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12-30-13 6:30pm Bobby & Deke with Mickey Loomis

Dec 30, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk with Saints General Mangaer Mickey Loomis about the Saints' upcoming playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Will command now executive vice president and general manager of the saint Mickey Loomis and Mickey first of -- congratulations to your organization. But getting to the post season but now we're talking about this so last night done on the on locker room with a post game show. The two wild card teams make Q is that 43 victories between one team has eleven and has twelve. Maybe two of the -- -- caught team we've seen it in AFC if not the NFL the twelve win team an eleven win team that's a I'm owed a call while Clark but that they'll those records say they are anything but while call. Well deep in your right it's than usual they have. To have you know 1112 -- wild card teams in and also to have attend sixteen -- airs on a good team there that didn't wouldn't even make the playoffs with a good record so. We need every one of those eleven victories that's for sure. Now I'm -- if you look at it. -- connect with me that's below five. Make you bullet. If you look at -- made -- movies much I believe this sport make plays. If you look yesterday unbelievable. Read the layups or the way him and try I thought maybe the timing. What are through -- passes in that conversation. That 44 yard touchdown. In the 41 yard it to me jumping to any bills. That these huge order. They've actually life seems like we're able Beatles played in the film. But not necessarily on the road until last year you look at Joseph Morgan. Well he's right that he is unbelievable. Against the Packers haven't made things like on the role we haven't really had. Those shot lead like we have to go. Yet if this in this big question -- if I knew exactly what the answer woods we wouldn't have those issues. But yet you know. Look I think I think some of our road. Problems this year a little bit of an aberration and if you look at if you look at our road record over the last five or six years here with. With you know with a team that we've had we've had I think maybe the best road record in the NFL over those those games in the regular season so. In some of that weather related some of its just playing good teams on the road and hand. You know I don't have an explanation for it and I know this we -- we have three good plays street three long plays in this last game two great throws. And in -- best it can average by by Tampa Beatty can fills them in the middle. But we like to have those yet they yet stick with the defense giving him. Now they Kia you look at what you -- -- championship. Well the one on a lot or you your whole life. Or you know the ball well and you -- -- and also healthy not healthy. I mean to me. All -- encouraged him and Andy and then myself also but I think. The impact of move -- -- greater. And especially -- accountable. I mean I think has that have and devastating. Not military in theory it's next man -- It to me -- for Carroll. I've been more impressed -- that wherever he's -- -- tackle. And you'll look at number one draft pick. I think deadly the past decade -- not legal elements -- history. They keep it Erika Harold that's for me via -- production them might be the best ever. We just talk about in -- to partner -- apparel. And really. You know great opportunity for Roman Harper and I'll continue to step up. Yet you know -- Alyssa you took just subject here that that it didn't get talked a lot about with thirteen men and -- since the sense really even in early in training camp and even before that we've had we've had a number of injuries. That have taken people off of our defense. Starting with you know Victor Butler in the off season and in and out. You know Jon Vilma and will Smith and in -- -- you mentioned a number gays did. -- Coleman. Bit that we were really coming into the season counting on him for our defense and improving that you know let's say the ball and so I think guys had to step up. We've been member of you know college free agents. We have been faster and -- hicks is improved from from a year ago. You know just a number of guys that that have stepped in in and taken the place. Players that have been injured and so. You know came to carry you touched on net he's had a great rookie season he's been. You know I think he's probably exceeded your expectations. And and we had high expectations for him. You know I don't think he was talked enough about. In terms of the league and in hand you know being. Being. May be rookie of the year I think he had to use him that kind of the season so we he'll definitely be missed. And yet. You know to be it will be the next day at the net and our coaches are defensive coaches they'll find a way to adjust to and make up for his production. Would visit and executive vice president and general manager of the playoff bound to all of Saints Mickey Loomis who we continue more. A with -- to talk about the Saints big matchup Saturday night in the city of brotherly love against the Philadelphia Eagles. It's a special playoff edition of a coach's show up at a -- and Saints radio network. And welcome back the coach's show on the New Orleans Saints radio network busy with executive vice president and general manager. Mickey Loomis is the Saints keeps it to take on the Philadelphia Eagles Saturday night right here at seventeen and on the New Orleans Saints. Radio network and Mickey with a lot going on right now of course a big college bowl games for long it will be the Senior Bowl. Take us through what the up front