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1-2-14 4:10pm Deke: on Saints-Eagles

Jan 2, 2014|

Deke talks about this weekend's Saints-Eagles playoff game and LSU's recruiting situation. Also: a Saints update from Kristian Garic.

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And good evening and welcome to sports talk. Featuring the course like Crown Royal Saint Louis away at coming out tonight we will visit with the -- In the 6 o'clock out to practice or -- you just a few moments lights out report -- yeah it is college football fans keep an eye on the what's taking place down at South Florida at the 2014. On all -- all American high school game where in the car cougar. Star Dovonte speed all has put it his services to Texas they and the universities so. That debate was between 80 -- Alan Hewitt -- it all has committed to play. For the Texas and it magnate Max Kolb or tiger -- dot com will be was later in the program to talk about the recruits and what they want him going later in that. Ball game we one article where the minute -- at the double play in the country will go to screw. 260187866889. -- the -- of all -- know with the get him ball Christie Garrett told us at the -- the south -- out outpouring host. Of double coverage on three of real thirteen 58 year gives us his take. On today's practice before you know -- -- fly out to get ready for the big game Saturday as the Saints take on the Philadelphia -- we'll preview tonight's. Allstate Sugar Bowl between the number three ranked Alabama Crimson Tide -- Oklahoma some of the -- or sixteen and seventeen point favorite. Although Oklahoma take -- -- cope with the -- -- And -- suitable for espn.com. Will be with us Jeff McLane Eagles beat writer for the Philadelphia enquirer will visit with us at 530 fact that it was the latest on the Eagles that they continue to practice. If preparations for them hosting the Saints. On Saturday night it will be 2826. This exported but it will have a conversation with weekly quarterback Saints quarterback Drew Brees we conversation. QB QB at 645. He's been in 7 o'clock now are you from Vegas with BR professional sports better. Handicapped by a figures charter dot com pregame dot com and Paul was here the general manager a prediction machine. Dot com will also be -- in the rest of the day's program. So your thoughts and it MR artistic you know the top defensive backs in high school football just -- Adams that is committed to LSU it's -- On the years be it on all the Americans so -- last long on in the fall football. -- -- the BCA as opposed to yesterday. A surprising on the biggest those the second biggest underdog in the BC is. Have to fraught with a two to fourteen victory. Over the Baylor Bears -- exciting firsthand and that ball game in the Fiesta Bowl and of course the Rose -- saw Michigan State win their first Rose Bowl since 1988 and their first. But -- fourth in school history with a big victory. Over the Stamford. Caught and what did you see two Saturdays game between the Saints and Eagles what's maybe your biggest concern. Ball security. Saints running the ball on the road or how about slowing down shady McCoy the leading rusher in the national football. 260 point 7866. 8890 rates him but he is the numbers to get the -- at Texas and 87870. Egos of BT and that -- wail. Dot -- the black gold practice of the day coming off the field at one. It makes it it -- fly out tomorrow in the rating. Or game points and here's a Saints coach Sean Payton. Talk about the days of practice and -- the questions asked about maybe if the players that -- the concern that it didn't look too much thank. I think the focus is so much about. -- home this is the past this is the schedule so it the big thing is coaches just trying to cover every detail regarding your opponent tried to cover the specific situations that can come opening game making sure you're prepared that way. Now he's -- a Saints coach Sean. Payton talked about his counterpart this week it at first year head football coach over from Oregon to the college ranks the pro ranks and Chip Kelly has the Eagles in the NFC east champions and hosting a first round playoff game. The system. He's familiar with and would he was very successful with the organ he's applied to his talent that Philadelphia and I think the first sign of good coaching is taken to pieces you have and building a system around that I think he's done extremely well. And on his coach Sean -- talk about -- folds of how to present but he is the quarterback from the Eagles. Points and a touchdown passes just two interceptions this season. He's extremely accurate he makes very good decisions in regards to. You know not necessarily impulsively indiscriminate throws into traffic. He knows where it's going with the progression of things -- great job. As Saints coach John pretty talked about