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12-30-13 7:35pm Bobby and Mike with Jeff Palermo on LSU-Iowa

Dec 30, 2013|

Bobby and Mike talk with WWL.com contributor Jeff Palermo about the upcoming Outback Bowl featuring LSU and Iowa.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jeff we're doing great. -- an -- talking about this we we did you view it's more to do radio. That night in about how this match up. I think when you look at little paper early on. Jimmy Ellis should really get a lot of Iowa. -- me not let us it's about L issue this looks to be a major mismatch almost all of Bobby just the way the teams match up. I think I was gonna be in his game on I think it's -- to the bitter rim because of back. Big offensive line they're gonna be patient running the football they have a huge -- -- -- veterans and all I know listen watching. The final game of the season against Arkansas. And I think I was a better team and Arkansas Arkansas had great success running the football but also -- Henry. The freshman -- did -- caught five passes in that game -- local -- touchdowns. Ellis who had no. Not a record to try to stop him. And I was the -- especially their front seven is really really good I think I was gonna really put up a tough tough game against LSU. I think so I don't think that it can be gained and Ellis and real concerned -- all about quiet great but -- that frankly. Literally amateur and it you know he may have really put together for sixty minute game that he'd been in. Think that there -- do it here in the ball game I don't think it I think it unrealistic to think if -- play. It's better leaders have a surprise for him to first start it. You back to the opposite lines then Ottawa at Arkansas had they got to apply that Britain and -- he a lot of troubles but at the everyone thought -- reality defensively. Got over -- -- had -- feet and made big play or Ellis sprang. In that. -- depth when it is that would be able all around Johnny and now that you know -- -- while they did a good job. -- -- -- I think Iowa could have been drive and you know we have in the mean Alex you've got him as he meant it. You sit there pretty loud you know who has not played on is whether Ohio -- or whoever it may be so. But yelling when you're ranked in the top ten defensively you know probably -- Points alliance yeah you know I I think you've got to give them credit I felt like gallons in the way enemies pt spread somewhere around. A touchdown and I think that's the the date but the thing that you know I was -- -- this game's not like 3184. That weren't there. Territory I agree I agree I think that's. It's pretty good -- and linebackers to watch Iowa. James -- Anthony hit both those guys have been significantly as well for the Iowa Hawkeyes still. What are the things man in your pocket -- and players all that I would team. It put of one Ellison's team I would want -- Nixon's. Based awful what I've seen play linebacker at LSU. But you know what can you do look at Iowa Iowa was really bad -- that bad and and that obviously for LSU. Especially with the pats coordinator John -- this is probable that Pitt toward the -- statistically that he -- that side -- it. You know those guys spent a lot of time in the offseason reviewing the tape all over things trying to figure out how to become better and it and it took it upon themselves. And it's very individual and as perfectly during the upbeat to a world and so hopefully maybe there -- kind of -- a -- -- -- tell -- defensively and how to get batters in his -- And obviously about the chance or else you try to fill. For -- team with a great defensive performance. Now -- I don't know if you got this analogy mandate that the media have -- just are almost all luck on -- team. Instead of a bowl beat the bills note that that that what recruits are -- signing -- in all the speculation. Which you can theater this about the fourteenth glad. In my understanding. That did the conversation. And that we might be maybe the best ever. So why have you gotten and think he's back I have we play in the Outback Bowl but what about the -- the future. Yeah and I would double to report that a lot of -- fans that have made -- to Tampa went. Hanging out around worthy enough players are being put an under armour all American game in. Tried to -- -- political players become ballot you it is a big game if I have seen a lot of win or lose. You know it let me tell you look at the Iowa put. They cannot play their five guys that are gonna eat inactive in the under armour game that are. Or have LSU under consideration you know they make it for those guys. And that LSU loses in the outback ball and I think people are Ellis incredible candidate away. Bay Area where the flyers and I know like you the latter Ornette I know yeah he can't get guys. I you know beating all. I've seen him play a few times but my biggest thing today in you know more about this and either my -- That I -- -- Internet transfer from a quarterback could be in -- -- wide