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12-30-13 5:35pm Bobby and Mike: on Saints-Eagles

Dec 30, 2013|

Bobby and Mike talk with Sheldon Mickels of the Advocate about the Saints' upcoming playoff game against the Eagles.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We got -- the nichols' home what this long time. Saints beat reporter or at the Baton Rouge advocate Shelton thanks so much for naught and it's. -- -- -- Do -- despite jump on it in watching the Eagles play over the last year not so much was made it this the peak height. Company which you yelling. In this explosive offense and out of -- the body of run a 1008 offensive plays. 500 -- been running plays 508. Passing you couldn't get any more balance and what they do but really. They are fuel but their running game and shady McCoy Bryce Brown. In my opinion just look at it this game turnovers. Are certainly going to be a factor but but it's -- it's basically -- slow down. That rushing attack and Eagles and forcing the Bulls to beat you gotta be. Yeah and and you know he's he's done. He's got a pretty good job of these people because you know you know he's only has not -- two interceptions and I mean when you have a running game like that helped by a guy out like batted point seven touchdown two interceptions and a running game has averaged about a 160 -- Damon 500 -- that you mentioned when asked about it but a solid numbers 500 just construct an old man that is unbelievable and and I have all the dog they have it and they have three really good cornerback Albert road -- -- They'll they'll bring the -- it and you know rob Ramon get involved he cares so. That that it can be a tall order of the Saints even -- -- the -- -- defense in the NFL heard. It's going to be tough because you know the the other many of ample opportunity in the NFL. United do -- old games so it it's going to be a cup talent or. I'm Sheldon well and I look at outweigh the Eagles are -- he's definitely in and now look at the shape at the Saints. Don't shoot themselves in the foot -- beacon journal of the ball. That they should have success. I'm -- -- Eagles obviously like the gamble. The calls turnovers. You know. Kind of you know Gregg Williams like live out of sort -- -- or you know piece of famine and I think if they don't take chances. That all of look at it and number of plays. Just guys wide open against the Eagles in the in the secondary. That I mean it's not really gonna change -- those are big and that if we can have some tips the balance that run the ball to them a few a few times the QB in the upper twenties not a note when he needed hitless they. But in the protect Drew Brees and I think that he'll have a big day and is going to be cold. I don't think you know the win make -- be a factor. But I still look at reason evidently the -- if that eagles' defense. Yeah and and not looking at -- -- they don't local mark on it and you know the Eagles rank 32 in in against the pass so good at the pin that's something you look at right away in you know it's not too cold and too windy. I think the Saints don't. You know that they tell us there but we don't know for sure you know they -- cold doesn't ever. What bothered him sometimes as a pin money when they get -- you know the ball and make a ball -- -- they -- drop you know you know I can knock it down yeah especially on the long ball -- You know I I I think they they pick on up against -- favorable matchups there when you gonna get the perfect right up because the millionaire even work -- balance. With job young as he thought it was funny car you know just ripped the -- that night. Shelton one of the things to me in watching Eagles. Now -- -- -- long line it really is moving -- good unit all upfront the five starters that's ordered every. Game this season form. And really -- the Saints defensively. I've been -- brought. Really their front four because they played so much for me in front I think that's why the games lost -- want. Saturday night I really think it's a clinch game where in the saints' defense of line. Stop -- at least slow down shady McCoy get pressure on polls. And put the Eagles. It's to create those holes sort of speaks so. I think there's threat being their offensive line against the Saints biggest threat that their defense applied. That's the areas to watch in this football game it's going to be a clinch game and that's where I think you're gonna come and basically come at a loss right there. Well absolutely and you know. A lot of people you know they could complain about run defense as a very good and in the mean. Let's face -- their nineteenth but a lot better than they were a year ago when there -- -- -- -- You know given up about a 111 yards a game but yet I think how I'm -- gets the run you look at. You know they stopped Frankel -- -- you know they did good job on. I'm trying to think back now you know -- Fred Jackson you know regain it I guess build on the good running back they've had some success against them. You know so -- -- -- -- have beyond. Even -- this week in and not try to slow down you know LeSean McCoy and right around you know it's it's obviously. Really go off -- a lot of -- you know number last year the Eagles and one of the things that cost and you read -- job eventually they they had. In and out there are a lot Gaza on Iowa. And it just goes to show you that you need to have a I'm really good -- at the line to make things work. -- yeah -- I mean who would have thought this you know we all hanging out and training camp back in August. And now we would of opened out Rob Ryan get that defense middle of the pack. You look well Malone talked about this last he's given up four of forty yard. And -- you look at. Kournikova cavity people who given up basically 307 yards thinking that you only allowed 290. Still basically well all 400 yards last. Rookie I mean to me that is a -- if somebody would is that that among the media in training camp that Rob Ryan. It's almost like you have a top five the pins and that -- gonna put up those kind of numbers. I think we dollars or eight. -- Creighton what are you smoking and if you look at it that if this thing this year. -- that we can make it he sort of does the kid if it happened at -- away. That's the thing to me why did not getting the recognition. And a great way of what -- at 39 takeaways. We'll one yet but he that late. When -- getting that big way to Darren Sharper thing. Maybe -- like that job play that government but while one that beats sweet. Come playoff time we get please take -- team budget. He does -- -- the wide. It is like getting the recognition. That they haven't gotten the takeaways. Like we did that boy here we also had seventy -- now. Exactly and then you look at it they had fifteen takeaways in the first seven games and going. For the last time and so you know it come about drought he could play but yeah I I mean you've gone back the training camp you could it's a mile and it would be smoke up and I'm afraid we were in. So we're just the idea that but you know -- La -- that the current two way player I mean you know backpack and you'll I would have told you live. You know Butler told you hate it and it between fifteenth and twentieth in total defense it's the morning and absolutely you would go on you to go on they could openly on Kerney you know that your back -- -- word but I mean you look at that they finished fourth in total defense second. Against the the united indelible a lot of big plays this year -- not nearly as many -- -- -- The only thing like Bobby had -- in -- and take it. Odd at 4040 non pac which is the most -- and -- lot -- -- -- And the -- -- 2001. And fifty grief and you have to go back more than a decade upon the last time they had more sacks and -- I mean. And and and then the thing that that that really really really you know try to tell people is look at injuries it and in the secondary been beaten up and block people for the season. You know bought Jonathan Vilma new -- Kenyon Coleman a guy that Rob Ryan would like anger out on the -- -- -- the one run beat -- around and -- it looked. I mean I -- I mean I think I counted eight god that they were counting on -- on -- are on that he couldn't. And then back to back down and Roman Harper and not objected to miss games and you know so he made big heck of a job you know get -- or right. Shelton thanks so much for joining us we appreciate it. All right Tariq arm no problem thanks so much -- the nickel from the Baton Rouge morning advocate more hero in the second initial run at the as break unity gates opening.