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12-31 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Monica Pierre

Dec 31, 2013|

Monica in for Dave Cohen. Monica talks about some of the best stories of 2013 and LSU football

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning David -- it's only Tuesday its New Year's and it sure that I -- here it's like you're ready for its -- thirteen year out in my case. Thinking about resolutions and doing a better I'm gonna try to do little little batter he only. Considering our broke both went -- and -- later in the hot and I saw you walking would just ask us it is so well collier. Assistant the accident was in July its take belonged out. Yeah I'm definitely looking forward to a better year I am too aren't you always tell. And I think politically the theme this year. And that -- it kind of made. A year and no excuses. And let you look like if ice OK it's an excuse deal with it make it happens with that I've excuse no excuses. Made -- a positive thing try to -- the positive outlook you know that's me is me and you and me and that's when you get things done OK so yes -- I'm all excited about the opportunities. A -- day you're absolutely and we never know do we know we don't know what's around the corner you know now we do you know there will be a massive party tonight and people will be a little -- -- slicing and -- To win at Seattle street sense in the -- should taper off you know maybe this article here that are. But forties yet you better on the need to ride on the lot worth or have a big big coat. -- but it's a big. Drop. Down Monica well and I. -- Before you go you know we take this time to look back in victorians and taps to Laurie yes review the most watched YouTube videos who did what in 2013. I thought it might interest in Google back -- Relive some of them what is wrong with people stories I'll review -- I have one that I could happen back in February. Basically an Applebee's waitress had her wallet stolen. And then she has to see here comes a party of five and they ordering drinks she cards this one woman she says okay give me I'd be. The woman hands the waitress are old ID. And the only got a lot of that all my game is really really and the woman says the which -- it comes cable it's. -- -- on the second let me just run this inject -- right that's what I would do she calls the cops -- -- the police. -- any of the cops that this has got to be one down criminal and I always do that. Who would do that who did not thinking too well done and also they they arrested her for our stolen ID but yeah find out she was also selling. Are you. And goes on and on every dabble quite a few Alia. This year may -- you'll find another I'll find another one later thanks a lot David Hartley obviously is -- good morning everyone just -- about what is wrong with people's stories of 2013. Coming up we'll have that use the object of our forecast meteorologist Laura my -- in the Eyewitness News forecasts that are. Steve dealers in which sports a big win for the pelicans yesterday. And coming up a little bit later I'll also have my own list and this is not going to be an indictment. But I have -- list of what. Other people got this year and I just didn't. I just. We'll talk about that coming up in the well as well. I'm Monica pier in today's going on the early edition of that WL first news it's by seven seeing on the -- -- him in the -- he uses New Year's -- not only New Year's -- it's a Nolan New Year's Eve and the -- starts at nine in front of Jackson square on Decatur street would like music. And then in the final seconds before midnight the flu or delete will drop. From the top of the jacket or economy and build condominiums wanting 2014 with a symphony in the sky fireworks spectacular over the river. He needed to secure radios to the river and listen to the soundtrack. RW WL 87 in 105. Three FM and find out more go to W you know that comes -- happy new year. Get a WL AM FM and god can't -- -- forecast before today. It's New Year's seed and were looking cloudy and chilly across southeastern Louisiana 53 it's about the high for today. And look for a 20% chance for light sprinkles same goes for tonight for New Year's Eve festivities. Fireworks should be okay will say mainly cloudy skies a 20% chance for a shower and it's going to be chilly bundle up with tents in the forties. Stanford New Year's Day we start off with some clouds temperatures gradually climbing up to 61. But by the afternoon at 60% chance for rain showers -- and and that will continue through the first part of Thursday morning before beginning to diminish and look for Temps on Thursday your round 59. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist are -- And fly right now 49 out of 1045 in flight gill and 47 at New Orleans international airport. A big win for the pelican. Garrison all -- good morning C good morning Monica how you doing a pack of New Jersey happy new year is even the pelicans got their best win of the season so far in dramatic fashion. So that six Evans right away make the crossover between the legs flyers win. A good -- this year. Boy who's second the go entirely out. -- six and makes his way to the delegates. Tyreke Evans hit that pull up jumper to lift the pelicans to a one cent to one away victory over the Portland trailblazers. Jrue Holiday had a monster night with 31 points to lead all scorers to go along with thirteen assists and seven rebounds. -- the saints have a short week and get ready for a trip to Philadelphia Saturday this wild card weekend. The Eagles have won seven of their last eight games and coach Sean Payton talks about the upcoming challenge that they present. They're obviously an explosive team offensively defensively they can look for the number of fixed up. And I think clearly the last -- this season they're playing outstanding football. LSU and Iowa to golf in the Outback Bowl tomorrow here's the big chief with the latest on that. As you -- running back Jeremy Gil says the tigers really want to go out and I know with a victory over how in the Outback Bowl. This time just. In this program back merger and it was so. Nothing do do -- for pushing the first comment on. Kick -- -- noon New Year's Day here on WW mail Deke Bellavia debuted at Uga sports in other bowl games tenth ranked organ -- Mack Brown's final game at that Texas Longhorns -- coach. Marcus Arianna had 386. Total yards of -- completed. An eleven and two season by ripping the longhorns thirty to seven in the Alamo Bowl at San Antonio. Davis Webb threw for 403 yards -- the Holiday Bowl record with four touchdown passes. Texas Tech race to 37 to 23 victory over number sixteen Arizona State. And the Wallace ran for two touchdowns and threw for another score to lead Mississippi's offense and a 25 to seventeen win over Georgia Tech in the Music City Bowl. Wallace threw for 256 yards and ran for another 86. Giving him the school record for total yards in a season. -- on sports talk with the saints defense should be able to slow -- the high flying Eagles offense or you expect -- shoot out in Philadelphia on Saturday. -- at 6 PM it's a special Outback Bowl edition of the less miles show. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports they philosophy so pelicans they rise to the occasion and not bad against Portland. Portland's offense at the top rated unit in the NBA right now so. I was very neat you know gloom gloom and doom coming into this matchup everyone didn't expect much and they they that this team has really been shelling of late and has shown. A lot of heart and they've been fighting a lot of adversity with injuries but still have managed to pull together and you gotta love drew holiday has been. So impressive on the court for the pelicans and is really -- merging as another leader on this team 31 points last night it was just he could not be stopped wonderful now four game road trip will that continue to gel. And what will be the expectations on the road that's key the road trips are money Williams always talks about how. They actually. Enjoy going on the road because it forces them to spend more time together and so when your home you tend to go. All everyone goes their separate ways and goes back to their homes and their families but when you're on the road here of course this that -- each other was with this team. You know being so young and a lot of new pieces being put together it's good for that to get. A time wonderful one I love it love it we'll talk to in the next half -- -- thanks Steve coming up we'll get another check of our forecast with -- but tell the Eyewitness News lower forecasts that are of plus. What's on your New Year's -- -- -- legally do good parties like fireworks. And also everybody has their lives I have -- a review. The things that everybody got but I just didn't get. We'll talk about the coming up on Monica the years that they've fallen on the early edition of WWL first -- When he I have -- If you have refused as the year continues to wind and countdown account up as we wind down on 2013 and as far as whether. Concerned cloudy skies around for this last day of 2013. At its gonna be pretty chilly -- later only in the low fifties look for 20% rain chance today. And we'll keep that 20%. Chance for New Year's Eve as we keep the clouds around and temperatures fall into the forties for any nighttime -- and you have for tonight. Then -- New Year's state tomorrow clouds still around the morning with rain showers developing into the afternoon. -- New Year's -- around 61 and -- Thursday around 59 with rain showers early beginning to diminish into the afternoon. From the eyewitness -- forecast senator I'm meteorologist Clark itself. Thanks a lot lower 49 and -- -- and 45 in Slidell soul what are you going to do this New Year's -- -- -- you'd normally spend your time. As we bring in a new year let's talk about that you can give me a call. At 260187. ER 866889087. -- said the attacks that 87870. How are you spending your New Year's Eve it's always a lot of fun. Do you plan to just go have a drink and you plan to actually see the new year. OK to you the number of times I've missed the new year I gave up like at 1135. I just couldn't