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12-31 6:10am Scoot, year in review

Dec 31, 2013|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot talks about some of the biggest stories of 2013

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David last night Better Than Ezra -- Harris how I think I saw last year -- obviously doing the morning -- for -- last night because these guys right now probably just get -- -- -- out. Mean this crazy. Unlike last night and -- yeah -- I took a walk down Bourbon Street last night just to see what was out Conosoga it and and this was you know this was obviously early in the evening around. 63730. -- guys it was it was jam there was crowd if you there were people who are actually. Intoxicated and walking around sometimes with more than one hand grenade. Which is never a good thing you know if you have more than one in not now. Does say that they're holding the souvenir when and then they've got the freshmen in their hands -- one's already down exactly -- the party is well underway well on our ears and every -- -- -- Graham and Oklahoma fans have a lot of families on on Bourbon Street last night which again I think is simplifying things I think you should show your kids. Real life mean my parents took us downtown and I now -- it was a thrill of course the argument would be delighted to announce a good well. You're either too young to really know what the next going on or you're just that age maybe twelve -- don't Wear you -- -- a look at in the doors seamless. Miami we knew a long time ago at a transvestite Wallace. Reports it's growing not that we -- to -- But it was an -- -- -- it last night in this morning able of the 3 o'clock looked out my window and the lucky dog cart. We're still in position and serving people -- are -- full operation at 3 o'clock in the morning orbiting canal. And people were still coming out of the court the bar across the street from me had people at the bar now this is at 350 when I'm I'm leaving but the key side. New Year's Eve is already underway is when I got in the -- this morning there was glitter all over the KFC very ago -- somebody was in there with glitter and lots of glitter you know you -- automatically -- At that point you know -- was a -- is under -- it was. For every have -- -- -- down and -- -- like it when it gets bigger and fund like now it's it is agree it's a great time you know obviously be careful and and if you're looking for a place to -- New Year's -- you use your very closely if you live in this city year if you haven't come -- -- news statement that. Your very close to one of the hot spots in America to bring in new year adult literacy -- right at the top of the lest they recommend. You know to people all over the world come to an -- ones. To take in the new year and Dave you know -- can think -- that many times including last year when I wish downtown in the crowd. Eat proper street Jackson square or along the river. And there's there's you know we're we're so isolated as individuals there's something. Very comforting about experiencing. The community that you experience -- -- sheered this moment and ensure you might be with somebody with a group of people you know. But you inevitably share with many people around you who were total strangers. And we all have this one thing in common we're. Embracing the beginning of -- fresh. Brand new year and admiral cheering -- fireworks are exploding and -- -- to try not to grab somebody's wife though and for big whitlock. Yeah not a good idea -- know you have to BK well at least size of the husband. What do you. The school where every guy is if they're very enough. -- -- -- artist and before on the Margaret just remembered would be be a little maybe wired tonight. Jargon forties and down by the requested is going to be showing you get out that you know that riverfront it is it is chilly -- -- fireworks display. Just spectacular over the Mississippi River we'll talk about that on the shooter might also talk about some of the worst in the best things that happen nationally and locally and -- maybe do you personally. As you look back on 2013. Was it a good year or bad euphoria. That's -- -- -- well party jaguar opinion it'll give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Also this morning going in and out of breaks will be playing some of the best songs in the biggest songs of 2013. This was one of them we can't stop. Miley Cyrus I'm stood in for Tommy Tucker happy new year adequately protect that you. As we remember some of the big -- in 2013. Please oh please remember this although. IRobot Cuba I'm kind of holding at the stroke of midnight tonight -- -- freshman year 2014. Begins. We don't hear this song. Growth area. Very long time. I'm -- for Johnny Tucker. It is 6:18 on this morning of New Year's Eve 2013. Among the things that we talked about this year ordinance of -- shows that that I did some during the -- of the morning when Tom it was it was off the many of the most astute show at night for me to midnight here into the WL. We talked about a movement in 2013 to get rid of toy guns toy guns for children. Yes there was a toy gun exchange and buy -- program. It was started in California alum and a man at an elementary school. You think about the eight at -- a toy gun. Buyback program. You know we hear about that with real guns but yes they were talking about it with toy guns and again. How ridiculous. Also following the release of the video from inside OPP that made it seem more like a party that -- prison. A Fox News personalities rolled the Rivera and bill Riley said the New Orleans outside of the French Quarter is a vast urban waste land. And they also. Just said that New Orleans has been corrupt ever since Andrew Jackson defeated the British. Down here in the battle of New Orleans also index 2013 it was a year of a new Pope and the Vatican. Reiterate reiterated something that a lot of Catholics were hoping would change the Vatican announced that there's no way that Catholics who