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WWL>Topics>>1-2-14 5:35pm Deke: on Saints-Eagles

1-2-14 5:35pm Deke: on Saints-Eagles

Jan 2, 2014|

Deke talks to Jeff McClane of the Philadelphia Inquirer about this weekend's Saints-Eagles playoff showdown.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Eagles. -- ballclub that was not for the best record in the National Football League all the road at six a two story award for at home. But did want their last four games to win the NFC east it's -- six they -- the three -- they host the saint Saturday night. At Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia -- -- us now to the minute those awful lot about the Eagles beat writer for the Philadelphia acquire. Jeff McLane and -- Take us through football. The thoughts of maybe the fans and media. Win Philadelphia hired Chip Kelly and now that he's taken into the playoffs on a ball -- same may be different. I think the most people were excited about -- mean they -- certainly skeptics. Up people who weren't real sure helps someone who'd never coached in the -- fell short which there at this level. What it. At the same time I think the majority of people -- it -- great I had known much about him and what you've done at Morgan he's been able except programs. To greater heights I don't foresee in. And what they what he got years that the players and April and then things start taking about some of the truck programs that he had terms sports science how he. -- the players were kind of buying into the program. You really get a sense that maybe you would be successful early on and once they start playing -- the first game Washington I think people. I'll realize that this guy who was the real deal -- once things got -- 13835. Still. That you would you knew that at some point. Because you often had been effective -- -- would be successful. -- we know how. The touchdown to interception ratio is very very impressive from coral or -- nick both one of the best offensive lineman. Offensive lines in the game today for the day up as the number one running game -- -- -- run him back. -- To me that's huge advantage if you got a quarterback that doesn't turn -- book a stout running game. And you're at home what are some things that are against you take concerns for you -- Philadelphia about this thing. Problem but the thing. Of course there -- often and to read this whole thing. Caliber quarterback he's got so many weapons he's got that tight end in the -- he's got good receivers he's got running backs catch the ball at the -- you'll. They do at the temple offense that's very effective on Brees does a great job of get rid of the ball quickly. And he -- -- anywhere and especially dangerous that's -- I think Eagles have some holes -- that they can attack. But I think number one start that there on the offensive side of the ball well I don't think. -- people but at which time all on Mark Bryant should mean that unit has been much better than what it lacked during the give them an actual worker. What number yards. -- attacking the quarters and then of course effective with other avenues in the much either of them but and I can't because they have really good pass rushers. Bum out front starting with the Cameron Jordan. Jim what's the weather like in right now until yet. That's talent and they were to get back out about respect and there's no. It can tonight into tomorrow be very cold the quarantine. The parent. Covers are gonna rise a little bit on Saturday I think -- -- -- -- you -- round when 9320. Over the course of the game. Only it -- want a pretty good point in right there that. Quote it is right now it will be for art. Absolutely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They could probably chip underscore according. -- look -- over the Philadelphia Eagles for the Philadelphia Inquirer Jeff thank you so much for the help it's on the game Saturday night aren't that far.

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