in the fold so to the -- -- we go and now let's go to. Bury him by the loose on line to -- thank you calling WW. A utility every. Yes there this statement they would unity to the plate. A team ball pickup COLT owned the football bowl -- And don't come out and Terry Hawkins written under began I mean we got the run we can not -- hit it beat. In the game because the element to not -- that. And -- best don't beat yourself so. All right. That's -- good thing. OK -- it thank you hear it but -- have a great day. Big yards in the -- or on line one B George thank you calling deadbeat -- yeah. -- that you -- that you did yeah. It's the right and it's there. On top. Now it. Won't you've been in his native planet. With a legitimate ethic and commitment. -- Back in -- expected midshipman at the moment. I'll let him out of the Mitchell with a notebook. Would it out there that. You. That. Medical it would have been on that. What with. Commitment -- put -- in new equipment and I don't I don't know that. They know that but it can't put your way to put it. If you get that would would call it. It would -- That Cuomo Cuomo. I'm. And Clinton did it. Is it an element that. I don't know -- -- admitted it if predict with some very good. They want -- but you know you know that there. And Edmonton. Made that woman. I got a big -- are you concerned about the officiating. -- Leavitt and the -- not important have been good but an article development that that meant McNabb now. -- -- -- I'm got a big job a big dog they'll be have a happy new year. Yeah. I mean what happened in a minute ago. Oh. It. Talk -- dog -- thank you so much for the time we appreciate it to 60187866. 8890 rates and Nixon is auspicious this out a lot there to make 85 dollars and hour while on their -- -- still looked. I'm the -- -- this -- sport popular stated that -- that your. And welcome back -- again John just at the the bottom and out -- with today's practice report and tonight it is the Sugar Bowl. And at the Mercedes-Benz superdome Oklahoma and Alabama. Team so bad it now it now what is going to be a common theme for the Super Bowl when they are not hosting. The semi final matchup it would be -- twelfth. And it SEC team beacon of SEC teams. Here is one of the top lap backers of all of college football in a homeless to -- in Alabama seat -- mostly talk about tonight's game. Are things -- to finish strong no we haven't had a Guerrero had a very good shooters on this samples from the last games and in -- -- and so. Arkansas. When -- went through my good friend. Now Alabama quarterback one of the most successful quarterbacks in the history of college football he is. He did but can't talk about playing his final game of his -- after. That's really special. Just for the team and Palestinian homeland. It's needed for this discrepancy it's. Long process there. It is special to be so close to home and it's the right -- You know and superdome. It's just. Great -- to. Agree overall scoring zone. And the course all of these years have been very successful ones. At the University of Alabama last time it was at the Mercedes-Benz superdome he won the national championship a couple of years ago 21 to zero. Over LA -- that you 2601878668890. Rates and let's go to all. On Lyle won and all thank you for calling WW. Oh great and yes there. Things are really pretty shelled. Out there and hopefully you know hit it off the -- shot -- -- -- Indeed there and bad luck or in a better car on the market -- -- it. You know not just playing. -- very very -- out there it -- out there and it just happened at the end. Who got off -- important. You got to get it out at you you know -- -- -- -- It was going to be an actual Ottawa or are. Gonna come out -- the cold but our. No -- -- the man who. Okay do you do you think they would be like -- generated ago what is it indicates gives you that that it would be ready to do that. -- -- It is is Mark Ingram is it -- -- you know going into the game and he. Everybody at the moment you don't. What did you spectator at all that he's not going to. Yeah so. Aren't I guess so you you point -- -- like -- mocking them makes a run any kind of salary to the bit got to talk about. The only game -- Carolina went out there without their but I'll get up don't you think I don't be too. You know spring that we got everybody not under penalty and I could get a bit. Or you could be like Walter Payton Tim Brown all Bears that is just are running hello of people they give the ball back to -- is so it don't matter if you people know you excited not just get the job done. You know. I had a I think a lot of coaches the you know he get the job done -- motion -- if needed to take control your emotions. I have a coach -- -- -- us you know on it who opened a hobby you know that the Dillon's they can be tied by the second quarter Iguodala who. Stadium to -- the game. But that would just wouldn't want coaches take -- -- take. The back -- emotional both sound in and that's the problem -- this is. -- -- And is that bounced if that goal play Alabama is to go out on top means is that one blemish it's a hall of them. What talk about not looking back it's all -- the -- it was focused on Oklahoma and not what happened against Auckland. The your Saturday at that it. Both horse time and it's not yeah -- -- extra. We knew we definitely need -- for -- and everything it's a -- Williams. Finished the season. And it's just been. Operated -- people with the biggest key to winning the Saints. At the Saints against the Eagles in the playoffs is that ball security. A establishing a running game -- on down the eagles' LeSean McCoy you can can show -- On line at W that you note that comment on -- -- it -- now where ESP it is basically dictated the course the college football they dictate. Who matches up in the bowl games -- BCS but David dictate that to a certain extent. They own 33 of 31 bowl games ESPN ABC ESP you a little different networks. And now this -- they manufactured. Basically. -- almost like an American Idol who's who have high school football talent that being -- TV right now. And they manufactured this that he you know that he -- and have too much power when it comes to the college football game is one thing about -- On number one viewed network. But I think they have a little bit too much stroke on. Who plays and what bowl games the -- of the games and so forth. And the reason why they have that because they're the ones that can dole out the big money. And in the -- you know. What it's painful. -- Did it result. I have no problem with you know people have -- -- you've been at this coup with the family in France there and you know -- at a at a high school. -- are the real who won last year a lot of them do it. To me that's the route to go. But on the national TV you know focus and owners in the middle of this quarter and I don't know what will -- miss -- it that big deal because the thing is. That is anyway you slice it -- superstar treatment. In the first thing when he's -- it'll campus with -- in two weeks in January. All right it's an office the coaches attain the first thing they got to do. They got to be recruitment. They got it he recruit they got a problem all but it so this ball hogs. And how to think it has who was the loss not just now here that you've been the greatest thing. To come off -- Ku from all the people with the thing hands that the games are pride with. They have the national media everybody hated fuel TV at the peak you and -- how. On national signing date it's almost like one -- -- -- it's that both these companies so. I -- insane okay we all found -- but in all the ones where you've gone -- -- want you to think like that it's that they -- think like that is if you -- yeah. I mean if Andre. So I think so -- it's a little bit over the top but at -- later it was sitting at the following. LSU has led the commitment of just that Adams. But speedy -- about he's been all that number one athlete in the -- them in the car has the with four straight appearances in the the class four -- state championship is going to Texas Stadium to play. For the addict who come back -- today's practice triple was lights out out of Puerto. Christian here divvied -- the other whose time is 430 spent the first news and we'll go to our studios now to. But they want yesterday -- one I want a fourth team right now that down 02. As LA issue. Is watching. The are all automatic game just like everybody else that follows college football. And three of the prized recruits LSU had on their sport to have called of the places that but he's beaten all. To Texas say it I -- the -- the -- -- summon the Aggies remember I must remind this is a verbal commitment. Now the recruiting process really -- with a -- because a lot of times coaches they -- -- to recruit peacefully as hard until the in the final out -- faxes come in. So that make -- this week. Or something to say flip. Take him -- waivers so to speak. And Terrell Willis about these Beatles team made it -- caught -- who is going to the University of Florida. And the outside of the state semi final game when they play. Walk on Landry was generous because that I do many college coaches that were there in Munich coach miles and frank wasn't recorded at -- -- -- -- -- recruiting coordinator there. From Florida but Joseph Willett says he's gone to Florida -- Christie Garrett Saints that I reporting at Christie Garrett won -- -- on Twitter dictate how about a phone line so I'm not a lot of people excited talk about is this an exciting day to day. -- in whose barn party do this morning would meet -- on double covered in. Yeah I mean this is I think people. Belichick is certainly the board maybe -- -- day. More so in the