office's doing right now to a value -- the talent it will it's yet to be of -- -- -- crop as far as. -- available draft picks and three. Well you know our for short college scouts have been out on the road. Throughout the unit throughout the fall file their reports we've had a couple meetings. Oh you know we'll have in the -- way after the first year. And and have you know take our first look at. What will eventually become our draft board. Some are pro scouting department they've been evaluating. Players this entire the season and we'll have. Hopefully all of the upcoming. And she could free agent today who is restricted free -- evaluated by. In a perfect world by the end of January in -- -- have. You know month. A month to treat them in the end develop a plan for this coming down off season. Now -- you know make yeah I mean I don't know you have to look at their crystal ball and definitely speculate. I don't know anyone in this moment to me. It was truly been an outstanding job in I don't know holly KB this is the go to the years even have -- a war. But rob grinding what he's dealt with -- you can't you elaborated talked about it earlier. With the number of injuries. When you look where we rank you know the -- look at it that look at total yards. I mean guys here he had a a top five defense but -- all the good score and keep it in the consistently was late in. You know given up in the team only night he'd want to team right now and that you look expectation. The maturity about cam charted how he's gotten better year in the QB to lead. Outstanding and and the question I have. In this has to be exciting is that when you look at he pitches and when you got -- can't keep -- civilians. Were all of us you know one has well and have -- Well. That that had to be frustrating golf with the coordinators. Which -- that I protection. That that the -- -- you go let it Cameron started got to have the quarterback. Scores -- no protection but just talk about what you people it does none. I couldn't move at all opened things bad that we beat -- middle of the pack. And that that you get that truly and that's -- me and like you Mitchell and all the injuries and how they've been able to produce. We can that we now. You have Bobby that you're here he hit my you know when we had here because I don't think any of us expected. You expect their defense to be ranked fourth in total yards. And look at that the only major of the good defense. Or bad defense for that matter. And yet and yet it's it's the you know it's the one that the league uses it -- so first to be fourth. You know it's interesting what were fourth on offense that we -- for them offensively in fourth and defensively and I think we're the only team in the league to have. I know we're the only team in league had a top five offense and defense and so that speaks well to. You know our coaches and players have done and you know wrapped in a fantastic job as has. All of our defense you coaches you bit Bill Johnson bring and -- McGriff and and so. You know those guys have been contested jabbing and -- and yet we've had a number of players -- bit of head you know and not just good seasons but great seasons and you mentioned two of them cam Jordan news usually take in. That's step from being you know a good player to being one of the best. Defensive ends in the league. I think junior who that is taken a big step in and you know I was a little surprised. That he can get more votes and more consideration for the pro ball I think he deserves that in yet. The Royals who knows that. This is the year where his name is is you becoming known and so I think that as he continues to improve that get probable consideration in the future. I think he came Lewis has had a great season forests and another player that they could've. Easily been named the probable. From. Kessel Phillips feel like. Chris Lofton and David Hawthorne had good seasons and and so there's there's a number of guys have played well looking -- as I mentioned earlier is improved and we had some young -- step up and and you know it's exciting because generally on defense we have a pretty young team and so. I concede im getting better and better. Over the next few years. -- you know Mickey yeah. You might have answered it might feel like which had an answer. You look all -- experience. In the NFL quarterback this I don't know coming with the thing I don't think I've ever witnessed this. And we've been unbelievable. Efficient on offense that scores scoring offenses -- -- -- and -- -- you want to -- agreement the Packers in the Patriot. You know wandered through -- Sean Payton. That you look at this season. I mean enough points on the role birth at home and home where African. 33 points to gain and they don't the rule only nineteen point is that any rhyme or reason behind that. Because in the -- that when this early victories. We were always able to score. But it seems like obviously score and all that strong role. Yeah it was you know we certainly have I wish in it it's the same thing and it's an area you know I don't have a reason or an answer for that if we did we certainly correct that. I'd like to think that it today every shin and yet in yet today you know that's continued this season and in in. But you know as I mentioned his name mentioned earlier you know we've had a lot of success on the road so I I just think it is an aberration in the coincidence. As opposed to something that we're doing differently on the road. Hum. -- -- we've had some tough places please go to Seattle -- that's a tough place to play Carolina's tough place to play and -- you know against the defense is and so that's that's certainly part