receiver. Then there's the development of that and it's you know -- BD I don't know if that they could walk the world -- It's you guys confident group and not being played and I hope they -- yet. It latter part of journal world and now I think they've got a good shot we'll let you know summit are -- make a big big advocate out of Florida. Some of the things that generated not well lately maybe not. They get they keep it -- -- it well. And it felt he got beat Iowa I think that the pretty good two days for the Tigers. Now I have I didn't realize this and obviously. One -- Well raw quarterback and Anthony and considering. Keep up big when they counted but it really was one drive once you -- We knew the kid Ellis off it the Cam Cameron and not realize that I've only LSU history. But SEC history. That Ellis who became the first SEC team. In the history to have a 3000 yard passer. 21000. Yard receiver and also a thousand yard -- Well -- talk about balance and obviously. You know you gotta replace those guys. We got this day that it's been -- plus plus. Above and beyond what Cam Cameron has done with these better players all the office. To put up those kind of numbers that theater in SEC history. Although I doubt about it I think the golf forgive -- credit to. Wide receivers coach Adam and referred to bell got Bible Belt back up and Jarvis land here I mean these guys -- can that are. Coming out of high school good -- beavers but you know they were cute and cut off Canada -- beating bill inning. So it Beckett Vietnam of it out they made -- you guys. Really good one be reviewed your journey -- -- a great running back to begin. You know deep group probably off the field troubles he turned out to be. Mary -- I think you gotta give credit the right well for developing -- beat you give credit apparently he's been in Berlin. Despite trying to make a wide -- there for a while. And it obviously came camera what you've been able to do with that that -- it was really a perfect storm at all on the gathered for him now. Although -- a -- and guys that are you know pocket and a policy but players now. But then had his season that you know that they can possibly have and and I think they all. But there like -- but what you anticipated out. I think that you don't help in that group what after you get past that game Iowa. It'd -- you're basically start from scratch. I mean you're a -- the pat and I went Jeremy you know I mean. You're your your lone rookie you'd. He's part of your -- and if you've only Landry Beckham have gone in and it Jeremy -- -- me. I'm now probably -- is not an opposite not really am currently a pay cut because it's. It is going to be an arm out and in you don't want me. In 2014. You know they -- -- -- -- that -- -- growing pain that he we are -- -- -- Now -- -- any speculation here -- the rumor -- ours. Like in the coaching changes. I've heard speculation that media most all -- the line. Think coach that might move on ethnic and Cammermeyer what -- you rate you know wanna -- guys and I know also in the waiting. That ago when you look at all -- the line coaches in. -- sports -- develop players we could be that complete linemen not just the run blocker but pass protector. That they'd be you bring in a guy like -- it will Kristen. You meet an outstanding you look at the situation they Graham and that ultimately B Kevin why. To have the iconic NFL experience we can actually develop all the linemen I don't like to run block. Power football but also -- -- Yeah you can have you guys hear you open walker and but I'm a we've we've done correctly that it's happier just closed it and capitalize spinning around -- I'd like -- why don't kind of got they had to move on the -- Now you know he can pretty much whatever you want to do you know all he can write his ticket you know to -- -- we've talked about it. Possible candidate in a four point three jobs work of course he spent the -- and coach see he's got a lot of roots in the mid what -- -- -- from Ohio so. Maybe that the committee but wanted to. To suit up in different weather yeah and a community as a matter. We'll get back to being where he can be an office coordinator play call again. You know what -- Utley TI and I think you're correct that for -- that is. I I don't look at it is an economy animosity. -- because he beat you've spent years -- -- the coordinator and you know basically got demoted. Back down off at like coach now I don't think it could be an -- you think it's going to be -- -- -- do. -- building -- -- career co Q did they can have different. The track and a I I think it ignore art nowadays when it in the moment coach you. You know care -- really getting it belliard out we have only been built up so it'd. You know there is going to be surprises you know other there could be another one of those. Just like what you Atlanta it was two calico and they'll all be you're gonna have won the coaching moves could come out of left field and really -- create. A domino effect that. Obviously believe