get divorced and remarried. Can receive communion unless their first marriage. Was -- no. And there were a lot of Catholics that disagree with that because. You're supposed to be forgiven for your mistakes -- life. But yet the Catholic Church will not officially. A -- this forgiveness. Which is something that the came along a little bit later in the Catholic church and a lot of people's or Catholics who wore remarried and and having intimate relations with their new spouse their very resentful of the church. But this new Pope Pope Francis is go to break a lot of changes slightly to the Catholic Church but that's one thing to church said it would not change. Also like Indian pop culture Adam Levine. The one of the the coaches and and host of and for the voice. I'm also with Maroon 5 Adam Levine. Said I hate this country. But it was really taken very much out of context -- I think it feeds into the hysteria that I don't quite often talk about. That's something that happened in 2013. Adam -- saying. I hate this country we'll talk about that we come back gets six Tony one I'm scoots in forward Tommy Tucker and here's a WWL traffic. With Carol Roberts yeah. Is it chilly morning New -- for 2013. And the last day of the year. I'm scared for Tommy Tucker -- will be back to the first thing. That as we go in and out of our breaks we're gonna show you some of the best songs of 2000. And one of the best songs was. John Mayer should take -- and this is not just my opinion but I kind of put a list together for several different list. To come up with -- and songs of 2013. To discuss. Blog this morning is titled 2014. Offers a new beginning. And it's all about how we and one year and begin another year with a fresh new attitude but we also have to look back on the year descending. And think about what we should have work. Not only as individuals. But as a community. And as a nation. Because if we don't learn from the year this past. How we can possibly make the next year better. And I think there were a lot of lessons force. In 2013. So all of that is in the blog you can read and share with others on this New Year's Eve. It's a trending on the front page of our website WWL dot com my column under our opinions. So Adam Levine was caught saying I hate this country. On the voice. It was a sound -- -- Really led to a a misleading impression. Of Adam Levine but this is this is how the media works. Capture a sound -- I hate this country. Do something to try to create hysteria. And when you question somebody's religion when you question somebody's patriotism these are these are ways to create hysteria. Adam Levine one of the coaches of the voice set I hate this country. He was off camera. And the comment was picked up on his open Mike. The comment I hate this country seem to be. Obvious reference to Adam Levine's disagreement with the national vote that eliminated two team members but the comments spread through the media and social media as if Adam Levine had contempt. And hate for America. They really blew it all out of proportion. Adding false intent to his words actually Adam Levine was just he was frustrated with the vote. That led to two people being voted off the show. And yet to say I hate this country. During a discussion about the qualities of America's quite different than expressing discontent with the results of a of a collective vote in America. Mean how many of us as an -- -- as Americans. Who love this country have a one timer on the set I hate this place I hate this country. You didn't really mean it. And that there were people following the election and reelection of Barack Obama who said or thought to themselves I hate this country. They disagreed with the vote. There were a lot of people who had the same feeling -- George W. Bush was elected and reelected. I hate this country. You really hate this country you might. You might hate what has happened. In terms of of of votes Adam Levine was where it was simply. Expressing his frustration with the -- that led to two people being voted off the voice and it was not really contempt or hate for America. And I mentioned this is one of the stories of 2013 because it really does speak volumes about how how sensitive we have become. And how. How we we buy into the hysteria that is it is stirred up about. I've things that people say we try to blow things out of proportion. In a statement in us weekly Adam Levine said I obviously love my country very much. And my comments on the show. Were purely made out of frustration. The elimination of Judith and Sarah. That was confusing and downright emotional for me and my comments were made based on my personal dissatisfaction with the results and I think that's a very understandable. An acceptable explanation for the comment. I hate this country. He -- really hate this country. So when you when you hear about something like this as a member of the audience. It's your responsibility to. Read beyond the headlines. That are designed to get you all excited. If you wanna join Russia with a comment on this so lastly -- 2013 about this past year -- you expect for the upcoming year was this a good year or a bad year for -- That's -- W dual party -- opinion poll if you update on that coming up here just a few minutes but if you wanna join us with a comment today about this past year what stands out in your mind. Nationally and locally and personally the kind of year was it for you are numbers 260187. Toll free 868890870. At a text -- a 77. Also this morning will be talking about that memorable New Year's Eve experiences. In new worlds. I have one that stands out in my mind but did this really is a wonderful place to celebrate new you're seated if you don't have specific plans. And you are close to the city may be here in the suburbs your really. People have traveled from all over the world especially over the country. To be here for tonight. Think how close you war and how. A short distance you have to travel to be part of this. -- very coveted New Year's Eve celebration. This