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1-2 7:15am Tommy, Saints vs. Eagles

Jan 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clark Judge, NFL insider & senior writer for the Sports Xchange, about the Saints chances of beating the Eagles

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I gotta -- a technical issue here so I'll read some texts. And we'll talk about what the saints need to do. It change up their success on the road. And please. Call me and tell me I'll lay my fears I'm gonna spend today and tomorrow doing this. Don't get mad at me please don't get mad at me I love the saints I bleed black and gold. I don't think we have a chance on Saturday I'm sorry that just goes the way the saints play in the cold and I'm not be in. Negative I'm just telling you what I feel inside of me so. If you disagree I'd love to hear from you at T 601870. Toll free 866889087. -- for whatever reason. You think the saints have a chance are you feel like I do we're gonna take calls either way I just. You know when they were in competition or at least contention and see who -- there we go with what seed who was gonna wind to determine that. I was texting my friend Jordan there and insane and I check the weather for Philadelphia and Chicago in Green Bay. All three we're gonna be cold Green Bay far away is going to be the worst but when it comes to calm. The temperature in the saints plant outside I am so. Worried about this so less and count on anybody would know spare about the Eagles. And no one Chip Kelly in the eagles' first played at the Monday night game I think it was -- they were christening this guy is the second common of Vince Lombardi and how he was gonna revolutionize the NFL and they did get in the playoffs. But I'd I don't think it's as much about Philadelphia as it is an honor of the 32. Rated defense against the pass -- -- a pass I think which would bode very well for drew when he offense. But I'm worried about the saints performing. In cold weather. See you tell me to music so when a seventy till three of his reads -- texture to 6018 Saturday told freak. 8668890870. Sean Payton and there. And it changed like the color of the Gatorade more beefy Mac news sweat suits and so far different. Different music when he -- stretch -- an -- think it's all about. Confidence and doing some things that that'll make them believe OK it is not like the same old thing it changes Richard thanks for calling -- morning happy new year young -- WL. Happy that. I heard one stat that really late we -- it. It. Right and actual. What I'm worried about is to throw a ball in those frigid temperatures -- -- an -- -- Purdue but historically NFL in in in. On a road in difficult environments he's not done very well has. You. Watch -- do it I would. Put it out that. They don't. Count on the -- I hope I really do so tell me about down. Your your prediction you think they'll win. It. And I thank you Richard and they become and a happy new year. -- you -- Clark judge joins us right now wire. Friend a senior writer for an NFL insider for the sports exchange Clark first off thanks for taking the time and happy new year. I'm gonna talk here could talk do you tell me about the saints in an historically playoff. Games on the road in what you think's gonna happen in Philadelphia this weekend. While they're gonna happen -- it -- But he called that. Europe treaty and -- twenty that we can -- much better but can be called that doesn't bode well for ago he would build you've got I never really good. Back doubly true when McCain or what the topic now not even near the end depending. Super Bowl champion -- the only going to be called. Don't like their chances until it up to -- -- mean they haven't been good on the road this year we know that if they were called I feel differently like pitcher and I thought it -- What would the saints have to do in ordered to beat the Eagles after watching both teams as the season and and whether or outside. And now it seems like we have a hard time executing -- and hostile environment but especially when it's cold and reason I'm so concerned. Is -- to get the both of these coming together. You know it's very what you got to do you've got confused old quarterback and Portland State or in you. An indication. Of brilliant and actually do it like to have Tommy -- order that they are sure they. It it. Talked about it before but I don't doubt bunny chip I mean -- -- might get it because. A lot and coverage and you all be equal credit for -- eat all the the surrogate do we're going and took the act and the treatment. He does not published any future to it that year but if you go for it that Sheen. Wait you go and I think -- that our game down. A look at battered stock you -- you ain't got all of a little bit into. Not comport boulevard. At. The Eagles are not that good of a team releases season. At the link island. Well. And but it -- -- -- ten straight. An -- that will see an injury could suddenly they started winning -- And -- couldn't stop they got a Q and copper being back there you know our own apartment. Not sure because. But you know -- beat them I think people are now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could you heard it again. You know the question they'd be able to turn over and cheaters think that eagle don't make -- -- 37 year ago and it this year. -- nineteen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That field. Again if you can force and it didn't turn out -- the street you know you're pre caught in the Albany and the tradition and be back there. Hot when it comes Sid and let's be optimistic here saints beat the -- they find a way. How important is that -- you don't think they -- -- but how important is it. That they get this monkey off their back in presuming I -- they go to Seattle next great are the chances that. This team would be filled with confidence find their way and have a chance beaten the seahawk. The other people honestly come from yeah neutral viewpoint and an extradition. Mean you look at Seattle you'll. Only -- little if -- it would it light out. He caught armor triple report -- in the bill law. All the dark elk that -- -- -- are you look at the -- ago got a keeping your New York yeah. Will. Destroy the girl that what you get your story. Well. You know you're good at defending champion to doubt that -- out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It they're really they're up against it and portrait of the Europeans should now that would happen immediately the division. And not at all. Majesty who -- and happy beyond his state they would get ready use Meehan running back does it. Clark let me tell you you know I'm a stay of execution -- -- -- -- -- -- nation should be a writer await you. A lot. Country. And -- didn't achieve -- we can -- -- what you want me but because that you know everything we mentioned but again keep. It took a bit. Guys but the guard and the story -- our report that belch. Temperature much -- and varied. We get that yeah. Oracle and they're so big joke at -- out of court and little -- like I appreciate your time in new year. --