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1-2-13 5:50pm Deke: on Leonard Fournette and LSU

Jan 2, 2014|

Deke talks with Tigerbait.com's Mike Scarborough about LSU's 2014 recruiting class now that St. Aug's Leonard Fournette has committed.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Scarborough tiger -- snack time don't just now. -- is your reaction on Vodafone bit saying he's come to LSU. Well way it did it really. Stop the bleeding it was. Everybody with their best on the basically did it not because of what they did it transpired previous to him as a normal game. You know did. Just a without a doubt not not only just because he's a special football player but it's such a position of need. I will. -- take us through a process understand what makes. You talked a coach is how do you get a fear to think may be like that Peters go to go a certain place -- out out like you'll that is not an understanding outlook now. I don't say all flap -- up maybe -- been three to two. LSU a lot of would Bora. Did not what they had so -- -- coaches coaches say all we can coach me tomorrow all. Because I'm advocates say a little have a chance. Like you know what a part of it is there's a lot of assumptions that are made as well you know that I know the -- -- coaches were extremely confident going into today. I thought the only Q yeah the it was a possibility to do something funny. What was -- normal and and I believe that. Coach -- really sold them all the ability. What did they think that they wanted to do and profits and how they would showcase him and he bought into it kind of Biden might be some more to that. But the thing with stadiums easily easily marched two different beaten everybody else and you know he was kind of a kid it was always hard to read so you know we're sitting here Beano predicting he might go. You know we thought his teammate Joseph Wilson -- on course and Alexander francoeur has become an issue for quite some time. In and a lot of it was just put the pieces together with him. And you know I know that in themselves for a while thought they had a pretty darn good shot. And they feel good about it and and sure enough to right. -- It brown I I don't know about Willis I don't know about oil but I thought that a whole -- -- as they -- did. I feel I feel personally. Stronger about him what what to -- you won't. Not -- the Biggio was going to be one was probably. That the biggest block. But Tony ground Q did -- mean he wasn't. Dot com -- -- -- and that is -- camp after sophomore year. And he was all she didn't shoot for years to sister's a sign with the LSU track team last year she's there. You know his father had a debilitating stroke last year and he went to a lot of changes and you know I don't I'm not rested that's the reason why certainly -- -- defense of that you know when you choose between LSU and Alabama -- really can only the school. But somewhere -- away. You know LSU. Either. You know I'd like to just gonna have to you -- what went wrong in and -- things that it ended up that way but to me he's. He he's a significant even got to a young freshmen corners and I know Jason album covers. You know that area rivals dot com it's at midseason -- -- But 'cause she was starting short Robinson entry it is like to true freshman. It does not make a real issue with him that he'd been here and we just kind of discount that -- that that could very well have been the difference for him. Again I stopped our tiger -- downtown with us the big news today that double one player in the country also loses -- -- running back. From saint Augusta high school in New Orleans Atlanta fought at the moment to go on now it's on live television on all all American bowl. He is comedic partly to Louisiana State University players and not sent it to nationals sign it first went there it where are Mike are right now today. What does that have -- it brings to this program what is his. Commitments -- at LSU what does it mean to LSU. -- -- that he -- especially running back I mean you've really got to go back to Kevin Faulk in the ninety's for running back instantly and it could be this special. And you know he's power. He hit the flashiest dollar profit. 230 pounds can run can catch. Can run past people from. He's just a special back and what people say he's the next Adrian Peterson. You know that that's pretty lofty but I think that and he's very capable that he's you know about it but it won't. We've gotten an -- back in the country on rivals and we're used to and got to number one overall. You know he's gonna he's added that the type of package you in the SEC. And the only common now you know if you look at the stats did you have been in. Declare for the draft Reed Johnson just -- on Twitter. 45 minutes ago. So you know since the doors for him to comment in real impact immediately for elegy. -- what's up bonus side right now. It's overflow and our message boards are. I guess -- that kind of it made things better but it it's been in a bit of I guess we need to test out some semantics about thirty minutes ago but wonderful -- it does. Kind of stopped that with that with his players tell you that kind of ended things on on a positive. -- aggravate that Mike thank you so -- -- -- -- -- on the -- thank you it was reacts. I didn't think. It.