -- the only undefeated team that you look at it argues. I mean let's that in my article if you like third that I football the -- is written Denver and -- buckles on the line of scrimmage. So I mean it's the label he's. Wide open and really -- moles. Everest no defined number one no ego in the National Football League today the wrist not you might say because yeah -- -- -- -- real the Broncos at the Broncos because I think you have to trust them and Seattle's offense is no great here. It's I'm not lately critic at the -- We'll look at Seattle's -- -- that. Meaning we Carolina Carolina couldn't -- -- there are all fit couple didn't even if you convert a third down again. Carolina and it looks like the one he didn't -- eleven version of elegy. In essence they can play great defense great special teams and he -- 83 and out with a -- Are they make a big play. In this and most of the time it's three and out. They they just don't make enough plays offensively I think Carolina's one and done what -- -- separates -- too -- I think it's all political play Carolina. In the in the second week of the playoffs -- they ended up beating green make it upon Green Bay didn't win there then I don't wanna play Carolina right in and that meticulous. I don't -- Carolina right now. And because that are all brits I mean -- you and no fault of his -- -- to me man advantage in making. Any in the -- that when that guy exactly slow you know off again. Other put it in the Pro Bowl but you know they won a lot of game -- you want it because of their running game. And a great defense not ordeal in the second guess you'll write up this -- -- -- John Maine's. What have acted like you get chill -- it's that your Bobby -- -- definitely operated jaguar opinion poll. You do feel confident the Saints game went on the road in Philadelphia. Cast your vote at WWL dot com if you go to telephone -- -- -- in -- city big John in -- huddle with Bob and Mike. Well. Pull our ultimate and what -- side -- right. -- -- and you put out there for everybody was famously won on the road the answers obviously yet. But if I'm gonna put my finger on three items it's going to be this. Number one. I think the most significant call in yesterday's blow out win against Tampa Bay and I would talk and see about it -- -- -- -- third and seven. Down on RV eight. And hit golf Vietnam a touchdown and did a lot of arm is -- -- his -- I mean his -- all the way -- been that was the whole could be driven a Mack truck through fear. Yeah picked up big -- who you're playing right now and I think -- Like -- to about coach -- I thought he had an outstanding job did an outstanding job call at least I guarantee you would it was third at seven. That hole the reason why it was so baker there's no way in hell that that that -- -- but the thing -- -- it. No dog out to play calling the right play on. At the right time and it does Derrick Thomas that hole with diabetes hit it and got it you would show you how discouraging. That was in -- -- we -- run the ball this year. You know let the long touchdown run before -- ever. Had that eight yard touchdown. Any worries -- -- seven -- go outside the Arab. Get to eight yards and later in the game Drew Brees got the night York. So 200 three like dollar broad have been but agree that I kind of beat itself -- it. -- the thing about it is -- global law that. You got a yard touchdown run. Absolutely absolutely yeah. And you know the thing you EP breaks 20 lead and ending in that situation all you want you thinking there -- -- It's historically it's not like to run the ball do you like the past the set up the line. This silly game when you can run the the best you can get -- don't you start creeping into the box. He got to get -- running back in group group I know that's not the usual mantra but in a cold weather situation you might have no you got to get on -- back go. The second point. You've got to play sixty minutes defeat at -- -- -- -- -- he can't quite happy that I'm gonna compared expect it to be glad he got to play sixty minutes and Pete got. Look -- if they can't do equipment Carolina thirteen -- -- we can't -- we call waiting for a next week they can't take their foot off the the -- some guys on that field. And obviously programs -- Malcolm Jenkins and and you absolutely justified and that some of these guys need to work as a the play off and you GQ and squared up. You tackle -- dot net income critical trip that guy off. Great -- is the third thing but mark he set piece from yesterday especially round here. Eliminate the one tree on the field -- attempt now only 400 yards once again. Yeah yeah which got -- it was ninth but basically hunter but that's not winning football -- a close game doesn't have a hockey player and brought it back down are brought up. I'm I'm out now he's the line Bob went a mile and Kenny don't -- the answer the and so you know that I'm aware it's more it's time for Kenny still at an even thought Jimmy Graham to a couple -- Marcus -- -- -- group. After the referee Scott who -- gyrations on the L Williams Moore was doing you know they are all on the field -- that was that was painful look at. And then it could get act and model. As -- -- X -- Well yeah -- couple straight -- of the -- And and -- on the other side of the line and a few people get these late hit a couple of late hits and in that instance really stupid penalties. -- that's gonna send you all very very early in the playoffs. And it is to put it behind the eight ball -- give -- a person don't want it rather than of course the tenth. We saw what happened in the game yesterday against del Taco Bell -- toll or the whole situation. This group brutalities and that was on the couples more doubt you got to maintain a minimum amount of mistakes when you're in playoff football especially. Especially on the -- But you would say it one last thing network -- -- -- spring an upset that that late 20s22. To one something like that when you have. Yet they were a number of if they remember -- -- played on the road against Atlanta and Chicago. And Tampa earlier this year. And it could be. Winning and I'm moving on in the playoffs -- -- to get what they give people like to play because the Jets are aware of parity act against Carolina obviously. Appleby and guys -- would just wait for the draft debate Ottawa people wait for the draft in April I -- people tomorrow will be at least in the NFC championship game. And in another crack at Seattle more than there. -- all. Right. A right big John and immediately I think Arnold was the B yeah he'll motivate yourself in the foot that the bottom line. Let me tell you look at this. The that was three categories that I observe on this year's team. And it's been -- -- the short beaten him some grief and that if you look at it the first drive. We -- a very impressive. We go to ninth place. Eighty