is one of the top spots in the country in the world to be tonight New Year's Eve. And many -- you are already here so we'll talk about some of the places that you might wanna go to bring in the new year 2014. I'm -- happy new year and if Tommy Tommy will be back after the first it's 630 and here's a WWL news updates with David place. They were going in and out of -- breaks with summit that the top songs of 2013. And only area cities producer said she thinks this is. And -- three songs of the year. This is Roy hill's gap by lord. But he's on the way. These stories and yeah. Since the -- one story. Middle upper body Stevens winning that race. All right tonight's shot if he will be on the river -- it. Goalies New Year's Eve and again this is one of the premier spots in the country to celebrate new disease. It all starts at 9 o'clock tonight in front of Jackson square on Decatur street greats like music concerts. I'm there will be the final countdown to midnight where the lead dropping down for the topic -- every condominiums. Bringing -- in the 2014. With the symphony in the sky fireworks spectacular. Right over the Mississippi. And the light certainly are off the river it's really beautiful -- take your radio sticky -- with you so you can listen to the soundtrack. Symphony. In the sky. The fireworks display. It's going to be simultaneous and -- WL 870 AM one of 5:3 FM am happy to hear from all of us have to -- if you're only about ten men dot com. It still 2013 was a huge year for Katy Perry and -- roar of her. Big contributions to music because this past year. Our students -- Tommy Tucker it's 645 on a very chilly morning of New Year's Eve the last day of 2013. And we welcome in 2014. At midnight tonight we're talking about some of the things that we we talked about over this this past years and that is the big stories and some of the things that will define. The year 2013. And is -- and as we look back I think we should try to. To learn what we can learn from the events -- the controversy says -- there's always something to Lauren I think for controversies -- there were many in 2013 many controversies actually. Reached a -- And that the -- blog today on our website is -- is about a 2014. Offering a new beginning and you could read -- it's it's about. This past year some of the things that we should learn from the controversy since this past year. As we look forward to 2014. It's a trending on our website at W real dot -- for patient -- are things you can read it and share with others on this New Year's Eve morning. The highly publicized CNN special black -- created a new debate over holding intelligent creatures like killer whales and in captivity. You know -- which in San Diego for a brief period and went to -- world. And even had the opportunity wants to swim in the tank. The Shamu a slam put the wheels were not in it but -- had an opportunity with it was one of those publicity things in. Talk show host and Dee -- -- you know get a wetsuit and get in the polls really great at Varian amazing it's like fifty degrees of 55 degrees in the pool because it. That's what they're used to in -- in the Pacific. So it was kind of an honor to discriminate in that -- I always thought that it was it was a good thing to have these these killer whales these orchestra. In captivity because -- wowed us as its people to get up close and personal with him to get to know they wanted to see them and that would lead to. To a better understanding of what they might be dealing with in the wild and the need to protect them in the wild. However after after seeing this this CNN's special a black fish like a lot of people life I've changed my mind about holding killer whales in captivity I think it's. I think is wrong that I guess the argument can go on to. Talk about other intelligent animals being kept in in captivity but -- Willie Nelson and a host of other people have canceled appearances. At SeaWorld as a result of the year. They're changing opinion. Also this year locally. One of the big things remember about 2000 at thirteen if you live on the West Bank or you travel to the West Bank often is. The tolls were -- no tolls on the Crescent City connection and the little told those words were taken you know I thought it was a planned to turn those into little condos as you know property around the rivers is just so -- could turn to little efficiency condos but apparently they decided to take him down. Instead. Also there was criticism in 2013. -- Mark Anthony. Being chosen to sing the National Anthem. At the major baseball league all star game this year. Now this was one of those events that really captures -- reflects. So much of of an attitude that people have. When it comes to quickly judging people. The art of judging others for a myriad of reasons became it was almost like it became a spectator sport. In 2013 and that's something that we really should. And should should change. We shouldn't be so quick to judge others. So Marc Anthony is chosen to sing the National Anthem at the major a Major League Baseball all star game. He's criticized. Because he's a foreign born person singing and anthem. Oh wait a minute mark d'antoni was born in New York City. He's -- Puerto Rican descent. So what this shows is submit some Americans are so quick. To judge others as being an American. I don't know why people have become so overly sensitive about. About patriotism and the loss of patriotism. I mean don't misunderstand what I'm saying you should be patriotic. I consider myself to be very very patriotic I I hope you bar. But we are so sensitive about anything that might threaten patriotism. That there were people who were lining up to say Marc Anthony should sing the National Anthem because these foreign born. He was born in New York City Puerto Rican descent. And to me this was just an example of how quick. People are to judge others -- to to look at every Hispanic person every person who appears to be Hispanic somebody who is foreign. And on American. Also this was