bowl game yesterday. I'll so it took you look at -- -- right now so -- -- -- like -- -- like that they'll ultimately. -- they can banquet or an Annika like Korea you know that that would change things I think pretty significantly significantly -- You know and these units and they -- and not back guardian -- -- today and analyze our. You know I I don't I'll put a lot of thought into you know hey look what -- -- dale which a bit of a dog only issue at times. And some ludicrous it's it's it's all -- was not contract yet you're exactly right. You know from me it's just about you know. At this point and they did a good you know is Frankel so it out -- it is I'll get. These recruits in and ultimately. You know it's big people and the guys that are on their radar and you know 23 of those guys and you know two years two years from now. You know on the competing what they do with Latin in aggregate at the results and never clash and that's what I like it could be. This'll be could be you know stolen even though it is now journal and speed you know a -- college people gonna go. To Texas in in the humid because of that spread offense and you know looked -- at -- political convention and know sequels you know caustic on February 28 when it's the most back. Christian today's practice report black and gold getting sick those shall -- Saturday game but. Does about the -- is it a Barnicle is they won't be long now they're -- on an airplane at all on a fairly. Yeah and you know the injury report you know out -- 3 o'clock in here Thomas on the the second consecutive day. They with a chest injury that they think basically I'll operatives either as an explanation. Record yeah. Week seventeen two finale against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in owls -- to have him available. Forced Saturday in the wild card round and it's and you know eighteen it's getting pretty tired -- and oh and five lifetime. In the playoffs but you know they ultimately know that. No way to you know silence and that is to blocker and didn't get a win against the Philadelphia Eagles you know. You know are quick to and a point 41 wrote that they've won a lot coming home and they want -- -- though at home so you know I think Eagles team that. Is drastically different in the eighties saw in the first half of the season. On the you know the potent offense holes. -- there -- McCoy. It'll -- itself out you know for whatever reason -- -- I don't know that I can explain it other than a -- history you know until -- at some point they've got -- great. And I happen. This Saturday on. Christian now I know you be keeping track of it because you have -- -- not at all on how you're the president because both fought throughout the week. Ought ticks are you know some -- always on silent but Christian has to keep up with the weather. Because as certain amount equipment he goes down and with and of course the weather is Clement. He's got the hands of the particularly -- -- the way had to know you can keep it up with Chris is so what is it supposed to be like on May feel what you danys there tonight. What -- -- -- -- I understand applicable -- Oakland -- coordinate. Idea now you guys got open and your product is made that commitment and well actually he only had a -- -- bring your -- but figures to be cold but not be wet so. That figured I'd give him last but we didn't tonight which we did in 29 at around 11:30 eastern time. There's going to be able to light up on the ground it's going to be a little strange that -- -- know -- a starter -- a -- eastern time. But that's what the all there back to Mark -- in court by game time. You know 21 degrees. Dry. So that part of the -- -- it now it's as far as. This matchup we're asking our fans are are people who go to WW depth now what do they think it's -- the he's to the game it quickly as the three ball security establishing a running game but slowing down a shop a court. Wasn't we put all three all of the above my part to -- that but. I would think because it's that what is done -- on that list is where it is I would think a ball security would be number one -- -- week. It that we don't have to -- Christian if we just don't lose the eternal battle. I really like -- mean that is even we defeated even think we'll be okay. Yeah how is it without a -- with the Saints but yeah we all those that was -- there unbeaten on the chopping it don't fall right you know and I think it is all the book but. If there was one they've won the -- like this hey look -- well in the tactically to weight ratio -- any you know I know you look at their. The numbers and defensively the pats secondary you know looks suspect that there lap in the league in yards allowed but you know he didn't play from behind quite a bit against him. And and also they can they can turn the football over and there's Saints at those games to