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12-31 8:15am Scoot, New Orleans hot destination

Dec 31, 2013|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot talks to Mark Romig, the President & CEO of the New Orleans Tourism & Marketing Corporation, about why New Orleans is such a hot destination

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Happy new year it's nice duty for our Tommy Tucker. If you did your interview live in this -- -- you are waking up in one of the hot spots to celebrate New Year's Eve. Mark brought against president and CEO of the New Orleans tourism and marketing corporation mark welcome to our show this morning. And it. 2013 was a huge year for New Orleans we're hearing more and more about a record breaking crowds and and and more people expected courses started out with a one of the early events this year was the Super Bowl that just brought so many people town and it -- draw just -- list of things went on and on. -- it's really starts two with the charitable. There tomorrow as a great weight should be in 2014 we expect. -- economic impact of about a 150 million dollars or spending will come in with that with the Oklahoma and Alabama fans along with. A 100000 so people plus that will be around -- French Quarter tonight for the dropping -- it's totally and the fireworks. -- -- I'll be part of that overseer last year and just and enjoyed being part of humanity and you know you you find yourself sharing this moment I mean you might be with somebody or with a few people you know. Which you ultimately share with people you don't know with strangers to the one thing we haven't comedies where we're seeing divide -- one year and we're welcoming in a new year or not. I found something. That gave me such a sense of community in ensuring that moment like along the river or Jackson square just walking over the street. Yeah you know really helped -- -- Together with so much that capital the last eight years or so and I think people who wanna be part of our community what we've been through -- they wanna share that passion that spirit and you know it's not rare for someone to walk up to here you -- sure and say hey we love -- world what shall stand oracle without children. Together to go through and and -- -- yet so it it's great spirit and if you can get down to Jackson square in the music beginning at nine and fireworks of course which can be fantastic about 1213 minute show. It's a special way to bring in the new year. Being with your family -- -- justice special and now we just wish everybody great fourteenth straight and -- on new year. Yeah when I talk about coming down ten and enjoying it do you see downtown that's certainly isn't for everybody and it's and it's not for every personality. -- not everybody enjoys the crowd not everybody enjoys it and I respect those people who too sure to to not be part of it. But if you are looking for a celebration if you are looking for an opportunity to be part of part of a a group of people welcoming in the new year among other places in downtown is it is -- magical place to become -- people. Hugging each other government got the smile that there's because they know what it Martinez is now will be gone in Detroit fourteen starts up and edit just great to be that someone that. You care or even a street you walk up to insignia hope you have a great year well -- you're right it's. Where you do it it's a special time I'm working tonight so are going to be that the sometimes I think -- speak at a moment having got a couple he could help but I'll be out. -- it's interesting how New Orleans over the years especially in recent years has become. Such. The coveted destination for for New Year's Eve and when you think about the image of New Orleans. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that did New Year's Eve like like Halloween. Our our our great moments to be in a city that has the the mystique in the excitement in the party atmosphere of New Orleans. Yeah -- you know -- I think you're onto something there and from the standpoint of what makes sense especially in our world walk a -- city. I you can get into any of the neighborhoods get downtown you can literally -- -- -- so many different sites that are subject. And only special to. -- special place that I know like this and in the country. And social media has done great work in getting word out that the world is really special place to be. And that you know National Geographic traveler which is the -- for a travel package in the world. Listed in the world and along with twenty other locations as the top. Places to be in 2014 and the only other destination North America was it was a Rocky Mountain National Park. So that people catching noticed that the world has come a long way we've got -- -- and years of history here. -- well will worsen he knows not welcome people we know how to do it right. And we also know -- the special nature of neighborhoods and and the cultures so I think he got a group that's here and got to have talked to the hospitality industry the people who work 2470. Meg -- especially -- can't match in the city went out. Visitors coming unit -- has there -- understandings that we can you don't have the city that we are so much joy we know a lot more to do. To work at the issues here but jumped we've got to keep working. Our guard Romania's president and CEO of the New Orleans tourism and marketing corporation happy new year and I'm sure I'll see you later tonight -- -- -- sort of.

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