another year 2013. -- a big debate continuing about violent video games and when -- receive the shooting and the navy grounds in DC the demand shooter apparently was success with violent video games and you know that seemed to provide the perfect answer for the mystery why would anybody do this. Violent video games have become a convenient scapegoat for mass shootings and the ease with which young people kill each other. But convenient answers don't always solve complicated reality problems. And did the fact that this this shooter at the DC navy yard. Was a fan of the video game call of duty that doesn't mean that call of duty made him do this. And there are millions and millions of people who play call of duty every day so if it really had that power to make people do they get that kind of thing. That I think we'd even have more of those those problems and I just don't think it's fair to blame violent video games for actual. Violent behavior and yet that again is part of the hysteria that erupted in 2013. And and it's it's so convenient for the media to to label violent video games as part of the problem because it fits the preconceived idea. That violent video games or somehow to blame you wouldn't wouldn't it be nice if it was an easy to solve the problem. You know we we we we look for those. Those tangible problems so well if it's violent video games that we've defined the problem all we have to do is get rid of the violent video games and we'll get where the violence. But that's absolutely absurd conclusion to come to. If you wanna join Russia with a comment on this last day of 2013 as we talk about it some of the events that defined this year. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 87870 here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll this morning looking back on 2013 was at a Goodyear or a bad year for you. 60% say it was a Goodyear. But 40% say. It was a bad year. And if you do consider this to be a bad year I've remembered -- always stay this way. Stay in the game. Keep trying. Stay positive no matter what you're going through and make it. A better year give your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com I'm scoot -- for Tommy Tucker -- happy new year. A there's not a lot of traffic out there because a lot of people or are taking off and actually there were so many people out last night have a feeling that there are people who are just just getting home and getting to bed in fact I saw them. There's -- traffic updates with Gerald Robinson's. 2013 was a huge year for Miley Cyrus and she -- permanently controversies over her -- working. MTV video boards. I really do like -- -- -- really isn't very talented young singer I don't agree with everything -- does. -- Orleans stand. Sticking the tongue out all the time this was wrecking ball Obama senators. I'm -- for Tommy Tucker very happy new year it's the last day of 2013. We're getting ready to welcome in 2014. A tomorrow and. We WL beginning at 6 o'clock it's New Year's Day it's L issue date LSU plays Iowa in the Outback Bowl tomorrow for Tampa. And our coverage begins at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. With Peabody beer and Kristian garic the early edition of the weird to -- tiger tail -- -- life from Oceanic real. Can't tie and -- in the French Quarter. 6 o'clock -- -- great place to dedication breakfast. Now who's going to be an Oceanic real at 6 AM a lot of people who were celebrating new years eve in fact I think I'm gonna goalie for breakfast tomorrow morning. I might still be out from from from that -- so might be a good place to go Abrams to go join those guys from six attempts. Then at 10 o'clock we switch things over to the cajun cannon Bobby beer and be chief Deke Bellavia. As they will count down to the big games sixteenth ranked -- issue takes on Iowa Jim Hawthorne's -- host the real issue official pregame show at 10 o'clock. With kick off at high noon. And then the game with a big -- after the game with a big chief it -- be to New Year's Eve edition of the purple and gold point after -- from buy you burger. It's 50 sleeper mistreated that's a great place on suburban street all of this tomorrow begins at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning before the issue Iowa game. Right here on WW well. I here's a text that says that we should be sensitive to patriotism. Because we are at war people do not realize what that means our young men and women are fighting and dying we should be sensitive. I agree that we should be sensitive but let's be sensitive to the real threats to patriotism. Not. Not not. Not some casual meaningless comment made by somebody like Adam Levine who simply said I hate this country. And he was caught off Mike's saying that he wasn't in a discussion about. American politics and American values. He was simply frustrated with the vote on the voice and yet that headline caused him to appear to be. -- un American. So let's focus on the. Real threats to patriotism and not become hysterical about meaningless. Comments like that come at me from Adam -- You know what's focus on the real threats to patriotism and and being anti American. Here's our WWL party jaguar opinion poll yet not every year is a great year for everybody's soul how was 2013 for you. Do you consider to be a Goodyear. For a bad year. If your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com will continue to remember some of the tough -- to 2013 through our show. And also we're continuing to talk about some of this. Some of the big issues that we we talked about on the shows that I do the school she would like to make to midnight or sometimes just filling in for side Angela during the day or for -- Tucker in the morning. 2013 was a very good year for me. That doesn't mean that there were some things that happened that I -- didn't happen. But it was a good year I hope it was a good year for you we'll continue what to reflect back -- 2013. On this final day of the year. I'm scooted for Tommy Tucker punted because.