of the reason we have to give. Teams that we play credit and look we all play all of all the teams in the NFL play that are home we have the advantage of of the crowd noise and hand me -- with with. The environment so that's certainly effective but that. And I don't have a specific reason that it knows those variables to that point two. You know making -- like -- what I ate at the -- back. And you know you put that would be talking about I don't know what it -- apartment lately but 151006. Only the Patriots have had a better road record at it since 2009. Towards the middle -- he's been. We have all league team that we had the best road record now -- behind the Patriots. It's slightly behind that giant through 2009. But that does so -- that's why this season I guess it is what it is but that had to be -- good track record. Because we've been a good road team in 2000 thing. Yet -- you know you write about -- and again that's that's look we're concerned about it I don't wanna give the impression that we're not concerned about it obviously you know we're gonna have to play three games on the road to get to this -- also so. No we need to play well on the road that that at the same time. You we've we've had success in you know they're being used in and I think we have an expectation that rule will continue and -- and the success. Mickey now looking forward to these games against the Philadelphia Eagles another ballclub a year ago at this point. Maybe it's about changes that you have again and then him for so long but. On their back in the post season not often you see a guy make that -- BC -- coach is completely taking the playoffs with solid year. But Weis will coach -- and of course so with coach Peyton. But our coach and moved from the college ranks. To the NFL ranks him or. It seems like who wondered -- -- will be. The flow of the ballgame we've done so well have a position. In Philadelphia when they get into a rhythm when they get to a role. Favorite I think it gets that far -- -- in some of this and some of the game to see if it's exit rabbits -- -- place. They have and if they controlled tempo I think that will be probably key this week is who can dictate pace the game that they like. Well. Listen you're exactly right. You know they played it a tremendous. Fast pace the new temple you know that that they're you know. Breaking the huddle with -- -- -- -- seconds left some things snapping at that point five seconds left them. I'm on the clock so. You know that's an usual although you know there's there's member teams that played a fast pace New England being one of them you know -- we in. Historically played there in at a fast pace but not that fast and so it would be challenge for our defense. And yet you know. Controlling tempo as what to do with just you know making first downs so we can get them off the field you know they went three plays real fast that's fine. Because who went out plays and make them make first downs and and and you know -- who control the clock that way. Now on making you know that discernment. You look at. That's who want continuity obviously on the -- lines that would -- that Iran arms it. Where Charles Brown is that an -- and I don't think that they have given -- -- all round theory. That you know he's very kind of honorable locals you know look at it through the first eight games. In that and given up five acts. -- seven hit point nine carries with it before that -- -- the kind of -- corner you know we don't know which team vile. You know when you look at that ran gain that and also you know warm and there. Going against party. And that you have to look at the competition. Public good -- the last two games at five sacks and an outstanding team -- the Falcons bit -- yet like arguing Murray. I'm better now he is a veteran guy like salt problem. And also aren't to -- arms. As far as they -- and an opportunity. Just they'll mad about that rough. Well you know I. I think first well there's always competition at every position and you have you -- show. You can do it or can still do it a few of the veteran player coming in the end that we -- seeing some good things from Charles and Charles did some good things during the season. And yet here he struggled. Who struggled really against Saint Louis and you know we said to make change -- -- to run in there and we drafted -- -- I'm. To be left tackle for us and -- he's got to exceptional athletic ability for you know man his size. And I would say this we're very encouraged by. The performances he has in these first two games in any struggled bit the first half. Against Carolina and yet we felt like he he did a real good job in the second half. And I felt like he improved in and did well in this last game in and he's good run blocker and in in as good as he gets more experience he'll be he'll be even better in pass pass protection games so. We're very encouraged with two runs in the end and you're exactly right look -- -- given up on any players. -- is talented players talented. Tackling and and played right tackle force -- left tackle and yet. You know when you really look at -- hasn't played. And started a lot of games yet so he he's he's a young player still in hand there's room for improvement from certainly has the talent and the ability to play. The position NFL. He is executive vice president and general manager of the New Orleans Saints Mickey Mickey thank you so much for the time again gradually stepped into the post season and good luck this weekend at Philadelphia thank you guys appreciate it. All right thank you thank you very much we will continue to special edition of the Saints coaches show on into all of saints' radio network.