it and the other to moments where they make public couple interceptions are all our you know turn over what have you. And in that they -- have to stop actually McCoy and that the -- that he's he's distraught stirred the drink and often. And if they can do those two day which I think there are people of that would be great at times you know I know New York Chris Ivory -- -- -- that in in Saint Louis certainly. But you know they gave. They're pretty solid I think for the most part all season. And you know I think it -- country look like a -- and -- were. It's not going to be windy not in the rain yet know they'll be cold but it out property group today. -- -- -- -- -- Two thirds of these guys and -- in the locker room right now pleading colder temperatures. In which Tennessee on Saturday so I don't you know I'll put a whole lot of you know credence to our. I don't get too wrapped up in the oh it's going to be 21 degrees much -- I'd be concerned about -- in the rain for the straight -- at least seen that in. They're going back to Carolina just look at that -- they had in their. And they're not he'll play in those kind of conditions but -- the cold weather wouldn't bother doesn't concern me as much as the rain in the win. Saints that I report Christie Garrett we've seen Garrett want Christian what -- flat out. We leave at six and don't you go through security here a few moments and I'd -- for the whole body -- processing. And they don't you know I. I've been on I can't let that. Dale California 1995. Out with the new stadium as he is the display. Who was it that year the Colts with Jim Harbaugh with the quarterback they don't wrote an article in right. Yet AFC teams in game but take me through now like when you can donate money now like the big comic you want that Michael -- today's. You can walk and move move freely about the via the facility. Is that like if they come around off the N well how does that work out of my house a few quality depth at that he's been two years without them. Yeah it's it's drastically changed -- thought you know we you know playing. Because now eleven athlete you know certainly understand. They would be basically going to pick up you know that you -- it's generally. A little skin vacancy. Everything you have on your person anyone -- an -- machine and. Oh darling had a taste of Chris if I was get on a plane they I don't care what they may -- you would have -- -- -- -- -- Oh yeah oh yeah I'm -- who looked at. At -- upgrade yes sir no sir whatever I can do that's right we get on the plane. And on -- look ultimately you know -- -- ride ride at Seattle would. A little bumpy at the develop over going over Denver with the mountains and -- would think all. Mountain turbulence I'd never heard that would put Cutler -- lament -- Seattle. And but for the most Oakmont you move around -- airborne and it would take technology out a lot like by home -- out style you know the Internet -- -- -- -- Course on Twitter enough to treat critical they'll -- some 40000 -- -- you know. I would say so I was -- that could and it. Actors get brought on ludicrous it would look al-Qaeda are evening -- when you guys get over it gets it -- sports talk so that they repeat I crews have a safe trip. I Christy gave bottom ought to an actress to get one you heard this about a hour between. It's all about what -- fourth out of the -- who. You look at that but he'll be above the clouds the line to the seeding or brotherly love pathetic night's matchup. It's it's it's in coverage starts at noon Saturday right here on WW. And welcome back. Already jaguar that your vote it debuted at you know at that time getting your take what do you think the heat all is the biggest key -- Saturdays game. New Orleans and Philadelphia ball security. Status in the running game. All the slowing down the top Russian the National Football League LeSean McCoy. You can vote on -- if you if you -- A in a two players in the state of Louisiana both from -- the -- I ask who won the most. A successful programs in high school football the last thing and fully year's fourth straight appearance in the for a state championship game. They have through prized players both have gone out of state. The -- speed all the number one athlete. In America has committed to play. But Texas a dynamic coach Kevin summit and -- Willis a top lap back at the end of the high school football. Says he will go to the University of Florida. The yet to hear from -- cut you pre and also expect to see what the top player in the country running back from -- the guys who endorsement of four that. -- do will bring it to you later in my car broke it was a big run down on today's action. Later over the US army all American game is Saturday in national signing day is the first Wednesday. In February. Thibodeau to Tommy on line two topic that people calling going to be