hang in there. And as ever thought it puts together their their lists for the year. I have a quick little list and I started thinking about some of the things that would just really popular with people with talking about in buzzing about. And that's not meant to serve as an indictment. Of those who guided I didn't get it going -- united Dayton it was a criticism back together a short list. What I call being with other people got this year that I didn't get. The Harlem shake. With that I didn't understand his dance -- Everybody was doing it in athletes. Teachers students the Harlem shake even had NASA dancing in mission control. By the time it was all said and two and a half -- and views and you too that's incredible. -- -- I still don't understand what it is actually had a conversation with solicit the name was misleading because the poll was in the -- to other people. Are we talking about itself is like that are working and Miley Cyrus I didn't even get what that was about. And what does the -- -- if you get an amber. -- I again. I have a couple of things on the list we'll talk about that -- coming up. Things that other people got this year that I just didn't gain coming up against the moment how you plan to spend your New Year's Eve. This is the only addition of that WL first news. I I just didn't get what I did see the -- -- -- night live and I thought that was buddies with my girls say I had not seen the video father died. Just didn't get -- I'll tell you my number one thing that a lot of people got that I just didn't get it might -- run out of town immaculate. Coming up David Blake has news Steve Geller in the sport I'm now with -- good news update. And I've been talking about the things that people got this year it's like thirteen that I didn't get on the list on my outlook does the boxing day and it. The end just going -- and he liked the idea. I'll let you didn't get they get everybody got I got I mean if we're not talking necessarily material things out on by getting -- -- -- -- all about well I don't understand that I was not on board for -- the fox thing -- know about working -- Miley -- -- -- -- -- I -- the -- thing -- -- was -- disgusting. Like. Each of rehearsal bit more aware she was doing. -- And her companion in the hunt in he -- Harlem shake was on -- list. You do do the Harlem sure I didn't get I didn't get your -- and yet these things that other people got that I thought I did iconic got the Harlem shake things right now I thought it was on a cool you know on everybody was trying to do their own version stumbled over to -- it. Terry also the bad versions of the knowledge that's what that's that had to be at that -- to the end and didn't catch the good ones. And and and I'll talk to you because I know I'm going to get a lot of criticism for this okay what are the scenes my top. Means that other people got this year. And I know from hanging. Breaking bad -- Sorry -- I apologized right upfront. And it's heresy I I don't even know -- global watching this thing yet exactly how could a a mild mannered chemistry teacher. Corral one of his bad students -- they're cooking math and making a fortune. And there were many other spills and chills -- the why. Are I don't think -- -- a single want to solve like you know Steve dollars got the box that. And he's all -- about all my you scored for Christmas is school if recruiters -- But you're right you walk in the room and you hear us talk I know it's like point you know and and canisters and go and high -- And you're going what. You -- talk about something in thinking that something happened and I -- biggest. Well maybe some people come up with a marathon and local government ID a but you -- Lotta -- out there. Catch -- on this and I you might not going to be a light. And also the self -- everybody was knocking it taking self -- can I just didn't it didn't get that. Okay nine and I'm sure there will be some things this year you don't that's not acid it's not a criticism. No it's not an indictment. Just didn't -- -- -- right above my head with the sensation I didn't know anything about it. Analyst working in Italy fourteen now. I hope so and OK excellent David alone talking about some. Of the stories of what is wrong with people that made the list in 2013 -- -- went from back in June when a Connecticut man. Who allegedly stole a woman's wallet lift his own birth certificate. And a letter from his mom behind at the feed. Making it really easy for police to identify who this person that is. Well this is New Year's these. The final day and it's going to be hot hot hot. Good morning. Get -- of the opposite of hot hot hot she. Is at stake cold all day you know we're in the 40s right am I can where can stay in the forties all day -- Baby making it to the low fifties temporarily but cloudy. And chilly in the forties now have a now what I rain chances especially Ford. In the Iowa -- know it's not a great team had a 20% mainly for coastal areas. -- that -- into the Kabila rain -- to an extent but not going to feel a lot we are the clouds around it's not going to be. What it's crisp clear nights with