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WWL>Topics>>1-2 6:45am Tommy, LSU bowl win

1-2 6:45am Tommy, LSU bowl win

Jan 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to columnist Jeff Palermo about the Tigers bowl win and the season overall

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jeff Palermo joins us right now that director of the Louisiana news network -- -- WWL dot com columnist happy new year -- I have been here you're. Good any resolutions any changes you can make into -- -- fourteen. Now I realize I got to be a better person I think it but -- we strive to do that every day. Well we should. Jeremy yelled -- up yesterday in Orlando. At the Outback Bowl. And Tampa Bay partners it's all the -- metro area. Do you think that he's gonna stick around with -- war or go ahead and make himself eligible for the NFL draft. I think he's gonna make himself eligible I mean any show that he's kind of felt ready yesterday with a career high 216. Yards rushing -- A couple touchdowns. The demand that obviously and the field issues which you may hurt his straps. You know it in the in this game or in the state aid to the end of work seems -- and try to fine. You know right back in the second third and fourth round and in those party backed tend to have. You know long career there's if they're successful initially Jeremy -- could be on that same -- I mean very few teams are drafting. All right -- for in the first round anymore what you're really a -- where. And I don't forget that that's because of the running back by. Committee trend in the NFL. -- out based on that it's becoming. So much more passing game so. I don't know how much more Jeremy tilted. You know improve its stock yet he can maybe come back next season and you'd be considered you know -- he's an older Kenny. Might also be in consideration for the Heisman but the other thing with running back as well I mean mayor. They're time in this game is not that long it some of the other quarter. That play different positions so -- Germany Italy about it logo while you know. Is that accurate idea that he had a great season and you really put a great performance and yesterday and it if that's the organ bella you career what political -- the type game yet in the Outback Bowl. I think it was buddy. The kind of like a car aware of but a reverse odometer where he only had so many yards in yet. And when you start playing at a high level maybe even high school it's a good program. That clock starts taken so the more miles you put on a running back of the more yards you put on him. Tom did that that's determines the length of his career because like -- and as oppose other positions they. Take so many shots and there's so much potential for injury so. I Agassi got to figure in Jeremy hills casing may as royals started spend the nose miles in the NFL where its money back -- No doubt about it and you know today's. A big day one account the recruiting and -- -- Could receive a verbal commitment from a letter for net of the sides are running back made the best player. Coming out of the out of high school in the country and if so letter Burnett the -- the company -- you think Jeremy hill than it -- pave the way for a -- for adapted to be a huge part of the offense that eagle -- Eric. -- I've seen Leonard -- at a couple of times Ted normally in this guy have been saying he's a man among boys but he really does look that way and that's not to. Put down anybody else's plan on the field. -- it's special play I mean he stands out you know when you yeah I mean you don't have to be much Avaya. -- spoke on expert to understand the Egypt watch him play. He get the idea pretty quick that this -- at a different level. You know others several players today that are you know and now they're solid choice and the media I think -- that one. We get. One needs the best -- -- best player in the state of Louisiana and you wanna keep those guys. Comic -- you obviously. Alabama at the other short letter Burnett's lead agency. A guy like him go to your biggest rivals though. And considering what you're gonna probably -- you know our thoughts about Jeremy hill. Although baca BenJarvus -- here. Likely to go at Indiana -- well. -- met burger court graduating he moved and we saw that. You could have some growing pains at the quarterback position next season. It would be great to have like -- -- with Aaron McKie and what those two guys. Lots of football next season because you're gonna have the lean. Heavily on the ground game next year if they continued to develop according. Yes happy new year I'm glad you took the time was talk teed it. At -- the year.

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