in him I posted at pac -- out of that hindered what are you guys -- May be on the equipment side of the football well. And you know but Booker and I would be surprised to -- or final at bat or. You know a guy like Kevin quiet while. But people like to do a lot of things it is football and I think he's gonna have a lot of different avenues just because of the impact that -- that -- -- -- now that and it helped you a leader although Cutler. You know you have one of the things -- an offensive line. I would much rather. At the line you receivers and running backs that you offensive linemen and with the exception Leo Collins who may have looked. But he will become an out early. LSU although offensive linemen back makes you are now I think you know when you're talking about a young quarterback. And you pieces of the puzzle. We -- gonna happen in these four. Well the five returning offensive linemen back and -- -- that is that -- step so many public offensive line coach. -- wanna get out of there where I can not up. Deal with some of the -- And the talent level Ellis can pass along that although that's -- -- -- it I think that that that's a big plus relish your next year. That happens he sport the possibility. Depending on what happens with Collins then you can have a 505. Of them and that makes you. A guy I don't think now that would be you and would be -- the -- at the football here. The big question but there's a lot of guys on that and it means that. You know he got caught he'd be slightly on the art there's a lot of water Hebert -- -- Doral I think -- seems -- -- -- pretty -- -- right. He didn't eat out but you know -- -- -- -- you know -- up more beatable than it. Act where or nearly packed reported that -- others can beat them well and there but the you have to get on base and with an off line and -- -- -- not quite a bit. Going into these. What are the things yet but think it was disappointing real fans is that all the holly how that. The offensive linemen. We thought that they Christian lock the door. We really got no glimpse of video. You talk about. A blank piece of equipment next year to start one -- It's along the -- of lawn because people Ferguson's moment out early and -- that that's -- given and not be really surprised that Anthony Johnson returns so. You've got to have some rebuilding and you'll -- at the -- of line. Lot of these guys we have a lot of high school actually. That on the rest of me this year not well we're Robert Ortiz that you could have put stuff on that record. Well one and some of those arguments in inequity of -- -- not quite Gilmore. Those were guys that are quite a bit especially in now -- if -- we're gonna contribute that he book. Wanted to be here and I heard it from. -- opposite the strength and conditioning coordinator and don't you know guys who aren't ready to play college football. They want me they weren't ready to go to the minute and yet you know life. So they decided to you know -- -- outgunned and expected. Really well because prisoners have an opportunity to one run away. That's why I think they've -- like. Journal well the the climate it -- car. I think to me you think guys that you would like he did it all -- can you need to get past the line I know they talk about -- OU edu and I'll. And you don't look at it at -- I'm glad that I'll say it but I think you'd rather go out and -- line you know. And that Lin -- -- -- okay great defense and that's what they have been really good defensive tackles and clog up the middle. They could put pressure you have to up the middle. And it -- out the media like the fact that they activated if it happens an event in Leesburg and I think that's why they struggle. And building I'd like he'll -- you want that clearly outlined here you constantly terrific on -- haven't had. The guys in the defense respect it very well -- -- a whole lot more this year because. Quarterback and the chance that back in the pocket and wait for either one or beavers opened up. Jeff thanks so much retarded as we appreciate it then. I got a feeling that this is goal we all Alberta between LSU and Iowa I I agree with -- think Ellis who pulls this game out. But I think Iowa gives LSU and everything they want me be a little bit more. I think combined that is obviously very important because those bank and I went -- got. Nearly half the Hawkeye State down in Tampa right now that's got to be out of the other players where Alec you. Everything you read it here and very little purple and gold camp on. Yeah it got a hole I really think laughter actually equalize all the kind of lost the -- get the game went out. And if they do that again on New Year's Day that you could have a similar result. Jeff thanks so much but Jordan is we appreciated. Aren't very happy to hear. -- -- -- -- -- level interpreted writing here at the if you know not come also from Louisiana network. We'll be back with more second guessed parson perch will be right to you right after we come back from this break you the negates that.