the stars. -- the law which is something that pretty much every year Steve were you worried about this that the penalties and that's not going to be a problem tonight it can be cloudy and cold so until OK so public. Longo will this long chilly cloudy -- you know that we don't get back to the sunshine until Friday though today through Thursday it's cloudy. And then tomorrow. First -- at 2014 were dealing with some light rain and other golf load it it tracked across our coastline. And it can bring rain chances that during the day Wednesday that start off the key spot showers New Year's Day morning. And then that rain increase seen by the after an evening continues overnight Wednesday night into early Thursday morning. And in this out during the eight Thursday skies will clear on Thursday back to China for right. Tutu and -- but it actually stays pretty chilly 53 today. 61 tomorrow for -- Tuesday 59 on Thursday and the high on Friday forty hi. Coal oil and -- on Friday I can go bomb making the great and that's not yet. You have a lot of plants and the New Year's Eve night and you know and I at a bomber yet our. Especially are scheduled. Early I -- to wake up when -- your -- if it happens to get. Sounds like you know -- the coming out there with a I don't like fling doors open -- up. And -- Dion has more so from my dog my poor little puppy is traumatize on fourth of July and New -- the upbeat take care of him -- -- eat out. To dinner like or at least the beans you know that fibers. The clock just for some entity that. Take EDC this year I think we're just gonna kinda stay home and be home bodies may be ringing in with a glass of champagne Q and I'll be here tomorrow. -- But even that pretend that they happen to me and you know what. 2014 it -- be you're either way that you don't Reagan and Monica it still gonna be here -- think that -- not have to watch it you know rig can add a I had that again I did get that list of beings that other people got these really enjoyed that I just did it in a day of violence -- and -- eating. -- now plan -- -- politics -- I did they breaking and it did it like I did you have what you have you Watson. Attraction -- -- -- kind of a crazy premise here about the story line like -- But the story is so well written and it's really well directed and shot I had eight normally that would not something I would think -- dissident. But I was at that I was I was weather is breaking bad diet -- you know it all yeah Claudia at a marathon last -- it up and -- one I did -- -- and keep and what about what that the box things you can't we hired I didn't know anything about it that Nightline and added that there was at that. You see the original video. When the rich idiot you kind of think that appeared that she's -- -- -- it -- Like it is the real thing you know but apparently that the group that does it over in Europe. They are kind of like on the funny group effort here yet that can be used to -- out actually and it bounced. Out. Funny which stands not -- the past year goodness. By. Miley Cyrus and her her ranking ball and working we have worked -- -- increase I'm just being. On that question yet at your Black Eyed Peas and at its -- A big cabbage and I will have a little bit cabbage and low black -- p.s who at that time. What day what year you don't mind and a lot of people like allotment. -- Fortunately at the -- Sports and it stuck in a staff on -- on -- -- that he thought that onions and two months I'll see on the yeah right I cook my habit with me and chicken broth and maybe why that -- -- it's. The bride got -- But it takes a lot of -- A little bit like keys a lot of into the head and make it he would be happy do ya talking to -- tucked in and have a game. -- -- Well coming out will check in with the gallantly -- sports and debate went for the pelicans have some ban the war since some of the words on this one. Michigan university. Include towards that now on my idol lists the things that other people got this year. -- And what are you doing. New years he spent New Year's Eve party in Iowa. Toasting the new year which champagne. 2601878. Sold 3866889087. -- and he expects that seven that this is the early edition of WWL. First news. It is do you see what he's doing this New Year's Eve you celebrating how you marking the new year one text that says I'm will be church. Arguing there. Well it was like confidence boosting win for the pelicans and the saints say they're not -- about -- Feel like this with -- good morning Steve in the morning and happy new year everyone Tyreke Evans hit a clutch jump shot one point two seconds left. To give the pelicans -- 110 to one -- victory over the blazers. Point guard Jrue Holiday it was also a man on a mission in just could not be stopped -- balls loose policy. Great if you acquired for three. And I. Holliday finished with 31 points thirteen assists and seven rebounds. The saints defense will -- to find a way to split on chip Kelly's up temple eagles' attack on Saturday in their wild card match up. Coach Sean Payton on the difficulties of game planning against the NFL's third best offensive