yard that it Brees hit it Horford 44 yard touchdown that might have been reasons bad path. Because -- -- -- -- break stride and that was perfect I brought up a chalkboard and the reason why a -- that I can big John -- to what we did on the road. You know we get on the road to Chicago to keep the crowd help. Drove down the first drive Garrett Hartley kicked a 48 yard field goal. So you look at the added -- fourth quarter we are up fourteen to seven you know what that means there's Sean Payton. As we used that they spent the 2006. To the Saints get off to a great start not so much this year but I think it's about eight. The thing when they lead after the first quarter -- would you watch an Eagles game if we when he got the first water. The fate or Florida one and nine. That's over 80%. Of the time this thing when the inning after the first water I think we got a great chance to win but why bother drug racket. Also at guard -- break. Other point. I'll scoring defense has been unbelievable on the rob brought -- -- -- look Gregg Williams hit it but right now rubber line we picked up -- -- throughout the whole year. We allowed one Europe or a polite we're fortieth grand. Four losses Cheney all of the all -- that we golden eagle at one point I don't know that happening are. A playoff game at Seattle whatever if it's warning of -- there's no way in hell we should not win and when you commit funeral journals like we did yesterday. The state that several off which likely -- We're 2185 and -- what we don't turn over the ball to look at that we can like build a thinking regrets in. And those things haven't played -- in the bottom Italy in. That I think it's he'll be a high twenties. All early thirties type game between Eagles Saints know battle whether or not while a lot more talk about here on the second guess you're right at it is great -- Welcome back that it's against Joseph my identity of Bobby ate me alive it's also at the casino. Beats nodded and got on Matsui beat him and Thibodeau did you know -- Bob and Mike. Thanks a lot. Really enjoy your program and thank him and I know both you know from way Mike tortured daughter and Nichols state -- remembered. Now -- archer. It's opening up an up -- -- they -- under the three syllables you mean yeah you go oh yeah and and Bobby. I'd. Didn't have the tutor him much but I had -- As a student -- Wednesday. And really enjoy you know man I also know that that we. Got real football coach because Bob maybe issues in play but -- them all well I'm originally you know that that is accurate. Well what you think about the politics of that now here my great uncle partly galli I don't know I know it is the president and coach limits all of a sudden. You know I think when I had awesome games -- -- wells and are less than. The at that time because all the articles that would go to closes -- when you're not -- but it really done that quality that you asked that a couple of years. Again the job. No immunity and yet it was delivered that year it. And Nen and it was I mean it was one of the most inept decisions over mine and -- was quite correct in just. Completely jamming him you know and everything else not -- but you know where they finished sometimes do. And now followed Bobby's career would be great deal of interest and only thing that I regret that he didn't play -- Since that a player involved with all the -- up there and not them against them at all. But but -- and it's really changed his career low because I'm not maybe how that decision to go to northwestern. You'll like wouldn't be different. There's probably would have played in the NFL I don't know Holler and develop I was still raw at the bottom virgin all of them to back out of high. And I read it bill -- a year I don't know like over to occur every three. Coach -- all the whose throw whoever is open I don't know lately but. Three step five step drop you got -- Burton act -- Anderson and I got to play -- who went to tour average and Ebert show the ladies aren't big deals that brought the right place right time. I finally was let's look at how we got really good job on the block somebody would that divine intervention on NNL Obama it was also -- Lerner to one of the fastest. All the good news it. Yes indeed you're and you were you Marco -- in camp but nothing we remember that like well you know but not. Always. -- out athletic and academic because I was open LA if you went down and -- was -- them get there. -- not -- -- -- bit among -- there so there and and and you know. Had Bradshaw actually Bradshaw actually came in and -- -- -- couldn't pass to one point six predictable in the math and sciences. And that probably ended up attack which is another beautiful success story. You know you know but the main thing on this one -- gradually build bonds show and Bob and I both know what happened on that deal and I just wish that. You know at least we got -- and man and people who have won the greatest thing in LA issue I mean when -- got low. Oh. Yeah that's right that's for. And he's back so I mean you know worked -- but it sure would have denied that it and it's -- the way. But. Thanks oh. Thanks so much you know we appreciate -- thank you thank you all right then aren't we have more here on the second Daschle right at this brickyard to beat Yates. Finished you know up here on our number one of the second -- show. A lot of people -- on the Texas asked about it Ole miss the beating. Georgia Tech right now when he 37 team in the fourth water -- a little over twelve minutes the plate and in that football game. Ellis you've canceled notice they've really root Donte' -- -- -- that back the back unbelievable games against LSU. Against Georgia Tech he's caught six passes 413 yards and a touchdown so all business beating Georgia Tech right now in the fourth quarter. When he reached seventeen. Of Duke Reid's done an outstanding job in the Georgia -- or. Team to prepare forward you've got you don't see that many option type team -- You know -- you bring up my group but how about. That reminds me of Wesley -- the grip the secondary coach. He was initially brought on board Barbara -- brought on board Rob Ryan had said. -- this pistol in his spread option. Because you got a -- to projection. Made you got to play our threes in the world. The cavs until the world but now we play this spread option but not necessarily that running quarterback we you know you have them at some input. Wouldn't even -- the game plan because Reagan could Chip Kelly bring in the college for an NFL high defended. Yet in so much of it today. Is the old dive play as the oldest play in football and yet they won it in so many different variations of a lot or don't second guess -- also. JJ wants Sheila Jason doll -- minutes will be right -- yep right up this huge break you know that negates evident with Donnie.