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WWL>Topics>>12-31 9:10am Scoot, New Year's Eve festivities

12-31 9:10am Scoot, New Year's Eve festivities

Dec 31, 2013|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot talks to Debbie Bresler, with the Crescent City Countdown Club, about the events going on for New Year's Eve

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Debbie breasts or is with the Crescent City count down club all part of the fireworks display on the river tonight Debbie. Happy new year and welcome to WWL. Happy new -- it's thank you so much we are so excited that that the official. Event in New Year's post about it if you were with the countdown club in New Orleans tourism and marketing. And it it's boring and went invited to the French Quarter to celebrate 2014. I remember this last year and you it's. It's so great to just be part of just this massive event and you know I said throughout the morning wanting that I love about New Year's Eve when you're not. A big situation like -- Jackson square or along the river watching the fireworks as it. The video you might be with somebody you know you might be with a few people you know but you share the moment with with -- even people you don't know. And it's it's always nice when things bind us together especially when we don't necessarily. No other people. Absolutely that that strike at midnight -- these people turn around and look for somebody to hug that yes it's okay it's just everywhere -- went to connected that very moment to really wonderful. With the many many thousands of people that are down there and -- with a flash hurts. And if you really Smart you used you before midnight you start to position yourself around people you find attractive. And it's really terrible thing to say -- that's right. So Debbie what what can people expect tonight and obviously their people in town in of people in New Orleans who lives here who may be seeing this for the first time. Absolutely we invite everybody calmed down early there's plenty of parking if you get down there early. And come down ham dinner get your supposition that you can come to the Decatur street stage in front of Jackson square starting at 9 o'clock. Eric was dealt will be playing from nine to ten and from 1030 to 1145%. On the island swamp -- And then -- again -- countdown festivities as we get closer to midnight. Where -- -- will drop the fireworks will go locked at 2014. Light board come on and we will be in a new year. It is exciting to see that tell all happened and it's just is it's fascinating how this has really developed as soon as one of the one of the hot spots in America really around the world have to bring in the new year New Orleans is really developed quite a reputation and I've seen it. Develop over the years with -- the gathering of Jack's furry getting bigger and bigger and bigger and I'm I'm sure this will be the biggest year yet. I think it's going to be fantastic and yell at -- -- occupant so but the magic in that need to be -- And the fact that people can get the -- of camp that on the radio that music that played that the fireworks is hard. On your station in its current broadcast even all of the United States and all over the world. Yeah and I think that brought -- the to do you look at him. Bring your radios -- year you know if your -- with the Youkilis and I -- -- if you don't at via download it -- to -- a lap in go to our website WW dot com but symphony in the sky will be the synchronized music to go along with the spectacular fireworks -- it will. Welcome in 2014 tonight. On the river at midnight. And I appreciate you being witnessed at the end -- thank. Only when -- get bishop to Chevron and you guys are helping it grow into one of the top five. Play the debate that he -- so we are -- happy new year everybody. Happy new year Debbie breasts -- with the Crescent City countdown club part of the -- countdown celebrations tonight at Jackson square.

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