unit. Well it's hard to prepare for it's hard to simulate in practice with scout team so the pace is extremely fast. Black Monday hit hard in the NFL yesterday Washington's Mike Shanahan. Tampa Bay's Greg Shia don't Minnesota's Leslie Frazier and Detroit's Jim Schwartz were all shown the door. After all four posted losing seasons the Buccaneers also dismissed general manager mark Dominic. Iowa and L issue meet in the Outback Bowl tomorrow used to be chief with a breakdown. She running back Jamie -- says they're rest of that type of ballclub will rally around young quarterback Anthony King. In the nose biodiversity. It was popular for so. Tomorrow how about Robertson effect happening nothing you have room leadership on. Eggs makes his first part of his LSU career in a big would. On New Year's Day as the tigers take on highway in the Outback Bowl Deke Bellavia got you got you real sports tenth rate or game ruin Mack Brown's final game as -- longhorns head coach the ducks -- Texas 37 in the Alamo Bowl. Davis went through for 403 yards and tied the Holiday Bowl record with four touchdown passes. And Texas Tech raced to 83723. Victory over number sixteen Arizona State. And -- Wallace ran for two touchdowns and threw for another score to lead Mississippi's offense and a 25 to seventeen win over Georgia Tech in the Music City Bowl. The rebels have won six straight goals and ten of their last eleven it. -- on sports talk with the saints' defense be able to slow down the high flying Eagles offense or do you expect a shoot out in Philadelphia on Saturday. Then at 6 PM it's a special Outback Bowl addition of the less -- show -- Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports antsy when will the saints arrive in Philadelphia daily Friday. Look at by the earlier than probably surprised by that too but yeah we got to media release yesterday and they still have. Media access for us here on Friday some assuming -- practice early. And then fly out right away with the East Coast to cancel we'll find out what they'll be drinking -- he'll be eating at W wearing yet they change things up it seems like a big joke you know after the post -- that they were all laughing up their road woes but it seems like Sean Payton was dead serious they know they're going agreeing Gatorade. They're gonna change -- their pregame meal the night before and their changing their swept -- and oh okay. Important things to Victor okay. Maybe I'll change something maybe I'll I think every -- that everyone in the group that nation has the change is something something about this before the routine. I'll -- -- -- and I predict that happening -- years the values and our New Year's Day out here thanks a lot Steve. Coming up one Michigan university is out with its annual list of annoying words both healthy. It's forking beyond the list. We'll find out that the only addition of them if you of course news. I don't get it. Somehow live from being -- of people got an idea. I guess us all the wrong video of a horrible video enough that for us one. That was on my list of things that did not get this year a Michigan university has come up with its annual list of annoying words. In addition to self -- And working. It was a strong sense among those who nominated words to this year's list that the worst would hash tag. And that time mr. mom and run their course that I didn't helpful to still saying mr. wrong. Although wars that would ban on the list included. Twitter -- -- -- Obama care. Intellectually slash -- bank to rot that was on the list and anything on stale. Well what would be in your list of annoying words. Alfie but I'll appreciate you working. Not I don't know -- you just took on a lot of the pill because the mileage because to me was like I'm not a very good member of the booty pop. To be reminded me of people trying to do that but not doing it very. -- -- Coming up we'll have to check with the -- forecast of Laura but tell. Plus we'll tell you about. A big basketball blowouts at what point do you just -- like Bradley basketball and go home bulletin with a final score was. It's all coming up in a moment I'm Monica pier in for Dave going on there. Edition of WWL first news. 558 as the moment sic down as soon as being together so I'm excited and I alone you see the -- news this. So what about a forecast for this idiocy on this New Year's Eve this last day of 2013 we're looking at cloudy conditions and chilly Temps 53 is about all we're gonna make it up to you later today. And look for 20% chance for rain -- for all the New Year's Eve festivities tonight look for cloudy and chilly conditions. There waiting for the most part should hold off just to 20% chance and look for temperatures dropping into the forties. Bid for New Year's Day will be mostly cloudy and cool highs around 61 with showers beginning to move then by late in the day. They will continue overnight adding that Thursday morning another 60% chance with heights Thursday at 59. From the Eyewitness News forecast that I'm meteorologist -- we -- used talk and sports leader.

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