that you go. Tom from Taylor I'll call it get it you know one note that the network drive like. Oh yeah. They'd be quite on topic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How did you do don't find it -- fortunately all got on the radio talk about. Are yet he has brought a lot of game time schedules -- she double. Felt that it -- -- -- -- times and so while -- and as we inch and you know until broadcast. Stations and networks drive -- cubic. And it seemed like it make a whole lot more sensible. Affiliate you'll have you played it it you know 3 o'clock in afternoon. But it played outside instead of playing outside at night when Indians. -- she's playing at midnight have to nobody played indoors do you feel like this that it that the broadcast station you know drop at times in. And so on. Based -- what -- think people watch it. It innocent TV ratings spiked it night in prime time so that's in Philadelphia is one of the larger markets if you look at the markets. They're participating this week he would from my standpoint. -- the home lives in Indianapolis. You have a Cincinnati you have Milwaukee Green Bay. You have. Where we've gone Philadelphia. And any other matchup is quail. And and of those -- -- -- weak hand. That Philadelphia is it as volatile Lawton knows all the Balkans. So that's -- a from the home team so they wanna they wanna capitalize on. The prime time and look at it different numbers and that's that's why -- have the you know they got the laud his pocket and hosting a bit and kick also won't move book anymore it's. As time progresses Gaines will be kicking off even active leader even I think regular season game to continue to call later acceptable to blow. Right now the in NCA AFC championship game and may want to start actually about fifteen minutes later but it's Super Bowl. I mean it made it won't go earlier in all regulator. Much. Thanks so much but it -- it's AK ES -- -- front a lot like it's a lot. -- -- -- -- Iron rescue college this is sports talk nick it was a special is that of a course like -- also its players joke. At hooters on veterans boulevard in Metairie was the sports talk on WW. Do the best players in the country high school football as well always see where -- -- a format that. That double play at a country probably one of the most gifted running backs to ever play football in the state always in the -- level. Is expected to announce sometime the next hour hour and a hand where he will go to college to play football right in what the experts are saying it's down to LSU and Alabama two players and caught eyes who. All the West Bank Joseph Willis went to -- the linebacker and Dovonte speed all. Is going to all committed to rather Texas they -- him back to the phone to go to school to sprout on -- once -- thank you for calling debuted at -- -- -- -- -- Well on the power play here he is accurate they gave Phil obviously turnovers are number one but I think the biggest difference of the -- -- and I think -- -- and as I am. It on the opening dropped to seven point on the board. You know it doesn't we can't design it to get -- -- an inning cause you're asking the -- So we -- able to get it it's an intimidation factor you mean the difference is. -- -- and indeed the court I like what -- it was in the ring them back and have a lead PG selectivity. People attract somebody onslaught in managing at 44 it would jump -- a little bit. It changes the dynamics of like to see him on -- little some some no huddle -- on offense and change it will be trying you know. It's the is it a little bit quicker than I think that -- the -- It really hampered the view is 2009. And not 2011 New Zealand open tryout with the points on the board I think all the -- big yeah. I don't doubt rap that those two years is they liked what he can bleak week. And it was it was a rarity when we didn't score off a touchdown offer of gravel got the football knowing that you know the holes especially years -- no question about it but I this. I I think this. These are two evenly matched ballclub that you don't have to look at it and say at any time it's it's two points. Ought. Not more than three points. It bases and home theater and I plan appointments. They're not that that's that's what the oddsmakers say they say these things to close the call. The two and a half points in the title of the week in via the rule one low -- favorite is a San Francisco but to keep -- idea how to -- if rip. Today Green Bay win would waive him run a -- -- defense has been suspect and and Rodgers do good. Everybody will quickly jump ball green -- bandwagon because it that way. You know that 45 matchup. But I think on who wins here. Could wind up in Seattle on next week with the highs the it would mean if Philadelphia wins they would go to Carolina regardless if we win we go to Seattle. This is a sports talk -- -- VW.